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Sacramento homeless camp under "Downtown" sign. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Sacramento Homeless Drug-Addicted Transients Getting Fancy New Trailers!

The Mayor and city gave the public park on the Sacramento River, next to a boat ramp, away to the homeless transients

By Katy Grimes, February 27, 2023 2:30 am

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg recently sent out an official email announcing the brand new travel trailers (RV quality) for Sacramento’s Homeless drug-addicted transients to live in. These will be located in Sacramento’s former public park, Miller Park.

The Mayor and city gave the public park on the Sacramento River, next to a boat ramp, away to the homeless transients, who have rendered it unsafe, noxious, toxic and unusable for the city residents who pay taxes to sustain it.

Here’s Mayor Steinberg’s message:

The former Miller Park safe camping ground for people experiencing homelessness will resume operations later this month using 15 large travel trailers previously deployed at Cal Expo for quarantine housing during the pandemic.

Sacramento County will continue to provide mental-health assessments and referrals at the Miller Park site, which will be run by First Step Communities under its existing contract with the City.

The “people experiencing homelessness” in Sacramento aren’t really accepting “mental-health assessments and referrals” and instead are allowed to continue loitering all over the city, in residential neighborhoods, parks, on sidewalks near businesses, breaking into homes and garages, stealing from local businesses, and defecating and urinating in public.

One Sacramento local reported to the Globe that Friday, around noon, he was driving North on Freeport. Blvd., in front of C.K. McClatchy High School “and saw a Homie, male, near the South side driveway to the school, pants down, taking a Crap.  I honked profusely, in shock.”

He and many other Sacramento residents believe Homeless advocates are trying to make this “plague” of homeless the “new normal” and imply residents need to “get used to it.”

“As if I will get used to that…no thank you,” he said.

Here’s why – a sampling of his photos Saturday and Sunday tell the story that the Mayor is not:

Miller Park Safe Ground with travel trailers for homeless. (Photo: Art Taylor for California Globe)


Miller Park ‘Safe Ground’ with travel trailers for homeless. (Photo: Art Taylor for California Globe)

Here is the park with the tents, which could not withstand the winter storms.

Miller Park ‘Safe Ground’ with illegal tent camps of homeless. (Photo: Art Taylor for California Globe)
Miller Park ‘Safe Ground’ with illegal tent camps of homeless. (Photo: Art Taylor for California Globe)

For what Sacramento has spent grossly and ineffectively on the city and county homeless, drug-addicted transients, every man and woman living on the streets could have been placed in residential treatment and well on their way to recovery, or at least more treatment.

The Sacramento friend who took these photos for the Globe said the trailers are empty. So the 60 tents are gone, but where did the homeless transients go?

One year ago, the Globe reported when Mayor Steinberg announced the city was awarded another $23.9 million state Homekey grant to convert a downtown hotel into housing for homelessness vagrants. The City and the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency planned to turn a Best Western hotel into a 92-unit homeless apartment complex with bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchenettes.

There isn’t a sincere homeless advocate or expert who thinks providing an apartment with a kitchenette is a good idea for a mentally-ill and/or drug-addicted homeless transient – most who say they would rather live on the streets so they can freely take drugs.

The Globe noted that $23.9 million is quadruple the annual budget of many effective local programs helping homeless men and women turn their lives around.

The real grift is calling the state’s homeless vagrant population “unhoused,” which has justified spending billions of taxpayer dollars on housing for the homeless in lovely new apartments, renovated hotels, and tiny homes.

But treatment doesn’t spread the money around to favored contributors the way an expensive, multi-million dollar renovation or development project does.

This photo I took Sunday morning of wall-to-wall tents under every overpass. This is multiplied under every overpass in the city.

Wall-to-wall homeless transient tents, Sacramento. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

The corrupt shakedown and pernicious grift of taxpayers continues under the guise of taking care of the homeless transients, which government put out on the streets.

Miller Park “gully camp” with illegal tent camps of homeless. (Photo: Art Taylor for California Globe)
There are approximately 15 tents, junk, bicycles chop shop evidence, junk galore, etc. the Sacramento resident told the Globe. He added, “Note – City of Sacramento has never mentioned the Gully Camp in Miller Park, as if it cannot be seen or does not exist.”
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30 thoughts on “Sacramento Homeless Drug-Addicted Transients Getting Fancy New Trailers!

  1. This is a terrific reporter – she’s got her finger on the pulse of what is affecting so many lives! One suggestion: can you follow the activities of the amazing Senator Melissa Melendez?
    Thank you for your great work, Katy!

    1. So you do drugs get arrested like this guy stalking your ex and child. Get arrested carrying a firearm ,domestic abuse And Macing people for no reason.
      Make lots of videos doing drugs and harassing people online and you get reward.
      California you all lost your minds watch this clowns videos on youtube and convince me he should get a camper before a family with kids
      Look him up youtube its GustavoAV or Rehab andy
      He joined the service and went out on mental leave never served but got handouts the whole way.

  2. Your article was malicious, vitriolic, rhetoric, from a prejudiced close minded viewpoint. How much nastier could you possibly be? You seem to be full of nothing but hatred, & blinded by your holier than thou mindset. I know that some of the homeless population can be disgusting, dirty, & downright filthy. But a lot of that is due to those suffering from mental illness, that are in desperate need of help. And yes, there is a vast majority that is addicted to substance’s, & could most definitely benefit from some form of treatment. But you also seem to forget how many are good people with families that have fell on extremely hard times, & are doing & trying everything they can to recover, only to be knocked back down repeatedly by things such as an exorbitant cost of living that has risen dramatically in a short period of time. How many people out there are just one bad day away from being homeless themselves. A person such as yourself has no idea of the hardships, struggle’s, & danger’s that these people have to face on a daily basis. Not knowing if each day that they wake up just may be their last. Do you truly believe that they like, & want to continue living in such a way, under such conditions? Have a care for the next man or woman, & try to practice a little compassion in your life.

    1. You are apparently not aware of the years-old news that —- stunningly —- our municipal politicians, city departments, governor, as well as many non-profits and donors to campaigns, etc., i.e., the ones who are in charge of this mess, are benefiting big-time off of the backs of the people living this nightmare on our streets and these tortured souls and any shrapnel that may hit law-abiding, taxpaying residents; thus any frustration you read here, from any one of us, is directed at THEM —- the politicians et al —- and not at those they have purposefully destroyed to line their pockets and bolster their political power.
      Or….. you might very well have a stake of some kind in the continuation of this real-life horror movie and thus you seek to attack anyone who writes the truth about it.

  3. It looks like we’re at the point where no cynical explanation is cynical ENOUGH to explain the actions of these monstrous municipal officials who have sold their souls to the Devil, and for what? — money, power, dreams of an eventual Valhalla for themselves and their cronies far, far away from the nightmare they have created?
    Unfortunately for their fantasies a very sticky problem has emerged that threatens to kill off their Golden Goose. There’s a new drug taking over the cities. It won’t be pretty and it is going to exponentially kill off the very people these sick and debased govt officials depend on to exploit. Perhaps the Honorable Mayor Darryl Steinberg has heard about it and this is the explanation for the shiny new trailers? A desperation move to hide what’s coming? He hopes? But he and his partners in crime won’t be able to run fast enough or far enough away from this. It has hit the ground in San Francisco and we’re seeing it in L.A. too. This is reality and there’s no escaping it or denying it any more, no matter how hard these callous, bottom-feeding politicians try to wish it away:
    “Skin-rotting drug ‘tranq’ infiltrates big cities – Zombifying bodies”

  4. OMG…..what about apts and trailers for all the families that lost their homes and jobs Those families held their own and we’re victims of circumstance . I realize many homeless may have started under similar circumstance…..but is congregating addicts together and they have polluted the shores of the rivers with body waste and needles.

  5. I can’t wait to see what these trailers will look like after a month of free occupation by the grateful drug addicts.

  6. The idea that you can rehabilitate and treat drug addicted individuals is futile. Unless the individual who is an addict desires and works toward rehabilitation, it will not work. That’s not even mentioning relapse for many of them

  7. The idea that you can rehabilitate drug addiction is futile. The individual who is addicted to drugs or alcohol has to want to be rehabilitated from the addiction and then do the work. And what about relapse?

  8. From the title of the article to the last words of your bio, this is a hateful, shameful excuse for “journalism”.

    1. You prefer maybe “RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA” or “nope, the laptop is a phony” or “just two weeks to flatten the curve” or “wear a mask unless you wanna kill grandma” or ad nauseum?

    2. Something tells me you have a stake in the continuation of this horror show. Would you mind telling us what that stake is? Thanks a lot

  9. Democrat Mayor Steinberg and the other Democrats on the Sacramento City Council have been trying to make homelessness seem normal for years while spending multimillion-dollar homeless grants that disappear without any improvement for the homeless. Maybe concerned Sacramento citizens should offer to relocate the homeless in front of Sacramento Democrat Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s upscale home in the Pocket Area and in front of the homes of the other Democrats who control Sacramento’s City Council? Let’s make homelessness the “new normal” for Sacramento’s Democrat political elite? It’s heartbreaking to see how far Sacramento has degraded under years of Democrat control and how they’re never held accountable.

  10. I haven’t been there in a couple months, but last time I went, the road was blocked to the park. I called the city to complain that I couldn’t drive into the park to fish, and got an email back that the area was turned into a safe ground. So is it still blocked to the public?

  11. i think that it’s a good idea to set aside an area for the houseless individuals to stay. it will be easier to deal with their individual issues to get where they can get to the level of society they fit Further more they are citizens of the U S. and most have paid taxes and deserve to be treated as such. starting with not degrading them with words like homeless transients or variants or any other word for someone who is suffering a terrible way to live

  12. Being homeless is not a character flaw, in the most wealthy state in the most wealthy country in the world, the fact that so many are continually homeless reflects on the morality of our society. We can not use our current system to end drug abuse or homelessness, these issues are symptomatic, the actual problem is social and economical disparities which are unsustainable for the vulnerable to sustain. If we were serious about ending drug addiction there would not be readily accessible drugs for people to take. If we were serious about ending homelessness, we would.

  13. how come all of us homeless transients have to be drug addicted….?
    everyone in one way or another has an addiction to something now a day.
    that’s the “new norm.”
    how come no one considers port-a-potties
    here and there for those of us homeless NO BY CHOICE but caused from the government population control killing our loved ones with “Covid” for money.

  14. how about we just vote the Democrats out of office because drug addicts ain’t going to change if they don’t want to and giving them a free place to stay ain’t going to help

  15. That’s right….this reporter should continue to spread hate and talk about every homeless person as if we were all drug addicts or mentally ill! IM AURE THAT HELPS THE WHOLE SITUATION! You’re one of the reasons a sacramento resident thought she was entitled to have the whole street next to her duplex in the hood of Edison Ave all to herself because she is housed and I was not and had my rv parked next to her duplex. she then bust my windshield by throwing boulders at my Explorer that I was sitting in waiting for a friend to help me move my rv and truck. and probably why the police didn’t think I should press charges but to just pack up and move alone. sacramento is full of people with ugly character and hearts. you should all be ashamed of yourselves. And when did “news” start being based on someone’s individual opinion?! I thought you as a reported are to remain UNBIASED on anything you report!? what the hell is wrong with you people?!

  16. I agree with everything she’s saying except that all homeless are drug addicts and or mentally ill, not all are some are just going through some really bad times and can’t get back on the right track

    1. Leona, thank you for your comment. Of course not all homeless are drug addicts, but the majority are. There are services available for people who hit hard times, and they are motivated to get off the street. However, with the bulk of homeless addicted to drugs and needing mental health services, they refuse services. They live on the street so they can live the drug addict lifestyle with no accountability. Getting and taking drugs are the goal every day. And because of this, the city is just facilitating their addiction by not addressing it, and instead referring to them as the “unhoused.”

  17. Guess what sweet cheeks, an addict does their addiction whether housed or not. It’s not a requirement to be outside or conform to a certain stereotype such as “homeless”. To say the bulk of these people refuse services for either addiction or mental health to me seems disingenuous. It’s easy to throw responsibility back on the very people who need help most but I hear very little about the services and alternatives being rejected by them. Do you mean that most “unhoused” have actually turned down housing in order to party it up on the streets?

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