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CDPH COVID dashboard. (Photo: covid19.ca.gov)

Did California Health Officials Just Say COVID Vaccine Doesn’t Stop Transmission?

‘Treating vaccinated and unvaccinated people similarly really denies the scientific value of the vaccine and disincentivizes vaccination’

By Katy Grimes, December 16, 2021 11:43 am

The California Department of Industrial Relations just updated its CalOSHA Safety and Health standards to reflect changes in COVID protocols. The primary change to the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board’s revised temporary rule appears to “erase distinctions between vaccinated and unvaccinated employees,” the Associated Press reported.

“New California rules end distinction for vaccinated workers,” means California’s Health and medical bureaucrats just admitted the COVID vaccines do not stop transmission of the virus.

According to the AP:

The main change to the California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board’s revised temporary rule would erase current distinctions between vaccinated and unvaccinated employees.

Both would be prohibited from the workplace if they come in close contact with someone infected with the virus.

The revised temporary rules would require that exposed, vaccinated but asymptomatic workers stay home for 14 days even if they test negative or, if they return to work, to wear masks and stay 6 feet (1.8 meters) from others for two weeks.

Specifically, the new DIR updated standards says:

“‘Exposed group’ means all employees at a work location, working area, or a common area at work, where an employee COVID-19 case was present at any time during the high-risk exposure period.”


“The employer shall develop and implement a process for screening employees for and responding to employees with COVID-19 symptoms. The employer may ask employees to evaluate their own symptoms before reporting to work. If the employer conducts screening indoors at the workplace, the employer shall ensure that face coverings are used during screening by both screeners and employees who are not fully vaccinated and, if temperatures are measured, that non-contact thermometers are used.”

“Make COVID-19 testing available at no cost, during paid time, to all employees of the employer who had a close contact in the workplace and provide them with the information on benefits described in subsections (c)(5)(B) and (c)(9)(C)., with the following exceptions:

a. Employees who were fully vaccinated before the close contact and do not have COVID-19 symptoms.”

This comes only one day after Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration reimposed indoor mask mandates for one month, (Dec. 15 – Jan. 15) claiming a post-Thanksgiving spike in “new COVID-19 cases” – and just in time for Christmas.

The California COVID dashboard really doesn’t reflect this, with average cases per 100,000 dropping from 14 to 13, and only 0.1 new deaths per 100,000:

However, Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly said here will be no “enforcement” of the new indoor mask mandate, and instead hopes people use the honor system.

No “enforcement” signals there is no real mandate, or that this mandate is not enforceable.

Quite notably, the AP reports Rob Moutrie, a policy advocate for the California Chamber of Commerce, opposes the revisions. “Treating vaccinated and unvaccinated people similarly really denies the scientific value of the vaccine and disincentivizes vaccination,” he said.

 One of the changes requires testing vaccinated workers showing no symptoms. Employers and businesses expressed concern about the cost and interruption in business, including one Northern California business manager who asked to remain anonymous. “We already are reeling from existing and ongoing state and county COVID rules, as well as labor shortages. This will add to that problem, not solve it, which only hurts our business. As other businesses are saying, ‘we are not the vaccination or mask police.'”

These rules apply to most California workplaces.

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26 thoughts on “Did California Health Officials Just Say COVID Vaccine Doesn’t Stop Transmission?

  1. How about accepting that the virus is here to say, like the flu virus, and concentrate on therapeudics and the elderly, and ending the emergency dictates. We need to get back to living life. Our rights have been abused enough already and no evidence that the edicts were successful has been shown. ENOUGH ALREADY.

    1. How about accepting that it is conservative Trump supporters who refuse to vaccinate and thus are prolonging the pandemic.

      1. you are wrong. blacks and hispanics are refusing vaccines too. you’ve been told a lie bc there are more hispanics/illegal immigrants in California than conservatives in California who refuse or don’t want vaccines. think about which demographics are hospitalized (for ex; San Joaquin valley). it also has nothing to do with vaccine inequities, which is also a lie ( vaccines are free and employers are incentivized to vaccinate their people)

        1. @Anne No, it’s the blacks that are refusing vaccines. Hispanics, if there’s any reason for refusal, don’t have the time for vaccines because of work.

        1. What is stunning is your denial of the seriousness of this pandemic.
          25k cases today in NYC! A record!
          Covid is about to get worse, not better. Its time for CA to lockdown.

          1. We don’t live in NYC (thank goodness)… go watch your CNN case-counter and take another booster shot….

          2. W12561, if Governor Climate Change said that jumping off a bridge or submerging your head in a toilet would get rid of this pandemic you would probably be one of the first lefties to do it. Florida and Texas have no lockdowns, mask mandates or vaccine mandates. Yet those states have much lower covid rates than California or New York. Governor Climate Change could learn something from Governor DeSantis and Governor Abbot. As usual your information is wrong and nothing but BS liberal hysteria.

          3. W666441: When I look around now at the state where I was born and have lived my entire life; at the filth, the crime, the vagrants on the street injecting themselves and screaming at the moon; at the zombies walking around outside (and inside) with masks on like it’s their pacifier blankie; at masked CHILDREN; at the needlessly low reservoirs; at the unnecessary fire-nados that overwhelm the state with their devastation year-round; at the stupid, STUPID, but amazingly arrogant Democrat politicians; at the fake and prohibitively expensive GREEN crap that doesn’t help anyone, makes no sense, does the OPPOSITE of its so-called aims, and hurts the poor the most; at the pointless and ineffective lockdowns and restrictions that have savaged and killed small business and that we have all needlessly endured for almost TWO YEARS just for the benefit of a preposterous governor and his groupies who are on an insane and completely unacceptable power trip; and the many other signs and symptoms of ridiculous politicians and bureaucrats who are out of control, I think of how ass-kissing, ill-informed, robot troll state cubicle workers like yourself are responsible for it all.

          4. Hey Henny Penny,
            Even the leftist publication is reporting that the Omicron scarient is weak. Your alarmist ways have become comical and boring! Go ahead and call this a right wing rag!
            We are in an endemic, the coronavirus Covid19 has evolved as it should, mutated and eventually became weaker, which is a good thing, that is how you truly get to herd immunity not with a gazillion boosters! But feel free to keep injecting the toxic spike protein into your body!
            Your trolling has paid you no dividends. Too bad you never learned anything about viruses these last few months of harassing people.

          5. “Cases” mean nothing. Hospitalizations and deaths are the only numbers that are real. You are either very uninformed to not know this by now or you are a paid shill…..

      2. Not a Trump supporter at all. Never taking this inoculation and it’s not people that have not chosen to take this that are the problem. Its people walking around thinking they are protected by this jab shedding spike proteins (a MIT scientist had a more accurate word than shedding I can’t remember) with building immune deficiencies that are causing the mutations. Stop believing all the propaganda they are forcing on every one and research for yourself out of your comfort zone.

      3. @W16521, you are incapable of reason or just a moron with too much time at you disposable. Your comments consistently add ZERO value to discussions.

    1. Early observations on Omicron patients is showing the virus is confined mainly to the upper respiratory tract and much less severely in the lower lungs. Folks, we are now dealing with an endemic virus that is continuously mutating and displaying the characteristics of the common cold/flu. Do we want to lock down and vaccinate whenever someone gets the sniffles and watery eyes? As Dr. Ben Carson says, if not so politicized the “pandemic” would be over long ago.

  2. Even L.A. County’s Fake Doctor Barbara Ferrer (a.k.a. “The Cryptkeeper”) is saying the same thing about infection by and of the vaccinated. Huh? Why the U-turn? Have they now recognized they have come to the end of the road on the California Deathwish via vaccine jackboot or is this merely a distraction while they cook up something even worse?

  3. Most of us are fed up with the COVID narrative that the Democrats and their RINO cronies keep pushing and the mandates that they make us comply with while they exempt themselves?

  4. First, the experimental COVID-19 mRNA ‘vaccines” in the forms you must sign to receive the jabs clearly say the jabs DO NOT confer any immunity nor prevent transmission but MAY lessen COVID-19 symptoms. Second, I can take over-the-counter flu medicines that will lessen COVID-19 symptoms with almost no risks, so there’s NO need for experimental COVID-19 mRNA jabs that have huge health and financial risks, including death while Big Pharma enjoys full liability immunity for their experimental mRNA jabs. See thebigvirushoax.com

    1. The CDPH reports 74,879 deaths TOTAL “from” Covid19 over TWO years. So, around 37,500 per year. The CDC reports California deaths in ONE year (2017) as follows: Heart Disease 62,797 and Cancer 59,516. So, in COMPARISON where is the “real” health crisis. Reporting only Covid19 deaths, assuming (reliable and valid reporting) without a baseline of comparison gives a misleading picture. Lying with statistics again? https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/pressroom/states/california/california.htm

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