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Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Twitter press conference)

‘Doctor’ Newsom Issues Benevolent Health Recommendations During Latest Lockdown

If this last 9 months was a lesson in how to destroy the world’s fifth largest economy, Gov. Newsom gets an A+

By Katy Grimes, December 11, 2020 7:21 am

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has reconsidered his 7-month lockdown of California beaches, and re-opened them via Tweet Thursday.

Oh Merciful Dr. Newsom is now telling Californians to “go to the beach” and explore “your neighborhood & CA’s beauty” Thursday in a post on Twitter:

Mental health is physical health. Staying active & connected right now is so important.

Get outdoors with your household safely.

Explore your neighborhood & CA’s beauty!

•Go to a beach •Take your kids to a playground •Go on a hike •Walk your dog

We can get through this.

‘Mental health is physical health. Staying active & connected right now is so important,’ he tweeted.

In his most recent punitive lockdown, Gov. Newsom ordered playgrounds closed also. Most parents ignored it, but others slammed him publicly. So he recanted the closed playground order. Which begs the question — if the science says it is too dangerous for children to play at playgrounds, then why recant the order?

This is pure optics by a petty tyrant.

Remember how Californians found out about the closed beaches?

“In a leaked memo late Californians found out Gov. Gavin Newsom plans to order all beaches and state parks closed starting Friday May 1st, after scolding beachgoers who flocked to Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Doheny State Beach and San Clemente beaches amid a summer-like heatwave last weekend,” the Globe reported in April.

Newsom ordered all beaches from Orange County down to San Diego to close after frustrated residents ignored the state’s stay-at-home order and enjoyed a weekend at the beach of fresh air and sunshine.

He claimed the beach lockdown was necessary to “flatten the curve” after warm weather enticed Southern California residents to flood the beaches.

The Twitter responses to his medical professional advice were priceless.

California attorney Harmeet Dhillon reminded the governor in April that his beach lockdown order was unconstitutional.


Attorney Mark Meuser put the governor’s April decree in perspective: “Newsom believes it is unsafe for you to go to the beach but perfectly safe for a stranger to come to your door and ballot Harvest.”

Sen. John Moorlach (R-Costa Mesa) also responded to Governor Newsom’s April order to close Orange County beaches:

“Governor Newsom just doesn’t seem to get it.

“Orange County residents have been responsible. They’ve followed healthcare officials’ prudent recommendations and respected the science. The County hasn’t seen the ‘surge’ in its hospitals, and six weeks into this shelter-in-place order, the beach may be the best medicine.

“We need to trust people. If our citizens exercise proper social distancing, then we should allow access to the beaches. If you’re part of a vulnerable group, shame on you for going to the beach.

“Indeed, we allow shoppers to go to the grocery store with proper social distancing. Why not the beaches?

“Let’s continue to allow the science and facts be our guide. With proper social distancing, the beaches can offer an important relief from the stresses of this pandemic. Let people have access to these facilities.”

By the way – campgrounds and ski resorts are still closed.

If this last 9 months was a lesson in how to destroy the world’s fifth largest economy, Gov. Newsom gets an A+.

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9 thoughts on “‘Doctor’ Newsom Issues Benevolent Health Recommendations During Latest Lockdown

  1. Screw Newsome and anyone who supports him. Your decisions have caused more harm then the Virus. Your a liar, hypocrite, and more then anything else an idiot. The World Health Organizatuon urges leaders not to lockdown because of they are catastrophic economically. This was a week and a half ago that this was said. Who is the want to be king of California listening to that is more qualified on Pandemics or Covid 19 then the World Health Organization? That State Health lady that looks like Phil Spectre? Gimme a break. This here comes from a rich family and could not be more out of touch with common people. Newsome keep it up your on your way to destroying your own political xareer.

  2. Is this the first move of his public relations advisor? Who knows. Who cares.
    I know some things are closed and there is very little we can do about that at the moment, at least until Gov Gav is recalled, but beyond that, whether Newsom is wearing his dictator hat or his doctor hat, he is in NO POSITION to tell you what to do. The nerve of this guy. No wonder everyone is ignoring him.

  3. Comrades
    Trump and Newsome talked themselves out of relevance. Both have good points and accomplishments, but daily familiarity, droning and changing aura did them in.
    Reminds one of Arnie, his brashness, his promises ala “blow up the boxes”, his public over exposure, his human failings.

  4. If they really wanted to increase ICU capacity they would suspend AB 394, the 1999 law that limited ICU nurses to 2 patients.

    But they won’t because they want this control over our lives as long as possible.

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