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EDD To Extend Some Unemployment Benefits As CARES Act Winds Down

Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation will provide up to 13 more weeks

By Evan Symon, July 6, 2020 7:47 pm

The EDD will process claims if those who refile have had enough wages to qualify for a new claim. (Photo: Karya Schanilec)

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This coming Wednesday, the Employment Development Department (EDD) will begin to inform those still under Unemployment Insurance (UI) of their eligibility for up to 13 additional weeks of unemployment benefits.

Under the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) program, some claimants are to receive additional weeks of unemployment if their benefits have run out or if they no longer qualify for such a claim. The extra benefits are to be paid for by CARES Act funding, which is set to expire at the end of the month. Extended unemployment weeks, as well as other CARES Act measures such as an additional $600 per week added to state unemployment payments, are currently under negotiation in Congress.

EDD logo. (Photo: edd.ca.gov)

The EDD had begun claim extensions in May following numerous weeks of reduced income and lost jobs due to the coronavirus. Those receiving extensions have received notification by the EDD by mail. Starting on Wednesday, those who are eligible for extensions will continue to receive notice to reapply.

Claimants who have claims ending after the date have shown some concern at the changes.

“It was supposed to be automatic I thought,” noted ‘Jake,’ whose benefits are expiring in mid-July. “But now it looks like I have to wait and reapply myself. I still haven’t been able to find work, so I hope they won’t discount me.”

EDD: Watch your mailbox

According to the EDD, those who have claims expired between July 6, 2019 and May 23, 2020 who have used all of their UI benefits and have not yet filed a new claim will start to receive mailed notices. The EDD will process claims if those who refile have had enough wages to qualify for a new claim. Those who don’t qualify for a new claim will have a PEUC extension filed automatically and will have the claimant certify the needed weeks for continued benefits.

“The biggest complaint I get is by how much is done by mail,” noted vocation counselor Val Chambers. “But even if the EDD forms seem complicated, especially with the rush of claims still flooding the EDD, it’s actually quite simple. The struggle comes with people not hearing back or not receiving the needed funds for weeks or months after.

“The new PEUC filings on the 8th are just there making sure no one is being left behind and that the EDD can keep moving forward on claims.”

Since March, the EDD has paid roughly $37.5 billion in unemployment claims around the state, with over 7 million claims being filed since March. The most current EDD unemployment rate in California is 16.3%. New figures from the EDD for the month of June are due in mid-July.

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189 thoughts on “EDD To Extend Some Unemployment Benefits As CARES Act Winds Down

    1. You need to contact Edd to certify the missing weeks. The same thing happened to me. They will pay you the same day and the funds arrive the next day. Good luck.

        1. EDD has playing pick and choosing game. I’d applied many times, but they send letters telling that my ss# aren’t mine and my name changed to something else. Never lift up the phone.

        2. I had to stay up all night and started calling before 8 am. I was the first person to talk to that agent. It is a pain in the behind, but it worked for me.

        3. I have had several numbers to call n every one I call it is always the same senerio! No ANSWER at all!! I have tried to file a claim each week n I don’t think I have ever made a claim yet! But whats really crazy is I have received my card n I have received my first week n thats all!!

          1. You must not have not clarified the rest of the weeks you need to clarify the rest of the weeks ASAP and they will deposit in your account fast.

          2. Once the edd approves your eligible benefits you still need to certify your eligibility every two weeks. They ask questions regarding your current work or no work status, and if your still eligible you’ll get another payment for those two weeks. Your required to do this every other week in order to continue to get paid. You can certify for eligibility on edd.gov then click on ui online. You’ll need your log in information that was created upon initial registration. Since they sent you a card and payment, they must have you already in the system. It’s important to note, that using the same device as you used to apply and register your profile online, is best when logging in for future certifications. Because the picture symbol they use as a security tactic can change and will be harder to log in. It’s irritating, if you’ve ever dealt with that. And the password characters are cap sensitive. So everything must be precise, to avoid complications in logging in. This is for California edd ui benefits.

          3. My payments have been issued out for almost three weeks now & still no card & I then seen people get there cards the next day payment was issued out can someone tell me what’s going on ?

        4. You just have to keep trying. You will be able to differentiate between the “Welcome to Employmeht…..” which is a mans voice, and the “welcome to the Employment Dev”……., a different mans voice. You will get the latter about 1 out of every 4 or 5 calls. When you here his voice, you choose 1 for English, then 6,7,1 are the numbers that get you through. About 1 out of 3 times you will get through. The other two out of three times he will say”Do to the amount of calls we are experiencing…..” Just hang up and do it again. They are only open til noon. You will get through. If you just need to have certifications for unpaid weeks, I have called the new edd number and get through a lot easier. It is 833-978-2511, from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week. They can’t cure a disqualification, but most everything else. If you have a disqualification and they tell you that you don’t qualify, call back. Another agent will ok you. i

        5. On my UI online page it says “on extension” but up above it says I have used my benefits for benefit year, ending 04/29/20. There is still $1300 showing in available funds. I have used 39 weeks. I have received nothing by mail. Do I need to do anything or do I automatically go to FedEd.?

      1. How do you contact them? They owe me 16 weeks. They ignore emails and haven’t answered over 500 phone calls. I emailed Gov Newsom

        1. Im in the same boat. Im a single Mom and we have lost everything. My daughter is even living with a friend since I can’t feed her. My car is up for repo. I’ve moved mountain’s but to have no income since late March has destroyed us.

      2. My stepdaughter has had to refile the same claim 4 times now, it keeps getting lost. Even when calling back and providing the claim number from a screen shot, they have no record of the claim ever being filed.

        1. I have reopened my claim 6 times now and nothing have no income coming in for a month no insurance no money. I send messages over and over with no responses…this is beyond words frustrating

      3. right now i only have 1 day work a week. and i have a 1year old baby. im just relaying on the 600$ to pay all my bills. if they will stop this i dont know whats gonna happen to my bills. and also i tried applying for a job but some of them close. and k cant even just look for a job because my baby doesnt know how to do bottle . im still giving her breast milk. this stuation is scary this coming august i dont know whats gonna happen next.

      4. Call 1-833-978-2511

        Press 1 for English and 2 for an operators as soon as you hear a message. Do this repeatedly until you get on hold. It could take up to 10 mins or more and you are on hold for a while but rep can help. I was able to get a rep to certified 8 weeks benefits by next day.

    2. My daughter filed for UI in March, she has 4 years of contribution, lost her job in march 22nd, EDD reply that she didn’t qualify for benefit, she hasn’t being able to get thru, its like a loosing loosing situation. We try every morning to contact EDD and its impossible to get a free line. What to do?

      1. I had the same problem with not ever being able to get thru on phone line. I had to end up writing a letter and sending it thru the postal service. Once I did that, believe it or not, it got corrected..
        Good luck

      2. File for PANDEMIC RELIEF BENEFITS. She should have received her benefits long ago. She must have filled something out incorrectly. Make sure she files online. Her job wages should already be in the system if she has been filing taxes and will be automatically entered when she fills out her claim. I hope this helps a bit. I pray she gets them soon and she’ll get back pay from March so when she does finally receive the benefits she’ll get a nice lump sum. Best of luck!

    3. Did you hit the date for you to file a new claim? My claim year ended on 6/13/2020. That next week is now pending, but i was eligible for a new claim at that point. I applied for the new benefits and received a new claim form in the mail. The new benefits are not reflected in my online account which still reads as being on extension. I sent in my new verification forms for the new case. We will see if that is the correct action. There is very little information out there and it’s impossible to get a hold of anyone.


      1. I’ve been approved for pua since early March have continued to certify for continued benefits every two weeks but never received a payment ui online says certification recieved but are still pending i call no answer i email no response what can I do now

    5. Its just crazy the country is going up with spikes and Republicans just dont care about nobodys concerns we need that $600 extension untill we get a firm grip on this new and dangerous disease jobs are not certain to keep workers or school s safe people at food pantries and them Republicans dont even care about people putting the lives of the least to take the chance its clear to see let them go and Trump be test dummies first

    6. In ohio its a cluster f*** where is the Pua benefits? Hell ,it takes 3 hours on hold ,then i finally get someone that really don’t have any answers when they finally do pick up the dam phone…..seems like there to many Chiefs and not enough Indians .

    7. i had benefits that were never claimed.. i had to contact my local congressman , which was followed by a letter of appeal. low and behold.. the unpaid benefits were in my account a day later..

      1. Have you been requesting payment after you claim I claim I request payment and I’m getting paid

          1. contact your local congressman..i had to.. my weekly benefits were a month late..

    1. You need to reapply…do it online ..it’s faster ….no mail…create and account on edd…

    2. On line, do everything online, I certify each Sunday morning at 12:01 am and my money is deposited that same day at night at 10:30 pm. Need to call them? Call and if it days they are too busy to take your call hang up immediately and redial, over and over again until your call gets into queue in less than an hour you will someone on the line. Extensions for the 13 weeks are automatically but I like to call and make sure everything is in order. Just don’t quit until you get what you need.

      1. Hi liz my husband does the same thing as you and we still haven’t gotten paid. We finally got our first money 4 weeks ago and now nothing . we will call what is he doing wrong this sucks. Thank you.

      2. My claim year ends in 2 weeks, am I right in thinking that it will automatically get extended by 13 weeks without me needing to do anything? Trying to figure that out online has been a major headache

      3. So those that received a PUEC notification don’t need to file again? My claim expires the end of Dec. 2020.’’it’s so confusing!

    3. Use this website , put in your user ID and password on the next page. And when you log in click on “UI Online” Once there you will see some clickable buttons at the top like “Claim History” “Payment History” to check whats going on. (There even an “INBOX” button where you can see if they have sent you letters or requests for documents) *(if you try today it will not work as they are under maintenance until midnight)*

    4. Create an account on edd.gov you can check the status of your claim online do everything online quicker than the office phone line

  1. I have not received any EDD benefits since the virus started can someone help me be for I am thrown out of my home 909)358-9087 is my number to let me know what can I do. Call or text

    1. I haven’t received anything I only got award letters and nothing else there’s people that I know did there months after I did and they are getting there payment every two weeks I can’t talk to nobody on the phone I’m totally stressed out everyone has received a debit card I’m still waiting. For mine this is ridiculous

      1. They say after your payment is issued out it take two weeks for you to receive your direct card & it’s been almost three weeks with money on my account & still no card & it’s been people that did there’s a whole month after me and got there’s less then 6 days after they were done with there claim it just doesn’t make any sense .

    2. Call the EDD office asap 833-978-2511 (8am-8pm PST) is the best number to call. Just repeat call if the recording says all operators are busy and to try later. I got through twice around 3pm each time. I hear that if you press #2 for Spanish speaking rep you get through faster and they are actually bilingual.

    3. Go to goggle: search for unemployment benefits. Sign up, fill out forms, get a confirmation number, and wait a couple weeks to hear from unemployment via email, the EDD sight, or regular mail.


    5. I’m in the same boat ! Been waiting 3 months now with no reply repsone to my emails while they still approve so many others only waited 2/3weeks and got approved, of course impossible to reach over phone, im about to go to mayors office and council of my city to file complaints on this issue it’s getting ridiculous with no answers.

    6. Call 1-833-978-2511. Once the recording plays press 1 and immediayely after press.2. It may take a few times to get in que but
      it works.
      Good luck!

  2. How do the people that have not received unemployment that have filed weekly and are receiving no response get through to anyone at the unemployment office? I applied in March, have been filling out the bi weekly notices and have not received anything and cannot get through to talk to anyone. They are now sending phone calls to offers/soliciting. What??? I need to talk to a PERSON that can help!

    1. I filed in April right before the cove it happened and I have not received one payment not nothing I am so upset about because this is bullshit like no one will answer the phone I can’t get through between 8 and 12 and then they say (we cannot help you at this time) and then you get hung up on. Am I even going to get my back benefits . who’s going to answer these questions?

    2. My son filed in March and never received anything. He can’t get thru to anyone at the office either.

      1. I lost my job in March also due to the Coronavirus & had filed a claim in March & had been certifying online every 2 weeks since March. I finally received a lump sum in May on the EDD Bank of America debit card that was mailed. I’m still certifying every 2 weeks & still looking for another job! Nobody is available to talk to you on the phone & when you leave a msg for the EDD online, you get an “automatic” reply saying that they will reply within 10 days. I never got a reply & was leaving msgs almost 2 times a week till I received my EDD debit card. I still have to certify online every 2 weeks. Watch your postal mail, cos that’s how the EDD debit card is sent. I live in California & that’s how they handled my UI situation. Each person has to file a claim, answer all the questions & then submit your claim! Make sure you print a copy for your records each time you certify online or if you certify by paper, still make a copy before you mail the paper form back. Always cover your self!

      2. How old is your son? Why isn’t he on here asking questions? Stop coddling him. You think your helping him but you’re not.. teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime..

      3. I’m in the same boat ! Been waiting 3 months now with no reply repsone to my emails while they still approve so many others only waited 2/3weeks and got approved, of course impossible to reach over phone, im about to go to mayors office and council of my city to file complaints on this issue it’s getting ridiculous with no answers.

      4. I also had the same issues with edd, filed my claim mid march, but when I recieved my edd paperwork all it said $0.00 earned over the 4 quarterly reports. No explanation, no acceptance or claim denied. I called up to 250 times each day for the next 3 months, wrote to Gov Newsoms office, I even called the governor with no luck. It does not help that edd only accepts calls from 8 am to 12 noon. I started my calls at 7:45 am and the recordings already turned on. I know I am babbling so I will get to the point, what I did is file a new claim without closing the existing claim. I figured I had nothing to lose since I was not recieving any thing, well 2.5 weeks later I get a email from edd to certify for my benefits. I logged on to my account and there was claim with $XXXXXX.XX. I just received my debit card yesterday with all my back pay from march including the $600 federal . Try filing a new claim, the worst that can happen is they say no or deny it since you are getting nowhere right now. Hope this helps

    3. I filed for UI online and certify every two weeks. I receive a direct deposit to my EDD Debit card. I don’t certify by paper and mail. Online application and certification seems to be reliable. Good luck.

    4. It really stinks, cannot get through to talk to a live person at all, I gave up, their 8:00 am to 8:00pm phone number says the same recording, too many calls and not able to take calls at this time. The One Stop Centers are closed to the public and they don’t answer any questions either they just refer you to the phone numbers. Everything is being blamed on the Covid 19. There is no excuse for them not to take call to answer questions!

    5. I’m guessing your responses are not what they want to hear. When you certify for out your form with
      1. no
      2. No
      3. Yes
      4. No
      5. No
      6. No
      Those are the answers they want from you. I hope this helps!

  3. I think mu unemployment got hacked i filled out five forms and mail it in and i have bot recieved any of my checks and iam not happy which you guys would open up soon so i can get this situated

  4. How can I claim my lost weeks of work do to the Covid-19? I was told I would be getting a letter, but haven’t received it.

    1. Have you filled a claim at edd. Gov? If you keep calling you can get through and actually does with a representative.. just keep calling. If you get disconnected before 12 noon call right back. If the number is busy call back. Just keep dialing until you get through. Spend 8am through 12 noon calling. You will get through to a person.

  5. I applied back in May and certified for the first two weeks ,received my first payment but when I tried to recertify i was advised that I have to reopen my application and I have done that 3 times and nothing . When I go back to try to certify for benefits I keep getting the same message that I have to reopen my application. Please help someone .

  6. Trying to file for unemployment in California? Go on to edd.gov If you ever filed a claim, or ever log on to this site, you need to use that user ID and password. This will help you get in there fastest. If not you need to clock on file a claim, in the UI online tab. Register your information and create a user profile. Make sure your in the section for unemployed, not the section that says EMPLOYERS! This can be confusing if your not paying attention to the verbiage. These links also seem like they’re just words of information. These words on the main page at edd.gov can be clicked. This will bring you to the site to file a UI claim. Click UI online. That is the main site you need to use for applying. It will ask for basic information as well will want your most recent job that you had which mainly requires to be a taxable income related job. They ask for the last 18 months of quarterly income before tax deductions. So just use your total annual income for 2019 and divide it by 4. That will give you the amount during that time for the quarter amounts they’ll ask you to enter in those time periods. Do the same for the last 6 months of this year. Use your last or most recent pay stub, or guess-timate, using the closest and honest amount you remember. They will have this information, but if it’s close to the facts, it will be fine. If it’s a little off, it won’t effect your claim. If it’s way off, then you might have to wait for a phone interview. Early on in the Covid 19 they weren’t doing phone interviews unless there was a questionable application. Please note: They are only approving if you lost your job or hours, but still employed if it was by no fault of your own. You are required to remain employed, and work all hours you are scheduled. You can not quit or get fired by causes faulted by your own. Your reason for loss or reduced hours are approved if it was related to coronavirus, and certain instances related to. Please respect the content I have provided to you. I am not a wiener of tfe employment Development Department Department and abt information provide by myself is by my own knowledge and research done by me, as well as personal experience and witness of others in my personal standing. I am not responsible for any information you take from this post, as I am only relating information based on community inquiries and the kindness of my time and understandings of the subject at hand.

  7. Spell check me.. Lol I didn’t mean to put “wiener” of the employment development department I put “worker” and also “click” it spell check me and put “clock” … there might be a few others but I haven’t read the entire post. Thank you and good luck !

  8. In California the best way to contact EDD is through their UI portal. Click “contact us,” and type your question. They do take a bit to reply; however, they DO reply with accurate information. For Covid-19 relief, you only need to certify while filing your claim in the UI portal that you are affected by the pandemic. They have questions for you to answer. You do not need a letter.

    EDD will update your portal with notifications that will update on what is happening with your claim. IF you are certifying each week, the Claim History will tell you the status. Pay very close attention to this area because it will let you know the status of your claim. Be sure to certify for each week as EDD will back pay those weeks once qualified.

    Sorry everyone is having troubles.

  9. I been waiting since the being an I still haven’t got nothing so what I need to do and I still can’t find work. Every time I call I’m always on hold for a long time

  10. My daughter filed for UI in March, she has 4 years of contribution, lost her job in march 22nd, EDD reply that she didn’t qualify for benefit, she hasn’t being able to get thru, its like a loosing loosing situation. We try every morning to contact EDD and its impossible to get a free line. What to do?

    1. edd.gov

      Scroll down to ui online and try to create a profile to re-apply, or if one has been created in the past, use that same profile log on information. Or send a question link through same site clicking “contact us”

  11. I have one payment left of my regular unemployment that’s not counting the stimulus check . Will they automatically extend my unemployment or will I need to reapply? I don’t want to be penalized if I applie can someone help me? Not sure how it works still do not have a job.

    1. If you’re able to open a new claim do so. Otherwise is your current claim is out of money and you are unable to file a new one you will be auromatically eligible/enrolled for the additional 13 weeks. However, you should be receiving some sort of correspondence advising you of that.

  12. It took 3 months for CA EDD to set up the link for self employed professionals. We filed the day the link became live. 4 weeks later 6 weeks of forms came. Returned next day. No claim number, no other notices and no one to talk to. We can’t check on the claim without a claim number. It’s the most idiotic system, out dated methods and severely under staffed. Shame on our government for not setting up a system that works for their constituents. I think all of our government officers shoukd have their pay withheld until EDD pays All of the people that yet to pay since March.

    1. Call the customer service number that has extended hours and request you Edd costumer number the go to u I online and log in choose manage fill out your info add edd costumer number and you can see you claim online if your just waiting on your card call b of a request a new card be sent I waited almost a month for my card to show finally requested a replacement got it in three days crazy. That was beginning of July I just recurved my original card yesterday in the mail crazy

  13. I filed in may and have not received anything.. I received package with claim and other information but everything says $0 and when I sign in everything is from 2015 .. I’m lost here need some help

  14. How do you contact them? They owe me 16 weeks. They ignore emails and haven’t answered over 500 phone calls. I emailed Gov Newsom

  15. if you only habe one .ore week of benefits will i need to call for extension or will they extend automatically??

  16. I recieved an initial payment for the 2nd and 3rd week of March which was done by mail. I now have 14 weeks of confirmed subissions of my unemployment which was done on line. Not even the fed. Backed$600 a week supplement. Sent a question to Edd which was received on 6-26-2020. All i hear are crickets.

  17. I have not received any benefits they say I am approved and I certified but no payments it continues to say pending. Help I need help I can’t wait anymore

  18. You have to call continuously from 8 a.m. to 8 in the evening and you will get through I’ve gotten through a total of 8 time. You asked what the status of your claim is and ask to get a phone call back from a claim expert. If you got denied make sure you also send in an appeal. Make copies of everything you sent in with the appeal of when you filed the claim why you were out of work and reconsider your claim.

    1. To Katie…my heart goes out to you with such gratitude! I called today with the number you provided! I never gave up! I was on the phone for a good two hours. I noticed I have the same number saved in my notes but didn’t think of calling that particular number for some reason. Again, I am so thankful to see your comment!! You are an angel!! I will share the number on Twitter and remind those to NOT GIVE UP!!

  19. I did all my paper work like I was told to do it’s been 2 months and I still haven’t seen a dime I have no money and I’m about to get kicked out off my house.

  20. I wish EDD actually worked as it’s supposed to, which is a benefit that I’ve been paying into Incase of situations like the one we’re currently experiencing. Their application and processing software seems like it was created in the early 80’s (janky AF!) phone systems are a joke, nobody can actually get through,, ever!! it’s like they’ve got maybe 2 people answering calls and they say they’ve had to double the size of their dept.. which actually was just 1 person.. and they were always in break.. Oh and you would think they’d use common language with their systems instead you need to use their help Feild to figure out what they mean when they use their terminology.. also be upfront w/ what to expect in terms of timelines for payments, also why would they cancel benifits if someone doesn’t “certify their hours” every week? After a stressful 2 weeks of calling and driving to their offices every single day.. because they made several mistake on different occasions I was finally receiving my unemployment as I was supposed to. Even though it wasn’t even close to the date it said I would need to certify my hours by hadn’t gone by yet. they stopped my benifits and say I need to reopen my claim.. which aparantly is like applying for the first time!! nobody will answer their phone lines.. yup the ones set up from 8am-8pm 7 days a week.. that’s a joke why even say that a thing when the just kick you off every time saying they’re experiencing a high volumn of calls.. which is obvious, hence the hours extending from their normal 8-12pm hours.. which should tell ya something about how much effort they’re willing to help those people who may be in desperate need of Their benifits.. I pretty sure if people decide that they’re in need of Unempltment benefits it’s not because they’ve had a stroke of good luck and on a winning role, and easy going about waiting an unnecessarily long time before receiving them.. NO! It because they to keep their family fed, bills paid so they don’t end up on the streets.. so forgive me if I show no remorse explaining the Edd’s experience as beyond pitiful and their organization should not handle unemployment benifit claims. Their should be a class action lawsuits against them for intentionally neglecting benifit claims w/ the intention of not paying for benifits that people have been paying into.. they seem to want people to get so frustrated w/ their systems that they give up, or cancel them for trivial reasons, they couldn’t proccess anything even when the unemployment was at its lowest in history and it still can’t, they’re criminals and California’s workers deserve better than this! after paying into this service my whole life it’s a crime that in the time I go to make a claim I have to go through this stressful, run around? We meed better service than this, if Ca is going to continue deducting money from my hard earned money.. I expect it to be their when I need.. I don’t stalk, and not pay them on time.. something needs to change!

  21. Hello, anyone struggling contacting or filing a claim through EDD, may contact me. I have helped many people recieve their benefits with backpay, and with only a few weeks left of the feds additional $600 weekly compensation there is much at stake, please feel free to call or text in order to arrange assistance, i am located out of corona ca. 951-741-9307

  22. Create an account on edd.gov you can check the status of your claim online do everything online quicker than the office phone line

  23. Still havent heard from Edd and no checks received, bussinesses are barely opening up. How the hell are we supose to pay things off if theres no money coming in? Then the care act is stopping this mth. SMH

  24. If I’m right or wrong I heard cause started collecting EDD in the first week of May that I still can keep collecting my $600 every week cause I haven’t completed my 26 weeks I just don’t know if it’s true or not

  25. I applied for unemployment the beginning of March. I sent off my first claim form after I received an award confirmation letter. Never heard from EDD again. Still haven’t received one check. I showed up at a workforce development office today to see if they could put me in touch with an EDD rep over the phone. They told me that there was five people in front of me that had been on hold for 4 hours… I was told that ” alot of times they just don’t answer the phones”

  26. I filed on April and I received some paperwork from Edd, I qualified, But so far I have not received any benefits. I can’t get thru to anyone at the office either.

  27. My payments have stopped but I only received one payment when I have several left why is this happening can someone tell me how to get my payments released. I have been filing my biweekly claims but I am not receiving my payment. Please help if anyone knows what I need to do.

  28. I filed on April and I received some forms, from Edd, I qualified, But so far I have not received any benefits. I can’t get thru to anyone at the office either.

  29. Have you filled a claim at edd. Gov? If you keep calling you can get through and actually does with a representative.. just keep calling. If you get disconnected before 12 noon call right back. If the number is busy call back. Just keep dialing until you get through. Spend 8am through 12 noon calling. You will get through to a person.

  30. To All,
    If you haven’t received any $$$, you need to sign up to EDD and you can keep track the process, message, when you will receive your $$$. FYI you should also will receive a debit card from Bank of America, ones you received it, you can do a reoccurring tranfer to your designated personal bank. EDD website is what i use to keep track my benefits and every other sunday, example July 5, EDD sends you the typical questions like, HAVE REFUSED ANY WORK?, ARE YOU TOO SICK TO WORK? ect…. Instead receiving the every other week statement old fashion way, you can do it online via EDD website. Good luck everyone.

  31. Hopefully this helps some of you. The process is, you apply online, be sure to click the button about pandemic relief so you are considered for having a job search or actual job disrupted due to covid. They send you an email telling you when to expect a letter of award or denial. On that letter their is a customer code that you need to log onto your account which you set up when applying. Be sure to have the correct email, username and password. If 2 weeks has passed since you applied then you qualify to certify. Once you are in your account be sure to surf around with the website and become familiar with it. Check out your inbox and click all the buttons across the top of the screen to become familiar. Your weekly benefit amount shown does not reflect the $600 weekly pandemic. Even if you don’t qualify for regular benefits you will qualify for the $600. My son in law screwed up this process and nothing went smoothly for him. He was unable to log into his account because he had his email wrong. This caused him not to certify for benefits in a timely manner. He just kept waiting thinking they would magically appear. He has now screwed himself out of $7000. I encouraged him to file an appeal and explain that he couldn’t log in….we only mailed that yesterday. You must have that customer code or you are not going to have access to your account. If your benefits aren’t coming through, guarantee that there is something you have missed. Don’t bother calling you won’t get through. There is a way to email them and you will get a response within a few days.

  32. You just need to put aside a couple hours in the morning as soon as they open and call back to back to back until the recording picks up. You might need to do this a few times also before you are put on hold for someone, sometimes up to 2 hours. It took me 5 weeks of doing this to finally speak to someone, ended up taking 2 minutes on the phone to get it worked out.

  33. I haven’t heard are spoke to anyone in reguarding my benefits I’m at the poiint of taking legal action . People that hasn’t work for years are receiving benefits no fair for the hard working citizens to suffer & not receive any contact.

  34. Self employed, filed unemployment but have received anything. No income since March 2020. No response on the self employment clause for self employed. Call but no one answers. Don’t know where else to turn. I need the Governor’s help. Can’t pay rent or feed my family.

    1. Send an email to the assembly Woman’s office she will help you a L O T . Or if you know how to summmarize your issue in 19 sentences sent an email to the mayor he is an amazing person if you get the governor involved it’s tricky now with the elections and transitions the mayors staff btw will reply to you in no time . You can sue them and let’s say that you win . You are already drained I think you should follow what i told you the mayor supported all the affected people as no one else and I met him personally the governor is gambling …btw they know what happened with the frauds I just saw that 1000 has been withdrew from my prepaid card but they never called me to pick up this check so when we are talking about a massive fraud who do you think might be a part of it ? Who knows the exact amounts to beneficiary people cards and who can activate cards not in your name ? Think abs you will see that it’s not just the scammers from dark webs but some others that from bankers they became …… and I am an employer btw not an employee you .

  35. People that are having trouble getting through keep calling all day if you have to keep calling back sooner or later you will get through. My case was shown pending because they messed up the paperwork. My final document was not filed right. Worst time to call is the first 2 hours. Many temp workers have been hired they don’t know what they are doing.

  36. There’s someone I know who can help us, we must search within our hearts for words, we must cry out for forgiveness of our sins, prayer for healing of our land we must ask the Creator of human life to come into our hearts, his name is JESUS we must ask him to rebuke the Devourer, we must decree the thief to take his hands off our finances, we must be bold , I come boldly to the throne of grace, bow down your hearts call on the name above every name, he is Holy he is alive and he is waiting to hear the words of your heart come out your mouth, he must have faith in Christ the lord who is seated upon the throne ruleing with all authority, we must grow this faith and believe, try him , the bible says ask and you shall receive seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open. Believe…R.B.M

  37. I filed on May 24th and I haven’t received anything no letter with customer ID number or anything. I can’t log into my account without the customer ID number. I waited on the phone for 1 hour and 47 minutes when they finally got to my call, the EDD Agent talks really fast and tells me that they are experiencing higher volume in calls for me to call back later and hung up on me, didn’t even let me get in 1 word. Mad about it.

  38. When filling out the weeks, remember to not include the unemployment money as income when you certified each two weeks. But $0 in income

    Also, filing for a new claim even if they tell you don’t have any money on account, worked for me.

  39. So how about those of us on PUA who are approved through Dec 31st 2020? Will they just continue to pay us the additional $600 per week without having to re-file or do we have to go through it all again too? I can’t afford to lose the $600, it would put me on the streets…

  40. I have filled in March and I have not received any payment at all They will not answer the phone they do not respond to my emails. One day I spent 8 hours on the phone Missing all my payments keep making excuses to my bill collectors that they are processing my unemployment and no success. WTF is going on and why why not even a courtesy answer from them They take our taxes and then screw us I am about to lose all House phone WTF I am starving here

  41. That’s only money I survive with at this time and I am 56 years years old and It’s not easy to get a job

  42. They say after your payment is issued out it take two weeks for you to receive your direct card & it’s been almost three weeks with money on my account & still no card & it’s been people that did there’s a whole month after me and got there’s less then 6 days after they were done with there claim it just doesn’t make any sense .

  43. I was approved for the extension. I was only paid for 1 week before I was contacted that I may be eligible for the extension. My question is will I be payed for that missing week or any other days lost? Rent is past due and I just want to know if ill be able to have a bit of grocery money left after I pay that.

  44. A little tip for anyone’s who’s tired of listening to the EDD’s recorded prompts. The digits may vary depending on what you’re trying to accomplish, but if you have an existing claim that you have questions about you can use this number (make sure to add your social):

    1 (800) 300-5616,1,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,673,ss#,,1

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  46. I filed for unemployment back in March and was payed throughout the beginning of May as I would certify. Then all of a sudden my payments stopped. I still have money in my account to be payed out. Not being payed in 3 months is horrible. I call every morning and no response. I have reopened my claim already. I have no idea what to do.

  47. PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE STILL WAITING FOR YOUR CLAIM TO BE APPROVED!!! If you are self employed or ind. contractors that that filed (or thought they filed) for PUA benefits but haven’t heard anything back from EDD: It may be that you are in the same boat I am in. I learned this the a hard way! There is a question on the Unemployment Claim Form that asks if you are self employed or ind. contractor, it is the first time they ask this question, they ask twice. If you clicked YES then your claim was routed as a regular UI claim NOT PUA claim! On the claim form if you click on the little ? for help next to that question “are you self employed”, it takes you to a help box that says “if you are self employed or ind. contractor AND applying for PUA benefits, choose NO for this question. (UM, WTF???!!!) I shit you not. So your claim may have been approved as a regular ui claim but since you don’t qualify for regular UI benefits your benefits will be approved sort of and the award amount will say 0.00, and nothing else will happen. You may not even get a letter telling you that you are approved for nothing. You will just wait in vain thinking they just haven’t gotten to your claim yet, but they already did. Yes, I swear this happened and I think it has happened to a LOT of people who are waiting for their money. WTF! It is a pretty straightforward question, people typically wouldn’t click the help ? next to that one before answering it, right? I digress. You have to call and speak to someone at either number, and tell them that you were not trying to apply for Regular UI benefits, you were applying for PUA benefits and happened to answer the questions they asked you honestly, without seeking the ? help from the edd dialogue box before you answered the very straightforward question that you thought you were being asked. Well you don’t have to be snarky like that but you do have to call and get them to send it manually to an EDD Examiner who will I guess examine your claim to see if you qualify for PUA benefits. If you don’t call and speak to someone, nothing more will happen with your claim, if this is what has happened to you as well. Good Luck to you all!!! Tell your family and friends if they too are having trouble. They are trying to weed out the less persistent. There is no way this is a mistake! They say answer the questions honestly and then on one of the first very self explanatory questions that no one would need help understanding how to answer, they tell you to actually lie if you want to be considered for the program that you are wanting to apply for and would qualify for… then they actually approve you at a 0 award amount so you were approved but sorry no money! Answering the question honestly, will send you straight to a big fat zero! and then hopefully by the time people figure it out, it’s too late, sorry! Oh and if you follow their advice on the website as to what to do if you have already filed a regular claim and been awarded a 0 award amount and are self employed and applying for PUA benefits, the link takes you to a paragraph that tells you about the Cares act and how it can help you. and that is all it says. This is not on accident! Don’t let them get away with this please!!!!!!!!! If anyone needs help to understand this BS I would love to help! I just don’t know if I can put my email here or not! I don’t want my comment to not get posted or something because of that… ?

  48. I have completed my 26 weeks; i need an extension as still no employment prospects. DO i need to refile a claim or will benefits be extended automatically?

  49. I was cut off from Edd. Because they said i used up everything. But then the extension came into play but I still haven’t received nothing. The funny thing is I received I noticed from Bank of America on my debit card saying that on the 30th on 6:30 2020 they deposited $1,392 into my account but I never received the money here to 7th and I’m I don’t have any money what’s really going on I want the money I work for

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