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Governor Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Gov. Newsom Announces Salons and Barbers Can Re-Open, Day Before Court was to Rule on Lawsuit

‘Newsom must have known the handwriting was on the wall’

By Katy Grimes, May 26, 2020 4:10 pm

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday during his daily video press briefing that hair salons and barber shops can now re-open in some counties. His announcement came well ahead of his original State 3 re-opening for salons, barbers, gyms and fitness studios, and that is because the federal court was supposed to rule on the lawsuit filed on behalf of the Professional Beauty Federation of California tomorrow.

“Score another victory for the Dhillon Law Group. Several weeks ago, Gavin Newsom said that barbershops would not be opening until late August or early September,” attorney Mark Meuser said on social media. “The Dhillon Law Group filed a lawsuit against Newsom on this issue and the court was supposed to rule on the issue tomorrow.”

The lawsuit was filed May 12, 2020 in U.S. District Court, Central District of California.

“Newsom must have known the handwriting was on the wall and so today, he made an announcement that will start allowing barbers and beauticians across the state to reopen,” Meuser said. “Newsom is doing everything he can to ensure that a court cannot rule that he is violating the fundamental freedoms of all Californians. As long as Newsom keeps depriving Californians of their liberties, I am going to be fighting in the courts to hold him accountable for his tyrannical actions.”

It certainly appears Newsom is trying to get out ahead of the 13 lawsuits, or deflect from them. In his Tuesday video press conference, the governor was asked by a reporter via phone about all of the lawsuits he is facing as a result of his statewide lockdown order, and whether they played a part in his decisions. Newsom actually said that the lawsuits were filed before he became governor.

“It’s just noise,” he said.

Au contraire.

The 13 lawsuits filed against the governor, the Attorney general and State Public Health officer were all filed this year by the Dhillon Law Group and the Center for American Liberty.

California Globe spoke to attorney Meuser who had plenty to say:

“Our lawsuits on behalf of the people are preserving our Republican form of government and not allowing tyrant Newsom to destroy the mental health and financial stability of millions of working Californians just because there is a virus that predominantly kills the elderly who live in nursing homes. The solution to the problem is focusing in on the elderly in nursing homes, not on destroying the livelihood of working families. As long as Newsom continues to attack the fundamental freedoms of all Californians with his arbitrary rules and regulations, we will continue to bring his actions before the courts to adjudicate.”

The Center for American Liberty and Dhillon Law Group are representing the Professional Beauty Federation of California, and salon owners, in their lawsuit against California Gov. Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Xavier Becerra, California Public Health Officer Sonia Angel, and 12 members of the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology, for violating the civil rights, right to due process, and the constitutional right to earn a living.

As California Globe reported, for more than two months, California officials have threatened criminal prosecution for violations of the Governor’s Order. “Defendants have effectively taken away Plaintiffs’ lawful right to engage in professional state-licensed activities,” the lawsuit says.

“The points behind the scope of the case is to restore liberty, and the rights of these professionals,” Attorney Dhillon said.

Still meddling in one of the most extensively trained health and safety industries in the state, the California Department of Public Health announced that counties that have attested to meeting the criteria for accelerated re-opening may re-open hair salons and barbershops with modifications:

“Permitted activities include services that can be provided with both the worker and customer wearing face coverings throughout the service,” the governor’s office reported. “These include haircuts, hair coloring, blowouts, weaves and extensions, braiding, lock maintenance, wig maintenance and hair relaxing treatments.”

“Salon activities that cannot be done with face coverings on both the worker and client – or that require touching the client’s face – such as shaving, facial waxing, threading, eyelash services and facials – remain prohibited at this time in all counties. Likewise, nail salons remain closed.”

You can get a haircut but no eyebrow waxing. You can get your hair colored, but not your fingernails. There is no reason given by the Department of Public Health for the still-prohibited salon and barber treatments.

The ongoing disinformation about COVID-19 cases is also frustrating. The Los Angeles Times reported this today: “With cases on track to nearly double in the month of May, the governor has pointed to steady hospitalizations and other metrics as proof that the state is bending the curve.” What the LAT neglects to say is the state and counties are doing more testing than ever. And while they call all positive coronavirus tests “cases,” the recovery rate is still over 98%, if the person tested ever even shows symptoms.


“Governor Newsom is denying over half a million licensed, highly trained professionals their human right to earn a living, and is using the strong arm of the law to punish and grind them into submission.” Harmeet K. Dhillon, CEO Center for American Liberty.

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23 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Announces Salons and Barbers Can Re-Open, Day Before Court was to Rule on Lawsuit

  1. Still need to go through the Law suits. Many Counties are still closed. The tracers also need to be done away with.

    1. The people of California need to file a class action lawsuit against mother F’n tyrant. He has single-handedly destroyed this state and turned it into a sanctuary state full of nothing but illegals that he’s funding and giving them all jobs. While US veterans are sleeping in tents at the VA and US citizens are homeless on the streets. This a**hole has a reserved seat ln hell!!!

  2. Oh yes, I fully believe and agree that this happened today because of the imminent ruling on the lawsuit. Knowing Newsom as we do, we know he is fearful of a decision but covers it and messes with it by playing this childish game of making sure an overly-complicated and confusing set of arbitrary rules is issued as a condition of the some-yes, some-no “re-openings.” And that applies to his minions, too.

    All brought to you by guidance from “the data” and “the science!” Right.

    It hardly needs saying at this point, but California is being governed by someone who has the maturity level of an 8 year old bully on a power trip, which is actually an insult to 8 year old bullies on power trips.

  3. Our Governor of California, NEEDS to be removed!.
    He has done more DAMAGE to our State, than even his predecessor Brown ever did. And that’s saying A LOT!

  4. Newscum. Enough said. He’s a cosmetologist now?! What does he know about anything that goes on in a beauty salon? To think he can say do this….but not that…ridiculous!
    We can make up our own minds, Newscum! We are adults!
    Way To Go Center for American Liberty!

  5. Kiss Newscum’s ass goodbye with a Recall,; spending a Billion on masks from China with our tax dollars was the beginning of his Bullshit, lately, fucking with who can open up is the next dagger in Calif. small businesses!

  6. People needs to open their eyes. So many people came to CA looking for a better life. If you keep the Democrats in power, they are going to bring the same and worse things you escaped from. Don’t let them use you for a permanent destruction of this nation.

  7. This governor knew what was coming with the lawsuit and is coming for voting time. People need to open their eyes. So many people came to CA looking for a better life. If you keep the Democrats in power, they are going to bring the same and worse things you escaped from. Don’t let them use you for the permanent destruction of this nation.

  8. American Liberty keep fighting! Costco okay but haircuts no? He sure looks like he’s had a few haircuts!

  9. I am a Day Spa owner licensed esthetician certified massage therapist in a small town of Reedley I have been out of work I applied for EDD and still have not received any help ! I still have to pay rent I still have to pay city fees and utilities for a Buissness I can not open .we have been put on the back burner and completely forgot about !!!!!

  10. I’m disgusted that my county is still not allowing salons to open.
    I thought Contra Costa County was sophisticated enough to figure out how to open small businesses in a healthy way, with guidelines.
    There are thousands of hair salon owners in our county.
    We all have one thing in common. Everyone who sits in our chair is a voter.

    Below is the contact information for the county supervisor for Contra Costa County.


  11. Surprised you didn’t mention Nancy Pelosi beauty shop visit. Newsom HAD no choice but to open them seeing Nancy getting her hair done WITHOUT a mask yesterday he had to take the heat off that commie….We will beat the hell out of democrats this next election. Sign the recall on newsom!!!

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  13. Does the Gov have a beauty salon in his home? Did he close it like all others he ordered throughout the state?

  14. yea this ain’t your State. Go back to Russia. You have no chance. Why don’t you try starting another trashy white supremacist commune in the Tracy hills like you people did in the 90s. and what happened to all your fine work and all the trenches you dug?

    Nazis will never win and no one is sorry for you. you are sorry enough.

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