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Gov. Gavin Newsom at Monday 8/10 press conference. (Photo: screen capture)

Gov. Newsom Announces ‘Twindemic,’ and Increased COVID Testing into March 2021

CDC no longer recommends testing for most people without symptoms

By Katy Grimes, August 26, 2020 2:52 pm

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Wednesday announced a “Twindemic” will be upon us soon with COVID and flu season in the fall, and a new partnership with PerkinElmer, Inc. a diagnostic company, to build a laboratory within the state, and ramp up COVID-19 testing. This announcement came on the heels of the Center for Disease Control announcement that it no longer recommends testing people without symptoms.

“This will not be the policy of the state of CA,” Newsom Tweeted. We thought he was following the science.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday also withdrew its recommendation/requirement for travelers to quarantine for 14 days after an overseas or out of state trip during the coronavirus pandemic.

“California is increasing its #COVID19 testing capacity ahead of the upcoming flu season,” the governor Tweeted. And for those unsure when this business lockdown and mask-wearing will ever end in California, Gov. Newsom said “the goal is to stand up a laboratory facility and begin processing tens of thousands of additional tests by November 1 and run at full capacity by ­no later than March 1, 2021.”


During his press conference Wednesday, Newsom said that because we are moving into the flu season soon, people are going to be demanding more flu tests. So in anticipation of increased testing during a “Twindemic,” he and PerkinElmer are collaborating to “disrupt the market” with a California laboratory, “help break supply chain logjams and drive down the costs for tests.”

Newsom said the turn-around time for COVID-19 tests has been as high as 10+ days, while the average is around 5-7 days. “Past a few days, tests lose their meaning in terms of contact tracing and quarantining.”

California has administered 10.8 million COVID tests at a cost of $150-$200 per test.

Newsom said the cost would go down in California with this partnership, and he can order ramped-up testing. His goal is 150,000 per day.

“This is exactly what the federal government should be doing,” Newsom added.

However, as California Globe reported Tuesday, “10,652,487 Californians have been tested for COVID – a quarter of the state’s population – with 668,615 “confirmed cases,” meaning people who have tested positive, most without symptoms. This leaves 9,983,872 Californians who tested negative for COVID -19.”

“It will greatly expand California’s ability to track and prevent COVID-19 infections across the state and create additional testing capacity that will allow the state to increase testing in communities at high risk for contracting COVID-19, like essential workers, those in congregate settings and communities of color,” Newsom said.

“California is using its market power to combat global supply chain challenges and protect Californians in the fight against COVID-19. Supply chains across the country have slowed as demand for COVID-19 tests has increased, and flu season will only exacerbate the problem,” said Governor Newsom. “So we are building our own laboratory capabilities right here on California soil with a stable supply chain to fight the disease, lower the prices of testing for everyone and protect Californians most at risk from COVID-19.”

One week ago, California Globe reported how Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Dr. Mark Ghaly spent most of a press conference “discussing COVID-19 in children, and how the seasonal flu will be upon us soon, while we are still dealing with COVID. His recommendation is to get early flu vaccinations, and then get a COVID vaccination when it becomes available. Mostly, his language made it clear that Californians are being set up for continuing lockdowns with COVID and the upcoming seasonal flu, which has never shut the state down.”

Conversely, the CDC testing notice says: “Except for rare situations, a test-based strategy is no longer recommended to determine when an individual with a COVID-19 infection is no longer infectious (i.e., to discontinue Transmission-Based Precautions or home isolation).”

“We are besotted with these public health authorities and government officials who made a terrible, life-wrecking error,” Jeffrey Tucker wrote at American Institute for Economic Research. “They can’t admit it because the devastation has been so complete.”

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35 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Announces ‘Twindemic,’ and Increased COVID Testing into March 2021

    1. I agree Please consider having a recall petition event. It’s pretty easy to get signatures to help support his “hasta la bye bye”. recallgavin2020.com

  1. People listen: We must not comply with anything. No testing, no masks, and no vaccines. Refuse to comply in any way, shape or form that you can. Arm yourself and also be prepared with prep supplies. This will probably get uglier before it gets better. Vote all the Dems out of office. They have nothing good for us. Vote RED all the way.

  2. So instead of moving the goal posts Grusom has decided to change the rules in the middle of the game. Sign the recall petition if you have not already and on November 3rd vote all democraps out of office.

  3. More evidence that Gov. SIlky Poni has no idea what to do except throw more money (we don’t have) around, pile yet more “precautions” on the population and try desperately to look like he’s IN CHARGE!. There’s a concept in industrial hygiene that if you see a firm larding on the safety gear/procedures willly-nilly, they don’t really have an understanding of the problem. Hence Silky Poni’s “Twindemic” (cute little neologisms don’t really help).

  4. All bow to Dictator Newsom for he knows all and certainly will not follow the science unless it agrees with his agenda. He does not understand that flattening the curve just pushes it out because the area under the curve does not change. So far he has managed to push it out past 400 days.

  5. With his declaration of the “Twindemic”, Der Fuhrer is showing that he is going to keep the State locked down until next Summer. He’ll do whatever he can to remind people that he has the POWER..!!!
    The Wife and I are returning to CA after six weeks traveling to the Midwest via our RV. While there have been some minor mask inconveniences and reduced restaurant seating, most areas are open and not succumbing to scumbags like Newsom.

  6. He needs to be recalled, immediately. Find a place to sign the petition. Go to Recallgavin2020.com, and follow instructions. He’s as wishy washy as Fauci. This is politics, no longer science! Friday he announce SpEd students, homeless students, and non-English speaking students can return to school…now today doubles down on the hysteria and panic. Enough! Show him the door California!

  7. A lot of people saw this coming. Perpetual “crises” that will only end when the demonic rulers of California are thrown out.

  8. PCR test is fungible. Look it up. More cycles, more positives. No consistency with manufacturing or procedure equals they can use it to make anything positive. No clear definition for a “confirmed case” other than positive? Deaths peaked third week of April, tens of thousands, not tens of millions. Fear and worry are their weapon.

  9. He keeps moving the goalposts to suit his power & control over your life and livelihood.
    He is killing the California economy & is demonstrating terrible judgment…
    Recall him immediately…. Your livelihood depends on it – vote straight Republican this November…

  10. Heck with recalling Gruesome. He should be arrested, along with all of the so-called public health officers. This situation is outrageous, and a disaster.

  11. Recall Newsome!!! Build a new facility with taxpayer money that is not there? Newsome just told Trump theres no money to put in for added benefits to the unemployment; Californias share $100, Federal Govt. share $300. Someone needs to take this POS out of office and in to range.

  12. Nearly 94% of those tested are negative. That is not good news for Newsome. He needs more people to be sick or at least positive so he can try to justify his utterly disastrous and harmful response so far. He’s building a testing lab here so he can have more control and opportunity to falsify positive test results. He gets more sinister the longer this goes on. I wouldn’t doubt that he would find a way to spread the virus to more people just to help his cause. He is becoming more evil every day.

  13. Did some digging on the company he hired for his second plandemic imprisonment of Caliornians. It’s board of directors are all globalist bankers and big pharma exects. All NWO deep state actors. This has fraud/scam written all over it. Can’t hire in state companies, he hasn’t paid those bills just like he hasn’t paid his property taxes.

  14. And remember that California state legislature could end this state of emergency anytime. They won’t. Its not just Newsom. There is prepared legislation to end state of emergency being ignored.
    And yes, Recall Gavin 2020!

  15. Announcing a epidemic in advance? This just shows that this was the plan all along. He does not need facts or science because his mind is already made up.

    1. Wow, did you ever nail it, CW — “announcing an epidemic in advance” is a smoking gun of evidence that this has been orchestrated all along, and will continue to be.

    1. Like the frog in the pot, people did not notice until the water was boiling. Democrats told Kermit it was a hot tub. 😉

  16. Please remove govern nonsense out of his
    Post of office he is no good for nothing
    He is a prick toss him out like a fruit salad

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