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Gov. Gavin Newsom (Photo: screen capture governor's video press conference)

Gov. Newsom Extends California’s COVID State Of Emergency For 3rd Time

California will be under Pandemic Order over 2 years

By Katy Grimes, November 11, 2021 4:07 pm

California Governor Gavin Newsom just extended the state of emergency in California a third time, claiming it is related to increasing COVID threats.

Newsom’s latest executive order extends until the end of March 2022, making the “emergency” effective for a total of more than two years.

As the Globe reported earlier Thursday, Gov. Gavin Newsom, back from his two weeks of “family obligations,” said on Tuesday that wearing masks will remain one of his mandated orders – “for your safety and those around you.”

“Winter is coming. Winter is here,” he said at the California Forward conference in Monterey Tuesday, sounding more like a scene from the Hunger Games. “COVID is not taking the winter off.”

Yet COVID rates are plummeting in most fully-opened states, according to CDC data.

The real benefit to the governor’s emergency powers has already played out, but appears to be on track to continue: unchecked powers; a compliant, uninvolved Legislature; emergency executive orders making law, no-bid contracts, increasing vaccine mandates (K-12 and now children ages 5-11), employer vaccine and mask mandates; and provides county public health officers unchecked power.

If Gov. Newsom’s emergency powers end, so do the mandates. And the executive orders. And county public health officers’ powers. But Newsom needs these to continue in order to use the autocratic powers that come with “emergencies.”

This appears to be the new model of governing, as we see in California, other blue states, and Washington D.C. with the Biden Administration. Declare a “health crisis,” keep the “health crisis” going, and then use that crisis to bypass democracy, and suppress Constitutional freedoms.

Newsom even “changed the laws for his own Recall right before the vote,” Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Granite Bay) explained on his website. “He moved the election date in the manner of a banana republic.”

“Gavin Newsom cheated in the Recall,” Kiley said, and he did it by way of his emergency powers via executive order.

As for the COVID crisis, in California, 73.7% of the population is fully vaccinated, according to the California Department of Public Health. 54,700,680 total vaccines have been administered. And, there is only a 2.3% test positivity. More than 3.4 million booster shots have now been administered in the state.

A Breakfast Club meme that one Twitter user says used to seem funny until it came true.

We remember when the governor promised that if California got the COVID test positivity rate below 5%, mask mandates would be ended. 

Strangely, just a few weeks ago, Gov. Newsom was touting California’s lowest-in-the-nation case rate, as the Globe reported, which had the state neck-in-neck with fully opened Florida (no mask or vaccine mandates). How did we jump to California’s COVID “case rate” is now twice Florida’s?

One-half of California’s counties (55/120) have 5.0 or less hospitalized COVID patients, according to the California Department of Public Health. Most of those have 0.0 hospitalized.

The governor has mandated vaccines for everyone in the state over the age of 5. School children must be vaccinated or go back to distance learning. State and local government employees must be vaccinated, or forgo their jobs. In some circumstances, those who are not vaccinated must take COVID tests in order to travel, attend school, attend events, etc… thus driving up and maintaining the testing rate.

This is notable because while Gov. Newsom was MIA, the state quietly renewed the license/contract of the PerkinElmer COVID testing lab – a $1.7 billion no-bid PerkinElmer COVID-19 testing contract.

California Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk sent CDPH Director Dr. Mark Ghaly a letter questioning the auto-renewal of the PerkinElmer lab, reminding Ghaly of the “troubling deficiencies at the Valencia PerkinElmer lab,” exposed after whistleblowers shared shocking failures with CBS 13 in a series of investigative stories.

“After those stories aired, the Newsom Administration promised a full report by Mid-March, but to date, no report has been made public. Leader Wilk sent this letter to the Newsom Administration on October 12 requesting that the results of the state’s report be shared.”

Wilk also asked Dr. Ghaly to explain why the turnaround time for COVID tests takes more than two days:

“I would also like to point out the weekly data by the Turnaround Time Dashboard published by CDPH for all COVID-19 testing labs in the state. The dashboard shows that a significant number of tests consistently take more than two days to complete, and hope you might be able to explain why, nine months after, this is still the case. You can see that most private labs are making the 24 hour turnaround time, while VBL is a consistent outlier. In some weeks, such as in the week of 9-26-21 through 10-2-21, more than 34% of tests missed the 48 hour window. The lab’s performance is especially concerning considering that the Governor’s press release on the contract, which emphasized that the purpose of this contract was about reducing turnaround time.”

However, Wilk’s letter was dated October 21, 2021 and the auto-renewal took place October 31, 2021. The good news is that there is a 45-day “kill” clause in the contract, a source told the Globe.

In August 2020, Gov. Newsom announced that a “Twindemic” would be upon us soon with COVID and the flu season in the fall, at the same time he announced the new partnership with PerkinElmer, Inc. a diagnostic company, to build a laboratory within the state, and increase COVID-19 testing into March 2021.

Here it is November 2021, and we Californians are facing a deja vu of 2020, and 2021. Are lockdowns next?

Be sure to re-read “Gov. Newsom’s $100 Million COVID Lab Has Trouble Again With ‘Significant Deficiencies’”

Here is Sen. Wilk’s letter to CDPH Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly:

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86 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Extends California’s COVID State Of Emergency For 3rd Time

    1. Monday Nov 15th California school walkout. Please join the state of California in keeping your student home from school and if you can don’t go to work either.

  1. I would like to get a proposition on the ballot for voters to vote on clown noses for state level elected officials and appointed department heads. If passed all of them would have to wear the big red clown noses whenever they are in public so that they are easily identifiable by the people they forget they represent. We can call it the ‘Killer Clown Act’.

    1. Monday Nov 15th California school walkout. Please join the state of California in keeping your student home from school and if you can don’t go to work either.

  2. Essential Meaning of tyranny
    1 : cruel and unfair treatment by people with power over others
    The refugees were fleeing tyranny.
    He was dedicated to ending the tyranny of slavery.
    See More Examples
    2 : a government in which all power belongs to one person : the rule or authority of a tyrant
    The king sought an absolute tyranny over the colonies.

    Facts over Fear:
    The current numbers do not support his claims.
    If the press were allowed to ask questions of the King, I have a couple:
    If the flu disappeared last year due to lockdowns and masks then why the fear of the flu/ Covid “Twindemic”? The flu typically begins in Australia and the Asian continent, are they currently in a so called “twindemic”?

    The king spews garbage science! All to keep you under his tyrannical control. The key to his lie is the word, may! We may be headed for a twindemic!

    Look up the numbers in you county and state you will see you are being played!

    1. @OneFedUpCaliGirl, well said. Newsom is a tyrant that usurped power and will likely not voluntarily relinquish. He will continue to ride the “COVID” wave our ruin. As Katy Grimes noted, the legislative is compliant and we the people must stop complying to Newsom’s illegal rule.

      1. Monday Nov 15th California school walkout. Please join the state of California in keeping your student home from school and if you can don’t go to work either.

  3. Well, we know he doesn’t believe in God…. but to think he’ll escape justice is most arrogant. His grand illusion
    is about to crumble, and he STILL doesn’t see it. This time, his friends won’t be able to save him. He should never have targeted the (vax/mask) children, no coming back from that one. If you haven’t viewed ‘childrenunderthegetty.com’ and Stew Peters ” Biden and Obama raped me” interview with Ally Carter
    please do… some of it pertains to California

    1. Monday Nov 15th California school walkout. Please join the state of California in keeping your student home from school and if you can don’t go to work either.

  4. This action by the governor is warranted. The winter surge of Covid is going to be devastating. Look at Europe right now. Especially Russia.
    The northeastern states like Vermont are seeing a huge increase in cases and hospitalizations. California will soon be seeing the same surge. Another lockdown imposed by Newsom would be welcomed. It is something he knows he may have to do regularly.

    1. W16521, you are a fool; just another useful idiot. Please take your jabs, live in fear, mask up and lament the unvax’d. You will never accept that you have been mislead and subjugated.

      1. You certainly are “owed nothing”. YOU will never accept that Newsom is right. YOU will never accept that he has nearly two-thirds support of the state’s voters.

        1. @W16521, continue to ignore the facts that the vax’d have weaken immune systems and boosters (I trust you slavishly have taken yours) will continue to weaken immune systems. Big pharma is only interested in profits. If you count the 1.8 million known invalid voters in CA’s electorate, then yes Newsome does have 2/3 support of the (illegitimate) voters.


          1. Monday Nov 15th California school walkout. Please join the state of California in keeping your student home from school and if you can don’t go to work either.

      2. This man is cruel, ruthless, evil. He is imprisoning his own people. Yet, he attended the maskless wedding of his BFFs, the Getty’s.

    2. Hey W16521,
      Would you be so kind to clarify who is being hospitalized in the great state of Vermont. A state that boasts the highest vaccination rates in the country. It had relatively little covid infection in 2020 and March of 2021. Vermont just had more cases, more positive tests than it had ever had before, two days ago. 50% of the deaths were from breakthrough cases in that state.

      Let’s now focus on Britain in Europe is also seeing an explosion of cases, 75% of the adults in that country are vaccinated, yet cases and death rates are on the rise amongst the vaccinated not the unvaccinated.
      Please spare us with your dramatic, theatrics! If you believe in the shot for your protection, fine all is good, then. It is unethical to push this experimental shot on children and the healthy who will survive this virus with a 99.8% survivability rate.

      This is not about public health and safety, it is about power and control.

      “California will soon be seeing the same surge. Another lockdown imposed by Newsom would be welcomed. It is something he knows he may have to do regularly.”~W

      I suppose some like yourself,W, just like to be subjects of those who rule with an iron fist. You are quite a willing subject to look forward to lockdowns. Most healthy people thrive on freedom and independence.

      Some might find this report helpful from a true medical professional, Dr. Paul Alexander.

      Facts over Fear

      1. Cali Girl, I checked out the article by Dr. Alexander but it seemed to have stopped halfway. Maybe I need to subscribe to trialsite? Thanks anyway.

          1. @John
            Here is one of his writings posted on a blog.


            Here is another report. Doctors from around the world have been holding meetings to educate other medical professionals. Dr. Paul Alexander is part of the summit that the author refers to.


      2. If you reread your comment you will notice you contradicted yourself several times. Plus several grammar errors.
        When the surge occurs you will see Newsom was right.

        1. w16521
          When the surge occurs, it will be of the vaccinated. Even if every single one of us gets the shot it won’t stop you from getting or spreading the virus. His policy of lockdowns were so unsuccessful in stopping the virus he extended the state of emergency. And your begging for another one. Do you do things that do not work over and over again. I doubt it, unless your a damn fool. People lost everything during those lockdown policies at no fault of their own.

          1. Rv, the vaccines weren’t meant to prevent you from getting Covid, only to prevent serious illness and death. I think some of us, will realize all of us at some point will get Covid. Just a matter of when. Which makes W16154’s point moot as there’s no use for masks and lockdowns.

        1. @John the Patriot, Well Said and thank you for the accurate and funny description of W16521. I needed the laugh. Thank you, Sir! May I please have another!

        2. Go ahead John “The Stupid” Patriot, insult all you want. You do that because you cannot counter my argument with any kind of intelligence.

          1. ????Oh that is rich. The guy who comes to troll on an independent news source. Who has literally called readers on here, stupid, illiterate and whatever else. I suspect you are a guy feeding off the government, reads comic books and lives in a fantasy world. If you stick around to troll, I hope learn a little something here but I highly doubt it.
            I also suspect you may have daddy issues and that is why you think Newsom is protecting us all.
            You accuse us all of being closed minded yet when have you backed up anything you state with facts or data.

            I hope you have enjoyed your attention seeking efforts.
            Enjoy your jabs, enjoy your lockdown, enjoy your masked existence.
            I will no longer be feeding this troll in the deep end!

    3. Vermont has 80% vaccinated, yet you admit its seeing an increase. Vermont like CA has been doing the same thing over and over (push Vax, Mask, lockdowns, etc.), yet Florida has much less in vaccinated and they are actually trying something different by pushing natural herd immunity, which seems to be working at lowering numbers.

      If one keeps trying the same routine like CA over and over and always stuck in emergency mode with number swings upward (when ease off the pedal) then downwards (supposedly pushing lockdown/masks) CA will never achieve herd immunity…which seems like their goal as they can push CONFORM and OBEY tactics much stronger.

      I also don’t see why they push the HATE on Un-vaxxed that is a choice as America is founded on freedom…if we cannot choose what is injected into our body then WHO OWNS YOUR BODY? It seems gov’t is looking to own you and make decisions….it won’t stop with just “vaccines” they have set the tone they can push whatever they decide is best later….is that what you want as freedom and liberty?

    4. W16521 – see my post below – somehow it did not set with your posting.

      You say see this and that….but go see FLORIDA

      NATURAL HERD IMMUNITY works, lockdown/masks don’t
      proven over and over.

      Those VAXXED can infect those also VAXXED (see your vermont 80% vaxxed)

      so why the hate on UNVAXXED why is our government trying to divide us along these lines? is it really health or CONTROL over the people….you need to think deep because unvaxxed build up natural body immunity what we are seeing in FL and the numbers going down. CA does not allow this and neither does the vax as it takes over natural body immunity therefore natural body continues to fight the vax within the body at whose immunity system fights it. Therefore natural body never learns…that is why boosters are being pushed to continue this pattern. Gov’t needs the lockdowns to build more control by using FEAR and HATE to divide and conquer.

      Also, follow the money look at who is being enriched by pushing moderna, pfizer its the same people in congress

    5. @W16521 There is no “winter surge.” Over 80% of those eligible including the elderly were already vaccinated. This ain’t 2020 where there’s a extreme crisis and no vaccine was available. First it was wait until a vaccine. Now it’s lets wait indefinitely. If you are worried so much about the corona, go stay in your home and mask yourself up, don’t coerce others with your stupid mandates.

  5. The only emergency is swimming around in his head. I don’t care what he says He doesn’t tell me what to do or how to live. Wheres the 31 billion stolen EDD money. I will say he beat the recall so that’s your governor. However common sense over rides an idiot. And if you vaccinate your children with experimental drug authorized under EUA your a fool and child abuser. All covid19 vaccines are experimental and authorized under EUA only No Liability for the Pharmaceutic Co. or the government. Any one says they are safe & effective is lying. What are the long term side effects? NO ONE KNOWS THE ANSWER. VARES at 1% reporting are over 17,000 dead and over 850,000 injuries. do the math. Please do not vaccinate your children. only 42 children in California have died since Jan 2020 to date. age 5-18. And its says WITH COVID19. Please do not vaccinate your children. If you want one go get the shot and the boosters. However do not vaxs your kids Please. Biden is pushing hard and shits his pants. Please research

  6. “California School District Will Not Comply With Vaccine Mandate” oann.com
    Calaveras Unified School District, Sacramento “will not support, enforce, or comply”…
    No, “W”, another lockdown would not be welcome, you’re such an obvious troll…
    Until you wake up, we’ll fight for you too.

  7. Comrades
    It’s hard to believe anything, anyone, any how….while the reality of inflation strips your net worth….

  8. Bad bad peasants were talking about where Newsom was for two weeks, drawing attention to his infidelity, vaccine reaction and alcohol relapse. 6 more months of solitary confinement for all of CA under the disguise of health safety JUST IN CASE….just in case there might be an emergency.

  9. What’s next for CA….all electric cars that can only be charged for one hour a day resulting in the need for public transportation, keeping people at home, fines for overage, and cars must have a chip that won’t allow it to start without scanning your vaccine passport. If your car starts, you will be tracked for the vehicle use tax, of course that is why they track you.

    1. Absolutely,Stacy.
      This decline of our state and country, whether it be rising inflation, reducing oil production, rampant crime, homelessness,open borders… It is all by design.

      I said years ago to a group of friends, China will look more like the U.S. They will be off their bikes an into cars and we will be forced onto our bikes and out of cars because of climate change policy and off shoring our production.
      They just laughed!

      I have solar, it is overrated, and expensive to install. During the winter we produce a 1/4 of what we do in the summer, and on cloudy, rainy days, it is near 0! That is the reality! The sun doesn’t always shine. What will they do in the state of Washington? Hmmm…

  10. Enough.

    Enough already.

    Enough of the pandering to the hysterics and germ phobics. Enough of the pandering to the low information voters and the Facebook/Social Media/Cheddar crowd. Enough of the pandering to the non-critical thinkers who can’t think or see five or ten moves ahead.

    There is no pandemic, and never was. This is and has always been just the goddamned flu in fancy dress. And it’s being used to tank the economy and strip civil liberties. Or worse, since the pharma “Cure” seems to be worse than the disease itself.

    And forget about voting them out, since they’re the ones that count the votes. That’s not going to work. Plus it takes too long whilst the damage continues in the interim.

    Ditto the legal system, with its inherent years of legal foot dragging and obfuscation.

    And running away to another state? The problem will just follow you.

    And that leaves you – the collective you – pretty much with only one solution. You all know what that is, even though you really don’t want to think about it. It’s not very nice after all.

    But remember that probably most of your rank and file law enforcement – not the politicals at the top – are behind you. Same with any State National Guard.

    Yes, it’s really reached that point. Not merely on this issue, but a host of others as well. You know what those are, and those are you down just as surely as this . And all due to the actions and inactions of the same and relatively small hand full of self-involved and clueless officials and influencers.

    They’re not listening, and they don’t care about you. And they never will.

    Their concern is only for themselves.

    Time to push them all aside regardless, and by force.

    Just a thought.


  11. With Newsom it’s not about public safety. He could give a wit about the barefoot peasants. It all about the money. We had a chance to get rid of him.

    1. and he was successful in defeating the recall because two-thirds of CA voters support him.
      He is a great governor. If you look closely at this comment section you will see it is the same pathetic close-minded conservatives who rant about him every day!

  12. This is abuse.
    But, as so often is the case here in California, the people have done it to themselves. Newsom is only doing what is allowed under the Emergency Services Act.
    If you don’t like living in a dictatorship the first step is to repeal that act and replace it with one that has concrete guidelines that define exactly under what conditions an emergency may be declared and how long that emergency can exist before the emergency declaration must be ratified by the legislature or it expires.

  13. California Governor continues to enforce capricious & unscientific Medical Apartheid mandates. Question, if masks and jabs work, why are they not working? Why, if vaccinated, do Californians need to continue to wear masks? Right, 15 days to slow the “spread” has turned into a never ending, State of Emergency; no peer reviewed mask studies are cited by the Governor in his ongoing mandates. Furthermore, the CDC admitted it has no record of an unvaccinated person spreading Covid after recovering from Covid in response to an attorney’s FOIA request. The CDC responded: “A search of our records failed to reveal any documents pertaining to your request. The CDC Emergency Operation Center (EOC) conveyed that this information is not collected.” Why? My expectation is to hear nothing but crickets!

  14. W16521 is so happy today since his/her king officially extended his rule over us. Probably the second best day in their life after the results were announced from the recall. W16521 is celebrating by insulting people who do not share in W16521’s opinions. If
    W16521 had his way everyone who does not think as they do or not follow their cult leader, those people should be killed and made to suffer. W16521 has been trained to hate the other side and knows nothing else. Thats all W16521 has expressed in every single comment they have made on this site. They have never said anything constructive or enlightening. W16521 gets off on us getting mad and acknowledging their comments. Personally I think they are like comedy relief under an article that is about some negative news. You are wasting your time replying to W16521’s comments with facts, they mean nothing to them and the only thing you will achieve is wasting time typing.
    Not once has W16521 made a comment where we get any facts to make us change our views. All it is hatred, name calling and then they will saw the Governor is Great with nothing to back that. Oh and W16521will also insult you for grammer because they think they are superior to you. Why would anyone give this person a second out of your day and even acknowledge this person on the internet.
    W16521 you won’t see me comment anymore on a single thing you say, but I will be reading so keep the jokes coming. We all need a good laugh these days.

  15. Italy – 50,000 restaurants and businesses opened at the exact same time without mandates
    Now Italy will not enforce mandates!
    Oklahoma – Natl Guard pro-vax commander replaced with no mandate commander
    Missouri – Gov considers unemployment for people fired over vax
    5th Circuit Court – OSHA’s duty in hazard compliance, vax compliance unconstitutional, not within authority
    What is Newsom ‘keeping you safe’ from… Income? Family? Joy?
    Fatality in children is 174x greater in vaxxed, than without… Why does he want to kill children?

      1. Your support of Governor Hail Gel makes you complicit in the mass murder of the elderly.

        Nuremberg 2.0 is coming. And we WILL find you.

    1. It is a very sad state of affairs when those who have been injured or have dadly died from the mRNA injection are ignored by the media, government representatives and primary care doctors. This man’s dying wish was for his family to share his experience through his obituary. If one had taken the time to read it, they would understand the very sad heartbreaking intention.
      Michael Granata died a horrible death and I find it obscene to accuse the family or those sharing his story of pushing an anti vaxx message.
      This is not about liberal vs. conservative. It is a human issue.
      Where has one’s sense of humanity and empathy gone in the last 18+ months?
      God bless Mr. Granata’s wife and family.

  16. Figured Hair Gel would continue his Maduro ways after beating the recall. Frankly I’m surprised he didn’t go full Mao on rural counties that voted to oust him with this public health emergency crap. As long as there are county sheriffs like our D’Agostini, the county health officers are paper tigers. I really thought Hair Gel would send the CHP in with state health to arrest noncompliant business owners as punishment for the recall.

    1. Your use of that insulting misnomer to describe the governor is unacceptable.
      Show some respect. He’s a great governor doing his best to protect state residents.

      1. He is a despot who should be tried, convicted and executed for his crimes. He mass murdered the elderly.

        18 USC 241

    1. “All of these politicians who were in office during the past two years have favored harsh responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and which also happened to considerably increase their respective governments’ power.”
      -Angela Merkel, Global Leaders for Tomorrow Class of 1992.
      -Gavin Newsom, Young Global Leaders Class of 2005.
      -Emmanuel Macron, Young Global Leaders Class of 2017.
      -Peter Buttigieg, Young Global Leaders Class of 2019.
      -Bill Gates, Global Leaders for Tomorrow Class of 1993.
      -Jeff Bezos, Global Leaders for Tomorrow Class of 1998.

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