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Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Gov. Newsom Family Vacation: $29K per Night at Cabo San Lucas Villa

Source shares photos of posh getaway while Californians remain under mask and vaccine mandates

By Katy Grimes, November 30, 2021 6:35 pm

This story has been updated to add additional comment from Governor Newsom’s spokeswoman and to reflect the recollection of a second source who came forward to say that the governor was indeed spotted at the resort in question.

A key question remains: Who paid for this vacation?

The Globe has received several photos and a now-removed Tweet from sources who were in Cabo San Lucas in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur over Thanksgiving at the same time California Gov. Gavin Newsom and his family vacationed.

The sources said the Newsoms stayed nearby at a $23,000 to $29,000 per night villa, La Datcha Cabo San Lucas villa, owned by Russian entrepreneur and businessman Oleg Tinkov. The sources said from their rental they could see the 10,000 to 12,000 square foot villa, and said it comes with two chefs, four to five servers, personal trainers, and the like.

“We were told the governor and his family were there,” one source said. “We could see him, and a blonde woman who looked like his wife, and kids, and another couple.”

Gov. Gavin Newsom at La Datcha Cabo San Lucas. (Photo: Anonymous for California Globe)

Governor Newsom just extended California’s COVID  State of Emergency into its second year, and recently ordered all students ages 5-11 to receive vaccinations in order to attend in-person school. Mask mandates and vaccine requirements are still in place.

“It’s no wonder that Newsom has decided to escape his own draconian mandates in favor of Mexico for a week-long Thanksgiving vacation,” Ric Grenell recently wrote at the Globe. “And yet this is not the first time Newsom has blatantly disregarded his own rules. He issues Emergency Orders for the people but vacations in Mexico like life is back to normal.”

“La Datcha Cabo San Lucas is located on the Pacific coast at the southernmost tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula,” gushes the website of the posh resort. “This place is a true haven for the fans of offshore fishing and water sports.”

The question is, at $29,000 per night for the holiday rate, did Gov. Newsom pay for it? If not, who picked up the tab for the $203,000 week-long stay at La Datcha Cabo San Lucas vacation villa for the Newsoms? Was it a gift?

Newsom was paid $209,747 in 2020 as Governor of California.

The Globe contacted the governor’s press office midday on Tuesday and asked:

“The California Globe is preparing to report on the governor’s recent vacation. Can you tell us whether the governor paid for his vacation villa himself. If not, who did?”

We heard back from the governor’s press secretary late in the day: “Katy – This was a personal trip paid for by the family.”

The Globe has no reason to doubt the word of the press secretary. But “by the family” is an intriguingly crafted answer, especially when one’s family members include prominent Californians whose surnames are Brown, Pelosi and Getty.

The Globe replied to the press secretary asking, “Thank you for your reply Erin. What family paid for this?”

After the article published, Governor Newsom’s Press Secretary Erin Mellon emailed and said, “The Newsom family.”

She called the Globe and again said “the Newsom family” paid for the villa in Cabo. We asked “What Newsoms?” She finally said, “The governor… paid for it for a personal trip.”

Meanwhile, this is a description of the La Datcha Cabo San Lucas vacation villa:

“The villa can easily accommodate up to 20 people as it has two large and eight regular-size bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom, a toilet and a walk-in wardrobe.

The two large bedrooms each have an adjacent private terrace — one with a fireplace and the other with a swimming pool. The latter bedroom also features a study.”

The sources said they were staying in Pedregal (near Cabo) and were nearby La Datcha Cabo San Lucas. They were there for Thanksgiving and to sport fish. They said one night the Newsom’s had some locals over doing a fire show as entertainment.

The source said the fire entertainment was loud, so he posted on Twitter to Gov. Newsom and the First Partner: “How’s the fire show at your compound in Cabo? Watching you from 4 houses over and you and the staff are not wearing masks.”

View of La Datcha Cabo San Luca, fire show. (Photo: Anonymous source, used with permission)

The source said that within 3 minutes of his Tweet, the lights at the Newsom compound went off and the fire show was over. The source took down the Tweet shortly thereafter.

The cost of the Datcha is all-inclusive, according to the website:

Price is all-inclusive for food and beverages (except for alcohol).
It also includes a full staff at disposal composed by chefs, butlers, housekeepers, chauffeurs, concierge, fitness instructor and masseur.

Оpen from October to August.
Daily rates start from 23,000 $ + taxes per day.
Major holidays rates start from 29,000 $ + taxes per day.

The sources said this is another example of Gov. Newsom not living the way the people of California do. It’s reminiscent of the French Laundry restaurant episode in 2020: Gov. Gavin Newsom was caught maskless attending a birthday dinner in November 2020 at the famed Michelin-starred restaurant, The French Laundry in Yountville, while he locked the state down, ordered businesses and schools closed, social distancing and mask mandates, California Globe reported.

UPDATE 12/1/2021:

After this story appeared, the governor’s spokesperson reached out to ask for clarification. She denies that the governor stayed at the La Datcha Cabo San Lucas villa, telling the Globe, “that is not even where the family stayed.” The spokesperson declined to clarify where in Mexico the governor stayed or the cost of that stay, other than repeating her assertion that the trip was funded by “The Newsom family.” In declining to specify further, the spokesperson added, “I cannot provide the location due to security concerns. They rented a home.”

As was reported in our original story, the Globe has no reason to doubt the word of the press secretary. However, in the absence of the governor’s confirmation of his exact whereabouts — a fact he has lately declined to share on a regular basis with the people he serves — the Globe stands by its story and will continue to report on these developments.

The original source, when pressed for further detail, commented to the Globe:

“With the black SUVs, and 15 cars at the tennis courts which are not there usually, and a guy that looked like him, a blonde that looked like her, the Lt. Gov in charge, and Gavin in Cabo, it’s pretty hard to not put the math together.”

The source also said that they could see the Newsoms with binoculars from their rental house.

Finally, after our story appeared, a second source reached out to the Globe. She emailed to say, “I have a side profile photo of [Newsom] on the public beach near the Palmilla with one child and his wife.” The Palmilla Hideaway Luxury Condo Rental is adjacent to the La Datcha.

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99 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Family Vacation: $29K per Night at Cabo San Lucas Villa

  1. Well that sure is a far cry from a tent on the streets of San Francisco or a cold night in a car in LA or Sacramento.

    I do not begrudge a person to spend their time and money on extravagant things if they truly earned it. I do wonder if it was a gift for completing the task of burning down the state in order to Build, Back Better….

    Nero fiddled while Rome was burning.
    Newsom was fishing and basking in the sun while school children were masked and jabbed and their parents wondering how to fill the gas tank and feed their families.

    History seems to repeat it’s self, does it not?

    1. Speaking of history repeating itself, did you (and all CA voters) know that in the Recall this shameless Newsom received the exact same percentage of votes to beat the recall as when he ran against John Cox in 2018? Namely, in 2018 he received 61.9 percent of the vote against John Cox’s 38.1. In the Recall, he received 61.9 to retain him vs. 38.1 to remove him. The plain voter numbers were about the same too, except there were about 400K more voters in the Recall than in the 2018 election.
      See for yourself:
      This seems beyond bizarre under any circumstances, but especially so given the numerous outrages from Newsom as governor and the subsequent dramatic loss of support, in the 18+ months that led up to the Recall Election, from whole factions who has previously supported him. All of this has been documented here at The Globe.
      I consume a lot of CA media but thus far I have seen no serious analysis or discusssion anywhere of the results of the 2020 Recall Election, which also seems extremely odd. Maybe I missed it.

      1. @ShowandTell, no I was not aware and thank you for sharing that.
        Very strange indeed!
        Election integrity should be pursued. As long as the SOS can send out ballots to every corner of California and software can be manipulated, we will never have a free and fair election in this state.

      2. . . . I wondered also how closely the “outcome” mirrored the demo verses Republican demographics of the state . . . especially considering that landlords, small business owners, and mothers & fathers of school age children ‘VOTED AGAINST THEIR INTERESTS” in supporting the governor who promotes such draconian edicts . . . ???

        . . . this smelled of being too exact to be consumed . . .

        1. May seem off-topic, I know. I only bring it up here because 1) it’s been continually nagging at me that the guy couldn’t have possibly beaten the recall with such a percentage (or at all), and 2) with this latest $$$Cabo$$$ outrage added to the others, we can see that Newsom is more dedicated than ever to rubbing our noses in his “landslide” victory. And apparently with no end in sight, especially if the “powers” have the chutzpah to cut-and-paste the numbers from a previous election into any subsequent election. With impunity.

      3. Its just like the new zero microns (o micron) of any evidence .Lies & claims & parroting & not expecting any body to care about it. Ballotpedia, who funds it, who is in charge? They don’t cite where they got their 2021 percentages from.

          1. Got it, Thanks. Will try to see if others find this interesting. After the facts presented at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium and on the movie The Deep Rig, all our past elections need to be audited and 2022 elections hand counted only.

      4. Its crazy how FKN crooked Newsom is! Of course he is in mexico getting his drug cartel kickback $$ for destroying CA by allowing millions to INVADE and ENDANGER LEGAL TAX PAYING residents of the state. Sickening. WE won the recall but he had dominion in his corner along with soros commie that donated 500K which we all know bought lots of favors! As a voter that worked hard to get the recall I know it has nothing to do with voters our #’s were very good!

    2. The only chance of not allowing history to repeat itself is to learn from it. That means it needs to be taught accurately, not erased and/or perverted, as is currently happening.

    3. Well said. Far be it for us to begrudge the Governor anything he does with his free time as long as he’s not harming others and is doing the job for which we hired/elected him. Since we did elect him and since we very recently re-confirmed that election, there is absolutely nothing I see here out of character or surprising versus what we have already approved of and supported, twice now. We’re not dealing with a change of character or behavior here so there is nothing to criticize.

  2. Brought to you by FatJack Wine Factory, a Getty family subsidiary, paid for with profits earned by extracting oil in Kern County.

  3. $203,000 vacation? It would take most of us years to save that if we could. Governor Climate Change, he sure loves the high life as do most of these Democraptic pukes! We have a hell of a lot of problems in this state: CRIME AND INCREASED CRIME, water shortages, energy problems, homeless people everywhere, small businesses $hi++ on, and this puke takes a high dollar vacation! Are you still happy lefties that he was not recalled?

    1. I hate to break it to you, but lefies don’t read california globe dot com. It’s not that they don’t know how to read. They chose not to. They instead will call it conspiracy and “it has been debunked” 🙂 Hell doesn’t scare them, they believe in aliens only.

  4. Its pretty obvious Katy Grimes favorite pastime is trashing California’s governor.
    This site is CA’s version of Fox News. Praising conservatives and trashing democrats.

    1. @W16521, you have no intellectual honesty. Newsom flouts his own mandate orders domestically and vacations internationally to be free of his own COVID mandates. Newsom still has not vax’d his children while demanding other parents to submit their children to be jabbed. It is people like you that will never accept the truth. Newsom is a tyrant and you are his slave.

      1. There are quite a few people out there who are like @W16521. When I was getting signatures for the recall people would come up to me or one of my fellow collegues and say that they didn’t care that Newsom went to the French Laundry during the lockdowns. I guess they were okay staying home while Newsom went out and wined and dined his friends as a deadly virus was out there stalking Californians just waiting for the right time to strike and infect them.

    2. This is a great site. Gov Newscum deserves all the drubbing he gets. He goes to Mexico on the most American of holidays? What a doofus. More governor doofus here:

      Gavin Newsom’s 12 year old daughter not yet vaccinated as he implements sweeping mandate for schoolchildren

    3. Newsome is digging his own grave by his actions. As for other sources of news, CNN and some others, remind me of Pravda and Radio Moscow.

      1. Dear Plow horse,
        Gruesome Newsom has no worries as long as our state has crooked elections, as evidenced by the recall results.

    4. FACTS! If newsom didn’t behave like a dam nazi tyrant there wouldn’t be anything to write about! OUR STATE IS A HELL HOLE on his watch! Now they have destroyed the shopping by thugs obamas army looting our businesses, we have lost another freedom known as shopping! these store are going bankrupt. NEWSOM is a domestic NAZI terrorist! NAME 1 time he has listened to constituents its all about his lobbyists giving him millions aka BRIBERY! SCHOOLS SUCK TOO! Prisons gave him large donation so he lets DANGEROUS FELONS out on the streets! LOST 35BILLION in fraud @EDD! he sucks

    1. How long will commiefornians tolerate this??

      You will find the answer to this question when you discover the answer to which way is up in space.

  5. Newsom needs to be held accountable for murdering our elderly & the fires PG&E pleaded guilty to. PG&E and Newsom need a racketeering charge..Do not give your child a shot, Do not give yourself the shot we’ve lost millions and millions more injured. It’s a bio-weapon designed to alter your immune system. We need to get serious about removing Newsom, he’s dangerous and lawless.

  6. The Newsom Thanksgiving is brought to you by the wonderful folks at Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic, keeping crooks in power for decades.

  7. I have friends and family who continue to live in that state. They snivel, whimper and moan about the behaviors of the government and the demise of the cultural order, yet they remain. If you live in California, pay exorbitant taxes that fund their giveaways, YOU continue the problem.

    Hit the eject button folks.

  8. I’ll bet a new Ferrari that the trip was paid for by taxpayer dollars or by a lobby group.
    If you don’t have enough intelligence to leave CA by now, you deserve what you got.

  9. In the US, anyone can spend their money as they see fit (if the did spend it, and it wasn’t a gift from the Russians). If it was me spending that kind of money, as the governor, I would spend it in CA and help the businesses and employees of those businesses. Businesses that are having economic hardships because of my government policies. Instead, he goes to a country that is clearly not helping stem the flow of illegal aliens coming across the border, and spends money like a drunken sailor to help THEIR economy. DemocRATS and hypocrisy are lovers sleeping in the same bed. Pathetic.

    1. Great points Abe!
      Unfortunately, a megalomaniac such as Newsolini could care less if the residents struggle while he frolics in Mexico.

  10. Disappearing to attend a gala society wedding.
    Vacationing at an exclusive resort.
    All while the rest of us little people are continuing to labor under his endless irrational unconstitutional state of emergency.
    There certainly does not appear to be an emergency for the Newsom family.
    Makes the outrage that fomented the French Revolution a little more understandable.
    November 2022 can’t come fast enough.

  11. Apparently Noisome has staff monitoring social media 24/7 to detect any threats to his lavish vacations. Paranoid much?

  12. You have a point but it is also THEIR state. The corrupt criminals need to leave, NOT the honest, law abiding, hard working citizens!!!

  13. On NYE 2020,following the horrific and tragic Paradise fires, the Newsoms also had fireworks at their Fair Oaks complex. It’s interesting that they continue to feel so entitled.

  14. Newsom is out on an expensive vacation, one that wasn’t disclosed while half of California is living under continuous mask mandates

  15. Only they matter. You are a stepping stone to them. They behave in a sinister satanic way because they are Dem on cr aps.

  16. This is sheer madness. How do we fight corruption when everyone is corrupt and can get away with anything? We just accept whatever they say, what can we do about this? They are crooks. Everyone knows what’s going on and nothing ever changes. Katy, where have all the good men gone?

  17. I’m sure he drove down there in an electric car charged during the day with solar power so as not to create unneeded CO2 and climate change.

    1. And certainly they were using all electric SUVs and sedans for their rides around Cabo….especially when going to the Stem cell clinic.

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