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Gov. Newsom at fireside chat. (Photo: youtube screen capture)

Gov. Newsom: ‘Winter is Coming’ So Keep the Masks On, ‘For Good Reason’

Year Two: ‘COVID is not taking the winter off – we still have a lot of work to do’

By Katy Grimes, November 11, 2021 2:31 am

Gov. Gavin Newsom, back from his two weeks of “family obligations,” said on Tuesday that wearing masks will remain one of his mandated orders – “for your safety and those around you.”

“Winter is coming.” Winter is here,” he said at the California Forward conference in Monterey, sounding like a scene in the Hunger Games. “COVID is not taking the winter off.”

“I know you’re sitting here with masks and going, ‘Why the hell I do I still have this mask on?’” Newsom said to the audience at the economic conference.”

“For good reason,” he added.

Newsom said “there’s a seasonality to COVID. It’s not particularly difficult after a couple of years to understand… to see those trends.”

“Get that booster shot,” the governor said. “It will save your life.”

He went on to say “The job’s not done. You can’t spike the football.”

“We still have a lot of work to do,” Newsom added.

In California, 73.7% of the population is fully vaccinated, according to the California Department of Public Health. 54,700,680 total vaccines have been administered. And, there is only a 2.3% test positivity.

CDPH COVID dashboard. (Photo: covid19.ca.gov)

Yet, Newsom said, “We’ve already started see hospitalizations go back up.” Is he talking about hospitalizations in general, or specifically COVID patients? Doctors that the Globe speaks with say that this time of year, hospitalizations in general go up, and they aren’t seeing a spike in COVID case hospitalizations.

More than 3.4 million booster shots have now been administered in the state.

Strangely, just a few weeks ago, Gov. Newsom was touting California’s lowest-in-the-nation case rate, as the Globe reported, which had the state neck-in-neck with Florida, which is fully opened, and has no mask or vaccine mandates:

A report by the New York Times found that Florida’s Coronavirus case average per capita is lower than all but two states – Hawaii and Louisiana. And California is tied with Florida for that spot.

“California tied with Florida at 14 per capita,”the report said. If Florida, which is fully opened with no mask or vaccine mandates, is lower than all but two states, and California is toed with Florida, why does California still have mask and vaccine mandates?

According to the report, “Florida, which came under a constant stream of criticism from corporate media outlets and blue state leaders throughout the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, is faring better than nearly every other state in the country in terms of case averages per capita, as the state’s two-week average of cases dropped by 33 percent.”

The Globe contacted Governor Gavin Newsom’s press office and asked why California still has mask and vaccine mandates given this data, but we did not receive an answer back by press time.

California has a crisis already with hundreds of ships stuck in waters off the Southern California coast outside of the state’s ports because of a supply line and shipping crisis. We have empty reservoirs and a water shortage because the state ordered them drained, and an energy crisis – California cannot produce enough electricity. The Controller’s office hasn’t even delivered 2020’s Certified Annual Financial Report. We’ve got parents pulling their kids out of the state’s public schools by the thousands over vaccine and mask mandates, and dangerous curriculum. City and County government employees are protesting vaccine mandates, even willing to lose their jobs. 30,000 Kaiser employees are getting ready to strike.

California’s plate is full of problems. It sounds as if this will be a long dreary winter in the Golden State.

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39 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom: ‘Winter is Coming’ So Keep the Masks On, ‘For Good Reason’

  1. It’s a respiratory virus. Masks are useless unless fitted, worn a few hours, and discarded. That is the science. But no science, only force requiring pieces of cloth on the face that signal obedience and bowing the knee to the rulers.

  2. Two weeks to flatten the curve, 20 MONTHS later…..Gavin still in control and will never spike his imaginary football.

  3. Keep the mask on huh Governor Climate Change? He was telling us the same thing about a year ago and we saw him and the “first partner” at the French Laundry maskless with about 25 other lefty pukes. Democraps are the biggest hypocrites always violating their own rules. As Evan writes “California’s plate is full of problems” and most are created by the Democraps themselves and they just seem intent on making them worse.

  4. Typical anti Newsom article from the globe. Newsom is right. The winter surge of Covid is going to be devastating.
    Everyone needs to follow the orders. Mandatory mask wearing needs to be implemented. Violators need to be held accountable. This pandemic is going to last for years. Everyone needs to do what they are told to ensure the safety of everyone.

      1. No, Stacy – encourage W16 to take ALL the booster shots, so the odds of having to tolerate their blather goes down with each booster….

        Be safe, W, take ALL your boosters, and please, take ours, too!!! Be safe… it’s “for your safety”….

    1. This Senior Industrial Hygenist who makes a living advising hospitals and other businesses on policy regarding Occupational and Environmental Toxicology ( including mask wearing), destroys the idiotic and unscientific mask mandates such as those forced on California by the lying tyrant Gavin Newsom: https://rumble.com/vmvrv8-mask-expert-speaks.html

      Masks are disgusting petri dishes that grow and spread harmful bacteria and viruses, especially to the wearer, and protect no one. The aerosolized virus easily goes through and around the mask, like mosquitos through a chain link fence. Newsom no doubt knows this. He is using masks as a manipulation tool to stoke fear and thus submissive obedience among to populace to his unconstitutional power grab, the other politicians-turned-dictators who are sold out to the looming tyrannical global government in which they believe they will have a place of honor. More on the science of masks: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/the-science-of-masks/

      Mass vaccinations have resulted in the much more virulent Delta strain of COVID-19, as well as devastating injuries to and death for thousands of vaccine (better defined as experimental gene therapy) victims. Most citizens are unaware of the existence of VAERS (the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) which documents horrific side effects, often permanent and many times fatal, suffered by vaccine recipients. A study by experts from Harvard estimated that a mere 1% of vaccine related injuries are ever reported to VAERS. These vaccines are merely a tool to eventually force everyone to submit to a digital ID which will lead to the end of privacy and liberty until God puts and end to these global tyrants and their satanic system.

      “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) “But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that believing you may have life in His name. (John 20:31)

  5. Keep the masks on! You heard the King!
    However there are some exceptions:
    1. While attending billionaire weddings.
    2. Political fundraisers.
    3. Getting your groove on to Tony,Toni,Tone.
    4. Taking a picture with other world leaders.
    5. In a hair salon getting your glam on, but only if you my aunt by marriage.
    6. Fancy dinners at the French Laundry while dining with lobbyist friends who are like your brother!

    It is always best to wear the mask when you a virtual signaling.

    1. Cali Girl you left put an important one: BLM riots, er I uh mean “mostly peaceful protests”. Don’t need a mask for those!

          1. W16521, why don’t you close your windows, close your doors, put on your mask (after you smoke your joint), put on your rubber gloves, and hide underneath your bed like a good Newsom boy!

          2. Hey WX-19, why don’t you go upstairs and microwave yourself a Hot Pocket. The adults are talking now.

        1. Hi John,
          I knew exactly what you meant. I unlike some, ignore typos, we all do them. It’s the content that counts. Pettiness is a sign of weakness.
          Yes, we should add the “mostly peaceful” protests to the list. The progressives would insist on it.
          Now lets all put on our masks for this “seasonal” Wuhan virus that was created to spike all year long, unless you live in Sweden or Florida! Hmmm.
          Thanks for the add😉

    2. Good list. And we can also begin a MUST WEAR mask list:
      1. Rioting and violence with a mob such as antifa or BLM
      2. Halloween
      3 Occult rituals
      4. Voted for Biden
      5. Committing crimes
      6. Muffle your free speech.
      7. Look fashionable in the supermarket
      8. As a temporary, disposable burka for muslims
      9. Disguise your latent ugliness
      10. Compliance with the Great Reset.

  6. Gavin, WAKE UP NOW, THIS MINUTE! Come out of the trance! You can do it, you have the strength! Follow Texas and Florida.

    You have learned to be a dysfunctional leader, now un-learn it and get back on track. REPRESENT US, What we want, not pharma not people who want what we have (our freedom), not people who are insanely jealous of us. Serve us now, today, you can do it!

    Ugly threats of mask and jabs requirements are not welcome in a free country.

    Be really cool -be hopeful. Spread that hope to the people as a real leader does vs the low life dictator they are trying to mold you into-that is not wanted or welcome by all the good people in Ca who love freedom.

    The power of the people is rising-join us now! We are not going to back down-ever. Why would we agree to go to a place that leads us nowhere? THE GAME IS REVEALED, its over, the criminals are losing by the second as people become empowered with the truth of what’s really going on. Make it official, declare the state of emergency is over! Do it for your children and all of the children-if you are human and love them.

    America is about freedom!

    Even if there was an infection/contagion-and nobody can show evidence of one, outside of a computer-it is our personal business, not our public servant’s business how we deal with our own health issues-especially when there is no proof (only claims) of asymptomatic people making others sick.

    Want to be loved/liked/accepted again by the people that matter-the people who love America-and even forgiven by us, no matter what you have done-no matter what?

    Do the things that we hired you for and things that are lawful vs lawless, things that are useful to the people such as keep us (really) safe: 1.Protect our border today and 2. Pull out all the stops keeping people from working. 3.End the artificial state of emergency now, today. Watch Ca rise again-do it Gavin! Do this today! The people are behind you.

    The scripts/plans from the enemy come from old, dead, outdated and useless, ineffective ideas (communism) from minds that have limited thinking capacities-100% not wanted by Americans!

    Its too late to try to control free people! We already tasted freedom and we like it, just like you. Americans have no limitations on our income potential and our human potentials and China style censorship or any kind of suppression here will never work. Trying to put a size- too tight shoe- on people who are accustomed to going barefoot on the beach will never work, we will never give that freedom up without a fight that we are winning this minute.

    You showed us that you are the same as us -in the French Laundry incident-we don’t put a mask on when its not necessary because its un-natural and just strange and wrong. That shows humanity vs robots. We are humans, it’s our instinct to take off the mask. We don’t want blemishes from the masks, we don’t like to or want to wear bacterial/fungus (proven) pneumonia causing, free flow of oxygen blocking, fear provoking, self suffocating, facial expression concealing, face covers and neither do you so stop all this nonsense today, right now! Come clean now, today!

    You were the first Gov to declare the (phony) state of emergency on 3-20-21, which 42 Gov’s followed. Now reverse that move and really lead the country! This may be your very last chance(?), so do it today, ACT, Lead, do it!

    Here is some more waking up medicine for you Gavin: There is a 3 day event starting at 9am PST.

    There is something inspiring for everyone: Watch this with your family today.

    Nobody is excluded, everybody welcome,

    Clay Clark’s Reawaken America Tour – San Antonio – Day 1


  7. Typical Bay Area hysteria/melodramatics: :”Here is out current reason to panic!!!”.

    I recently came across the webpage below that a US map displaying county-level Covid data. It shows cases per 100k, raw cases (undramatized, actual locations), Rt (reproduction number), and percent ever infected. Below the map is an adjustable date slider. The page was developed by the Yale School of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health, and Stanford Medical School. It’s an easy and powerful way to compare states and counties.


    1. Let’s Compare…
      Thank you so much for this link. I love the fact it is consolidated. I really appreciate the share!
      Interesting Vermont, one of the highest vaccinated states in the country has exploded in cases.
      Facts over Fear.👍🏼

  8. Thank you, Katy, for asking the right questions… Truth prevails, and the last paragraph sums it up perfectly.
    God has already won!

  9. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the main reason Gov Gruesome was MIA was because he had a debilitating reaction to the mix-and-match booster and/or flu shot and was sick as a dog. In light of that, and now that he is once again ramping up this “winter surge” crap: mega-testing centers, boosters, flu shots, tightening up of the mask muzzling (which as we know doesn’t apply to the Dem pol & wealth Ruling Class) vaccine passports, 5 year olds vaxxed, and God only knows what else ahead, it is absolutely infuriatingly beyond the pale that he won’t admit the reason for his two-week disappearing act. And by the way, is there NOT ONE whistleblower in the midst of this group? Not ONE person with a conscience who is willing to stick his neck out as Gruesome continues to push vaccinations for 5 year olds? Really?
    Thanks for banging away at this Katy!

    1. Great question ShowandTell.

      Would a California Freedom of information act filed for CHP escorts for the Newsom family, disprove that Newsom was actually at the Capitol all week? It was reported that he was not seen in the halls, as I recall.

      Many news outlets such as the Bee and Redstate were all asking where he was for 11 days.

      1. Oooh, that’s interesting, Cali Girl. CHP escorts. Fingers crossed that Gov Booster can be nailed to the wall on some of this stuff.

  10. Gov. Newsom said on Tuesday that wearing masks will remain one of his mandated orders – “for your safety and those around you.” Meanwhile Newsom and the rest of the deep state Democrat cabal are routinely caught not wearing their masks most recently at the Getty wedding in San Francisco. The deep state Democrat cabal’s madates hypocritically don’t apply to them?

    1. Newsom has a huge financial stake in keeping mask mandates going. His Chinese masters would have his hide if he stopped mandated the slave mask.

  11. I am so sad this Veteran’s Day. I can’t see how any real person could still believe this is an emergency unless they are paid or under some kind of AI mind control. Newsom is a dangerous tyrant and these shots keep giving people heart problems and the reported ‘coincidental’ death rate is more than all vaccines reported to the VAERS database since it was started in the 90’s. The emergency is Newsom and the Democrats who have sold out America.

  12. Masks again? This is idiotic. There’s no more reason to wear them if you’re vaccinated. If you do get Covid, you’ll get at most, moderate symptoms. Chances of someone dying or being hospitalized is less than .001% and if you’re really worried, boosters are available. It’s just completely nuts, officials are pushing the mask narrative just to scare people.

  13. An internet troll is someone who makes intentionally inflammatory, rude, or upsetting statements online to elicit strong emotional responses in people or to steer the conversation off-topic.

  14. W16521 is an internet troll. Keep that in mind when you acknowledge his/her comments. Your giving them power and a sense of self worth by getting emotional to what the comments they make. I actually feel very sorry for him/her. The difficult life they must live when the only thing you think your cable of doing to give value to your life is seeing some stranger on some internet site get emotional over something you say. You can be certain this is not the only place he/her is stirring it up. It would not surprise me if he were in a liberal site doing the same thing in their comments section only making comments with a right wing view point to piss those people off. What w15261 is not cool but I would rather they do that then go jump off a bridge somewhere. W16521 its ok, we are all here together. You might be surprised the sense of worth you feel when you make a a comment letting us know how really feel about things. Right now you need to realize that we are like a community of people and none of us want you here. Your like an annoying pimple. You also need to realize we would welcome you even if you had different opinions on things. Do you really like being a troll? I don’t know you but I know your capable of more then that

  15. I typed this from my phone with my fat fingers and my comment above went out of sink. It should read I would rather have w15261 getting his empowerment here rather then him feeling absolutely zero self worth and jumping off a bridge somewhere. If he is getting a paycheck for this then maybe Bill Gates and his eugenics beliefs are right. This world needs to be depopulated. Start with the trolls.

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