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Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Twitter)

Gov. Newsom Grants a Sort-Of Re-Opening for Devastated California Businesses

Newsom teased last week he would be granting a new green color tier before total re-opening

By Katy Grimes, March 15, 2021 8:39 am

Gov. Gavin Newsom teased late last week he would be granting a new green color tier to the California’s reopening plan, as the state just passed the two million mark on vaccinations.

We say “teased” because Newsom didn’t offer any specifics on the new green tier, but indicated it will be a final-final tier before a county can fully re-open.

However, it was only last August that Newsom shut down the idea of a green tier, indicating lockdowns may continue in perpetuity: “We don’t put a green (tier) because we don’t believe that there’s a green light that says go back to the way things were or back to a pre-pandemic mindset,” Newsom said. Is Gov. Newsom moving the goalposts again? What could possibly be in another tier except mandatory mask wearing, social distancing, and maintaining dining and bar restrictions forever?

California’s Color-Coded County Tier System. (Photo: CDPH.ca.gov)

“We are working, quite literally, on a green tier and have been now for a number of months, in anticipation of this bright light now at the end of this tunnel,” Newsom said at the press briefing last week. “And so we’re working on that. We’ll begin to socialize that.”

“Twenty-four of our 58 counties are now out of our [most] restrictive tiers. … As we start to reopen, as we get to 10, 15, 20 million vaccinations, get closer and closer to herd immunity, then we will start to make it clear that these tiers were temporary, they’re not permanent, and there’s something beyond orange and yellow — and that green tier will present itself,” Newsom said.

“You tear up when you see someone get a shot in the arm,” Newsom said while at a Southgate vaccination site last week.

Newsom said he would not be lifting mask mandates or capacity limits on public places anytime soon.

“California wants to double down on our progress, and we want to get through the next number of weeks so when you get to this magical place we are all waiting for, and that’s herd immunity, we can see a semblance of normalcy return to our day-to-day lives,” Newsom  said.

California’s Color-Coded County Tier System. (Photo: CDPH.ca.gov)

Bars and restaurants are sort-of allowed to re-open, but on a limited capacity, gyms at 10% capacity, personal care services limited capacity, which means businesses really can’t survive.

Now, the left is calling for “eradicating” the coronavirus, once again moving the goal posts. But this is a virus, and according to epidemiologists, eradicating it “near impossible.”

This looks and smells like another stall tactic by the governor. There is no scientific or medical reason not to open the state back up.

In an op ed for American Enterprise Institute in February, John Yoo and Scott Atlas wrote, “Americans accepted a broad — but temporary — lockdown of society to slow the pandemic a year ago. Yet many still live under unprecedented restrictions: business and school closures, travel bans, curfews, quarantines, limits on groups and mask mandates.”

“Still, our system doesn’t permit permanent dictatorial powers in the face of contrary data,” Yoo and Atlas said. “In California, for example, the governor can unilaterally exercise any and all authority vested in the state, such as to impose quarantines and curfews, ration goods and services and regulate or even prohibit any economic and social activity.”

They continue: “Many states have kept their restrictions, including those without sound basis. Schools, churches and offices remain closed in many blue states. Governors continue to make arbitrary distinctions: Big-box stores can sell the same goods that small shops can’t; bars close after specific hours, as if the virus works on a schedule; restaurants couldn’t operate indoors, even when Gov. Cuomo’s own data showed that they are responsible for a minuscule share of viral spread in New York.”

“Public support evaporates when edicts defy common sense.”

“It is in these inconsistencies that individual liberty has begun its comeback.”

“As the pandemic enters its second year, Americans will continue to demand evidence to justify the severe restrictions on their liberty,” they conclude. And in California, that appears to be culminating in a recall election of Gov. Newsom.

To see where your county falls in the color-coated tiers, go to COVID.ca.gov 

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12 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Grants a Sort-Of Re-Opening for Devastated California Businesses

  1. “You tear up when you see someone get a shot in the arm.”
    WTF??? Who are these people tearing up? If that’s you, there’s something seriously wrong with you and you need help. Sorry to be so blunt, but, there is nothing beautiful about it. There is nothing heroic about it. You are not saving anyone.

    1. To paraphrase what a certain admired former U.S. President once said, “I know Gavin Newsom very well; I’ve known him for years. Gavin Newsom is not a cryer.”
      You’d think the guy would avoid these land mines of phoniness, but I guess he can’t help himself.

  2. Well said K…. that comment was very disturbing especially when you know what this covid injection is about. Another concerning statement is when Newsom said by vaccinating we are getting closer to herd immunity changing the definition of herd immunity. These are the statements that people need to pay attention.

  3. SO let’s just say again, a “case” is not a case of COVID-19. It is a person with a positive PCR test for COVID which is not an accurate test, processed by untrained, incompetent individuals and the person(case) has NEVER been evaluated by a physician to either confirm or deny the diagnosis of COVID-19. I cannot wait to hear what green means if the yellow tier is defined as less than 1 case, it all sounds brown to me…..wink wink.

    1. Exactly, Stacy —- but what’s more, these stupid color-coded tiers were designed by some cynical bureaucrat so that the conditions to exit a tier could never be reasonably met. They’re meant to look authoritative but it’s a trick, a sham.
      We know that most of all these phony tiers were designed to be punitive, to be wielded against counties Gov Gav doesn’t like or, inexplicably, against small businesses that he apparently would like to see languish and suffer and disappear. The message sent is “watch out, hard-working, law-abiding Californians — you just never know when we will pull out the phony color-tiered chart that has no Green Tier, by the way, and shut you down once again.”
      As a result of this nonsense, which at the beginning of this nightmare was supposed to last 14 days to “flatten the curve,” we simply don’t know anymore WHEN the rug will be pulled out from under us again. Probably just as the token “re-opening” is beginning to build momentum and a feeling of hope for Californians.

      1. Great video to watch, people who speak with actual numbers, graphs and logic. Why haven’t we heard anything logical from great American physicians or scientists who have now had a year to analyze, graph what has happened so far? Oh that’s right, it takes away from the Democratic agenda! And let’s not forget that physicians who speak out against the agenda, aka Dr DeBoisdeBlanc from JMMC who got fired from his job for just asking logical questions! Thanks for sharing Showandtell!

  4. Step 4: Normalization.

    Green tier will be Green Pass, a.k.a., Vaccine Passport, a.k.a., medical martial law, a.k.a., dictatorship.

    I hope I’m wrong.

    1. X, I hope you are wrong too but not holding my breath. Can you imagine trying to get a Vaccine Passport from the DMV? What HIPPA laws will they change for that?

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