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Gov. Gavin Newsom (Photo: screen capture governor's video press conference)

Gov. Newsom Recall Heading for 2 Million Signatures

With 1.5 million signatures achieved, RecallGavin 2020 wants 500K extra leaving no doubt about the validity

By Katy Grimes, February 15, 2021 7:46 am

With the $250,000 the Republican National Committee contributed to the effort to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom, and now with $125,000 from the state GOP, the RecallGavin2020 and Rescue California effort has picked up steam and tops the needed 1.5 signature threshold. The recent contributions will help gather the goal of 2 million signatures, for the added cushion.

The recall could be on the ballot as early as this summer 2021.

And still the governor and his top staff behave as if this is a joke. The Associated Press reported over the weekend:

Dan Newman, Newsom’s chief strategist, said the check confirms the financial partnership between the recall effort and state and national Republicans.

“The facade is gone. It’s never been more clear — they’re admitting that the Republican recall scheme is simple partisan politics,” Newman said in a statement. “Republicans have lost every single state election for 15 years, so they’re trying increasingly desperate, distracting and destructive things.”

Randy Economy, Senior Advisor for RecallGavin2020 told Fox News with new Secretary of State Shirley Weber appointed by Gov. Newsom, she is the final say on whether the recall qualifies for the special election, so the campaign wants to have healthy cushion of 400,000-500,000 extra signatures.

“We know Gov. Newsom is getting desperate right now,” Economy said, “his political career is blowing up before him, so we’re going to keep an eye on Sacramento, and the politics of Sacramento, so that no funny business is going on, to kind of keep ahead of them.”

“We want to get to 2 million signatures and not leave a doubt in anybody’s mind the validity and veracity of our people out there that are working so tirelessly… and they’ve been working like this for months,” Economy said.

“We expect to collect another 400,000 signatures,” Rescue California campaign manager Anne Dunsmore said in a statement, AP reported. With the six-figure donation, “we added a substantial line item to our budget.”

The contribution “will guarantee that we bring in enough additional signatures to hold Gavin Newsom accountable,” she added.

Economy said 300,000 Democrats have downloaded the petition and signed the recall. “It’s something that transcends Democrat and Republican issues. This is specifically about Gavin Newsom and his failed policies, and how he’s shut down the 5th largest economy in the world this past year. I think the political discourse has turned out to be a monster movement here in California. We’ve already been contacted by people in New York and Michigan and other states who want us to help them recall their governor as well.”

When asked by Fox News what the next steps in the recall process are, Economy said “Anywhere from 3 to 500 candidates will come forward to put their names on the ballot,” and then explained that there will be two questions on the ballot:

  1. Shall Governor Newsom be recalled? and
  2. Who shall replace him until his term expires in 2023?

“Welcome to Politics 101 here in California today,” he added.

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45 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Recall Heading for 2 Million Signatures

  1. Getting past Weber is just the first hurdle. Getting a qualified front runner that will appeal to the many special factions in this state is the 2nd hurdle. Number 3 hurdle is approval of the candidate by the union bosses and the final hurdle to clear in this quest to right the ship of state is the Democratic National Committee. With voices like the California Globe to help broadcast the truth perhaps we can win at the finish line.

    1. Agreed. However, at this point, I have to admit that I’d even vote for Maxine Waters to replace Gavin. In fact, if it has to be a Democrat, Max is my first choice! Can you imagine what that would do to poor little Gavie-poo’s ego? As far as the rest of the state, we’re done for either way, so might as well have some fun going out. Truly, though, I hope Republicans get it together and realize that ONE broad-appeal, centrist conservative is our best bet. Would Cox put his ego on the shelf for a better positioned Republican? He seems pretty dug-in, and that’s not going to get us anywhere.

      1. finally someone reasonable, me? Ill just vote for the person with the best policies, I don’t care which party they’re in, but it would be hilarious if Gavin got replaced by Maxine Waters, and so deserved too.

  2. I wonder if the Democrat party machinery can keep prominent (and ambitious) names like Xavier Becerra from using this as an opportunity to be CA’s first latino governor. That will seal Newsom’s fate, plenty of Dems will vote yes. It’s going to be fun to see who emerges as candidates, on both sides (but I hope John Cox goes away).

  3. Mr. Newman’s attempt to smear the recall as a right wing conspiracy [sound familiar …?] does not hold water. The recall had to appeal across party lines just to qualify. Its apparent that Newsom is not going to be defended by his own party – they are deciding whom among Newsom’s challengers to support.
    Mr. Cox, respectfully, needs to bow out. If the California Republican Party is to gain any traction from this monumental recall effort, it must recognize that this is California after all and a party line conservative has no chance in a governor’s race. A successful Republican candidate would have to be able to garner bipartisan support to win and from a review of the last election results, Mr. Cox had no appeal to Democrats. Being drubbed stings, but we must all put aside our egos and do what is best going forward. It would be a total shame if the California Republican Party squandered this chance and put up an unelectable candidate.

    1. I’m a Democrat and I will be voting to recall Newsom, partly because of the excessive lockdowns, but above all because of his sacrificing schoolchildren on the altar of the sicko teacher unions. That’s beyond the beyond to me.

  4. I don’t blame Californians for being outraged at Gov Newsom and the Democrat party for turning CA into a rapidly failing Democrat SH*THOLE! Everywhere you look the incompetence is beyond belief and average working people are suffering. When you pay some of the highest taxes in the USA, highest electricity rates, highest housing cost, etc etc, you’d think you’d live in paradise rather than a nasty Sh*thold with homeless everywhere, excrement coating sidewalks, horrible traffic, unreliable very expensive electric power, fires burning out of control due to incompetent brush/forest management.
    Crime, murder, rapes, child rapes are soaring out of control and Democrats put drug dealers, murderers, child rapist back onto the streets by tens of thousands and refuse to prosecute anybody.
    On the other hand this is what a large majority of Californian’s voted for on election day. Even if incompetent, arrogant, uncaring Newsom is recalled Democrat still have total control of the state. They’ll replace him with someone even worse, and if they wake up and elect a Republican what would he do? He’d be blocked by Democrats in the legislature at every turn.
    Its really too late for CA. Democrats have too much power, and there is no sign that between the rich Hollywood freaks, the monopoly power super reach Social Media freaks, and the massive corrupt power of Public Employee/Teachers unions who are like leeches on the working people and small businesses of CA that voters are going to stop the corrupt special interest gravy train and toss out all the corrupt incompetent state destroying Democrats.
    So go ahead if it makes you feel better. Short of a tidal wave throwing out all the corrupt Democrat and giving the GOP 10 years to repair the damage CA is done.
    If you own a small business or work for a living flee while you can, but please promise when flee to a red sane state like TX or FL that you never ever vote Democrat the rest of your lives.
    I’m a CO native and Californians fleeing since the 90s have turned it from mostly red to solid BLUE, and we now see Denver and all of Colorado quickly becoming a SH*THOLE just like CA.

    1. A republican would have an uphill battle. But Newsome has been operating under emergency powers for almost a year now becoming a dictator.. seems a republican can go in and do the same thing for a while and straighten a lot of this mess out before the legislature could stop him… So I hope anyway…

    2. You’re so right about California being a sh@thole. BUT the dems have been cheating the voter system for years. It was out there loud and clear when Newson was running for the position that he had every intention of running up tax, vehicle registration, the costs associated with doing business, etc. People knew about his intentions and there’s no way the people of California would agree to that. They cheated to get Newscum in. When Davis was recalled, he had just doubled vehicle registration. People were pissed. Once he was removed the fees went back down. When Newson got in he put them right back up along with other taxes, costs to operate businesses etc. The people of California need to pull together and vote someone whose got the State’s people’s best interest at hand. Regardless of what party they are. And if they cheat another sh@thead in, we need to immediately recall that one too. This country belongs to the Americans not to the government. We have a say and we all need to stand up for ourselves. There’s only 500 and sum of them and millions and millions of us. There’s no way in hell they’re going to keep this dictatorship crap up.

    3. This isn’t true in the slightest, in fact, if you actually cared to research instead of saying “democrats bad” and crying you would find out that California has an extremely high incarceration rate, https://www.prisonpolicy.org/profiles/CA.html, not to mention that the literal leader of the GOP lives in a country club, so shut up about this “rich democrat” shit.

      the reason these fires are razing California are because of laws put there by Republicans https://www.npr.org/2020/08/24/899422710/to-manage-wildfire-california-looks-to-what-tribes-have-known-all-along which banned cultural fires to stop these infernos, plus Californians had been paying absurdly high taxes for years, that isn’t just the fault of the democratic party, its because the state is so big, and taxes pay for public resources, of course there are going to be much higher taxes in a places with much more resources needed for the public. your point about electricity rates are correct, but again that has bee a problem for quite a while.

  5. Newsom can put his hands over his eyes and ears all he wants (not his mouth, unfortunately) but those of us out here know this huge unprecedented effort is NO JOKE, and wishing won’t make it so.
    Download, print, read instructions, fill out relevant parts, sign, and mail the petition to the address at the bottom of the page. You only need standard 8-1/2 x 11″ paper.
    Find a permanent signing location near you.

  6. I am hopeful of the the recall will successfully oust Newsom and end his political career. One less destructive politician. However, California controls voting outcomes by deploying Dominion voting software. If there is a “record” level turn out for the special election, this will be indicative of voter fraud. If Newsom survives, the recall vote, this will be the democrat party giving the “middle finger” to California citizens.

    1. There are good reasons for election hope.
      1) Remember Asms Kiley and Gallagher WON their case against Newsom’s unconstitutional exec order re mail-in ballots. Newsom appealed. We await the appeals court ruling. A ruling in our favor means deep-sixing the mail-in ballots.

      2) As is coming out now, everybody wants Newsom gone, not just Repubs. An all-party CA coalition to recall the gov will be harder to cheat against. From what I understand even the teachers’ unions seem poised to go against him. There will be a laser-like focus and scrutiny.

      3) Cases re election fraud all over the country still proceed and await an eventual Supreme Court decision.

      4) As you know there will be only two questions on the ballot in the expected special election: 1) Recall Newsom? and 2) Who do you want to replace him? Simpler and easier to manage than a packed ballot.

      5) Ask yourself why Newsom is sweating and stammering and avoiding questions about the recall if he is confident of an outcome in his favor?

    2. The truth is the reason Democrats still control the state and hold almost all of the House seats is because the Domino voting systems have been used by Democrats to steal important elections for years. That is fact, not right wing fiction. The majority of CA voters, including the majority of Democrats, due not support this crazy WOK, cancel culture. There is a major in San Diego who I have found pretty creditable, we can get rid of Newsome. The bigger challenge will be radical city majors and DA’s who want to let everyone out of jail, or across the border, while destroying our cities, economy and education system through managerial ineptness. MADNESS! Get on the internet and learn some truth about the lies we have been told, the November Presidential Election is a good place to start. Do yourself a favor, Mike Lindell, the pillow guy, but together an amazing video on what happened. Go watch it. It’s an extremely well documented shocker. Until we fix the scandal of repeated stolen elections we can never again have election choices that matter.

      1. The fact alone that you got your proof from the my pillow guy says a lot, but the literal only “proof” he brought up was that so many people voted for trump that the machines broke, which is false based off his election against Hillary where he lost the electoral vote. plus there are no extreme changes nationwide to indicate that he would’ve gotten so many votes he would’ve broken the machine, plus it would’ve been found by the Georgia signature audit, which has a 99.99% accuracy rate, so “Absolute Proof” is absolutely baseless, coming from an independent, there was no steal **** off https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/532042-georgia-signature-audit-finds-no-fraud-in-presidential-election

    3. And the FECKLESS/USELESS CAGOP needs to LEAD the charge to expose this “Dominion” over California voting systems, which have suspiciously resulted in Democratic “dominion” in California for the last 20-25 years…
      If they don’t, we know they’re complicit and not fully on board…

  7. I just think it is interesting that when it comes to the recall effort, I’ve heard many in the media mentioning getting extra signatures because they have to verify them. So we verify signatures in a recall, huh? I wonder if there are any other events in society that occur where signatures should be verified, or does it only hold true when a certain party would sell the idea based on how easy it would be to commit fraud in pretending to be someone with unverified signatures? I’m not saying there is or there isn’t, just really strange how it can be argued both ways in less than a year.

    1. but the election was verified, by multiple audits that have almost never failed, a second of research could’ve revealed that, https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/532042-georgia-signature-audit-finds-no-fraud-in-presidential-election, there’s one, and btw some of the votes that Trump’s lawyers tried to contest wouldn’t have been enough to change the results of the election, and even Trump’s lawyers don’t believe there election fraud https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2021/02/03/trump-impeachment-lawyer-says-it-would-be-idiotic-to-push-election-fraud-at-trial/?sh=5e6

  8. Yeah Newman, “The facade is gone. …”

    We DETEST the tool you work for…..and he’s going down….

    You too….

  9. Newsom is a lying, sleazy politician. I would vote to recall him because he lies more than most politicians, has poor moral quality, and though he seems smart, has done a bad job with the pandemic. And he didn’t push for kids to go back to school.
    But, if the effort is all about pretending the virus isn’t bad, or that the vaccine isnt safe, or that Biden stole the election-them I will vote against it.
    Newman is saying typical campaign things-but if he is right-and its just a bunch of disgruntled treasonous Trump supporters-Im out.

    1. Michael, don’t you think your first statement “Newsom is a lying sleazy politician” is enough to make your recall decision?? I suggest you continue to read the facts here at the Globe and not wait to listen to more BS that comes out of Newsom’s mouth, use your own judgment based on how life in CA has been with Newsom in charge. Of course, he and his entourage will say whatever it takes to persuade those less informed and deter the voters. The FACTS, just the FACTS. Simple as that. Don’t be persuaded by his accusations, look at his actions and lies.

  10. Replacement requires serious business individual who can cut through the budget bureaucracy and use a veto pen! CA is broke. Legislature needs to get back to common sense core responsibility, get citizens back to work and cut the welfare cord. A revitalized economy is a must.

  11. Newsome will be Governor this time next year. His dismissiveness of this is warranted. Systemic Democratism is too prevalent in CA, and he’s too cozy with those who control the messaging. However, I think this may be a wake up call for CA Dems as their policies are far less popular than they realize. This threat will allow for some much needed self reflection to look around the landscape and see what the rest of us see.

  12. I believe if we could ever know the true numbers from our last election, California flipped red. The people are fed up. No democrat should be feeling comfortable right now. The people are waking up and ready to take our cities, our states and our country back.

    1. Bingo!! We need to replace the california sleazy legislature too. They are sleazy and just as sickening as Congress. I’m disgusted with both parties. Career politicians who could care less about the American people who voted them I to be represented. Politicians have become royalty in their own minds and because we the people have turned a blind eye to it for years we have ignored the corruption. The exhoribitant spending comes out of our taxes which they feel quite entitled to. Congress has their own health care not available to the American public. They should have to use the same healthcare they force on us. Perhaps they would be more discriminating in their choices. Their limits should be set for 4yrs period!! Their salaries should not be excessive and they need to explain the double razor fencing around the people’s house. How much is it costing the American people as well as the costs for constant guards. We the people are footing the bill and yet they gave a measley$600.00 to the American people during desperate times. They all need to be investigated and replaced!!

  13. Ric Grenell is a great conservative Check him out. We need someone with name recognition He was Ambassador to Germany under President plus he served as National security advisor in the Trump administration

  14. The fact alone that you got your proof from the my pillow guy says a lot, but the literal only “proof” he brought up was that so many people voted for trump that the machines broke, which is false based off his election against Hillary where he lost the electoral vote. plus there are no extreme changes nationwide to indicate that he would’ve gotten so many votes he would’ve broken the machine, plus it would’ve been found by the Georgia signature audit, which has a 99.99% accuracy rate, so “Absolute Proof” is absolutely baseless, coming from an independent, there was no steal **** off https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/532042-georgia-signature-audit-finds-no-fraud-in-presidential-election

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