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Gov. Newsom "comeback" plan. (Photo: Twitter)

Gov. Newsom Stimulus Checks: Is the ‘Roar’ the Cash Before the Recall Election?

As the shiniest object in his ‘recovery’ package, Newsom is dangling $600 checks

By Katy Grimes, May 11, 2021 2:54 pm

Monday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom rolled out his “California Comeback Plan” calling it the “largest economic recovery package in state history.”

California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Monday a new “stimulus” plan to provide checks for 2/3rds of all Californians, as well as rental assistance, and other direct cash forms of economic relief, the Globe reported Monday.

Newsom says the state has a $76 billion budget surplus, allowing him to offer “stimulus checks,” then changed it to “tax rebates” of $600 to $1,100 for millions of Californians making less than $75,000 annually. But these checks can’t be tax “rebate” checks since they are going to people who don’t pay taxes at all, and to undocumented immigrants newly in the state.

“Look out –CA is coming ROARING back from this pandemic. First thing we’re doing is putting $ back into the pockets of Californians–with the largest state tax rebate in American history. $600+ checks to the middle-class & even more $$$ if you have kids,” the Governor Tweeted.


Newsom’s use of the word “Roaring” sounds awfully similar to Republican Gubernatorial candidate John Cox’s “Meet the Beast Bus Tour” as it “Roars on in” to cities across California.

John Cox campaign. (Photo: screen capture JohnCox.com)

And Newsom’s “California Comeback Plan” was surely taken right from Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Kevin Faulconer‘s: “It’s Time for the California Comeback.”

As the Globe has noted, other states are already “roaring back” because they reopened, dropped mask and social distancing mandates, and opened all businesses and schools. If California had not been under Gov. Newsom’s statewide lockdown orders more than 435 days since March of last year, millions of small businesses would not have been forced to close, unemployment wouldn’t be so high, and any “stimulus” would be in the form of healthy commerce, as it was prior to the lockdowns. On Gov. Newsom’s orders millions of Californians are really hurting.

In addition, $5.2 billion of the proposed $100 billion would go to doubling rental assistance to complete 100% of back rent paid for those who fell behind in payments, and $2 billion to go toward water, gas, and electric utility bills for those needing assistance, the Globe reported.

As one economist explained to the Globe, the state is awash in surplus funds because the Biden Administration sent $25 to $30 billion to California, on top of wealthy Silicon Valley tech businesses doing very well during the lockdown. “But how much of that $75 billion surplus is federal funds from the Democrats in DC turning the spigot on?” the economist asked.

In March, the Associated Press reported that “the massive COVID-19 relief bill Congress approved” will pump more than $150 billion into California’s economy.” Do we really know just how much federal money California has received?

It appears Gov. Newsom is playing offense, facing a recall election later this year.

Some lawmakers say the governor is buying votes ahead of the recall. “As the shiniest object in his ‘recovery’ package, Newsom is dangling $600 checks. Politico’s headline summed it up: ‘Newsom wants to hand out cash before California recall election,’” Assemblyman Kevin Kiley said. “It’s the classic playbook of corrupt regimes: massively overtax people, squander the proceeds through graft, and return small sums as a ‘gift’ at opportune times. Even Gray Davis’ top operative says Newsom is ‘playing Santa Clause.’”

California is still facing big problems on top of the lockdown damage: $31 Billion in EDD fraud and months of unemployment benefit checks in arrears, $1 trillion unfunded public employee pension and health debt, $10 billion borrowed from the federal government for California unemployment benefits, and as former Sen. John Moorlach just reported at the Globe, most of the state’s 944 public school districts are drowning in debt, with some on the verge of insolvency.

There are still 200,000+ drug-addicted homeless living in squalor on California streets, and the number only seems to grow as politicians increase public spending on the “unhoused,” ignoring that they are also “unsober,” and “unlawful.”

California GOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson lays out the state’s problems amid Newsom’s maneuver: “While it’s nice to see Newsom acknowledge that people are struggling under his incompetence, a one-time payment does not make a permanent recovery. California will still have the highest poverty level, highest amount of homelessness, highest taxes, near the highest cost of living, near the highest unemployment rate and highest number of residents fleeing to more welcoming and affordable states.”

But, ‘we have money’

“Because of California’s very progressive tax structure, and because most of our revenue comes from the wealthiest, we have money,” Senator Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) said on Monday. “Now, unlike other states, we are using that money to support the many Californians who’ve been hurt during this pandemic. We are in the position now to be able to provide more.”

The state giveth and the state taketh away?

A “comeback plan” and a handout would be rendered unnecessary if the state was reopened fully and business owners and employees were able to get back to work.


Assemblyman Kiley added: “But what kind of a ‘recovery’ does Newsom have in mind, anyway? He forecasts 8.5 percent unemployment for this entire year and says jobs in California won’t return to pre-COVID levels until 2025. That’s apparently his definition of ‘roaring back.’”

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12 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Stimulus Checks: Is the ‘Roar’ the Cash Before the Recall Election?

  1. Kevin Kiley nailed it.
    I hope he seriously considers running for governor in the future! He is one of the good guys up in Sacramento.

    Gavin and crew continually insult our intelligence with his antics. Free money people, do you like me now????????

  2. What does reckless endangerment mean if not exactly what Newsom is doing to financial management of the state of California? The monster that is Newsom is breaking down all common sense boundaries for dealing with debt.

  3. Such a welcome article from Katy Grimes on this subject. It puts the whole updated Gruesome mess in a nutshell, which is not easy.
    Couldn’t help noticing that Newsom actually put $$dollar signs$$ in his tweet. That’s a bit crude even for him, isn’t it? I guess that’s why what Kevin Kiley said was so fitting, that Newsom was “dangling $600 checks as the shiniest objects” in his so-called recovery package. What are we, cats? Trained monkeys? His pet dog? The one he throws a bone to every now and then?
    Even those of us who haven’t had our businesses ruined or who haven’t fallen off the wagon or fallen into complete despair from Newsom’s cruel and exhausting antics over the past 14 months are TIRED. We’re completely sick of this B.S. We’re far from free and still don’t have our lives back. They’ve been on hold. Maybe we will never get them back, we sometimes think. Therefore the last thing we need after 14 months of this needless mental torture is another insulting slap in the face from a puffed-up politician who wouldn’t even once cross our minds under normal circumstances, who is so clueless that he thinks throwing Californians a picked-over bone and a package full-o-nothing will buy him votes while the state is literally falling apart.
    On the other hand, anything that helps Yes on the Recall, I’m for it! And I’m confident this latest nonsense, on top of all of the OTHER nonsense, in the context of a rapidly deteriorating state, will definitely do that.

    1. Great comments ShowandTell.
      I hope you are so right about this fueling the Recall effort!
      After a couple of years of his nonsense, this was the action that put me over the edge! My husband and I are so enraged. What an obscene political stunt!

      1. Thanks, Cali Girl. I feel like I know Newsom now like the back of my hand. Unfortunately. Maybe you do too. He can’t help himself but to make things worse, whatever those things are. And as you know we’re not the only two people (well, really FOUR, ha) who are totally infuriated by this latest move. As Katy outlined, we WOULD have come “roaring” back a long time ago as other states did if Newsom hadn’t indulged his apparent favorite hobby of sadism for 14 months on the people of California.
        By the way, it’s likely that the “recovery package” has a lot of slush fund stuff in it that may finance those who would block what the people want, which is to Recall Gavin, so heads up for that. Not sure what form that will take. But I really think it will not be enough. People are too angry and all that they have endured isn’t the kind of memory that fades. They’ve lost too much, they’ve suffered too much. We’re still having to watch our p’s and q’s every minute. The state is in terrible shape. It becomes noticeably more and more of a hell hole every week. All unnecessarily. And Newsom only reactivates the anger he has caused every time he pulls something new, which seems to happen every single day.

  4. Neanderthals
    Outsmarted again ……drat…..the Noose is one smart tactician. The power of the purse so so modern California…..free is good!

  5. Conservatives will be outraged and in this day of free money the parasites are going to scream that it is not enough. The roar will be more like a meow.

  6. Stolen and redistribution of wealth to buy votes is just what the corrupt democrat tribe would resort to. They get a “three-for”…1. buy votes; 2. Giving the middle finger to those that oppose them. 3. Foster even more dependency upon the state. If Newsome survives the recall, it will only be due to a corrupted election and a debased electorate.

  7. we are going to reward you with money that we stole from you so that you continue to vote for us so we can rip off more money

  8. So far Newsom is giving $600 stimulus, money for homeless, money for colleges, and aid for businesses. Supposedly he will release details about funding another area tomorrow. Which will it be? Wildfires? Drought? Electricity grid? Healthcare for illegals? If it’s not healthcare, expect a thorough deep emotion of disappointment if not angry looks from liberals. It might be able to swing a small percentage of liberals to go and vote for the recall.

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