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Gov. Gavin Newsom (Photo: screen capture governor's video press conference)

Governor Gavin Newsom’s 58 ‘COVID’ Related Executive Orders Since March 4, 2020

California Globe keeps track of the Governor Newsom’s executive orders

By Katy Grimes, November 10, 2020 8:39 pm

California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued California’s “Stay at home” order March 19, 2020.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s Executive Actions since March 4, 2020:

  1. Executive Order N-26-20 Ensures California public school districts retain state funding even in the event of physical closure March, 13, 2020
  2. Executive Order N-27-20 Critical Health and Safety Standards March 15, 2020
  3. Executive Order N-28-20 Authorizes local governments to halt evictions for renters and homeowners, slows foreclosures, and protects against utility shutoffs March 16, 2020
  4. Executive Order N-29-20 Ensures that California’s most vulnerable residents can continue to receive health care, food assistance and in-home supportive services in a timely manner March 17, 2020
  5. Executive Order N-30-20 Waives this year’s statewide testing for California’s more than 6 million students in K-12 schools March 17, 2020
  6. Executive Order N-31-20 Ease restrictions on commercial drivers engaged in support of emergency relief efforts March 17, 2020
  7. Executive Order N-32-20 Protect Californians experiencing homelessness from COVID-19 by providing emergency aid to local governments and implementing emergency protective measures March 18, 2020
  8. Executive Order N-33-20 Stay at Home Order March 19, 2020
  9. Executive Order N-34-20 Permit vote-by-mail procedures to be used in three upcoming special elections March 20, 2020
  10. Executive Order N-35-20 Expands the state’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak March 21, 2020
  11. Executive Order N-36-20 Directing the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Secretary to temporarily halt the intake and/or transfer of inmates and youth into the state’s 35 prisons and four youth correctional facilities March 24, 2020
  12. Executive Order N-37-20 Banning the enforcement of eviction orders for renters affected by COVID-19 through May 31, 2020. March 27, 2020
  13. Executive Order N-38-20 Enhance the authority of California’s Judicial Branch to take emergency action March 27, 2020
  14. Executive Order N-39-20 Expand California’s health care workforce and recruit health care professionals March 30, 2020
  15. Executive Order N-40-20 Provide tax, regulatory and licensing extensions for businesses March 30, 2020
  16. Executive Order N-41-20 Allows for the immediate use of funds to support the state’s continuing efforts to protect public health and respond to the COVID-19 crisis April 1, 2020
  17. Executive Order N-42-20 Restriction on Water Shutoffs to Homes and Small Business During COVID-19 Pandemic April 2, 2020
  18. Executive Order N-43-20 Waves Certain Privacy and Security Laws for Medical Providers to Provide Telehealth Services and Minimize Risk of Penalty April 3, 2020
  19. Executive Order N-44-20 Prohibition of Price Increases of More than 10% on Consumer Goods, Food and Medical Items April 3, 2020
  20. Executive Order N-45-20 Directive to California Department of Education and California Department of Social Services to Waive Certain Eligibility Requirements and Give Greater Priority for Child Care Enrollment to Essential Infrastructure Workers April 4, 2020
  21. Executive Order N-46-20 Sales Tax Exemption for State Bought Medical Supplies April 7, 2020
  22. Executive Order N-47-20 60-day waiver for In-Home Supportive Services Program Caseworkers to Continue Work With Eldery and Disabled Individuals April 7, 2020
  23. . Executive Order N-48-20 All-mail Ballot Local Elections April 9, 2020
  24. Executive Order N-49-20 Directive to Department of Juvenile Justice Calling for All Discharge and Reentry Hearings to be Held Via Videoconference and Shortened Notification Window Before Discharge Consideration Hearings April 14, 2020
  25. Executive Order N-50-20 Directive to Launch New Call Center and Increase Staff at Employment Development Department April 15, 2020
  26. Executive Order N-51-20 Paid Sick Leave to Food Sector Workers Subject to Stay at Home Orders and Additional Safety Standards for Food Facilities April 16, 2020
  27. Executive Order N-52-20 60 Day Extension for Department of Real Estate Deadlines and Various Other Waivers in Response to COVID-19 April 16, 2020
  28. Executive Order N-53-20 Temporary Waivers for Foster Youth Programs in Response to COVID-19 April 17, 2020
  29. Executive Order N-54-20 DMV Deadline Extensions and Various Miscellaneous Directives Ensuring Consistency with COVID-19 Stay at Home Order April 22, 2020
  30. Executive Order N-55-20 Increased Flexibility on Deadlines and Requirements Relating to California Department of Health Care Services and Medi-Cal April 22, 2020
  31. Executive Order N-56-20 Extension for Local Educational Agencies to Submit Local Control and Accountability Plans and Required Report to Communities Regarding COVID-19 Response April 22, 2020
  32. Executive Order N-57-20 Exemption from Garnishment for Those Receiving Federal, State, or Local Aid Due to COVID-19 April 23, 2020
  33. Executive Order N-58-20 Obtaining Marriage Licenses Via Videoconference April 30, 2020
  34. Executive Order N-59-20 Temporary Easing of Requirements for Enrollment in CalWORKs Program May 1, 2020
  35. Executive Order N-60-20 Directive to State Public Health Officer to Establish Criteria for Allowing Local Reopening Plans in Response to COVID-19 May 4, 2020
  36. Executive Order N-61-20 Suspension of Property Tax Collection Due to COVID-19 May 6, 2020
  37. Executive Order N-62-20 COVID-19 Time-Limited Rebuttable Presumption for Worker’s Compensation May 6, 2020: Any COVID-19-related illness of an employee shall be presumed to arise out of and in the course of the employment for purposes of awarding workers’ compensation benefits
  38. Executive Order N-63-20 Extending Deadlines Impacted by COVID-19 May 7, 2020
  39. Executive Order N-64-20 2020 General Election Vote-By-Mail Ballots May 8, 2020
  40. Executive Order N-65-20 The order helps ease the strain on domestic violence service providers. The order also waives the deadline to verify grade point average and waives certain certification requirements and selective service registration verification for Cal Grant applicants. The order suspends programmatic deadlines for entities that receive funding from the Energy Commission for the development and deployment of new technologies that support the state’s clean energy and decarbonization goals. In addition, the order extends the timeframe for local governments to submit claims for reimbursement to the State Controller’s Office. May 19, 2020
  41. Executive Order N-66-20 Extending authorization for local governments to halt evictions for renters impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, through July 28 May 29, 2020
  42. Executive Order N-67-20 Ensure that Californians can exercise their right to vote in a safe, secure and accessible manner during the upcoming election June 3, 2020
  43. Executive Order N-68-20 Helps increase the availability of over-the-counter drugs June 5, 2020
  44. Executive Order N-69-20 The order extends waivers temporarily broadening the capability of counties to enroll persons into the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) program. The order also extends permission for commercially-licensed food trucks to operate in roadside rest areas, suspends face-to-face visits for eligibility for extended foster care; and extends deadlines related to the payment of real estate license application and renewal fees and continuing education requirements for licensees June 15, 2020
  45. Executive Order N-70-20 Allows retailers to temporarily pause in-store redemption of beverage containers. The order also temporarily suspends the requirement for recycling centers to hold a minimum number of hours of operation. June 22, 2020
  46. Executive Order N-71-20 Extending authorization for local governments to halt evictions for renters impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, through September 30. June 30, 2020
  47. Executive Order N-72-20 Extension for Decisions on Pending Tax Assessment Appeals July 31, 2020
  48. Executive Order N-73-20 Distance Learning Standards and Funding August 14, 2020
  49. Executive Order N-74-20 Additional Energy Capacity August 16, 2020
  50. Executive Order N-75-20 Increased Availability of CLIA-waived COVID-19 Testing August 24, 2020
  51. Executive Order N-76-20 Assistance for Election Officials in Preparation for November Elections August 26, 2020
  52. Executive Order N-77-20 Establishment of Labs to Increase COVID-19 Testing Capacity August 28, 2020
  53. Executive Order N-78-20 Extension of Consumer Protections During COVID-19 Response September 3, 2020
  54. Executive Order N-79-20 Ban of in-state sales for all new vehicles that are not zero-emission by 2035 September 23, 2020
  55. Executive Order N-80-20 Extension of authorization for local governments to halt evictions for renters and homeowners, slows foreclosures, and protects against utility shut offs September 23, 2020
  56. Executive Order N-81-20 Further explanation of State of Emergency due to wildfires in various counties September 25, 2020
  57. Executive Order N-82-20 Protection of California’s agricultural biodiversity October 7, 2020
  58. Executive Order N-83-20 Suspension of restricted commercial activities for state highways October 28, 2020

The Globe will report on any new executive orders.

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8 thoughts on “Governor Gavin Newsom’s 58 ‘COVID’ Related Executive Orders Since March 4, 2020

  1. Appreciate THE LIST. It puts all of the unmitigated gall and shamelessness of Wanna-Be Dictator Newsom in one easily-accessible place.

  2. Come on Californians sign the Recall Newsom petition now.
    No excuses we need every legal signature, because obviously we don’t trust them to count correctly, just Google (I now hate that term) the website download a form and fill it in.
    Ps. To the rest of the country, please support conservative Californians. We choose to stay and fight and if we don’t stop this turd he will run for President in 2024.

    1. Great encouragement, Smogtester.
      We stay and fight. So many good people have left this state and I do not blame them one bit. For many of us it is home, we were born here, raised our families here. It does get more difficult. We need conservatives and the GOP to support our efforts and our candidates. We are the fly overs in California. The only way we can change our course is to shine a light on the corruption and highlight family values which crosses party and ethnic lines.
      This is why I am grateful to Katy Grimes and California Globe.

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