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Gov. Moves 11 California Counties to More Restrictive COVID-19 Lockdown Tiers

Tier change is due to hit the hardest in Sacramento and San Diego Counties with high population

By Evan Symon, November 10, 2020 5:33 pm

On Tuesday, Health and Human Services (CHHS) Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly announced that 11 Californian counties would be moving into more restrictive tiers as the number of new cases and the positivity rates in those counties have gone significantly up since late October.

On Tuesday, the following county changes were made:

Yellow (Minimal) to Orange (Moderate):

  • Modoc County
  • Siskiyou County
  • Trinity County

Orange (Moderate) to Red (Substantial)

  • Amador County
  • Contra Costa County
  • El Dorado County
  • Placer County
  • Santa Cruz County

Red (Substantial) to Purple (Widespread)

  • Sacramento County
  • San Diego County
  • Stanislaus County

While all tier changes mean more restrictions and educed capacities at businesses, the red to purple tier change is due to hit the hardest due to the high population of both Sacramento and San Diego Counties, as wells as how far the new restrictions go, such as re-closing all indoor dining and forcing restaurants to only have outdoor dining and takeout options.

“We anticipate if things stay the way they are, that between this week and next week over half of California counties will have moved into a more restrictive tier,” said Dr. Ghaly during the press conference on Tuesday. “That certainly is an indication that we’re concerned.”

Dr. Ghaly also noted an upswing in the number of new cases in California in the last few weeks, as well as higher positivity rates and steep increases in the number of hospitalizations and ICU cases. According to the CHHS, positivity rate has gone up over 14 days from 2.9% on October 26th to 3.7% on November 10th. Meanwhile, COVID hospitalizations have also gone up by 36% in the past two weeks to 3,083 cases statewide, with ICU hospitalizations going up 29% to 859 cases. And Dr. Ghaly warned that these number only indicate that the number of cases will increase throughout November.

Cases of COVID-19 by estimated date of illness onset as of November 9th (Photo: CHHS)

“The trend that we’ve been seeing as we continue to learn about COVID transmission is when we identify cases today, we expect to see some of those cases, approximately 12% of those cases, end up being hospitalized between 14 and 21 days later,” explained Dr. Ghaly. “So today’s cases become hospitalizations two to three weeks out.”

An uptick of cases, new tier restrictions hitting hard for many Californians in affected counties

In San Diego County, the news of more hospitalizations, as well as more closures and reduced services from businesses, hit many in the County hard, as many were just starting to recover from losses earlier in the year.

“Being back in the purple tier, and having hospitals across the County being more filled up, is not going to do us any good,” said San Diego County business owner Warren Hilts. “A lot of stores are back to reduced capacities now, and we can’t have indoor dining. I own two restaurants. If you don’t include delivery and takeout, do you know how many customers you get in outdoor seating just as cold weather and the rainy season begins to set in? Not a lot.”

“Many restaurants are investing in outdoor heaters and making it more like a European outdoor restaurant experience, but that can only do so much. And having more people be sick and start filling up ICUs again? That’s only kicking us while we’re down. It’s hurting a lot of us physically and emotionally, and economically it’s scaring people away from shopping and spending money which everyone desperately needs more of.”

As Dr. Ghaly noted, a rise in the number of new cases and hospitalizations is expected in the next few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, with the CHHS adding on that proper COVID-19 safety precautions should still be made at all times.

“The virus is not over just because we’re tired of it,” added Dr. Ghaly.

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Evan Symon
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13 thoughts on “Gov. Moves 11 California Counties to More Restrictive COVID-19 Lockdown Tiers

  1. Why in the hell does this BS continue??????? So sick of these liberal POS low life Zoo dirt political hacks!
    My God stop already!!!!!!

    1. Because too many Californians are still tolerating it, and signalling that tolerance by their compliance. More people need to visit citizensforfreespeech.org and other groups like it, join up, and most important, take action. This means taking on some personal risk. Most people aren’t willing to do that until they have nothing left to lose, but the time to fight is when you still have everything to lose. There’s little point after it’s all gone.

  2. SHOP SMALL this Christmas! Support those businesses that are being destroyed by the governors illegal mandates. Purchase gift cards from restaurants, especially family owned/mom and pop businesses.

  3. For the love of God ignore this clown. Hopefully the Superior Court judge’s final ruling tomorrow will begin to put an end to this criminal behavior.

  4. Newsom needs to be arrested. When is the recall come into effect? If that doesn’t work I encourage all citizens to ignore Newsom stand up for liberty and reject Newsom…..

  5. This is still an effort to destroy the Trump economy and disrupt the food supply. A large percentage (I’ve read 20%, not sure of the accuracy of that figure) of the country’s fresh produce comes from California, and the state accounted for roughly 13% of the U.S. economy before this mess started. The leftists are apparently willing to sacrifice California for their main agenda.

    1. The Democrats don’t care… They want Joe and the Ho in office so the Chinese that pay them handsomely can take over the US economy!!!

      Why else would Biden self declare after all the fraud that was committed under the uncertainty of the Covid fear mongering and bioweapon introduced by the CCP???

      Read The Epoch Times and you’ll see the coordination of all of this – it’s all political for the overthrow of the Trump Presidency…

  6. I really never thought there were so many weak dont think for yourself. Just do what youre told people in Cali.Its absolutely appaling.

  7. What are they going to do if 40 million people say , enough is enough and just go on with their lives. What is he going to do then? Nothing, nothing he can do. We need to stand up for our constitutional rights.

  8. At this point all I care about is stimulus, whoever can make that happen will get my support.Republicans don’t seem to give a shit so I’m all for the dems taking the senate.

  9. As a California Republican I’m not a fan of Gov. Newsome. But as a Emergency Healthcare worker I’m grateful for his efforts to slow the spread of the virus. It’s one of the few things he’s gotten right.

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