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Gov. Gavin Newsom during Dec. 3, 2020 press briefing. (Photo: youtube screen capture)

BREAKING: Healthcare Workers Union Launches Campaign Against California RecallGavin2020

‘Never heard of it’

By Katy Grimes, January 28, 2021 11:22 am

A Healthcare Workers labor union announced Thursday they are launching a campaign against the recall election of California Gov. Gavin Newsom. “The National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) launched a statewide advertising campaign today encouraging supporters of universal health care to reject efforts to qualify a costly recall of the governor.”

It’s interesting that a healthcare workers labor union claims they represent the concerns of their members when thousands of medical and health care workers lost their jobs during the 10 months of Gov. Gavin Newson’s COVID statewide lockdown.

“We are a real threat now,” Randy Economy, Senior Advisor and media spokesman for RecallGavin2020.com, told the Globe. “Welcome to the political circus of California in 2021.”

Economy said the health care workers are some of the people who should be most concerned about our governor, and what he has done with their jobs during the pandemic. “Gov. Gavin Newsom failed them the most during the pandemic,” he said.

“The union’s gross characterization of its members is telling,” Economy said. “We’re not here to debate labor union leaders. We’re here to help the average Californians get out of the pandemic.”

Economy said since Day 1, Gov. Newsom has botched the management of the pandemic. “We are not concerned with union bosses – only the average Californian who has had to deal with this.”

“A recall election is estimated to cost taxpayers between $80 and $100 million and would threaten to dominate the focus of elected officials while COVID-19 continues to spread,” the press statement from the NUHW union said.

“The cost of the recall is mere pennies compared with the overall state budget,” Economy said. “That’s just a silly talking point.”

“What we can’t afford is Gov. Newsom continuing as governor.”

Economy asked the Globe if we know who the healthcare worker labor union is. “The National Union of Healthcare Workers,” the Globe replied. “Never heard of it,” he said. “I don’t really know who they are.”

“NUHW, whose members include respiratory therapists, nurses, nursing assistants, medical technicians and mental health therapists at hospitals and clinics from San Diego to Eureka, endorsed Gov. Gavin Newsom for governor in 2017, following a vote of all its member-elected stewards,” the NUHW press statement said.

“The digital media campaign asks Californians to join the union’s more than 15,000 members in rejecting the unnecessary recall,” the NUHW said. The link goes to a Facebook page, which was posted 23 hours ago and has 3 shares and 10 likes.

NUHW labor union Facebook page. (Photo: screen capture NUHW facebook)
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20 thoughts on “BREAKING: Healthcare Workers Union Launches Campaign Against California RecallGavin2020

  1. Deplorable’s

    You’re a group…..yeah…..a group too…..sign up for government cheese, EDD goodies, Vaccine October lists.

  2. “The digital media campaign asks Californians to join the union’s more than 15,000 members in rejecting the unnecessary recall,” the NUHW said. The link goes to a Facebook page, which was posted 23 hours ago and has 3 shares and 10 likes.”

    So, 15,000 members, 3 shares and 10 likes against a recall effort that has collected 1.2 million signatures and counting.
    Good luck with that

  3. As you point out, the National Union of Healthcare Workers has exposed itself as a union that does not seem to be interested in representing its workers. If the union chooses to waste its money this way it will likely backfire.

    The Recall effort is composed of all sorts of Californians, from every political party and every walk of life, who all have one thing in common: They are DONE with this arrogant and incompetent governor.

  4. More people for him to throw stuff at when he has his next tantrum. What did he think we would just sit around and do nothing as he destroyed our state? Newsome fu@&ed up! Hopefully soon he will have to pay. How those presidential aspirations looking?

  5. So let me get this right, a union created in 2009 out of Oakland Ca , the birthplace of VP Harris. Oakland gave us Barbara Lee, Jerry Brown, Libby Scaaf, the same cast of characters who share Newsom’s political philosophy. NUHW want to scare Californians into thinking this will bankrupt the state! I guess NUHW owes their friends a favor.
    I wonder if their union members who have been ill effected by Newsom’s policies are okay with this move? Sorry this Union is a paper tiger wagging their tail at the good people of this state who want their civil liberties back and to regain employment and build back the economy.
    If you are one of their union members you should hold your dues! They are wasting your hard earned money!

  6. Unions have proven they represent themselves, not their alleged “voluntary” members. Cali’s management of the pandemic speaks volumes. Just like the teacher unions. Union officials get far better benefits than they negotiate for their members and do nothing for the general public except raise the cost of living and make it difficult to get rid of incompetent members.

  7. This recall is bigger than california, it will throw a monkey wrench into the social progressive plan to rollout the oppressive policies of california to the rest of the country. gavin has been groomed by nasty nancy herself to be the next ‘chosen’ to take their tyranny beyond the biden/camel-a theft of the presidency.

  8. I am in the health care workers union and a signature gather for this recall. !!!! This is more media lies!

  9. So glad so many citizens of California have stepped up to the plate, this is one step in the right direction to get our wonderful State back and humming like it is bound to do with Republican leadership and sound fiscal policies instead of pie in the sky lib ideas!

  10. The recall will cost $100 million? That’s peanuts compared to the $1 billion in fraudulent EDD claims paid out on his behalf. Read the AP report. They continue paying criminals for claims that shouldn’t even exist. Like the 80 claims at one home address. Yet he keeps blaming Trump administration for all the errors of his own. If Newsom ever was good at anything it would be finger pointing and putting a bunch of grease on his hair. That’s it.

  11. The Unions own the California politicians with union money. Take your state back.
    Support the Right to work foundation.

  12. Gavin has ruined millions of lives because he has caused millions of job losses lock downs for 10 monthsmillions of jobs gone business are leaving or closed forever, locking down healthy people is criminal, and lies covers up billion dollar mask deal with China, 10 billion dollars EDD. Honest cases in cv19 in the world, lost is never ending, RECALL Gavin Newsom RECALL

  13. The Unions are a major reason so many people are leaving the state. California is faced with a 1 1/2 trillion dollar bill in unfunded liabilities to the Public Sector Unions. The state is broke!

  14. I guess we know part of the discussion with the California Medical Association Lobby which occurred at the French Laundry. Mr Harmon you are correct, the good work of our former state senator Moorlach supports your estimated unfunded liability projections. Unions members must ask themselves are their future pension pay outs viable? Immigration liberation, increase in energy costs for all will have a direct impact on the ability of people and companies to invest and drive our economy to levels of pre Covid. As the economy turns, the projected long term return on investment (6-7%) cannot be achieved, and thus the unfunded liability will grow. Rising health care costs will fuel the growth of the unfunded liability. State leadership which fails to understand how to stimulate an economy to attract investment in personal investment tools, small business and large companies will perpetuate the unfunded liability until pennies on the dollar are offered. Union workers must begin to think down the road 10-20 years from now and think about what policies they should support. Segmenting our society, so we can “each get our’s” is not the path forward.
    Tip the iceberg in our favor.

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