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Transients camping at 13th and W Streets in Sacramento (Ramona Russell for California Globe)

Homeless-related Violence Continues as More Money is Thrown at Housing

The West Coast sees more mayhem from the drug-addicted and mentally ill transients

By Ramona Russell, December 11, 2019 2:34 pm

The past few weeks has seen violence from the transient community that can only be compared to something out of a horror film. What could be considered the most devastating of incidents occurred two weeks in Seattle when a family visiting from Los Angeles were struck by a car as they exited their hotel. The 23-year-old female driver, who is transient and appeared to be high on methamphetamines, recklessly drove through the city before striking a father, his son, his daughter and the daughter’s boyfriend on the sidewalk, killing both siblings and severely injuring the dad.

The woman, who was helped from her vehicle from bystanders, fled the scene and was found hiding in an alcove, changing her clothes. When police arrested her, she was singing, dancing and uncooperative. Yet despite incidents such as this, when Anderson Cooper of 60 Minutes asked Mayor Jenny Durkan if the city has a grip on this problem, she replied, “I think we know what works,” citing they have secured funding for 5,000 new, affordable housing units over the next three years.

Transients camping at 18th and X Streets in Sacramento

Last month, Los Angeles Police shot and killed a transient who chased an officer into the street with a foot-long machete. The incident started with the man robbing an auto parts store at knifepoint, then carjacking a vehicle from a fast food drive-thru and hitting two police cars. Those who knew the suspect said he was “troubled.”

Also in Los Angeles, an 11-year-old was walking home from a soccer game in Westchester when a male transient grabbed him by the neck and said, “You’re not going to see your parents after I kill you.” The child escaped, went home and told his father, who said when the suspect was finally arrested, he resisted and had to be taken away by ambulance.

Despite a sixteen percent increase in homelessness over the past year, last month in an interview with FOX11, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who sits on Governor Gavin Newsom’s Homeless Advisory Council, said, “There’s no question LA is now the model,” for rectifying the crisis, due to the proposed housing units at a $1.2 billion price tag, for an average of over $500,000 a unit.

In Santa Rosa, while walking behind a high school, a woman was attacked by dogs living at a homeless encampment that has existed for five years. She was bitten, pulled down and dragged, which caused tendon, bone and nerve damage resulting in emergency surgery and a three-day hospital stay. This was not the first time the dogs were aggressive: another woman and her husband reported their behavior three months prior, and were told the dogs had bitten people in the past, and a police officer was sent out to ask them to leave.

A male transient in North Sacramento threatened to kill a man with a hatchet, and when police officers made contact, the suspect threw a large rock at one officer, injuring him, and fled. When they caught up to him, he was still uncooperative even when they discharged a conductive energy device (CED). A struggle ensued and the transient’s dog began biting one of the officers, forcing him to shoot and kill the dog.

And earlier that day in downtown Sacramento, a transient punched a woman in the face in an attempt to take her purse. A Good Samaritan intervened and detained the suspect until police arrived. The day before, a man was shot and killed at a homeless encampment in the backyard of a residence in the suburb of Rancho Cordova that had existed for at least a year.

Homelessness jumped nineteen percent over the past two years in Sacramento County, and Mayor Steinberg, who also sits on the Governor’s Homeless Advisory Council, said last month in a video on his website that the city isn’t keeping up with the demand of affordable housing. He explained the cost averages $300,000 – $400,000 per unit and wants to build a $100 million housing trust fund.

Governor Gavin Newsom announced this month $650 million in emergency homeless aid, but despite the growing crisis, drug addiction and mental illness is a footnote, if that, in the never-ending cost to solve homelessness with no solid plan in sight.

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7 thoughts on “Homeless-related Violence Continues as More Money is Thrown at Housing

  1. Mayor of Los Angeles is going to spend $500,000 for housing units for the 60 thousand homeless which will be 30 billion $ for Angelenos. The news will spread far and wide and another 60 thousand will be on the streets. Anyway the city is near bankrupt as well as the state and President Trump is not going to support such corrupt State and City leaders.
    Also many good citizens getting by renting an apartment and taking care of themselves might like to get in line for a $500,000 condo in LA.

    1. Watch: The plan to save the World remastered Watch: 4 Corrupt families of California Interesting Gavin Newsom is Nancy Pelosi nephew. Many years Pelosi, Feinstein, Newsom, Brown , same blood line or inter marry interesting why 42 out of 43 past presidents have the same blood line. Just how do you think these crooks got elected. Trump was not supposed to be elected the crooks were to have Hillary elected
      On the internet, ask who are the 13 families that CONTROL THE WORLD, who are the main persons who Control The World. There are many Corporations, but the main 5 Corporations own all Corporations.
      Banks, Schools, Big Pharma, EVERYTHING. Global Warming is a FAKE, research Scientist that is not controlled. You tube and the internet has a wealth of information, Government Web site, search Weather Warfare, used in Vietnam to create tsunami , China used it for the games, no rain. Geoengineeringwatch.org, Debra Taveras stop the Crime.net. Haarp thru out the World, used to create heated atmosphere, the strange Weather ,etc. We need to get the Democrats out of office, remove all the corrupted officials. Vote all republican make your voice heard.

  2. Hi Ramona,
    Thank you for keeping it real. It is total mayhem in each city and suburb in California. This is not the exception, it is the reality. Yet, in my city of Fremont Ca, citizens who speak to this are labeled as uncaring. We are told that we mischaracterize the chronically homeless. Just give them a home and it will all be good! I have no words anymore, just an overwhelming since of hopelessness for all concerned!

  3. $500,000 for a shipping. container “home”.
    And every politician in the state continues to paint the problem as a housing issue, not a drug/ mental health issue.
    The problem will never be fixed, just another rat hole our tax dollars are poured into.

    1. We need Mental hospitals and Drug rehab centers, and if homeless is due to lack of funds help. How about a go fund me, to purchase land, hopefully someone would donate time from their business to create sewer system, water, streets, tiny houses an medical care if needed. Just a thought. We have a wealth in America we should use it. Homeless is done on purpose by Greed and control, California is two Trillion in debt where is money , we should ask the Pelosi blood line. Obama and George Soros advertised using tax payer money come to America everything is free and even attorney to fight deportation. Free while we have homeless in the streets??? We cannot afford to help our own?? We now have more registered voters then population.

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