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Governor Gavin Newsom "Vax for the Win" lottery drawing. (Photo: gov.ca.gov)

I Recall Because I Remember!

Do you remember when California was thriving and vital?

By Andy Caldwell, July 23, 2021 8:04 am

Gavin Newsom is facing a recall on Sept. 14.  It couldn’t happen to a more fitting career politician.  To be fair, he is just one in a long line of politicians who has so failed the State of California that it is now a failed state.  Accordingly, I would ask everyone who reads this piece to send it to others to help emphasize our dire situation.  I will state a fact and it is up to you to sound the refrain and the pledge “I do recall” (Gavin Newsom)!

Do you remember when California was known as the Golden State, but now it has the highest poverty rates in the country?  I do recall!

Do you remember when we had ample water supplies for farmers and urbanites, whereas now, all of us are subject to rationing?  I do recall!

Do you remember when California had the best schools in the nation, whereas now, we have nearly the worst out of all 50 states?  I do recall!

Do you remember when California had the best roads and best freeway system in the country, but now our roads are falling apart and our undersized freeways are in a constant state of gridlock.  I do recall!

Do you remember when California had the most wealth of any state in the nation, but now we have over $1 trillion in debt and deficits and no means to repay the same?  I do recall!

Do you remember when California had the most beautiful parks, beaches, and downtown communities that have since been overrun, degraded and defiled by more than 100,000 homeless people living in squatter settlements?  I do recall!

Do you remember living in safe neighborhoods and communities, whereas now California is in the final phases of releasing 75% of the felons in our state prisons, including more than 20,000 people who were sentenced to life in prison?  I do recall!

Do you remember when California had the best-paying jobs in manufacturing, industry, aerospace, and the energy sector, whereas now, those jobs were forced to leave because of regulations and taxes to places like Texas or even worse, China?  I do recall!

Do you remember when California had affordable housing to either purchase or rent, but now we have the least affordable housing in the nation, due to overwrought land-use restrictions, fees, and regulations?  I do recall!

Do you remember when California had affordable and abundant electricity supplies and we were not subject to regularly occurring blackouts, brownouts, and flex alerts?  I do recall!

Do you remember when gasoline was affordable in California, not like today when it costs upwards of 40% more than the rest of the country?   I do recall!

Do you remember when forest fire conflagrations were rare in California, whereas now, due to the overwrought protection of forest fuel loads, including dead trees and brush, a significant portion of the state is on fire each and every year, killing people, destroying property, and decimating our wildlife?  I do recall!

Do you remember when all businesses were considered essential, when church attendance was promoted while going to strip clubs was frowned upon, when outdoor activities and exercise were considered essential to healthy living via a robust immune system, and when our elected politicians themselves followed the mandates they imposed on the people?  I do remember.  And, that is why I am urging you to recall Gavin Newsom by voting yes on Sept 14!

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11 thoughts on “I Recall Because I Remember!

  1. At least this time with Mr Elder we will not get fooled by a RINO “Total Recall” like the last time.

    1. Assuming that the voting system issues that plagued the nation (and California, for the last two decades or so) are not allowed to be exploited for nefarious reasons…

      Our state is run by the most corrupt politicians in the nation….mostly out of San Franfreakshow….but the SoCal MEChA crew are now also starting to make a name for themselves with self-serving legislation….

  2. Amen! Your report should make liberals disgusted with their Democrat elect. I’m all in for the recall of this clown we sadly call our Governor.

    I will not forget the destruction that Newsom helped create beginning with his time as Mayor in San Francisco.
    Career Politician = Narcissistic Destoyer

    1. I consider that good news Raymond. Every time she opens her mouth something stupid comes out and her foot goes in. I truly think she is not an asset for Gavin. Will be fun to watch, for sure.

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