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Is a Red Wave Coming to California in November?

‘2022 is an opportunity for conservative and common sense voters’

By Katy Grimes, October 24, 2022 2:45 am

Only 417,321 California Democrats have turned in their ballot thus far in this 2022 Midterm Election.

For perspective, last year, only 18 days before Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Recall Election, 2,001,844 Democrat voters had already turned in their ballot.

This is a 79.2% reduction in turnout. What’s most interesting is that Democrats always control the early vote, which is why they have pushed and implemented a month of early voting ahead of Election Day across the country.

What is telling is that much of the media is refusing to cover the issues most important to California voters – escalating crime, inflation and the plunging economy, public education, high energy costs – and they aren’t covering the governor’s race between Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom and challenger Republican Sen. Brian Dahle, or even the U.S. Senate race between Democrat Sen. Alex Padilla and challenger Republican Mark Meuser.

The November 2022 election is an opportunity for the common sense voter to have an impact on future elections by sending a message to establishment politicians, but only if you vote, says Mary Meuser. “You have a cell phone – in it are the names of 100 friends and California voters. Every night text 10 of them, and offer to help them vote. Make sure they vote,” Meuser said. “On Election Day, send a message again to your contacts – “Have you voted yet?”

“2022 is an opportunity for conservative and common sense voters and leadership.”

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15 thoughts on “Is a Red Wave Coming to California in November?

  1. California’s Republican “party” leadership are lazy and uninterested! Sen Dahle has raised less than $1M – all in small donations – nothing from the elite “grand ol’ party”. Sadly, the debate was typical of leftist media and Brian Dahle ended up debating the moderators as much as debating Newsom, and smarmy Gavin was prepared, as always.
    Until California gets rid of the “jungle primary” and unless Republican leadership drops the snobby elitist attitude this state is doomed to ruin by leftist Democrat policies.
    Kevin McCarthy needs to pay more attention to California and less attention to DC politics.

  2. This was a real shot in the arm first thing Monday morning. Thank you, Katy. I was actually wondering about this (early Dem voting) and had talked to my husband about it yesterday but didn’t have the numbers to confirm that something positive was happening in CA too.

  3. That is so weird Mark Meuser said there were just over 400,000 votes turned in. I could have sworn I heard, via a facebook vlog, the head proponent of Rebuild California say it was just over 700,000 votes turned in. This really put me in a quandry because I thought to myself did I mishear him speak. What the heck is going on? Unfortunately for me, I am an election denier. I think along the lines of Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy, that these voting machines flip votes. So I am heeding his advice and going to vote on election day and I am encouraging every Republican I know to vote then too so we can overwhelm the machines algorithims to where it can’t keep flipping votes. This is just me.

  4. 1st QUESTION: If you were going to pay off one NFL player to throw a game, which player would you choose?, Not the QB.
    2nd QUESTION: If you were going to pay off an election official(s) to throw an election which official would you choose. Not your opponent.
    Apart from the Bee, the Times, and the Networks where and to whom is that enormous campaign war chest distributed to?
    I would love to share your optimism, but this ship of state will not change course on just one election cycle, it will take several.

  5. As much as I would like to hope that California will return to political sanity I’m afraid that isn’t possible in the foreseeable future. The majority of elected officials in this state are wholly owned toadies of the public employee unions. There is no mechanism to undue that stranglehold and consequently there will be no change.

  6. I agree with Michele1L that the Californian Republican party does not seem a bit interested in getting the vote out, so it comes down to us, to speak with family and friends and direct them to publications such as the California Globe.

    Arizona’s Kari Lake is showing Republican candidates how to run a campaign in an era where you have to run against your opponent and the left wing controlled media, that dominates the narrative. Kari Lake is taking back shutting down the narrative.
    I share Michelle’s observation of the KQED debate. Dahle had to debate the moderators as well as Newsom.
    Newsom came off as an angry guy spouting, tired world salads, “end stop, period!” Newsom did himself no favors in his response to high gas prices by solely blaming the oil companies, he had no coherent retort for the lower gas prices (2.50) in our neighboring state of Nevada.

    I found the debate left voters in neutral position.
    If voters outside of the tech bubble just base their vote with how current policies have affected them personally then they will vote for change and elect Dahle.

    I will welcome the Red Wave.

    1. Agree, Cali Girl! I thought it was especially rich that moderators asked each candidate to name a mistake they had made, did they then admit they were wrong, and what did they do to rectify the mistake. Newsom said his (sob story) dyslexia made him slower to learn, which was a mistake (huh?). This is why he doesn’t like bullies (oh, brother, look in the mirror, Gav! – but he means Repubs of course). Interesting pick for “a mistake,” and the story was beyond-convoluted. Then he proceeded to bully Sen Dahle! Well, he tried, but didn’t succeed. Just.Amazing. Can a person blame their narcissistic personality disorder on dyslexia? That’s a new one. Dahle answered the question like a normal person with a conscience would.
      Follow the Brian Dahle for Governor California Road Trip. Today in Chico, Rocklin, Hilmar. Tomorrow Visalia, etc. The timing is good because (you’ll be glad to know) this will be a Get Out the Vote effort, too. And a voter registration effort. Read the comments if you’d like a boost.

      1. ShowandTell those are great examples of Newsom playing to his base. He cannot even be retrospective on his governance. If only he could show some humility as Senator Dahle did! The dude cannot answer honestly! We all make mistakes the tricky part is can you own up to them? Instead Newsom reached deep into the wayback machine! Newsflash Newsom, a learning disability is not a mistake! There is so much cringe in his answer.

        Thank you for posting Brian Dahle’s link to his #DahledrivesCali page.

  7. Good to hear this, and I hope that it continues up until ELECTION DAY, as ELECTION SEASON plays into the Democrat “machine” playbook…
    The Gateway Pundit recently published an expose on the ballot tracking infrastructure that the Demorats use to plan their ballot stuffing activities – if we wait until Election DAY, they’ll have LESS TIME to do their nefarious activities and will be easier to catch as the anomalies will be more evident and time-compressed…

    Another hypothesis I have is that they’re having the REPUBLICAN mail-in ballots printed EVER so slightly out of alignment with the Democrat ballots, thereby kicking them out for “adjudication” by the tabulators, which is a “feature” of the Dominion Voting Systems that corrupt former SOS Alex Padilla signed off on, before he skated to backfill Kackling Kamala’s Senate seat…

    Would be interesting to do a side-by-side comparison of the two ballot layouts…

    VOTE BRIAN DAHLE and straight Republican ticket on November 8 – what else do you have to lose???

    1. Great question @CriticalD!
      I would also ask my fellow California voters, are you better off than 4 years ago?
      Are your children getting a better education than 4 years ago?
      Is there less crime in California compared to 4 years ago?

  8. Not a chance. California has the dirtiest voter rolls in the nation. IOW, populated with dead, moved, ineligible, and fictitious voters.
    Sec of State is a wall of silence about the accuracy of “Last Known Address” voting and accounting for those ballots. What stops ballot harvesters from getting them? (Crickets)

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