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Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. (Photo: LA County Sheriff's Department)

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Announces His Department Will Not Be Enforcing County Vaccine Mandate

Villanueva says that he doesn’t want to lose 10% of his department overnight due to the mandate

By Evan Symon, October 8, 2021 2:01 pm

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva announced during a Q and A session on Thursday that he would not be enforcing upcoming County and City vaccine mandates for his employees.

LA County’s mandate, which stated that all employees must be vaccinated, came into effect October 1st. According to an Executive Order by County Board of Supervisor Chairwoman Hilda Solis, employees had until Friday the 8th to fully comply or face firing unless they were given a religious or medical exemption. Other mandates, including a sweeping LA city mandate that covers businesses and public areas approved Wednesday by the City Council, have only added to the pressure to make sure mandates are fully complied, as they might set a precedent for some not following them and not facing punishment for not complying.

The County October 8th deadline in particular has been challenged, as thousands of employees remain unvaccinated and could lead to some noticeable gaps in services. Lawsuits against the order have also legally threatened it from going into effect.

However, Sheriff Villanueva, who also opposed COVID-19 mask mandates earlier this year, raised the largest challenge to date during his announcement on Tuesday. While he said that his employees are willing to be fired rather than get vaccinated, he also defended them and said that he didn’t want to lose 10% of his department, the rough percentage of the unvaccinated there, overnight. The sheriff also noted the politicization of the order and how it was negatively affecting the department.

“The issue has become so politicized,” said Villanueva during the Q and A session on Thursday. “There are entire groups of employees that are willing to be fired and laid off rather than get vaccinated, so I don’t want to be in a position to lose 5 percent, 10 percent of my workforce overnight on a vaccine mandate.”

Later, Villanueva also stated that, along with the current defunding efforts being leveraged to his department and other law enforcement organizations, that the county mandate was “the worst of two worlds”.

Experts say that a successful challenge by the largest sheriff’s department in the country, which currently has around 18,000 employees, could lead to other departments refusing to comply due to department heads or the public not wanting to see mass layoffs or a disruption of services.

“Think about it. If 10% of sanitation workers were gone, it would start piling up,” said Annie Soto, a COVID-19 law researcher, to the Globe on Friday. “If 10% of County parks workers were gone, they would be in disarray. It’s not paring down to a skeleton crew or anything like that, but the number of unvaccinated is still high enough to hurt. If LA County lets Villanueva slide on this, who knows who may follow. No one wants to lose people over this, even in highly vaccinated California.”

“This may encourage other’s not to comply a well. The Board of Supervisors said this is a health issue, but now they are firing back that losing a lot of people is a public safety issue.”

The LA County Board of Supervisors has yet to respond to Villanueva’s comments, nor has Villanueva given additional information on the non-compliance as of Friday.

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Evan Symon
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10 thoughts on “LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva Announces His Department Will Not Be Enforcing County Vaccine Mandate

  1. God BLESS and THANK YOU, Sheriff Villanueva!!!

    Finally, someone is standing up to these medical tyrannists who are leveraging the fears they’ve promulgated for the last 18 months to chip away at people’s basic freedoms and liberty over their lives….

  2. One to watch…. Americas Frontline Doctors – AFLDS Filed A Complaint Against Kaiser Permanente in US District Court on behalf of 4,000 Kaiser employees, regarding vaccine mandate.

    1. Let’s REMEMBER that a MANDATE is N????T a LAW, but merely a word that generates importance as a necessity. Therefore, if you are N????T adhering to a MANDATE you are
      N????T BREAKING A LAW and can N????T be deemed a criminal. Other such words are COMPULSORY, DECREE, MANDATORY, OBEY, ORDINANCE, REQUEST, and REQUIRE‼️

  3. It’s about time someone with authority stands up to the authoritarians. As long as they won’t test for antibodies we can be sure this is nothing more than a power grab. And obviously, they don’t care how much damage they cause when grasping for power.

  4. Home of the free?…my behind. This is like living in 1930s Germany. “Vere are your papers?!” What ever happened to my “my body – my choice”. Common sense has left the building. How does it make sense to force a population to take an experimental, possibly lethal for thousands, injection for a cold virus that has a 99.8% survivability rate? C’mon sheeople, WAKE UP!

  5. Villanueve has done some good things but he is still a diehard democrat. He keeps telling us how bad crime is but he won’t issue Concealed Carry Permits to law abiding citizens unless the can show “cause” or a special reason to get a permit. Out of control rampant crime is “cause” enough. Issue CCP to anyone who applies and qualifies…. When seconds count police/sheriffs may not show up at all….

  6. As of 10/11 There is NO written Federal Vaccine Mandate
    As of 10/11 There is NO OSHA Vaccine Rule
    There is only a ‘Press Release’ that has established all the hoopla!
    Where is the ‘SCIENCE’ to support Gavin Newsom’s Vaccine Mandate? Because frankly, the only thing there seems to be an extraordinary amount of is breakthrough covid; deaths; and adverse injuries, including myocarditis, bells palsy, cancer, neurological problems, blood clots, from mRNA gene therapies (not vaccines)…. stopworldcontrol.com; Stew Peters videos; Dr Bryan Ardis; Dr. David Martin; Dr. Malone; Tom Renz atty for Frontline Doctors, etc….. There is currently NO FDA approved ‘vaccine’

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