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Nury Martinez. (Photo: nury-martinez.com)

Leaked Audio: Latino LA City Council Members Martinez, Cedillo, de León Make Racist Remarks, Mock Council Colleagues

With Democrats running everything, they are now attacking each other

By Katy Grimes, October 9, 2022 9:54 pm

Three Latino members of the Los Angeles City Council and a labor official held a conversation in October 2021 that included racist remarks, derisive statements about their colleagues, the Daily Mail reported. LA Council President Nury Martinez is recorded saying that (white councilman) Mike Bonin handled his young Black son as though he were an “accessory.”

The Los Angeles Times broke the story, but because it is behind a paywall, not many can access it.

The recording was of LA Council President Nury Martinez, council members Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León, as well as Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President Ron Herrera. The three council members are under pressure to resign.

“De León seemed to agree with his colleague’s comments, as he compared Bonin bringing his kid around LA to ‘when Nury brings her little yard bag or the Louis Vuitton bag,’ according to the leaked audio,” the Daily Mail reported.

“Further into the dialogue, Martinez described the minor as ‘su negrito’, a derogatory expression in Spanish for a black person, and ‘ese changuito,’ which translates to ‘that little monkey.'”

“’F— that guy,’ Martinez said, followed by something inaudible. ‘He’s with the Blacks,’” SF Gate reported Council President Nury Martinez discussing Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón.

It was only a matter of time. With California’s Supermajority of Democrats running everything in the state and California’s largest cities, they are now attacking each other. It was bound to happen. They pretend they don’t notice or care about obvious differences in people, but they focus on them more than those they routinely accuse of racism.

Nury Martinez has been caught speaking like an intolerant prejudiced political elitist. Former Assemblyman Gil Cedillo, the same. The buffoonish former Assemblyman and Senator Kevin de León has his own race issues; his real name is Kevin Alexander Leon. He changed it to “de León.”

This is textbook identity politics run amok.

When voters reward politicians for phony gestures of identity, it just promulgates leaders to be race-obsessed meanies, a learned colleague observed.

Case-in-point: isn’t it interesting the strange coincidence of other phony Democrat politicians making up identity-political names — Bill DeBlasio (born Warren Wilhelm Jr.), Beto O’Rourke (born Robert Francis O’Rourke). State Senator Kevin de León (born Kevin Alexander). Former Assemblyman and LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (born Tony Villar).

SF Gate reported the labor union went after the Los Angeles Times for daring to report the story. “Julie Gutman Dickinson, a lawyer representing the L.A. County Federation of Labor, sent a letter saying the conversation was ‘recorded in violation of California’s privacy and recording laws on LA County Federation of Labor property.’ If The Times published information from it, ‘it is condoning this illegal conduct,’ she added.”

Daily Mail reported that Bonin told the LA Times he felt ‘disgusted and angry and heartsick’ by the leaked audio.”‘It’s fair game to attack me but my son?’ he added, calling for the resignation of all three city Latino council members. ‘You have to be pretty petty and insecure and venomous to attack a child. He wasn’t even 3 years old.”

“‘Other than that, I’m speechless.'”

Knock LA posted this:

Later in the evening Sunday, three other LA council members — Mike Bonin, Paul Koretz and Nithya Raman — called for Council President Nury Martinez to resign.

Notably, Twitter people asked why Kevin De Leon, Gil Cedillo and the labor leader weren’t also on the hook for participating in the conversation?

Indeed. This audio recording of indefensible language toward colleagues and children should not be swept under the rug.

They are now saying the quiet parts aloud.

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26 thoughts on “Leaked Audio: Latino LA City Council Members Martinez, Cedillo, de León Make Racist Remarks, Mock Council Colleagues

  1. This is so great because it EXPOSES them. Just listen to that Nury Martinez! And Kevin de Leon! And the labor guy Herrera! Wow. How crude and nasty and disgusting these people are, and racist beyond belief, for sure. Even worse from the citizens of L.A.’s point of view is how, in their “redistricting” discussion, they think they can maneuver ALL of it to their advantage. Heck with the voters! Oh man, they are so screwed that this audio has surfaced.

    1. P.S. When you’re talking about members of L.A. City Council, who even knows where to begin? They’re 90% AWFUL. Really bad news. Aside from the usual suspects discussed above, fairly new Councilwoman Nithya Raman has already been the subject of a recall attempt for being COMPLETELY unresponsive to her district’s many problems, including dangerous drug-addled (and armed?) vagrants in a growing tent encampment next to an elementary school. Incoming councilwoman Eunisses Hernandez was elected outright in the June primary (beating Gil Cedillo). She is a full-blown radical who calls herself an “abolitionist,” meaning she doesn’t just want to DEFUND the police, she wants to ABOLISH the police, and has a list of dozens of other acts of ‘deconstruction.’ The “Mark” referred to by Pres. Nury M. and the Gang in their explosive audio above is former L.A. County Supervisor, now L.A. City Councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas, a truly odious character who was indicted last year on federal corruption charges, and (I think) still sits on the council. Just the tip of the iceberg of L.A. City Council.
      Unfortunately some council candidates on November’s ballot sound like they might be even worse than the current crop, which is really saying something. Listen to Randy Wang KABC-AM 790 “Meet the Candidates” show for the eye-popping lowdown to see how, as bad as council is now, it could be even worse, as crazy as that sounds. L.A. voters will definitely want to hear this rundown before voting:

  2. Surprise surprise… NOT! Identity politics breeds identity politics, disgustingly predictable. I’m listening to Ward Connerly right now on the radio, what a fine man he is indeed

  3. Democrats, Democrats! The party of racism!! The Democrat Party that created Jim Crow, the KKK, segregation, affirmative action, and racial quotas! The party of known racists like Robert Byrd, George Wallace, Joe Biden, Franklin Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson. We are seeing Democrat racism on display with the LA City Council! Once a racist party always a racist party the Democrats are! When people vote for Democrats they are voting for racists!! Next month vote against racism by voting against Democrats! Don’t vote for independents because that is a vote for the racist Democrats! We have to vote GOP even if they are RINOS, just hold your nose when you do!

  4. Half-hearted apology won’t cut it, the people are at her home this morning calling for her resignation! dailymail.co.uk

  5. When we see the council skunks (e.g. Mike Bonin, Eunisses Hernandez, and others) who are yelling the loudest for resignations it looks, of course, like a righteous calling for these horrible council members’ heads, but I think we need to find out who recorded this last year and why, and why it is appearing now, just as ballots land in mailboxes. Clearly these usual council suspects always think and talk this way when they think no one is looking or listening. But in light of an attempt to make L.A. City Council full-on Ultra-Marxist-majority this year I worry that whoever is behind such an attempt have released this admittedly very-explosive audio will be able to scamper away during the hoopla and outrage over this. We need to find out whose fingerprints are on this audio bombshell.

  6. Will they be investigated by the Feds for their inappropriate language and opinions? Not likely because they are not patriotic Americans.
    Also, please start electing people not based on race or sexuality but by those who understand the constitution and will govern on the oath they took as an AMERICAN.
    Divisive identity politics create a divisive tribal country!

    1. Raymond, my understading is that Nury Martinez resigned her post as PRESIDENT of L.A. City Council but has not (yet) resigned as a council member. Of course in the five minutes since I last checked, even THAT may have changed. Sigh

      1. Martinez along with her fellow council racists will be out at, or before, the next election cycle. Just like the SF School Board members who were ousted. They ALWAYS try to hang on until the bitter end.

  7. The worst of the L.A. City Council members may be trying to use this incident to usher in members who are WORSE, as hard as it is to believe. Whoever takes Martinez’ place may be able to APPOINT others. Who are WORSE. Just wanted to reiterate that. So beware….
    By the way, FLASHBACK to 2017 when (then-Senator) Kevin De Leon was the keynote speaker at a so-called “Brown Power” summit (!!!) that occurred on May 2017 “labor day” whose purpose was discussion of “taking back” the entire southwest and “returning” it to Mexico, entirely erase borders, so put that in your pipe and smoke it. We know where De Leon and his power-mongering friends stand, where they have always stood, who has to be swept out of the way, and what their goals have been all along. Just look where we are now re the border compared to five years ago. This event was pretty jaw-dropping, but for some reason did not receive much publicity:
    “Kevin de Leon caught participating in “Brown Power” Summit at UC Riverside” (May 2017)

  8. It is amazing to see Republicans commenting about racism. This council member will find a comfortable home in today’s Republican party. In the past it was the Democratic party that embraced racism. We need to remember what party fought the battles including the civil rights act of 1965 and continues to fight Republicans and the supreme court to strengthen those rights and the right to vote. The Republican party is led by open racists and do everything they can to ensure, with redistricting, that the votes of minorities are blended with districts where the white vote badly outnumbers the minority votes that were moved from other districts where they were winning elections. Now those districts are either Republican districts or have been dissolved. Remember Donald Trump throwing paper towels to Puerto Ricans and refused to give needed assistance? Now the governor of Florida no longer hates the migrants and wants them to come to Florida to help rebuild his state. He said he wanted to help them and shipped them to an Island which is a playground for the rich. No opportunities for them at all. But those rich people fed them and provided for them and made sure they got on the mainland where there were opportunities. If you claim you want to help them, why not Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma? Why send them to Washington D.C. and New York City and Chicago. Why not ask them what kind of work are you looking for and send them to those areas that have those needs? ?

    1. A simple search refutes your claim the former President refused assistance to Puerto Rico.
      He actually was well received by the Puerto Rican citizens in that room where he was tossing supplies to. That is another example of a situation being distorted to push a narrative of Trump being a racist.
      Also to simply state Republicans are currently the real racists, ignores documented history. Unfortunately there are racists lurking in every segment of society as evidenced on the LA city council.

    2. Lavelle, I am a former Democrat and a former Republican. I am now an Independent. The Democrats are and still a racist party as is the proof of the LA City Council and your president joe biden. joe biden, hillary clinton , bill clinton, and even george mcgovern praised and aligned themselves with racists and segregationists like george wallace and robert byrd ( who was a member and Grand Dragon with the KKK). hillary clinton even made a Youtube video where she said robert byrd was her mentor after his death. joe biden spoke highly of robert byrd at his funeral. Can you name one KKK member that Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis has had an association with?

    3. Lavelle, one thing I neglected to mention is the Civil Rights Act of 1965 was passed because of Republicans in the Senate and House of Representatives voting for it. The Democrats did not support it.

  9. Lavell, your hubris is astounding. How many illegal aliens live with YOU! We have an American homeless explosion. Illegal aliens are knocking on doors and begging for food and water in New York. 5 million (or who knows) new destitute people in less less two years is ok with you? You Obviously have no pride in America or patriotism. Or are just a Communist

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