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Looming Writer’s Strike with Undertones of Woke Agenda Could Spell Disaster for Hollywood

Feigned cries of financial unfairness are not the only gripes of the WGA

By J. Mitchell Sances, April 26, 2023 7:31 am

The Writer’s Guild of America is set to begin another strike if their demands are not met by the end of their contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. This would be the first strike since the one in 2007, but due to unprecedented inflation and a suffering economy, a strike today could spell disaster for Hollywood. Much like the 2007 strike, this strike would be fueled by undertones of woke grievances.

Most of the recent articles and news pieces on the potential strike cite financial reasons as the driving force of their negotiations. Due to the proliferation of streaming services, seasons of shows have become shorter leading to less work and less pay for writers. The WGA also claims that they are not seeing enough income and residuals from the streamed content. “The broad goal of our negotiating committee will be to build on the gains achieved in past contracts, and to ensure that writers receive their fair share of the proceeds generated by the content they create,” Michael Winship, the president of WGA East, reportedly said.

Use of the phrase “fair share” automatically sets off warning sirens. This turn of phrase is a calling card for greedy Marxists and communist sympathizers longing after someone else’s wealth. According to reports in Variety, the median WGA writer’s salary was $260,000 in 2021, and the minimum salary was within the range of approximately $148,000 to $178,000. Comparatively, the median household income in the state of California in 2021 was only $81,000. It is certainly hard to feel sympathy for a profession that makes at minimum almost twice the yearly income of most other Californians.

Of course feigned cries of financial unfairness are not the only gripes of the WGA. They have also loudly decried mergers of media companies for race based reasons. Last year, two powerhouses in the entertainment industry, AT&T WarnerMedia and Discovery, merged forming Warner Brothers Discovery. At the beginning of this month, some influential Democrats in Congress, including not-so-Native-American Senator Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Joaquin Castro, complained to the Justice Department that the merger encouraged “potentially anticompetitive practices.” They further claimed the company was cancelling projects purposefully at the expense of people of color.

The movie Batgirl starring Leslie Grace, an up-and-coming Latina actress in the title role was cancelled just after the merger. This was used as an example of racism despite Warner Brothers Discovery CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels giving a laundry list of financial reasons the film was scrapped.

Just like the race obsessed Democrats in Washington, the WGA has made similar claims about the company. “Warner-Discovery is the latest disastrous merger to demonstrate the harms of consolidation, and particularly the threat to diversity when gatekeepers combine to increase their power,” Laura Blum-Smith, the director of research and public policy of the WGA, wrote in a statement. “Almost immediately after closing, Warner Bros. Discovery broke the hollow promises it had made of merger benefits. As a result, writers – including many women and people of color – have lost opportunities and future income, while consumers are left with reduced variety and choice of content.”

Warner Brothers Discovery is a major player in the contract negotiations between the WGA and Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers. It seems the WGA is holding these media companies hostage in order to push a more woke agenda wrapped around their own greed. If they do not get their way, they will strike, taking down hundreds of other hard working Americans with them. Ironically, many of those laid off as collateral damage in the virtue signaling of the WGA will most likely be people of color who have no dog in this fight.

The guild is nothing more than a fundraising arm of the Democrat party and the progressive left—they are officially a union, after all. If the aforementioned demonization of Warner Brothers Discovery by Democrats in Congress is any indication, leftist politicians will most likely encourage the strike if the woke agenda is not fulfilled, spelling almost certain disaster for their supporters in Hollywood.

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4 thoughts on “Looming Writer’s Strike with Undertones of Woke Agenda Could Spell Disaster for Hollywood

  1. I hate unions and I spent 20 yrs in them. They endorsed all the same rich democrats that the c suites of California love. Feinstein, Pelosi, Boxer, Gavin, Swallwell, Lee, etc. F WGA and F the IAM, and AMFA, and most definitely F the Teamsters!

  2. With all the internet publicity about everyone making mega bucks, people are wondering why they couldn’t just sell their own information!

  3. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. OmG ThOsE MaRxIsTs AnD ThEiR WoKe AgEnDa!!! Does the author ever leave his mom’s basement?

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