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Los Angeles Considers Vaccination Papers To Enter Restaurants, Other Public Areas

LA would become second city in country to require vaccination proof to enter restaurants following New York City

By Evan Symon, August 5, 2021 7:38 pm

The Los Angeles City Council heard a motion on Wednesday that would have many public areas, including indoor restaurants, to require proof of vaccination.

Authored and introduced by Councilwoman Nury Martinez and Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, the motion would require anyone in restaurants, retail establishments, gyms, movie theaters, stadiums, spas, and concert venues to have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. If a person entering does not have a CDC vaccination card, digital proof, or another valid form of vaccination proof, they will not be allowed inside.

Other details unanswered by the motion, such as which businesses would exactly be restricted, if other businesses such as grocery stores could be added in, and what exactly punishment and enforcement would look like would be added during the ordinance drafting by LA city attorneys. However, the motion have the Chief Legislative Analyst work on a strategy of implementation  for the new ordinance, with the City Attorney reporting to the Council on how to get citizen compliance.

An effort to expand vaccination coverage in the city would also come into effect under the motion, with the Community Investment for Families Department to work on vaccination programs and outreach to boost vaccination figures in the city.

Both Martinez and O’Farrell wrote the motion to help combat the growing number of delta variant COVID-19 cases in the city, having been directly inspired by the recently passed New York City ordinance that is similar to their proposal. According to the LA County Department of Public Health, nearly 4,000 new COVID-19 cases were reported on Wednesday. LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer also noted last week that of these new incoming cases, between 91% and 95% have come from those either not fully vaccinated or not vaccinated at all, thus giving more urgency to the motion.

“Enough is enough already,” said Councilwoman Martinez on Wednesday. “Hospital workers are exhausted, moms who have put aside their careers are tired, and our kids cannot afford the loss of another school year. We have three vaccines that work and are readily available, so what’s it going to take?”

In a tweet she added “Today I introduced legislation with Mitch O’ Farrell to require proof of COVID vaccination to enter indoor public spaces throughout the City of LA. So many Angelenos stepped up and did their part. They shouldn’t be penalized with closures by those unwilling to do theirs.”

O’Farrell also released a statement and tweets on Wednesday, reaffirming his stance with Martinez.

“Hard-working Angelenos, their customers and the general public deserve to be safe in public spaces. The vaccines are our most effective form of protection, and the time to act is now,” explained O’Farrell. “Today, Council President Nury and I introduced legislation to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for indoor public settings in Los Angeles.”

Proof of Vaccination motion backlash

Critics of the proposed ordinance lashed back against the plan on Thursday, noting that despite some businesses already requiring vaccination proof, it should remain a decision by the business and not the city, county, or state to decide on.

“A lot of us are still barely hanging on after the lockdowns,” said LA restaurant owner Carlos Paz to the Globe on Thursday. “We need people coming inside, all people.”

“What they are not considering is the people who come to our restaurants in LA. White and Asian groups are a significant part of LA, but for many neighborhoods, it’s almost entirely Latino customers here. And Latinos are really falling behind in vaccinations, we’re way below white and Asian guys. So if they pass this, they are dooming a lot of Latino-run businesses again, which, in LA, is quite a lot of them. And you don’t see a lot of white and Asian people come out to East LA or Boyle Heights to eat, do you?”

“They mean well in protecting people, but they don’t realize the real damage they will do if they pass this. If we enforce it, we lose half our customers. If we don’t, we’re violating the ordinance, and who knows what the fines will be there. The restaurant a few spots down on us is actually starting to figure out which one will cost them less money. It’s like Martinez and O’ Farrell want Latino businesses to fail.”

The motion is due to be voted on as soon as later this month. Should it pass, LA will become the second city to enact such a proof of vaccination measure in the US following New York.

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Evan Symon
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20 thoughts on “Los Angeles Considers Vaccination Papers To Enter Restaurants, Other Public Areas

  1. Those with natural immunity are not allowed in? The healthiest of all people, great antibodies manufactured by your own cells and no red poison vaccine needed but, you can’t go out to eat. What’s next, branding the foreheads!

  2. When you go to these establishments you should be able to choose the type of mask of your choice:
    The Gavin Newsom mask
    The Nancy Pelosi Mask
    The Diane Feinstein Mask
    The London Breed Mask
    The Sam Liccardo Mask
    The John Kerry Mask (who served in Viet Nam)
    And just about any other “mask” from a Democrat puke who violates their own rules!

    1. EXACTLY, Stacy. These people make me sick. They don’t care about what they say they care about.
      And that extremely annoying Nury Martinez thinks she’s going to run for Mayor after Yoga Pants Garcetti takes off for India. HAH! That’s probably what her grandstanding is all about. Aaaaahhh!

    2. No kidding, John! Bunch of phonies..
      And they believe even less in COVID “dangers” than probably anyone else in the entire state

  3. Bible prophecy of mark of the beast, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark…this is how it comes…

  4. Would someone please explain to me, how the hell is this legal??? Our country is turning into Nazi Germany very quickly.

  5. Besides, these council members are nothing but racists. Since blacks and Hispanics are the biggest majority of unvaccinated in the country, these council buffoons are basically telling businesses to discriminate against blacks and Hispanics and keep them from going into restaurants. What’s next? Separate bathrooms and water fountains? Racism is what DemocRATS are fond of. Their party history says it all.

    1. You are absolutely, positively, 100% CORRECT, Abe. The L.A. City Council and its President, Nury Martinez, are racists and segregationists. That is an inarguable fact. They have been pushing vaccine passports and continue to do so. And now the L.A. City Atty, Mike Feuer, is asking the County Board of Supervisors to require vaccine passports to enter indoor venues throughout L.A. County. These are all Democrats (really Marxists), every last one of them, showing their hatred and racism. Glad it is out in the open for all to see.

  6. I have determined I will not be injected with any of the COVID mRNA gene therapy/vaccines. My body, my choice. I am not an “anti-vaxer”. I thoughtfully consider which vaccines I will opt to have injected into my body. I take excellent care of my health to maximize my immune system.
    As you decide what is best for you, please consider reading the below article as part of your own research. Do not be intimidated and bullied by abject politicians and societal lemmings. They cannot be trusted.


  7. Fraud vitiates everything… CDC Rochelle Walensky’s husband (Lytica Therapeutics) rec’d a $16.9mil grant from HHS, $5mil has been dispensed, balance pending results (his? or hers?)
    Show us proof of isolated SARS Covid2 virus, they don’t have it???? See Reiner Fuellmich interview with Dr. David Martin and Dr. Bryan Ardis (Nuremberg 2.0) or Dr. Robert Malone, creator of mRNA

    1. @Marilyn Midura, you speak the truth! Follow the money! Dr. Robert Malone is a significant reason why I will not be injected with any COVID mRNA therapy.

  8. A vaccine, by definition, is something that confers immunity & prevents transmission. These so-called COVID19 experimental mRNA vaccines do not do that by the admission of the CDC. Therefore they are not vaccines – they are just treatments – experimental ones at that. So any employer is in the position of forcing you to undergo treatment for a disease you don’t have. There are also other treatments for COVID suck as Ivermectin, HCQ, Vitamins D, C, and Zinc.

    Can a C.G. investigative reporter post the informed consent form(s) and release of liability form(s) that must be signed by every adult person that wants the experimental mRNA jab from Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen?

  9. Her office says it will read articles you send. So pick your best three, educate her. Send her something. They all do this frankly out of ignorance, as well as fear (of shaming, disease, liability).

    1. that first link truly is a smoking gun that vaccines may worsen your immune system.
      My wife and I both had Covid in January. After, my wife got the vaccine, I don’t want it. Recently, we were both in close contact all day long with a sick relative with covid. My wife (with vaccine) became mildly ill for a few days, I (without vaccine) did not get sick at all.

  10. Go ahead do it I dare you, I will go eat in Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, etc., If you do it countywide, I will go to Ventura county. You are just hurting businesses yet again, you really think restaurants are going to turn away business anyway?

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