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Los Angeles County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer (Photo: Barbara Ferrer Twitter)

Los Angeles County to Mostly Lift Indoor Mask Mandate Beginning on February 25th

‘There’s real worry here, and it isn’t just about health’

By Evan Symon, February 24, 2022 2:28 am

The Los Angeles County Department of Health announced on Wednesday that venues and places of businesses that verify vaccination status would be allowed to have indoor masking on Friday, effectively ending the County-wide mandate for most places.

The county’s order, which comes after only 8 days following the statewide lift of the indoor mask mandate, will apply to businesses that verify that all customers 5 years and older have been fully vaccinated. Once verified, they will not need a mask. However, if not vaccinated, they will need to continue wearing a mask when not actively eating or drinking and must provide proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test.

LA County health officials chose to end the indoor mask mandate on Wednesday largely due to the plummeting number of COVID-19 cases within the County, as well as increased public discontent of the mask mandate staying active in the county, while most other places in the state have dropped the indoor mandate county-wide. Counties that dropped the mandate on the 15th have noted large sales increases in businesses, possibly also fueling LA County’s decision.

“As the county continues to experience reduced COVID-19 spread, it is appropriate to consider fewer required safety measures, noting that vulnerable individuals should continue to layer in all protections possible,” said the L.A. County Department of Public Health in a statement on Wednesday. “Given decreased risk, Public Health is modifying the Health Officer Order to allow establishments, businesses, and venues verifying vaccination status to offer optional masking for fully vaccinated individuals.”

LA County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said, “As transmission drops and there is less virus circulating, some tools may afford significant protections against the very worst risks associated with COVID. Because vaccines are one of these tools, with lower rates of hospital admissions and COVID hospitalizations, it is appropriate in settings verifying vaccination or negative test status, that we transition to strongly recommending masking instead of requiring masking.”

Unvaccinated masking, statewide school masking still in effect for now

With LA County’s mandate now being eroded and changes to the statewide school mask mandate likely to be announced on the 28th, California is quickly removing COVID-19 protections that most other states had removed weeks, months, or in some cases, over a year before it.

“A drastic reduction in COVID cases and deaths has really been the catalyst, but you can’t ignore the growing number of upset people across the state,” said Conner Griffith, a graduate student in New York who is using the comparison of COVID-19 reactions and policies in 5 states through a political for his doctoral thesis, to the Globe on Wednesday. “States like California, Hawaii, and New York have been very hesitant to remove restrictions. They have all been badly hurt by COVID variant outbreaks, and they don’t want to let their guard down again only for it to happen again.”

“So, yes, a natural declination is the excuse given, but it’s really being driven by other factors. In Hawaii, which has always been famous for quarantines and holding up planes on the runway to stop invasive species and diseases to spread, was very much pressured by the tourism industry to reopen the islands and businesses quicker than expected. And in California, a lot of very liberal people have wound up siding with others in demanding the end of mandates or reopening schools, or just generally bringing things back to normal much quicker. And it’s these policies that have, in great part, brought about a rise in recalls and Republicans retaking seats. Both Shasta County and San Francisco just saw successful recalls caused partially by mandates and delayed reopenings.”

“Like other states, many lawmakers are now worried about the political implications for keeping COVID-19 restrictions up for as long as they did, with the thought being that if liberal areas of California are getting rid of those that were for them, how far behind could their own constituents be in that line of thinking. I’ve talked with candidates from Ohio and New Mexico and Minnesota and Maine and they are all worried about this still being a major issue come primary day, or even more critically, in November. San Francisco was a huge wakeup.”

“LA County removing the mandate so quickly after defending it still being in place during the state lifting of it just last week  goes to show you just how fickle they are with this. There’s real worry here, and it isn’t just about health.”

Other mandates, including the statewide school mask mandate, are to be decided on in the coming weeks.

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Evan Symon
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17 thoughts on “Los Angeles County to Mostly Lift Indoor Mask Mandate Beginning on February 25th

  1. Natural and acquired immunity still ignored! They are also ignoring the fact that the vaccinations are not effective. Ignoring studies that showed vaccinated individuals had a higher infection rate than the unvaccinated. This is a continuance of attempted control but it makes them look incompetent and uneducated.

  2. If they try to keep their “mandates” in place, these die-hard leftists will be crushed. Right now they look like the tail trying to wag the elephant in the room. Only the uninformed and blind sheep are willing to follow them to the slaughter house.

  3. L.A. County did not lift the mask mandate. What they did was initiate a Vaccine Passport for access to any public place.

    Gotta show your papers now, guys. Doesn’t sound like anything was *lifted* to me.

  4. Stacy, Raymond, and Johnny Diablo were right on point. Control is what it was about, and that will come back to bite them all in the ass come the next election. My wife and I have spent several hundreds of dollars that L.A. County restaurants DID NOT GET, in neighboring Orange County and Ventura County eating dinner inside restaurants without wearing facial hijabs, with Orange County restaurant employees also having a choice and many going unmasked. And I hope that L.A. County voters realize that having a non-MD health director is asinine and punish those politicians who were responsible.

    1. Small disagree on the non-MD health director. Even an MD health director can be incompetent and disastrous, see Sara Cody. Titles/degrees are not direct indicators of competency, as clearly shown throughout this scamdemic.

      1. Yes you are absolutely right. But the Fake Doctor was never anything but an SJW to begin with, and everybody knew it. It appears she was hired and was paid so much ($550K before benefits) for her sociopathy and ability to lie endlessly. She can’t even get her public health policy right, as you’ve seen. She can’t even get her phony ‘EQUITY’ public health policy right. She is completely useless and damaging. But so have many physicians been back-stabbers, as you note, and the medical establishment is a mess now, a self-inflicted wound and ruination of their reputation that they may never get back. Not everyone, but ENOUGH to make a wreckage of the profession.

  5. From what I’ve seen in L.A. County it seems like it will be ignored. But never mind, the two semi-sane L.A. County Supervisors, Kathryn Barger and Janice Hahn need to be PRESSURED by us to make their voices MUCH LOUDER in opposition to the Fake Doctor Crypt-Keeper. It is completely outrageous that the majority Supes and Fake Dr. Death-Warmed-Over keep singing this song. L.A. County residents, and others too if so inclined, please search online for Barger and Hahn’s websites and call or write and insist that they clarify what’s going on and tell the truth about COVID and all its mandate and other tentacles and lay it all on the line. What do they have to lose at this point? By not being loud, forceful, and completely honest they are further endangering their board seats. They are being very much pressured already but there needs to be more of it. With civility, of course. Our patience is at an end!

  6. It just keeps getting more absurd. Now they’re moving from enforcing completely illegal acts to full-blown discrimination.

  7. “The vaccines remain highly effective at slowing COVID-19 spread and preventing severe illness. ”
    “The vaccine also continues to provide very strong protection against hospitalization and death. ”

    If you repeat the lies enough times, they become accepted as truth…. LA County and especially Barbara “The Crypt Keeper” Ferrer all have their collective heads up their collective sixes….

  8. LA County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer is not a medical doctor and she should not be in the position that she holds? She should resign? Maybe she should seek a career in LA’s entertainment industry? She’s has the looks and the temperment to play a ghoulish villian?

    1. Agree across the board, Samantha!!! She’s a complete joke, as is all of LA County’s response to the World Economic Foundation plandemic….

      1. YES, Samantha! Oh how I wish that would happen. The resignation and the new career choice. The lead role in another remake of “Nosferatu” would work just fine. 🙂

  9. No changes in LA since the start of this b.s.

    And repeating what Stacy said above.

    Natural and acquired immunity still ignored! They are also ignoring the fact that the vaccinations are not effective. Ignoring studies that showed vaccinated individuals had a higher infection rate than the unvaccinated. This is a continuance of attempted control but it makes them look incompetent and uneducated.

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