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Nancy Pelosi at the swearing-in ceremony for Lt. Gov. Eleni T. Kounalakis, January 7, 2019. (Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Nancy Pelosi’s Communist Tribute

San Francisco Democrat celebrated the Stalinist Harry Bridges in the Congressional Record

By Lloyd Billingsley, September 29, 2019 8:48 am

As Katy Grimes reports, Los Angeles Democrat Wendy Carillo has posted photos of herself on Twitter celebrating the Communist People’s Republic of China, which turns 70 on October 1. Nearly twenty years ago, San Francisco Rep. Nancy Pelosi led the way with a tribute to a Communist on the home front.

During the 1940s, Grigory Kheifetz was Josef Stalin’s intelligence Rezident in San Francisco. Kheifetz worked closely with Harry Bridges, a Stalinist and Soviet agent who headed the International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union, and followed every twist and turn of the Communist Party line.

In  2001, on the 100th anniversary of Bridges’ birth, San Francisco Democrat Nancy Pelosi wrote in the Congressional Record: “Harry Bridges was arguably the most significant labor leader of the twentieth century.” Bridges was “beloved by the workers of this nation, and recognized as one of the most important labor leaders in the world” and his International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union was “the most progressive union of the time.”

Some six years later, this came to the attention of Joshua Muravchik, a former leader of Young People’s Socialist League. In a Weekly Standard piece headlined “Pelosi’s Favorite Stalinist,” Muravchik noted that Bridges was “an Australian immigrant and devoted Communist” both the Roosevelt and Truman administrations tried to deport because he had lied about his Communist affiliation.

“So loyal was Bridges to Moscow,” Muravchik wrote, “that during the period of the Stalin-Hitler pact, he opposed the (1940) reelection of labor hero FDR, because Roosevelt was aligning the United States with Britain against Germany, and the ILWU printed antiwar pamphlets proclaiming ‘The Yanks Are NOT Coming.’ As soon as Hitler’s forces invaded the Soviet Union, Bridges did a 180-degree about-face on the war.”

Bridges and his union “took transparently pro-Communist stances” while denying Communist affiliation. “Only after the fall of the USSR, and the opening of Soviet archives,” Muravchik wrote, “did the truth emerge that Bridges had been not merely in the party but a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party USA, a position for which the documents show he was directly approved by the Kremlin.”

A full nine years after this revelation, Pelosi delivered her worshipful tribute to the Stalinist labor boss. As Muravchik noted, she visited ILWU headquarters and praised “another prominent Bay Area Stalin fan, Vivian Hallinan, whose husband was Bridges’ lawyer and the 1952 candidate for president of the Communist-front Progressive party.”

If the future House Speaker had any second thoughts about this Communist tribute they have not emerged. For her part, Wendy Carillo might have added praise for a Communist in her native El Salvador.

That would be Farabundo Marti, head of the Salvadoran Communist Party, after whom the Communist, pro-Soviet Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional is named. In the 1980s, the FMLN mounted a murderous “final offensive” against the Salvadoran government, backed by the United States.

On February 3, 2019, Nayib Bukele of the Grand Alliance of National Unity (GANA) party, won El Salvador’s presidential election. Bukele defeated Hugo Mártinez, a former foreign minister of the FMLN. Bukele’s election ended 10 years of FMLN government.

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11 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi’s Communist Tribute

  1. Thanks for highlighting & confirming what we’ve long suspected, that “San Fran Nan” & all the other turd legislators out of San Franfreakshow are all Socialists…
    Including her dimwitted nephew, Gavin “The Joker” Newsom….
    Recall Newsom now….

    1. Good observation! I escaped the beautiful Commie government in Cuba when I was 8 and have lived in America since. There’s one good thing about these radical left wing loons : It’s Great Material!!! I have at least three low budget films planned: 1. “Attack of the Giant Pelosi”. About an alien being, half praying mantis, half cockroach that wants to take over humans. ‘The Adventures Of Stuporman” about Joe Biden. 3.”The Great Cuomo” About a mixed up magician who makes New York vanish . Call me (407) 579-6063. Oz . ps I don’t text.

    1. We didn’t elect her. They had been using the CIA’s Hammer to rig the elections they’ve been using it for decades until China on September 15th 2020 bought the controlling shares of Dominion. The covid was a psyop it was used for two reasons.
      1. They tried to make the mail in voting Nationwide didn’t quite work but they still used it as a way to use fake absentee ballots.
      2. They’re objective is with the lockdowns and everything else to destroy all small businesses so that the unemployment needs everyone dependent on government for money.
      China has bought up most of our farmland which used to be illegal until Obama and they’ve also bought up the mainstream media Hollywood radio stations Etc which used to be illegal for foreign countries to own our airways but again Obama change that. It used to be illegal for foreign countries to own our ports again Obama Hillary Feinstein they all change that and gave China Oakland port and Long Beach which they’ve been using those porch to traffic in children Human trafficking they bring their drugs in that way and that billion dollars that Gavin use some gave them for face masks b******* China traffic in $1 billion worth of automatic weapons that are being stored under the Sacramento Capitol building that they built a storage facility under the building to hold to store them they plan on giving those weapons to BLM and antifa to attack us with.
      Back to the subject at hand.
      They have been forcing ranchers to euthanize their stuff their cattle chickens China owns most of the pig farms and they’re making farmers destroy their crops so that they can force a food shortage.
      The big reset it’s that they can take strip us of our own ship of our land our homes our cars our clothing they want to strip us of our right to private property we will not own anything not even the toothbrush we used to brush our teeth.
      They’re going to take him control of all water energy food money in doing so they will control every move we make if we don’t behave we don’t get money or food if we use too much electricity with all these new appliances the SDG&E and all these other electric companies go in and replace for you they’re hooked to the smart meters that are on the side of your home if we overuse the electricity they can shut you off and the appliances each and every one of them individually. This has been in the works for many many years in fact George Bush was the first one to introduce it to his and I’m a conservative introduced to us the New World Order in his speech Google it you’ll find it. And then of course it went on to Jimmy Carter Bill Clinton and Obama also spoke of the New World Order.
      The New World Order is the United Nations satanic One World Government New World Order.
      The covid is a sham and they’ve shown just how much they can control us by us every lasting one of us lining up like ducks in a row putting masks on our face step staying 6 ft apart from each other and that’s to keep us divided the lockdown is also serve a secondv purpose and that was to keep us from getting together and discussing all the things that were happening on this planet they want us completely oblivious to what they’re doing to us.
      Trump knows what their plan was he hobnob with him for decades he has did JFK who they assassinated because he had stated he was going to expose and disband the New World Order Eisenhower warned us about it in his farewell speech JFK told us about it in his speeches. Bush Senior was I believe head of CIA at that time he might not been head but he was one of the top dogs was part of the team that assassinated JFK.
      These sick twisted sobs are all pedophiles not only do they traffic children but they rape torture and sacrifice them to Satan they also tortured them to get their adrenaline up then they drain their blood and make a drain of chrome from it which is how all these people stay looking so young but it gives them an incredible High they are sick twisted individuals and what they do to children I didn’t think humans were capable of. To be honest with you I don’t think they are human.
      These people have been lining their pockets by way of robbing us of our tax dollars for an aid actually gets laundered and sent back and lines their bank accounts. They still all of our tax dollars then they say they have to take out loans to cover expenses because there’s no money to pay so who do they borrow from China. 2008 Obama and Hillary Clinton signed over California and Hawaii to China as collateral.
      Thing is that they didn’t just sign over the land they signed over each and every person residing on that land and their children and their children’s children and their……
      Our government and it’s both sides of the aisle, Mitt Romney just want to slap him upside the head. All but I slept a few are treasonous traitors the enemy of the people.
      With China owning the MSM their handed scripts on a daily basis and told what you say who to attack and as Nancy Pelosi’s little wrap-up smear they do it they’ve been doing it to Donald Trump since the day he came down the escalator
      The fake dossier Mueller Comey Brennan Strzok Clapper Shifty Schitt Pelosi Hillary Clinton Obama which is not his real name by the way & the DNC paid for it and they colluded with DOJ FBI CIA Fusion GPS a Russian spy and the Ukraine to frame Donald J Trump.
      Mute the user investigation wasn’t that they were investigating a crime they were digging to find a crime they could charge him with they never found one.
      They destroyed so many lives trying to get people to flip and lie about Trump they couldn’t find anyone except for that slimy little lawyer of his but see they threatened his wife and they threatened that they would take his kids and put them into the system trafficking system.
      General Flynn knows where all the bodies are buried so immediately they went after him and they threatened his son with a life sentence his every one of his family they threatened to destroy their lives they forced him to give a guilty plea for lying to Congress. which he did not do in fact these 302 states that the FBI didn’t think he had lied.
      My point to all of this is that we are in trouble we are in deep doodoo the purposely caused the divide in our country because together united we stand divided we’re weak we fall.
      The racism and all of it is was used since the beginning of Obama’s fake presidency cuz he wasn’t born in the United States not a qualified candidate not a legitimate presidency.

      If we cannot come together as a country put aside all of this petty b******* that they have literally MK old tread every one of us for decades they’ve been plotting this and we’ve been asleep they use subliminal messages because Obama removed the law restricting subliminal messages and he also removed the law of propaganda that new stations and are politicians couldn’t lie to us oh no no no no he removed that they were they have been using subliminal messages and lying to us since Obama’s first day in office.
      Obama and Hillary had a 16-year plan if Hillary would have won the election we would today be under control of the CCP.

      Trust me this could very well cost me everything to post this but someone’s got to do it someone needs to alert our countrymen and women of what we are facing because if they are allowed to continue this facade of president-elect Biden who by the way is suffering from Alzheimer’s anyone with any amount of sanity could see that he’s not going to be the president he’s just a puppet in his six rallies that he had they had to pay people to go and sit in those little tiny circles that were what 15-20 ft apart.
      Trump did three to six rallies a day and the turnout was anywhere between 30,000 and 100,000 with 15- 25% of the attendees being Democrats running away from the party.
      Gavin Newsom didn’t win the election in 2018 John Cox did and I’ve got a picture of the final tally from the CNN News where it shows that Gavin Newsom had 47.3% of the vote John Cox had 52.7% of the vote and they called called it stating Gavin was governor-elect but he wasn’t the elected candidate they lied.
      Just like they’re lying now if we don’t stop them before Biden is inaugurated our country will go down we will lose everything and they plan on the populating the Earth by 95%. That’s billions of people it’s the Holocaust on freaking steroids they have built 180,000 crematoriums in the United States in the past four years.
      There were trains going all over the United States with cremation caskets piled on them thousands of them on each car.
      This is not a joke I’m not a nut five years of research what I found is horrifying.
      Get your wife your kids your mother your father your neighbor everyone needs to know this because we need to literally remove our government as per our constitution if Government ever becomes destructive to our rights and our right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness we the people of the only ones that have authority not the government their duty is to protect our rights but if they become destructive to our rights We the People have the authority to abolish that government and make a new one.
      We need to abolish and quickly and that’s all of our government
      Anyone in Congress that voted to certify the election needs to go. They are compromised they may not be part of the source but they’re being blackmailed.

      Sorry to puke all over your comment but if we don’t do something and if we don’t act now our country will be lost forever you will be under the dictatorship of this CCP within just a few months
      China has already had their military boots on the ground in Michigan let’s stop them from going any further we need to get Trump back in office we need to get him inaugurated so that he can move forward with everything they have blocked all the evidence and there is a s*** ton of evidence a voter fraud over 900 eyewitnesses whistleblowers and probably about 40 or 50 videos of them cheating expert witnesses that they have not been able to present because the judicial system is corrupt.
      China said it many years ago we don’t need to invade. They have vowed to complete their takeover of America by 2025.
      Oh and BTW do not take the vaccine
      Bill Gates is involved anything that man touches is not good for your body.
      What he did to the African people is mass genocide he murdered man woman and child and they also sterilized the females with these vaccines.

      I don’t believe Trump is aware of everything that they put in but I do know that the military had done some test testing on the vaccine and found toxic chemicals.
      There is so much more I can tell you but I think I’ve taken up enough of your time it’s time for you to get busy let’s save our country let’s stop these Communists from destroying what was given to us by God.

  2. This is one of the most disgusting people I have ever seen. So anti-American full of hate and loathsome. She has filled so many people with her hateful rhetoric and believes that she is the President and everyone else is subservient to her. Bow to the Queen.

  3. Time to Investigate Real Russian Colluder Nancy Pelosi
    What do you get when you combine the Quran, Marx, Lenin, Mao and Mussolini? Ilhan Omar. Her father was an
    indoctrinator under the Somali dictator. What do you get when you combine the Mafia and Communism?
    Nancy Pelosi. Otherwise know as the KGB.
    Presidio Partners
    Nancy Pelosi: One of Mikhail Gorbachev’s most useful idiots

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