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President Joe Biden giving a speech against the Recall in Long Beach on September 13, 2021. (Photo: Fox 11 YouTube screenshot)

President Biden Speaks at Long Beach Newsom Rally Against Recall on Eve of Election

Protestors said to far outnumber supporters Monday night

By Evan Symon, September 14, 2021 2:14 am

President Joe Biden flew into Long Beach on Monday night, joining Governor Gavin Newsom at his final rally before the recall election on Tuesday.

Before Biden spoke at Long Beach Community College, other lawmakers spoke for Newsom against the recall. Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia, who has been praised by the President in the past for his COVID-19 vaccination stances, was among those speaking early on.

“This isn’t a referendum on the governor—it’s a referendum on us,” noted Mayor Garcia. “We are going to have our governor’s back. We are going to have our president’s back.”

When Biden came up, he quickly defended Newsom, praised his COVID-19 vaccination policy record, and denounced recall candidate Larry Elder as a “Trump clone.”

COVID-19 vaccination policy record.

“The reason I’m here, the reason you’re here, is to thank and support our friend Gavin Newsom. He’s one of the best Governors in the country.

“California, I’m not sure if you know it. But if you don’t know it, you should: The eyes of the nation are on California. Because the decision you are about to make won’t just have a huge impact on California, it will reverberate around the nation. And quite frankly, not a joke, around the world.”

“And here’s why. As all of you know, last year I got to run against the real Donald Trump. Well this year, the leading Republican running for Governor is the closest thing to a Trump clone that I’ve ever seen. I really mean it. He’s leading the other team. Can you imagine him being Governor of this state? You can’t let that happen.”

“Voting No will help us beat back Trump Republicans from beating this pandemic. Gavin Newsom has had the courage to stand up for science. We need science. We need courage. We need Governor Gavin Newsom.”

Biden also praised Newsom’s stances on wildfire eradication and prevention, adding that California needed a leader to address the changing climate needs.

“The hots are getting a lot hotter,” he said. “The future matters.”

At the end of his stump speech, Biden pleaded for Californians to vote no on the recall.

“So please, on behalf of the people of Delaware, of Pennsylvania, and Minnesota, and all across America, don’t take anything for granted,” Biden ended. “If you’re registered, make sure to mark no on your ballot. You’ve got to vote no on the recall .Keep Gavin as Governor. The rest of America is counting on you and so am I.”

All the while, outside the auditorium, a large number of protestors gathered. According to some sources, protestors far outnumbered the number of supporters Monday night.

“The unofficial count was that there were more protesters than supporters out there,” noted a member of the Long Beach Police Department who wished to not be named. “It was louder too, as many were speaking with bullhorns and making loud noises through several different means.”

Biden, Newsom in Long Beach

While Biden’s visit was praised by recall opponents, recall proponents noted that Biden’s appearance was overshadowed by Biden’s controversial new vaccination mandates and his abandonment of Afghanistan.

“Joe Biden has abandoned the crisis in Afghanistan and the Americans stranded there, imposed his most authoritarian COVID-19 mandate yet and walked away from the wreckage, and ignored the ongoing crisis taking place at our southern border,” said Republican National Committee Spokesperson Hallie Balch on Monday. “It’s fitting Biden would rather campaign for Governor Newsom than solve his multiple crises as their aptitude for carelessness and their belief that Californians will blindly support anything they do is something they both have in common.”

Political experts also noted on Monday that Biden’s appearance was both positive and negative.

“Biden does draw out the crowds, as proven tonight, but they weren’t all the crowds he wanted,” explained former lobbyist Harry Schultz on Monday to the Globe. “Being so close to Orange County and the beach cities, more protesters were out there.”

“And all of this comes on the heels of numerous others, like Kamala Harris, coming out there away from their busy schedules. It wouldn’t surprise me if Biden’s team planned his entire West Coast trip around this as a way to get out here, or at the very least cut something else out to make room for it.”

“He did what he had to do and rallied a lot of people to vote tonight. It sure made national headlines. But with all those protestors out there, it probably galvanized some recall supporters too.”

“It’s going to be a wild one Tuesday.”

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Evan Symon
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4 thoughts on “President Biden Speaks at Long Beach Newsom Rally Against Recall on Eve of Election

  1. Having Joe Buyedin SHOULD be the kiss of death, as he has the ANTI-MIDAS touch and everything he’s done for the last 8 months has turned to sh__….

    Had a POTENTIALLY interesting experience first thing in the 805, as the voting procedures have apparently changed since 2016, and we filled out our ballots, and were then requested to drop them into a turqoise bag to be processed later, unlike 2016 where each voter ran their own ballot thru the tabulation machine under a vote official’s supervision, and the count was visible and we all knew immediately if there was a read-error or a mis-vote…
    Under this “trust us” procedure, we have NO IDEA if our ballots are being processed properly and the poll workers that “run the ballots” can “adjudicate” them to suit their preferences or “belief in what the voter wished to express” or whatever mumbo jumbo verbiage they use…

    Under the CA SOS website, this was one of the potential vote security weaknesses noted by the Wheat Ridge, CO “consultant” that performed the security testing for platform acceptance by (UTTERLY CORRUPT) Secretary of State, Alex Padilla…

    I hope we have a true and fair election, but the evidence is pointing to otherwise….

    1. Hope is gone, there are no true and fair elections in California. Clearly, voting in person has revealed issues of voter fraud as well as voting by mail, only if you are a registered Republican. No issues voiced for registered Democrats. Compete disappointment. America has forever changed, your vote does not count along with our Constitution.

  2. This is nothing short of a inflated ego on every demoncrap lefty this is not an election it’s a date for appointing installing gavscum like a toilet the dicktator biden said he ran against the real Donald Trump what most including biden have forgotten is biden droped out of the presidential election because he himself new he would not win then all the sudden he changed his mind well was told to re-enter why cause it was rigged just like this election welcome to the tyranny of our government 2nd amendment would be terrible but there’s obvious wrong actions from the present administration he believes not in due process or WE THE PEOPLE

  3. Here’s a perfect case where California can lead America forward. Just plan and schedule town or county rallies all over the state, for all people who voted, have them show up and confirm how they voted. Have those who voted to remove Newsome, wearing white t-shirts. Get it all on video.

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