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Vice President Kamala Harris in San Leandro on September 8, 2021 (Photo: YouTube video screenshot)

Vice President Kamala Harris Stumps For Governor Newsom, Against Recall During Bay Area Visit

Harris, Newsom denounce recall, recall candidate Larry Elder during event in San Leandro

By Evan Symon, September 8, 2021 8:47 pm

Vice President Kamala Harris returned to the Bay area on Wednesday, attending an event with Governor Gavin Newsom to urge people to vote no in the upcoming recall election.

After flying into Oakland on Wednesday morning, Vice President Harris joined up with Newsom at the IBEW-NECA Joint Apprenticeship Training Center in San Leandro, immediately defending the Governor to the large crowd.

“I flew home to stand and speak in support of my dear friend, my longstanding friend, a great California leader, a great American leader, Governor Gavin Newsom,” said Harris.

Harris stressed that the implications of the elections stretched far beyond California, as a Republican victory next week would likely encourage others nationwide. Specifically, she noted that, along with several other recent high-profile conservative victories such as Texas’ passage of stricter abortion laws and Georgia’s stricter voter laws, California electing in a Republican Governor would help signal in a shift to the right on worker’s rights, women’s rights, voting rights, and other critical areas leading up to the 2022 midterm elections and the 2024 Presidential election.

“You have to understand that this recall campaign is about California, and it’s about a whole lot more,” said Harris. “What’s happening in Texas, what’s happening in Georgia, what’s happening around our country with these policies that are attacking women’s rights, reproductive rights and voting rights, workers’ rights. They think if they can win in California, they can do this anywhere.”

Speaking primarily to female voters and people of color, Harris countered the right-leaning trend by highlighting Newsom’s record as Mayor of San Francisco, as Lt. Governor, and as Governor, putting emphasis on key social justice and health issues such as helping legalize gay marriage in San Francisco in the mid-2000’s and his more recent actions in locking down the state and imposing mandates to help limit the spread of COVID-19.

“He has had the courage to believe in and know what is possible,” added Harris.

While Harris largely talked up Newsom in San Leandro, Newsom used his time to speak largely to attack recall candidate frontrunner Larry Elder.

Newsom goes after Larry Elder in San Leandro

Building on the theme of the female and minority vote in the recall, Newsom attacked Elder’s past comments, such as not believing in a glass ceiling preventing women from moving to positions of power and authority. He also said if Elder had been Governor only a year ago, things would have looked vastly different in California. In particular, Newsom pointed out the questions of who he would have elevated to Senator following Harris’ move to VP and if there would have been a stimulus in California at all.

Gavin Newsom
CA Gov. Gavin Newsom. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

“He doesn’t believe there’s a glass ceiling  – tell that to Kamala Harris, who did shatter the glass ceiling for vice president,” said the Governor on Wednesday.  “Imagine what would have happened when Harris vacated her US Senate seat to join the Biden administration. What kind of judges would Larry Elder appoint as Governor of California? Who would he have appointed 10 months ago to replace Kamala Harris when she became vice president? What would that have done in Washington DC today? Would there have been a stimulus? Would there be Majority Leader Chuck Schumer? Think of the consequences, California. That’s what’s at stake.

“Elder would walk us off that same [COVID-19] cliff as Texas, and Florida, Tennessee and Alabama and Georgia. This election is a choice about life and death. It’s true California has among the lowest case rates in America, and among the highest vaccination rates in America. Because we believe in science. We believe in public health. That is on the ballot in the next week.”

Political experts observed that while Harris and Newsom pressed upon many hot button issues for Californians, the overall goal for them was to still convince Democrat and left-leaning voters to vote in key urban areas rather than push outside the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

“You can’t deny that it isn’t working, but they aren’t doing themselves any favors for practically ignoring the rest of the state,” explained former lobbyist Harry Schultz to the Globe on Wednesday. Right now about 28%-29% of all votes have been certified by the state, around 6.4 million out of a possible 22.3 million.”

“She repeatedly denounced the efforts of GOP-controlled legislatures curtailing voting and abortion rights.”

“For Newsom, this race is all about turnout, not persuasion, and he has long had a strong advantage among women. With Harris’ help Wednesday, his team is trying to get Democratic women to return their ballots in droves to maintain the strong advantage they are already seeing in the partisan registration of the more than 6.4 million pre-Election Day ballots cast so far. According to several political data firms, 53% of those cast have been from Democrats, 25% from Republicans, and the rest from Independents.”

“Republicans will probably see a larger number of votes day of with in-person voters at the polls. Along with a significant number of Democrats wanting Newsom out and a still strong GOP push, it’s still possible for Newsom to be recalled, although it’s looking less and less likely due to a resurgence of Democratic voters.”

“Overall, the Harris and upcoming Biden visits will help, but they also aren’t trying to gain new ground in most parts of the state. They’re relying on the base at this point. I mean, when was the last time you saw so many Democrats worry about a California statewide election? This is significant.”

Harris, who previously had to cancel an August appearance for Newsom due to the Afghanistan pullout crisis, is set to leave Oakland late on Wednesday. President Joe Biden is expected to stump for Newsom early next week right before the election.

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17 thoughts on “Vice President Kamala Harris Stumps For Governor Newsom, Against Recall During Bay Area Visit

  1. Never voted for Harris. Never supported her. Just a snake politician getting up the ladder at every opportunity. And she thinks California supports her? No way.

  2. It’s not surprising that Kamala Harris whose wealthy Jamaican family once owned slaves would campaign to keep a privileged white elitist like Gavin Newsom?

  3. I love how she references women’s rights.
    I wonder how her Afghan female friends protesting her today felt about that claim?
    Kamala, you and Joe left the Taliban in charge to murder, rape, behead female doctors, police officers, students, musicians, etc.
    So how is that working out?
    Kamala Harris’s words ring hollow.

  4. Some things bear repeating.
    She’s not Vice President. The 12th Amendment states that “no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.”

    1. I’m with you. I don’t know how you SOUND so high without BEING so high. It was embarrassing.
      Talk about cringe-worthy things, did you also notice she adopted that “black twang” she is so fond of when she is being especially phony and pandering? And Gruesome did it too! He put on his best Obama impression. Which is funny, because Obama HIMSELF puts it on for effect, so Gruesome was imitating Obama imitating whatever it is Obama thinks he is imitating.
      It’s never good when we, the mere observers of these people, feel more embarrassed on their behalf than they could ever be.

  5. Kamala Harris was in Texas yesterday and said this about Texas’ new abortion law: “The right of women to make decisions about their own bodies is not negotiable.” On the other hand, Kamala Harris doesn’t believe that one should have the right to make decisions about taking an experimental mRNA “vaccine” for a virus that has a 99% survival rate for most people? Kamala Harris and the Biden administration are ridiculous hypocrites?

    1. Exactly Samantha!
      She went on to say the government has no business in your health CHOICES! Ha!
      ….except when we want to turn you into guinea pigs under the guise of controlling a virus, that cannot be controlled once it is heavily circulating in the population. but never mind that!
      My Body,My Choice.

  6. Biden will be in CAlifornia Monday to stump for Newsom.
    Wonder how much this will cost the taxpayer
    He will probably throw in something about the fires. Just to make it look good

    1. He will stay in the Bay Area where the Democrats are thick as thieves and will make themselves feel like they’re getting somewhere.
      Come to the Bread Basket, chairman Joe, and we’ll tell you what we really think. But, alas, it’s too scary.

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