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Governor Gavin Newsom at 2019 California Democratic Party State Convention at the George R. Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, June 1, 2019. (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

Recall Campaign Gets Powerful New Ally

‘We are the army, and they are the cavalry’

By Edward Ring, November 19, 2020 11:55 am

The Recall Gavin 2020 campaign, which took on new life when a judge granted them a 120 day extension, till March 17, 2021, has just acquired the support of a new committee, Rescue California. Headed up by former California GOP Chairman Tom Del Beccaro, this new PAC brings a powerful group of experienced politicians, political professionals, and donors to the front lines of the Recall Gavin movement, bringing help to what is already one of the most impressive grassroots efforts in California history.

Reached for comment on this new development was Rescue California Co-Chair Tony Krvaric, long-time chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party and one of the most formidable political strategists in the state. He said “This new PAC is built with the right people to recall Governor Gavin Newsom, holding him accountable for his erratic leadership and stunning hypocrisy in this crisis. Californians deserve better and we invite everyone to join in this effort.”

The coalition that has now formed is a unique opportunity, long overdue, for establishment Republicans in California to merge their talents and resources with what has become a massive, bipartisan collection of volunteers. Having this new player involved does not change anything with the petition. There is still only one official recall petition, which can be downloaded by anyone with an internet connection and a printer. To ensure there is no wasted effort, both organizations are working with the same firm to collect signed petitions and verify their validity.

In a telephone conversation with Paul Olson on November 18, whose company, GoCo Consulting, is doing the petition verification for the recall, he confirmed that his firm has already processed 494,000 signed petitions which have either just been turned in or are now being delivered to the county clerks around the state. Olson also confirmed that his firm is currently processing another 230,000 signatures.

When combined with the 55,000 that were turned in earlier in the year, and the ones already signed but still being delivered, conservatively estimated at 60,000, this campaign has already collected over 800,000 signed recall petitions.

“From the beginning I have been impressed with the efforts of the original petitioners,” said veteran fundraiser Ann Dunsmore, who assisted the all-volunteer recall campaign through the summer. Dunsmore is now working with the new committee, explaining that “I was pleased to be asked to continue supporting the cause by Republican elected officials and Republican party leaders throughout the state. I hope we will be able to support the recall in a fashion that respects the passion and the efforts of the volunteers which has gotten us this far.”

When reached for comment on this new development, the lead proponent of the recall, Orrin Heatlie, was enthusiastic. “This is happening at exactly the right time,” he said, “we have just gotten the 120 day extension. This new committee, supported by dozens of prominent elected officials and seasoned professionals, is a perfect complement to our volunteers. We are the army, and they are the cavalry. I could not be more pleased.”

It remains to be seen how much energy the California State Republican Party will put into the recall effort. The post-election counting, at least in California, is winding down. The California GOP is riding on the heels of some important victories including picking up two seats in the US Congress. They’re also dealing with a few heartbreaking defeats such as Senator John Moorlach, who lost his bid for reelection after being targeted by the prison guards’ union. Right now, with the election over, is a perfect time for California’s GOP, which continues to regularly blast emails sharply critical of “King Newsom,” to get directly involved in this increasingly credible attempt to kick the King off his throne.

Getting the requisite 1,495,709 signatures to force a recall, with over half of them already collected, ought to be easy if a determined and adequately funded coalition steps up. Prospects to sign the recall petition are not in short supply. In 2016, candidate Trump got 4,483,810 votes in California, 31.6 percent. In 2018, with more ballots left to count, Trump has already received 5,884,058 votes in California, 34.2 percent. He not only earned the support of nearly 1.5 million more voters than he’d attracted in 2016, he improved his percentages in what was an election with record turnout. Finding a Trump voter in this state who would be unwilling to sign a recall petition would be a tough job. But that’s only part of this opportunity, because getting rid of this governor is a wholly bipartisan cause, backed not only by Republicans, but by Democrats, Libertarians, and independents.

The strategic value of making Governor Newsom fight to stay in office cannot be overstated. Newsom is more than just an incompetent, hypocritical, corrupt governor. He exemplifies the entire fraud that constitutes the Democratic Party in California. Governor Newsom, and his party, have run California for decades, and the legacy of their rule is the highest income inequality and the highest cost-of-living in the United States, crumbling infrastructure, failing schools, devastating wildfires caused by negligence, avoidable shortages of water and energy, a housing industry destroyed by overregulation, and an invasion of homeless that could be helped if it weren’t for the toxic progressive combination of misguided compassion and rampant corruption.

A special election that forces Newsom to defend his office would be an opportunity for California’s GOP to redefine itself not just by being anti-Democrat, but by offering real solutions: education vouchers to guarantee universal school choice, reform of crippling environmentalist overreach such as the California Environmental Quality Act, great new infrastructure projects to build new roads, repair the aqueducts, and invest in more water storage, keeping Diablo Canyon open, and reviving the timber industry which could thin California’s overgrown forests.

Several organizations working cooperatively to ensure this recall effort qualifies for the ballot is not easy. But it is not unusual for initiatives and recalls to be promoted by more than one campaign. The Davis recall in 2003 had several independent committees working to gather petitions, and that result is history. Will history repeat itself?


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Edward Ring
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96 thoughts on “Recall Campaign Gets Powerful New Ally

  1. If all the required signatures are obtained, what are the next steps to getting him out of office or putting a true halt to his destruction to CA? What is the time frame? Is there a special election? Thanks for any information. I need a light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to!

    1. The official website for the recall where you can also download and sign the petition is at https://recallgavin2020.com/
      Petitions need to be turned in by March 10, 2021

      From Wikipedia: Under most circumstances in which a recall campaign against a statewide elected official has gathered the required number of signatures, the governor is required to schedule a special election for the recall vote. If the recall campaign qualified less than 180 days prior to the next regularly scheduled election, then the recall becomes part of that regularly scheduled election. In the case of a recall against the governor, the responsibility for scheduling a special election falls on the lieutenant governor.

    2. The recall effort has been given a 120 extension to the original signature due date of November 17th, 2020. Once qualified there will be a special election as soon as August of this year. Only two things will be on the ballot — thumbs up/down on the recall and thena choice of replacements. THERE IS A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL!!!

  2. So arrest it is. We cannot withstand another day with Newsom. The court has stripped him of his “emergency powers’ and he continues…….He is nothing more than a tyrant. SUE THE HELL OUT OF HIM ruled unconstitutional and stripped of power….

  3. Comrades
    How much more urban politics/economics can the masses take?
    No jobs, no futures, real estate skyrocketing, schools closed, what you read what do you trust, utilities, insurances, food prices to the moon…

    Removing State Commissars will not turn things around, it’s too too late and the slide to the bottom isn’t done-

    1. Don’t lose hope — changes can happen very quickly — and if we let this guy run loose then things can and will get worse. It’s never too late — this is an incredible and resilient state.

  4. Parks are now calling for you to mask 2 year olds! WTH? What is next, newborn infants??? They may have given them till March because they assume Biden will take over and then it will not matter anymore. It seems they are really focused on spring for some reason.

  5. thehealthyamerican.org You do not have to wear a mask. Legally, t simply is NOT an enforceable requirement. It is a guideline, not a law, not a statute, not a mandate, not a regulation. It is our patriotic duty, imho, to NOT wear a mask. Peace to All

  6. Republicans are really arrogant self righteous idiots they are putting everyone’s health at risk over their refusal to wear a mask. Just a bunch of fools. They want to recall the democratic governor during a pandemic but they let Arnold run the state into near bankruptcy, what a joke.

    1. Nice anti science rant. Read the actual scientific papers in medical journals. They all say there is ZERO benefit from wearing a mask.

    2. the masks do not prevent the spread…’tis you the fool…
      being susceptible to mass hysteria indicates you likely believe in anthropogenic warming…

    3. Not arrogant self righteous just hard working people that believe in what is right for the people and I can tell by your comment you are an uneducated bitch liberal that lives off the system or just a fool that lives in a cave of shit for brains Dimwits

    4. Your very ignorant and need to wake up cause nobodys health is at risk its the political flu to scare you and take away your freedoms ! You watch too much CNN and in America theres two races and democrats and republicans! democrats are idiots who want power and they are the ones behind the virus that is there weapon to get look whos doing lockdowns and masking democrats whos shutting down small buisnesses democrats theres no way to get rid of this virus cause they want it to stay theres no-proof the virus is spiking thats just what they tell you and they can say anything they want and only the stupid people believe them

  7. I signed months ago, but wondering if we can sign more than once, or use special software to get the count way up, like the Dems do to stay in office? Romans 12:19, “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” Revelation 14:7, “ Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come: and worship Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.”

    1. Absolutely not! If you sign more than once, it may invalidate your signature. An independent company has to verify the signatures.
      A signature will be disqualified if:
      – The signer used an address that is different than the one that they have registered to vote with.
      – A petition has signatures of voters from multiple counties; signers on a petition page should all be from the same county.
      – A person signs more then 1 time, Only 1 signature will be counted.

      1. Robin, I understand your post was meant to give information about how to fill out and sign the recall petition, but in Kathleen Johnson’s defense I think she was kidding when she said that.
        Hope so, anyway!

    2. Awesome, praise be to almighty God!!! For if it were not so, God would have to apologize for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. God will not be mocked. Any questions, San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, Hollywood, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and New York???

  8. Bottom line: The goal is 1,495,709 signatures to force a recall. Approximately 800,000) have been collected. We now have until March 2021 to get rid of Gruesome. Let’s do it!!!

  9. In reading the Petition for Recall, I think I see why more people are not signing on. The “full residence address” requirement is practically an invitation to get doxxed, mobbed, harassed, etc by Gruesome’s goons.

    If the USPS can be “trusted” to handle our ballots, WTH can’t signators use a PO Box address???

  10. Myself and my wife just signed the petition being offered outside of Ralph’s. While we were there, many people came up and asked “is the where I sign the recall to get that idiot newsome out of office”? From what I am seeing, this looks like the beginning of the end of reign of terror from Dictator newome.

  11. Can you use the dominion software the same software Biden used to steal the election and add tons of votes for him to win ! Since now you can cheat and if you get caught nothing happens you still will win so we can use that software and get all the votes plus millions more to recall gavin he probably used it to become governor

  12. I beg the rest of Cali to get on board and recall the “lying, hypocritical Dicktator of California, Gavin Newsome! He and his Aunt have done nothing but show us that the laws and rules do not apply to them! End the Dicktatorship and sign today!!!!!!!!

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  14. If Newsom is recalled, who will replace him ? The recall of Gray Davis worked because Schwarzenegger was waiting in the wings. We need a moderate, likeable, sensible alternative with statewide name recognition. Who’s out there ready and waiting ?

  15. Its is the Trump Rep. Satin’s Spawn” Liars & Propaganda insurrectionist Traitors up to another “coup” attempt to unseat the most popular Governor to ever be elected. This recall signatory petition of 1.5 million is ridiculousness to overturn or completely suppress the 7.7 million voter who voted for Gavin Newsome to seat him as winner in Jan.7, 2019 to serve four year term and it is criminal to steal or over turn ballot votes of Democrats & Independence voters ballots as illegitimate. Or toss in the trash 7.7 m for 1.5 petition signa California’s

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