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Sen. Richard Pan. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Richard Pan and the Growing Movement to Stop Him

Mentions of his name drew boos like he was a visiting slugger coming to bat at Dodger Stadium

By Kevin Nelson, April 19, 2022 2:18 am

At the April 10 Los Angeles Defeat the Mandates rally, four names were mentioned by speakers more than any other:

1. God

2. Joe Biden

3. Gavin Newsom

4. Richard Pan

God generally received wide support from the thousands of people who gathered at Grand Park to protest the ongoing Covid-19 mandates and restrictions. Predictably Biden and Newsom met with disdain. The last name on the list may have puzzled some in the crowd, however, he is not president, he is not governor, and he is, evidently, not God. Yet mentions of his name drew boos like he was a visiting slugger coming to bat at Dodger Stadium.

Those not familiar with the nuts and bolts of Sacramento politics may have been asking themselves: Who the heck is this Richard Pan guy, and why does he inspire such fear and loathing?

Although one longtime California political observer described him as “strange,” apparently not an isolated opinion, the strong feelings he engenders do not seem personal in nature. He is a middle-aged bespectacled Democrat, a California state senator whose district centers on Sacramento city. A pediatrician. Hard worker. Father, husband, son of immigrants. No surprises there.

What causes alarm is that like a careless burglar his fingerprints are all over “a number of draconian bills” now being considered by the California legislature, in the words of Dr. Robert Malone, one of the speakers at the protest. If these bills become law, warns Malone, “California is headed toward being a police state.”

One of these bills, SB 871, mandates that all California schoolchildren, public and private, must get the Covid-19 vaccine. Pan is the author of that one, although he has withdrawn it from legislative consideration for the time being. In what is almost surely a coordinated move, Gov. Newsom has pushed back his order requiring all school kids to get the vaccine until 2023, conveniently not an election year.

Nevertheless other Pan ideas are still looming. Another brainchild of his, SB 1390, takes aim on the First Amendment; it would prohibit people from posting “misinformation” online that the government deems false or misleading.

For SB 866, which would lower the age of vaccine consent for children to 12 years old and not require parental consent, he shared author duties with a colleague.

One more Pan creation, SB 1464 would put sheriffs and local law enforcement under the thumb of the public health bureaucrats; if the latter issues an order and the sheriffs don’t ride in to enforce it, their funding will be stripped.

One could go on, but you get the drift. Although Pan may believe that these bills, if enacted, would represent a great leap forward for the state, he is of course aware that many people do not share his enthusiasm. On the day of the Los Angeles rally his Twitter feed retweeted a post by a follower who dissed the protesters as “YouTube’s finest minds. Despite the all-star lineup, it’s pretty dead.” That’s showing ‘em.

It is standard operating procedure for politicians to ignore their critics and if this is not possible, to dismiss them as extremist fringe dirtbags not welcome in polite society or any society. A closer look at the attendees at the day-long rally might have produced a more nuanced view. They included: Biden voters, Trump voters, old-school Democrat liberals disenchanted with the party’s new-found Stalinist impulses, Jews, Muslims, evangelicals, Mama Bears (and lots of them too), truckers who’d been to D.C. and back, union tradespeople, cops, nurses, esteemed physicians, ex-employees who had lost their jobs simply because they chose not to get the jab, inspired Latino activists, immigrants of all races, families, retirees, the unvaccinated and in a new twist, vaccinated Californians who are simply saying that enough is enough.

These people are not fringe; they represent an emerging new movement that is building across the land. Finding a public opinion poll these days that favors the Democrats in the 2022 vote is like the search for the Dead Sea Scrolls. They’re out there, but you have to dig hard to find them. Like virtually all incumbents in the state legislature Pan has been in a safe seat, and he is termed out at the end of 2022.

But his ideas and those of his aggressive-minded associates are certainly on the table, and lots of very motivated voters don’t like them. With the strange but determined figure of Captain Pan at the helm, even in blue California, the Democrats may come to resemble the Titanic upon its first sighting of an iceberg. After all, what could go wrong?

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22 thoughts on “Richard Pan and the Growing Movement to Stop Him

  1. Termed out this year? Hallelujah! Good riddance. Peds is the lowest-paid medical specialty; hence, his foray into more-profitable CA Democrat politics.

    1. True, Jfb. Our county health director is also a pediatrician but I would be willing to bet that his six figure county salary brings in more than his practice. But rest assured, Pan will show up somewhere else in the Democrat machine; like state health director, perhaps?

  2. He is mentally sick, just like a number of people in “power,” and they have all been exposed during the pandemic. He needs to go away, and to never be heard from again. The sad part is that California voters don’t care, and they get who they vote for…like this sicko.

    1. Agreed. Pan, Wiener, Globalist, Yuval, Eric Schmidt, David Brock, Gavin, Harris, Soros, Klaus, Fauci, Gates, Nancy, on and on are treasonous psychopaths and must be held to account.
      The Soros DA’s
      Zuckerburg money and Soros money in elections.
      All these people are connected to Epstein and Kissinger.
      Globalist want us dead or just ai hooked up to the internet of things.
      4 th industrial Revolution is Like China Control for the USA. Social Credit Score. Money attached to how they deem us to behave.
      Globalization is world slavery.
      Masks were a way to get people used to submission.
      The corruption is insane.

      1. Exactly so. Masks and mandates are the governments way of “testing the waters”. They need to see how hard we the people push back. We must show them that we are in charge they work for us and we are done with their “mandates”. We need to take our state back!!

  3. SOS (Same Old S***). Different day. I agree with all you guys posting here. That dude needs to go. We don’t need anymore of his “pandywork”!

  4. SOS (Same Old S***). Different day. That dude got to go. We don’t need anymore of his “pandywork”!

  5. SOS (Same Old S***). DIFFERENT DAY. I agree with all you guys posting here. That dude has got to go. We don’t need anymore of his “pandywork”.

  6. Just found out this douchebag is my state rep. I moved to CA in 2020. Yes, while people are leaving in droves we actually moved INTO the state. Now I find out my state rep apparently wants to be president of the Communist Party.

    1. Look into who funds all your reps, politicians.
      Anything, anyone connected to
      Soros NGOS which there are dozens of.
      Eric Schmidt
      David Brock
      Klaus Schwab
      Yuval Noah Harai
      Build Back Better
      All these people are evil Globalist Agenda wanting us enslaved like China to social credit score, money attached to how well you submit.
      Our brains connected to ai.
      Yuval says privacy and Free will is over.

      If we don’t unite as people of the world against these evil psychopath lunatics, life as we know it is over.
      Propaganda to divide us is a manipulation.

      Obama had the Smith / Mundt act from 1947? Removed.
      That was a protection put in place so the media could lie with abandon, spread propaganda and be used as a political weapon against we the people. Like what happened in N Germany.

      Welcome to California. Now help save it.

      Gavin is a WEF grad of 2009 like Trudue.
      He and all the others should be arrested for treason.

  7. Sen. Richard Pan is a typical member of California’s deep-state Democrat cabal who mistakenly think they get to rule like authoritarian and totalitarian dictators? They all need to be held accountable for imposing medical tyranny and they should be brought before Nuremberg 2.0 tribunals for crimes against humanity?

  8. Pan must be bought and paid for — like Bad News-som. There are deep and dark roots to all of these attempts to control and destroy the populace, whether through forcing experimental shots into people or stopping puberty or whatever next Luciferian plan they have in store.

  9. I became acquainted with Pan when he was my assemblyman. I regret to say that I voted for him back then before I knew better. In 2011-2012 I opposed his first vaccine bill, AB2109 which changed the personal belief exemption so that parents were required to be “educated” about vaccines and have the exemption form signed by a doctor or school nurse instead of just the parent. One experience I recall that was illuminating was how the Sac Bee wrote an article about how Pan didn’t actually live in his district. This is against the law. The Sac Bee published the article AFTER Pan was elected though and the DA did nothing. I believe the article is now scrubbed from the internet. I tried to edit Pan’s wiki page at the time and add this article. It was promptly removed from his wiki page though. This is when my eyes started to open how we are controlled and how people like Pan are propped up from behind the scenes. I left the Democrat party in 2012. Fast forward to 2022 and I’ve left California. I lived there my entire life of 50 years until now, but it became a toxic place for me witnessing the changes and not being able to stop them.

    1. I’m on similar path as I once was boondoggled by the CA dems. I have awakened to their control tactics and putting government in charge of personal medical device on. Ummm… no way!

  10. The uprising is here! The more people are aware of the Stalinist bills that Pan and his cronies are pushing, the more resistance will rise up and defeat these bills. Truth, self empowerment and love will defeat scare tactics, fear and evil. The time has come for the light to shine out the darkness! Even in commie Cali.

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