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Sen. Richard Pan. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Totality of California’s Proposed COVID Laws Would be Most Aggressive In the Nation

Taken together, these bills are alarmingly authoritarian

By Katy Grimes, March 28, 2022 8:53 am

Numerous fast-tracked bills in the California Legislature involve forced COVID-19 vaccinations for children for school enrollment, allowing minor children to make their own vaccine decisions away from a parent, requiring health care staff to complete cultural humility training to provide trans-inclusive health care, and, another would force law enforcement officials to enforce public health orders.

And this is being done with the Legislature waiving the 30-day in print rule so that bills can be acted upon more quickly.

When did the California Legislature become so autocratic?

California legislators formed a “vaccine working group” earlier this year, claiming they want “to facilitate coordinated action and bring thoughtful, comprehensive approach to save lives.”

The members of the Vaccine Work Group include Democrats Senator Dr. Richard Pan, Senator Scott Weiner, Senator Josh Newman, Assemblywoman Akilah Weber, MD, Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, and Assemblyman Evan Low.

“Vaccines protect not only individuals but also whole communities when almost everyone is vaccinated at schools, workplaces and businesses, and safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines have already prevented the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans,” said Sen. Richard Pan.

According to the Capitol Resource Institute, these bills are decidedly dangerous:

SB 871 by Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) – Forced Vaccinations for School Enrollment: would require all school-aged children up to age 17 to get the COVID-19 vaccine(s) to attend school and child care.

“This fast-tracked bill will require your children to receive a COVID-19 shot to enroll in school. Not only does this bill violate the right of a parent to choose which medical products are injected into the bodies of their children, it also shockingly eliminates your ability to request a personal exemption. In other words, your personal beliefs are meaningless in the eyes of the California legislature. With this bill, Senators Pan, Newman, and Wiener are eliminating all safeguards against tyrannical vaccine mandates.”

SB 866 by Senators Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) and Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) – Minors Consent for Vaccinations: would allow children ages 12 to 17 to take the COVID-19 vaccine without parental consent.

“This legislative body is relentless in their pursuit to strip away parental rights as they also fast-track SB 866, a bill that will give minors as young as 12 years-old the ability to consent to any FDA approved vaccination WITHOUT parental consent. This bill not only strips parents of their right to make important decisions regarding their child’s health, but it also places minors in a potentially dangerous situation. If a minor were to have an immediate adverse reaction to a vaccine, the parent would not know. Parents MUST be allowed to be the decision makers when it comes to the health of their children.”

The are other very concerning bills:

SB 1464 by Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), would force law enforcement officials to enforce public health orders. This bill would require those sheriffs and peace officers to enforce those orders. By expanding the duties of local law enforcement, this bill would create a state-mandated local program. The bill would additionally prohibit state funds from being provided to any law enforcement agency that publicly announces that they will oppose, or adopts a policy to oppose a public health order.

AB 1993 by Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland), would mandates the COVID-19 vaccine to all employees, including independent contractors; employees and contractors would be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccine to be able to work in California. Financial penalties would be imposed on employers who fail to comply. No telling the number of boosters that would be required in the future.

AB 1993 will be heard in the Assembly Labor and Employment Committee on Wednesday 3/30/2022 at 1:30pm.

AB 2098 by Assemblyman Evan Low (D-Campbell) would punish physicians and surgeons for “unprofessional conduct” for advocating for the potential benefits of early treatment with off-label drugs, or those who dare to ask questions about COVID vaccine safety. The bill would reclassify the sharing of COVID-19  “misinformation” by doctors and surgeons as unprofessional conduct that would result in disciplinary action.

Under AB 2098, doctors would be subject to disciplinary actions by the Medical Board of California and the Osteopathic Medical Board of California if they do not adhere to the approved COVID treatment consensus.

This little gem is buried deep in the bill: “Major news outlets have reported that some of the most dangerous propagators of inaccurate information regarding the COVID-19 vaccines are licensed health care professionals.” It is a shame that lawmakers aren’t required to cite their sources.

The bill appears to be trying to prevent doctors from advising unvaccinated people with natural immunity they do not need to take the vaccine, or from administering therapeutic treatments.

SB 1018: Leaving no stone unturned, Assemblyman Low partnered with Sen. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) to author a bill to prevent the spread of dangerous “misinformation” under the guise of “protecting public health.”

SB 1018 requires online platforms utilizing algorithms to publically [sic] report how product features interact with datasets used by algorithms to score or rank content, and requires disclosure of data for legitimate research purposes.

The bill will be “requiring platforms share data with researchers?” What researchers? Are they referring to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s full-time team combatting COVID propaganda?” Just last month Gov. Newsom admitted he already has “a team of people at HHS battling in the trenches and on social media trying to push back,” the Globe reported.

“I introduced Senate Bill 1018 to address the amplification of misinformation and disinformation on online platforms by requiring platforms to publicly disclose how their algorithms work and to share data for research purposes,” Sen. Pan said. “Transparency will allow the public to make informed decisions, and lawmakers and researchers need this necessary information so we can hold online platforms accountable and also set standards.” That screams state censorship of online news platforms.

This legislation not only violates parent/child health privacy, the bills encroach patient/doctor privacy, dictates to businesses they must impose health controls on employees, and gambles on unproven vaccines, which have been shown they don’t inhibit COVID-19 transmission – all while the rest of the country has lifted COVID mandates.

While seeking to silence dissenters, this adds up to some alarmingly authoritarian legislation.

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48 thoughts on “Totality of California’s Proposed COVID Laws Would be Most Aggressive In the Nation

  1. Regarding AB1993 goes before committee this Wednesday.
    Contact each member on that committee, especially the chair, Ash Kalra.
    Position letters must be submitted one week before the hearing. Good to know for future committee meetings. However still write, email call each one.

    1. Absolutely YES, we must do this as a coalition —– thank you for posting this in the comment section, Cali Girl.
      I’m sure it doesn’t need pointing out to readers here at The Globe that these lunatics have made it clear, for a long time now, that they are not ONE BIT interested in the health and well-being of Californians, especially the state’s children, and they never have been. As was pointed out, authoritarianism is their goal. We CANNOT allow them to prevail in that. If these beyond-outrageous bills do not result in these people being thrown out of office, what on earth WOULD?

    2. At the link below is a handy chart provided by Asm Kevin Kiley to keep track of the so-called “vaccine work group” bills and when they will be heard in committee as well as in what committees they will be heard. To find who is on these committees just search for, e.g., CA Senate Health Committee, and the member names will be shown, along with the hearing schedule:

    3. We must fight all of these. Pan is counting on a few of them passing since there are so many, but we can’t let that happen.

    1. You are so right. I am so sad and angry about what these psychopaths have done to our lovely state. So basically no one can work in CA without the vaxx? While Newsom vacations and parties without even a mask on? While pushing abortion at no cost for Californians and anyone else in the country? Folks, they want us dead; plain and simple. Evil.

    2. Exactly.. but people are too busy to care until it goes into effect. These proposals are criminal, and have to be stopped by those of us who are awake!

      1. Yes! We’ve been submitting opposing letters in letter portal and attending hearings in person or calling during the hearing to oppose. AB 1993 received so many opposing letters Wicks pulled the bill the night before the hearing! I hope 1464 will be voted no in Committee this Wednesday 4/6! So many bad bills! Wicks has her bill AB 2223 heard this Tuesday 4/5 in Judiciary Committee. That bill needs to be opposed!

  2. This is medical tyranny! Good grief! When are the kool-aid-drunk citizens of this state waking up and help us throwing these lunatics out of office!

    1. I see that Rep Scott Weiner is one of the psychopaths on the covid committee. He proposed a bill to legalize sex between young boys and adult men. He has a lot of moral standing, doesn’t he? And that extremist Doctor Pan (sp?), who wants to force every vax on people and “Buffy,” the vampire slayer, who wants to force every employee and independent contractor to get injected. It’s like the bowels of hell have come up to rule over the poor, suffering people of CA.

  3. Triple-vaxxed cruise ships are all showing “covid” cases – in their closed system, highly regulated and typically masked environments. These “vaccines” are utterly useless to stop anything, and utterly culpable of causing grave harm.

    Surrounded by those who have been harmed – mainly mini-strokes, but also some questionable new out of no where cancer diagnosis. The safety verdict for these shots is simply not there. Plus also know the only persons still getting “covid” are the triple vaxxed. Something scary is happening.

    Please California voters, at least break up the Democrat super-majority in the legislature. Make them work for their crazy proposals; not just phone in their super-majority votes to royally screw us over.

  4. everyone always says…i don’t condone violence…well, what do you think force vaccinations are…they cause horrible adverse reactions and death. so i do condone violence against these satanic worshippers. they love killing and torturing innocent people, especially children. the war has begun and it is a war against good and evil. nice that military is in on it…it is up to the people to take down the evil doers.

  5. Pretty much any of these illegal bills will result in widespread political violence. Part of me believes these disgusting people want this.

  6. AB1993 – how can the government mandate the vaccine on a private business?? Didn’t the Supreme Court just recently rule that unconstitutional? Am I missing something????

  7. California democrats do not care what you think. They are an imposed edicts. They will all be “re-elected through corrupted elections pronounced as a victory of the “people’s will”.

  8. California democrats do not care what you think. They imposed edicts. They will all be “re-elected through corrupted elections pronounced as a victory of the “people’s will”.

  9. AB 1993 – C19 vaxx mandate – Taylor Hawkins heart was twice the normal size when he died and Grohl is a vaxx mandater too…
    Notice how the mainstream media slandered Hawkins post mortem with circumstantial evidence of drug paraphernalia to distract us from the clot shot status???

    1. You make a good point that got me thinking, CD9. In addition to (sketchy or exaggerated?) reports of drug paraphernalia it seems unusual that blood reports purporting to conclude how he died were released to the public so soon after he passed away.

  10. Thanks to Katy and the California Globe I heard about this on the morning news at KFBK.
    PLEASE PLEASE Keep shining a light on these bills that is exactly what will kill them since they are trying to pass this by keeping it from the public eye.
    Sneaking things past the voters is how we got here.
    Thanks again.

    1. So glad to hear this, Tomorrow! You’re not kidding that we owe a huge debt of gratitude to Katy Grimes for shining a huge spotlight on this stuff, always.

  11. ‘Mel K & Patriot Brian Isley of We The People Orange County’ (bitchute.com)

    Bonds For The Win -bondsforthewin.com
    All public officials and school boards hold ‘Surety Bonds’ for vagrant violations of Constitutional rights, such as this. When deemed in violation of their oath of office insurance company pays out, and then goes directly to the violator for re-imbursement…. Weiner and Pan first. (Pfizer has 9 pages, 1700 adverse reactions alone)

    1. Awesome news.
      Keep up the emails and phone calls!
      Thanks for sharing ShowandTell, I heard rumors but could not find any news.

        1. I find her repugnant!
          Buffy just admit it was an unconstitutional bill and move on!
          Funny how she had a conversation with herself.
          Here is one of her replies to herself????
          “While I’m disappointed in the opposition to our bill by public safety unions, it’s my hope that they’ll ultimately come to the table to make sure all of their workers are vaccinated—& that every job sector in CA has the tools necessary to keep their workers safe from COVID. (5/7)”

          Will any reasonable person run against this woman and get her out of office?

  12. There is a doctor that has discovered that almost all of his patients that have had the shot now exhibit a MAC bluetooth address!!! Apparently the graphene in the shots assembles into an electronic circuit! I wonder what will happen when they are activated?

  13. Maybe california should pull what the uk did and start suing these individuals for “accessory to murder” and “accessory to bodily injury” pc 245. Especially with the 9 pages of known side effects and injuries from the experimental poison.

  14. Senator PAN (and many others) must go!
    Anti-freedom to the core, they aggressively assault those they represent.
    Putin has nothing over them.

  15. Senator PAN (and many others) must go!
    Anti-freedom to the core, they aggressively assault those they represent.
    Putin has nothing over them.

  16. Could Richard Pan be a lying biden-like operative for China? We are already aware of their infiltration into the politics of the bay area.

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