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Sen. Richard Pan. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

CA Bill To Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines For All K-12 Students Scrapped by Sen. Pan

Governor Newsom’s state mandate, with personal belief exemptions, still in place

By Evan Symon, April 15, 2022 2:23 am

A bill that would have required that all Californian public and private school students to receive the COVID-19 vaccination was shelved on Thursday shortly before the first Senate Committee vote on it.

Senate Bill 871, authored by Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), would have mandated COVID-19 vaccinations for all K-12 students in both private and public schools, as well as those in childcare centers, day nurseries, nursery schools, family day care homes, and development centers. While medical reasons would still be upheld as an exemption, personal belief exemptions would not be included in SB 871.

Senator Pan introduced the bill in January as increased protection for students, teachers, and other school workers, as well as a way to help drastically reduce COVID-19 cases and deaths in the state.

“Until children’s access to COVID vaccination is greatly improved, I believe that a statewide policy to require COVID vaccination in schools is not the immediate priority, although it is an appropriate safety policy for many school districts in communities with good vaccine access,” said Senator Pan earlier this year.

However, the bill was immediately met with backlash, with some Democrats joining Republicans and Independents in lambasting the bill. While usual arguments of not agreeing with the state making personal medical decisions were expressed, many disagreed with fast tracking the bill. The elimination of the personal belief exemption also led many who would otherwise support the bill to balk. As the Capitol Resource Institute noted earlier this year, “This fast-tracked bill will require your children to receive a COVID-19 shot to enroll in school. Not only does this bill violate the right of a parent to choose which medical products are injected into the bodies of their children, it also shockingly eliminates your ability to request a personal exemption. In other words, your personal beliefs are meaningless in the eyes of the California legislature. With this bill, Senators Pan, Newman, and Wiener are eliminating all safeguards against tyrannical vaccine mandates.”

SB 871 shelved

Support for SB 871 was further weakened by the rapid fall of COVID-19 cases in the state. In January, California faced a record number of COVID-19 cases with the Omicron variant. In the last few months, the number of cases and deaths, as well as the test positivity rate, hit record lows.

“I actually overheard some staffers talking about what a hard sell the bill would be to constituents, especially with elections this November, with the rates being so low,” explained “Dana,” a staffer in the State Capitol, to the Globe on Thursday. “Between that and other COVID bills either failing or not getting a lot of support, like SB 866, it’s showing a large cooling off on drastic measures. The ones getting support, real support, are the ones looking at preventing damage done by pandemics in the future, so we are more prepared and can protect against lockdowns and help people quicker next time, similar to what Schwarzenegger did after the SARS and bird flu outbreaks in the mid 2000s.”

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

With a growing lack of support, more broader COVID-19 bills still up in both houses, and a less restrictive state vaccine mandate, complete with personal belief opt out, still in the books, Pan dropped SB 871 on Thursday. Despite this, Pan vowed to continue support for passage of other COVID-19 vaccine and prevention bills.

“I and my colleagues in the Vaccine Work Group will continue to advance policies to protect Californians from preventable COVID disease,” added Pan.

Opponents of SB 871 celebrated the dropping of the bill on Thursday, but noted that other bills still required pressure on them still, with others calling on Governor Gavin Newsom to remove the current state mandate due to COVID-19 rapidly fading away.

“Thanks to overwhelming opposition from California families, SB 871 has been defeated,” said Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) on Thursday. “This is a major victory for students and parents across California who made their voices heard.”

If it had continued, SB 871 was due to have been heard in the Senate Health and Education Committees in the coming weeks.

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Evan Symon
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9 thoughts on “CA Bill To Mandate COVID-19 Vaccines For All K-12 Students Scrapped by Sen. Pan

  1. Great news, but we still have work to do. Next week 2 more bills are scheduled to be hesrd in committee.
    SB1464- “Requires law enforcement to enforce the public health guidelines” This is scheduled to be in 1st committee on 4/20/22.
    AB 1797- “Creates an immunization tracking system giving all levels of state government your vaccination records” This is scheduled to be in heard in the assembly health committee this Monday, 4-19-22.

    SB1479 o be heard on April 27,2022
    SB 1390 “misinformation prohibition” to be heard on April 26

    Do we want a police officer with a gun strapped to the hip telling you to put your mask on?
    Do we want to government to track what injections we have or have not out into our bodies?
    Write and call your Assembly Member and State Senator.

    We must defeat these intrusive, freedom crushing bills.

    1. I whole heartedly agree. But add that all people should be able to have “a gun strapped to the hip” per the 2A, to prevent stupid power hungry cops from enforcing these stupid government laws.

  2. Excellent. I’m “all in” on the remainder of these tyrannical bills.
    Thank you, Cali Girl, the specific info above is extremely helpful.

    1. Your very welcome. We will work together to stop these bills.
      Happy Easter, Show and Tell.
      Happy Easter to all.

  3. Why are taxpayers funding “Covid workgroups”? What garbage! These dimwit libtards just continue the never ending fear porn BS. Humans can do nothing to stop the spread nor control a virus. Stop destroying peoples lives you stupid control freaks!

  4. This is a relief for parents all across the state looking to relocate so they can keep their kids safe from these dangerous shots. We need to keep pushing back against these pharma lobby politicians until they are out and face jail time for the damage they have done to people with this unsafe mRNA & Bluetooth tracking shots.

  5. “With this bill, Senators Pan, Newman, and Wiener are eliminating all safeguards against tyrannical vaccine mandates.”

    And that’s EXACTLY why these three dimwit Democrats need to be VOTED OUT OF OFFICE – PRONTO!!!

  6. Agree all and I join Show in thanking CaliGirl for the exact bill numbers.
    I wonder if Defeat The Mandates had any influence on this.
    I was reading Dr. Robert Malones speech from that event and that is the kind of speech that any politician worth a damn SHOULD give.
    100% Torque but California has handed over our right to carry for so long now, it is embarassing.
    Disinformation prohibition……ironic coming from the #1 source of lies and coverups……our elected representatives in Sacramento.
    I guess they think it will not apply to them. I have not read the bill yet but I think it is time for me to do that.
    Defund these Two Timing Control Freaks !
    Since California is a one party state the only hope is to remove the monied interests that keep them there…….prostitution is still a crime in California !
    Pimp Turkey and his B*tches walking the Hoe Stroll in Sacramento Holding Up OUR Lives in the Process !

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