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Homeless transients living on sidewalk at Union 76 gas station, W Street, 16th Street. (Photo: Katy Grimes for California Globe)

Sacramento County Election Officials are Registering Homeless Drug Addicts to Vote

Isn’t there something really nefarious with registering people to vote who can’t even take proper care of themselves?

By Katy Grimes, October 16, 2022 2:45 am

“For the first time since the pandemic began, staff from Sacramento County’s elections agency set up tables Thursday at Loaves and Fishes, a nonprofit that provides services for homeless people,” the Associated Press reported.

Think about that. Sacramento County is registering homeless drug addicts and homeless mentally ill individuals to vote, rather than providing care and treatment, for which the County has been paid millions, and maybe billions.

Last month, it was announced that Sacramento County was to receive $25 million from the state to address homelessness along the American River Parkway – that’s just along the American River Parkway. How much has Sacramento County received to “address homelessness” in total?

For $25 million, the County could have long ago erected a large homeless campus on county-owned property and triaged and treated the county’s homeless.

Instead, they’re sporadically approving tiny homeless villages: “a 44-unit tiny home village near Florin Road just west of Highway 99 and 100 tiny homes at Florin and Power Inn roads,” Capradio.org reported.

“Those plans include private cabin-like shelters for each resident, meals, laundry services, case management, restrooms, showers and 24/7 security.”

Sacramento’s homeless are receiving more concierge services that the Ritz Carlton provides for paying clientele.

But no treatment? These people live on the streets and in parks for a reason – they need treatment. Putting a roof over the heads of homeless meth and heroin addicts and schizophrenic homeless solves nothing.

And now our brilliant Sacramento County elections officials are registering these mentally ill and drug addicted people to vote. Isn’t there something really nefarious with registering people to vote who can’t even take proper care of themselves, who urinate and poop on city streets and sleep on sidewalks? This is akin to registering voters at an Alzheimers care facility or an inpatient mental health treatment center. And this is being done by staff from Sacramento County’s elections agency.

No doubt they are registering as Democrats, and doing same-day voting.

The heights of corruption know no bounds in California. There are over 11,000 homeless living in Sacramento. County and City officials may have their differences on how to handle this crisis, but as they quibble, the homeless population  and related crime continues to grow.

How is it permissible to register someone without a permanent address? We can thank the California Legislature and former Gov. Jerry Brown.

In 2016, then-Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law the California Voter’s Choice Act, which the state described as “fundamentally transforming” elections to an All-Mailed Ballot – Vote Center Model. Apparently homeless voters can also receive ballots at a P.O. Box or shelter. “Under the law, ALL registered voters will be mailed a Vote by Mail ballot beginning 29 days prior to Election Day, regardless of whether you have signed up as a Vote by Mail voter or not. ”

The clincher is, those without an address in which to receive the all-mailed ballot, “can still vote in person at any Vote Center on or before Election Day.”

Our government is using the homeless as a funding stream, while pretending to care for them, and now using the homeless as a new voting base, registering them to vote.

What will stop this gross government corruption and redistribution of wealth? Elections matter. Start with throwing out your local elected officials and work your way up.

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20 thoughts on “Sacramento County Election Officials are Registering Homeless Drug Addicts to Vote

  1. Of course they are, and ballot harvesters know where those ballots are going, and the know that for a five dollar bill will buy it.

  2. It would be interesting to know in which district these voters are permitted to cast their ballots. With no permanent address, I guess they get to choose. Seems like anyone with a couple of buses and some free box lunches could make good use of these people on election day.

  3. Nefarious for sure! And so beyond belief that I think most wouldn’t believe it is happening. It goes on down here in SoCal, too. I’m becoming convinced that this is one of the key reasons for the existence of ‘homeless outreach workers’ and ‘city homeless service agencies’ and a main reason (i.e. a fixed address) Dem politicians push for tiny houses, condos, and so-called Project Homekey. And this is on top of what Katy Grimes pointed out, that “the homeless are receiving more concierge services than the Ritz Carlton provides to paying clientele.” No kidding. And, of course, this is only one part of the multi-faceted and crooked voter registration and manipulation that is and has been occurring in California.
    No wonder we’re constantly hearing from the pundits that ‘California is “deep blue” and “irretrievably blue.” That’s what a person looking at CA voter registration would conclude, but it’s not real —- it comes from dirty bloated rolls and the many crooked tricks of the Dems and their agencies, non-profits, and union helpers. Can every sensible person agree that this exploitation of drug-addled, mentally ill vagrants is BEYOND THE PALE? It may even be worse than making dead people vote.
    We must VOTE, in huge numbers, to Beat the Cheat this election.

  4. and they are “helping” them fill out the ballot as well? It just solidifies the idea that the Dems have nothing substantial to offer that anyone really wants. Why else would they do things like this?

  5. Well it really helps explain where the ballots come from for harvesting! Multiply this situation by each county in the state and you have a great deal of ballots to play with.

    The cheat happens by many different actions whether it be ballot harvesting, duplicate mail in ballots, dead people still on the voter rolls, illegal aliens allowed to vote, electronic voting machines and software(Konnech) connected to the CCP. It is all part of the corrupted voting system, treated like a war machine. Hit our elections with every nefarious act you can throw at it and you get a depraved character like Newsolini as your governor.

    Election Integrity is imperative.

  6. I agree the problem is not being addressed properly, but I would like to know any fact you have that this no doubt a Democratic plot. How about we work together to solve problems instead of working to incite more divisiveness that only causes problems?

  7. California is a sanctuary state as we know. It will be a while and all the smart ones will have moved out and their homes will become the new “tiny homes” because there is no one left that will buy them. The state will become a massive property manager. Then they will go to the feds and tell them they need grants to help all the homeless stay safe. Plus, now they all have “permanent” addresses. How’s that for a plan?

  8. No doubt many Sacramento County elections officials are Democrat party apparatchiks who will do anything to keep the Democrat chokehold over Sacramento County? Sacramento County has become an unlivable cesspool because of years of mismanagement by Democrats like District 1 Supervisor Phil Serna who is more concerned about climate change than out of control crime and crumbling infrastructure in the county.

  9. How is this stuff even legal? Is it possible to get it into a courtroom through suing the County or something? How will things change if they are allowed to continue to cheat with no consequences?

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