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State Senator Dave Cortese. (Photo: sd15.senate.ca.gov/biography)

SB 631 Requires Gender Equity Comparative Analysis in Workers’ Comp Cases

This bill would require collaboration with the University of California at Berkeley

By Chris Micheli, February 18, 2023 12:09 pm

On February 16, 2023, Senate Bill 631 by Sen. Dave Cortese (D-Silicon Valley) was introduced to require gender equity comparative analysis in workers’ compensation cases. SB 631 would add and repeal Labor Code Section 2306.5.

SB 631 would require the Department of Industrial Relations’ Administrator Director to prepare a comparative analysis to examine differences in workers’ compensation benefits provided to employees of different genders. The DIR would have to collaborate with the University of California, Berkeley on this analysis.

SB 631 would require this analysis to include a comparison between the genders in different industries, monetizing the value of compensation, the rate at which claims are denied, and any differences in compensation benefits, not including medical treatment. This report is due to the Legislature by January 1, 2025.

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6 thoughts on “SB 631 Requires Gender Equity Comparative Analysis in Workers’ Comp Cases

  1. If we do not put a stop to this absurd and completely destructive “equity” and identity politics nonsense we are DOOMED, we are DONE. There is simply NO upside to it —— none at all.
    “Equity” is NOT the same as “equality,” meaning equality of opportunity. As you now. Every time you see the word “equity” replace it with the word “injustice” or “unfairness” and you will have a much more accurate reading of what these scoundrels are actually up to.

  2. Leave it to a goofball Democrat like Sen. Dave Cortese to try to inject “gender equity” into worker’s compensation cases. Costese is probably getting a payoff from some source to push this legislative nonsense.

  3. Look at woke State Senator Dave Cortese smirking. The only white men left in the Democrat party are corrupt to the core.

  4. Wait until they find out that the reason so many more men (real men) get worker comp claims is because they do the dangerous jobs that women don’t want to do.

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