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Senator Scott D. Wiener. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

SF Sen. Scott Wiener Demands Monkeypox State of Emergency, but Defends Weekend Kink/Fetish Street Festival

Wiener was silent on nearly two years of school closures for California’s 6 million school kids

By Katy Grimes, August 1, 2022 2:30 am

Last Wednesday the Globe reported State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) called on San Francisco and the Governor of California to declare a State of Emergency due to the Monkeypox outbreak. He requested testing, vaccination, and contact tracing infrastructure.

Notably, Sen. Scott Wiener was not only silent on nearly two years of school closures for California’s 6 million school kids, he supported the decision. He also supported business and church lockdowns.

California has reported 346 cases of monkeypox; San Francisco has 222 of those cases.

However, within days, Wiener was bashing the CDC for calling for the gay and bisexual community to abstain for a couple of weeks – “avoid sex of any kind (oral, anal, vaginal),” the CDC said. However, the annual kink and fetish street fair was on the weekend calendar.

“Lecturing people not to have sex isn’t a public health strategy,” Wiener said. “It didn’t stop HIV – it made it worse – & won’t stop monkeypox. What will work is vaccination, testing & education.”

Sen. Scott Wiener on monkeypox outbreak in SF. (Screen capture)

Public health officials demanded “two weeks” of lockdowns “to slow the spread” of COVID in early 2020. But Sen. Wiener doesn’t support “two weeks” abstinence “to slow the spread” of Monkeypox?

“The annual Up Your Alley leather and fetish fair is expected to go on this weekend in San Francisco’s SoMa area, despite widespread concerns about the spread of monkeypox and the city’s decision to declare a state of emergency,” the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Sen. Wiener’s statement seems almost negligent and even callous to the very constituents he represents. It was a CDC recommended for sexual abstention – not from the religious right.

What Wiener was agitating for after calling for a State of Emergency is the annual (formerly known as) Folsom Street Fair Kink and Fetish Festival in San Francisco, now called “Up Your Alley,” organized by Folsom Street, which also produces the Folsom Street Fair.

“Up Your Alley (aka Dore Alley), where you’ll get your fill of hot hairy daddies, hungry pigs, BDSM babes and kinks of all kinds. Douchie’s got some hot tips for a fun and filthy weekend — free of anxiety,” was the fetish fair Retweet Wiener posted on Twitter.

Sen Wiener Tweeted: “Awesome @SFAIDSFound guidance on monkeypox & fun. We can continue to have fun while reducing risk. Closing bathhouses in 1980s didn’t reduce HIV. It was an epic blunder & pushed people into the shadows. Let’s not make that same knee-jerk mistake with MPX.”

How quickly Sen. Wiener forgot the last two years of COVID school and business shutdowns and lockdowns; the millions of California children who were kept out of school and forced to Zoom school from the family dining table; the small businesses and churches forced to shut down while Walmart, Target, Costco, and Home Depot remained open; the many and while liquor stores remained open.

He was savaged on Twitter for his insensitive, gross oversight. This Tweet summed up the myriad replies:

“2 years ago small business owners worried about their livelihood was dismissed as ‘Karens wanting to kill grandma for a haircut.’ Now, a street orgy is considered an imperative right.”

What is equally reckless is the San Francisco AIDS Foundation website promoting the kink and fetish street festival:

“Keep in mind that there are a lot of ways to reduce risk. You may choose to use one or two of these suggestions — or none at all. And, a quick reminder to remember COVID-19 precautions, and to get vaccinated for meningitis if you haven’t already. Douchie hopes that you have a happy and healthy Dore Alley!” the San Francisco AIDS Foundation says about the “Up Your Alley” Street Festival.

The SF AIDS Foundation continues:

“Monkeypox is transmitted from person to person during skin-to-skin contact with a person who has a rash (like during sex, or dancing)…”

But devil be damned. The SF AIDS Foundation recommends:

Play dress up

There’s never been a better time to dress from top to bottom in latex or leather. Keeping your skin covered is a sure-fire way to prevent exposures to monkeypox.”

Sen. Wiener called for a State of Emergency, and then had a moment of “be careful what you wish for.” He obviously regretted it as the annual street kink and fetish festival was days away.

This mom expressed in a reply Tweet what millions of moms and dads felt and still feel about California’s governor and lawmakers and the irrational and horrific COVID orders:

“Amazing that as a legislator you said nothing to help our CA students get back in school for 15 straight months. Their mental health & regression not a problem. It’s only a problem if the adults can’t have ‘fun.’ Completely unforgivable IMO. Our kids deserve better legislators!!!”

San Francisco health department officials expressed more concern about the LGBTQ community being “stigmatized,” than for the health of the entire community. The department said in a statement “that the emergency was not declared in relation to this weekend’s events and that the city’s rich tradition of “social and cultural activities,” which include street fairs, nightlife and the celebrations of the LGBTQ community, are an integral part of the city,” the SF Chronicle reported.

A California Globe reader said this about Sen. Wiener’s push for a Monkeypox vaccine:

“I’m a homosexual man, and I’ve challenged Wiener for years on these issues. What has been left unstated is Wiener’s support for ‘PrEP – the practice of giving anti HIV drugs to healthy HIV-negative gay men to prevent them from becoming positive. There is very good reason to suspect PrEP a total fraud and doesn’t work (over a decade of uptake in high PrEP-uptake states, annual new HIV cases have remained unchanged), but it makes billions for the drug industry. What PrEP has done is replace condoms in gay sexual networks, and I strongly suspect this is the root cause of the Monkeypox outbreak.’

“Now you have Wiener pushing Monkeypox vaccination (creating millions in new Pharma profits) instead of simple cost-effective measures such as temporarily shuttering bathhouses, blocking the servers of gay hook-up aps, and recruiting prominent celebrities to preach temporary abstinence. Why are gay men somehow protected against public-health enforced ‘social distancing’ during an outbreak?

It’s all about money. Wiener doesn’t really care about gay men. For him, they’re a profit center.”

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20 thoughts on “SF Sen. Scott Wiener Demands Monkeypox State of Emergency, but Defends Weekend Kink/Fetish Street Festival

  1. It’s a waste of time really, to express an opinion on Sen. Scott Wiener. The hypocrisy and agenda is so thick and no one who should stand up to him will; they are all in in for their own agenda.

  2. I’m sure Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrr will be at the festival decked out in his black leather overalls. Will there also be drag queen nursery rhymes? This pervert is a real piece of work.

  3. Is this a joke? A parody twitter account? Wow, just when you think Scott Wiener cannot possibly shred his tattered credibility any further he comes up with this. Only hope his “community” will finally wise up that this power and money-hungry loser should not be their spokesman or “leader.” #justfreakingamazing

  4. Except maybe for the Capitol and a few other places, Wiener probably wears his crotchless chaps where ever he goes and engages in every deviant activity possible? No doubt he’s a human biohazard? San Francisco has become the epicenter of some very despicable people most of whom are Democrats?

  5. He will reap what he sows and no one will be more surprised than Weiner when his chickens come home to roost.

  6. Since they can mandate Vaccines can they mandate a period of celibacy for the queer lifestyle cesspool since they’re the spreaders?

  7. less than 10,000 cases of the gay pox in a nation of 320 million. The gay pox can only be spread by physical contact. NO ONE has died from the gay pox. The only “emergency” is the Democrats are going to lose the Congress in November and are seeking an excuse to cheat. Like they did in 2020

  8. hey scott, i had to lock down for “two weeks to flatten the curve”, which turned into “thirty days to slow the spread”. that went on for over a year. all for a glorified cold.
    so why can’t the gay and LGBTQ+++ community control themselves for a month or so and end this out break??

  9. Wiener is simply wrong about HIV. San Francisco closed the gay bathhouses in 1984 with the buy-in of the gay community (it was a major local news story during the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco). According to Dr. James Chin, who was the California Dept. of Public Health point-man on AIDS at the time and later became the head of the WHO’s AIDS Division and wrote an important book about manipulation of AIDS statistics in 2006, San Francisco’s ‘HIV’ epidemic was over in 1985 and was entirely brought about through behavioral changes. In fact it ended before City, State, and Federal ‘AIDS’ funding (Cumulatively $530 Billion since 1981). Wiener is really in the pocket of Big Pharma as are all the so-called ‘AIDS activists’ who actually sell out the gay community for profit.

    1. It’s always the same story, isn’t it —— you’d think we would learn. Well, some of us have learned, but maybe not enough. Yet. Wiener’s pharmaceutical money dreams are also seen with his perennial push for legalization of hallucinogenic drugs. It appears that “Big Pharma” and its weird off-shoot cousins think they can make a killing from legalization. Remember how we’ve heard the phony arguments that such drugs, if processed and utilized properly, can be used to treat veterans with PTSD and blah, blah, blah —- an effort to gain mainstream support. Yeah, Wiener is a bad guy. But we knew that already, didn’t we. Sigh.

  10. As with most, if not all, Democrats, this homosexual man expects taxpayers to pay for his “community’s” selfish actions. They absolutely have NO common sense! Quit your sinful behavior and you’ll stop this stuff! You don’t need a vaccine or anything else but abstinence!

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