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California Assembly Chambers. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Technical Changes Made to Existing Laws by the Legislative Counsel Bureau in 2021-22

Some are due to our state’s change to gender-neutral drafting

By Chris Micheli, October 19, 2022 3:05 pm

In their ongoing efforts to clean-up California’s 29 Codes and modernize statutory language, the Office of Legislative Counsel makes technical changes to existing laws as it comes across statutes in need of these changes. Some are due to our state’s change to gender-neutral drafting, while other changes reflect modern drafting practices.

The following are most of the technical changes that are recurring changes in California bills during the 2021-22 California Legislative Session. Note that many of these changes are dependent upon the context in which they are used. 

prior to  before 

which that

California  the state 

his or her  their 

such the

himself or herself,  oneself, 

high density  high-density

his or her  the licensee’s

he or she  that person

his or her services  the services of the Attorney General 

his or her  the

Internet Web site. internet website

shall register himself or herself  is registered

himself or herself,  themselves

Internet internet

schooling   education

comprising  composed of

single risk  single-risk

The provisions of this subdivision are This subdivision is

both all

alien immigrant

he or she  the director

No A bond shall not

labor employee

child care  childcare

twelve 12

the 15th of June  June 15 

has consented to receive receives 

No A minor shall not  be

moderate income  moderate-income

Nothing in this part shall  This part does not 

Whether or not,  Whether, 

any an

It is recommended that every  Every

shall not be construed to  does not

the developmentally disabled  persons with developmental disabilities 

three-semester unit three-unit semester

age or over older

such an  that

age of 30 years. person is 30 years of age 

provision of law  law

third party  third-party 

doctorate doctoral

any one or more  all or any combination

made application  applied

Nothing in this section shall be construed to  This section does not

he or she meets  they meet 

contendre contendere

such licensee  licensee of the board

where such an  if the

where if

state budget State Budget

In order to  To 

Any other provision of  law

18,  18 years of age,

In no case shall compensation Compensation shall not

as  described in

in a case in which  when

will shall

which may  that

and/or or

Persons riding bicycles are  A person riding a bicycle is

Upon determining that a  The

chairman chairperson

electronic-mail email

definitions shall  apply

federal  United States

such those

elders,  an elder,

does shall

does not shall neither

shall have  has

ombudsman ombudsperson

executive closed session

he or she bases his or her  the person bases the 

such as  including

post-release postrelease

a governor  the Governor of this state

President. President of the United States of America

chairman chair

client centered  client-centered

internet protocol Internet Protocol

business’s business’

minor children  children under 18 years of age 

non-profit, nonprofit,

as well as and

shall be  is 

Web web page

At the expiration of six Six  months

in accordance with the provisions of as provided in

present submit

for termination of  to terminate

in any case where when

must shall

stricken. redacted.

work force workforce

such those

telephonically, by telephone

any regulations a regulation

shall apply  applies

shall become  is 

such as  including

and as subsequently amended versions. amended.

not appropriate  inappropriate

not eligible  ineligible 

declaring declare the

family,” as used in this section,  family” 

he has been  being

he continues his they continue their

conducting himself  acting 

The following terms as  As used in this chapter have the meaning expressed in this section: chapter:

policeman,  police officer, 

hereunder  under this chapter 

himself or herself,  oneself, 

becomes  is made 

if prior thereto such the licensed vocational  nurse

he or she has informed himself or herself  the person has kept abreast 

qualifies therefor,  and,

jurors must juror shall

such number of  as many

the  Spanish language

attorneys’ attorney’s

conducting himself  acting

provide that  require 

statutes of limitation limitations

Assure Ensure

For the  purposes of this section

where such an  if the

Persons riding bicycles are  A person riding a bicycle is 

is such that it has  shows 

match  compare with

ground premises

whether or not regardless of whether it is

Persons whose licenses have A person whose license has

All licenses  Licenses

continue his or her attendance at  attending 

returned thereto.  returned. 

State state

woman person

medicaid Medicaid

placement of  placing

forward transmit

provided herein  pursuant to this section

Each such  An

established maintained

prepare submit

matches  compares with

twelve 12

subsequent to  after

an annual fee of fifty dollars ($50) per year

Whenever When

in this the state.

consists  shall consist of

wrap-around wraparound

floodplain  flood plain

child care  childcare

day care  daycare 


As used in this section, For purposes of this paragraph,

receipt in the case  of a

unless he has such unless the person possesses

federal  the United States 

Nothing in this section shall be construed to  This section does not

shall does

in which  involving

rule thereto,  rule,

he or she maintains or uses  they maintain or use

Unlicensed hunters  An unlicensed hunter 

The following terms as  As used in this chapter have the meaning expressed in this section: chapter:

represent the interest of that  person

does not plan to retain  has not retained

contest oppose

in such other manner as may be  another manner 

specify in particular detail  the

the total  sum of all 

such activities;  those activities.

either any

amended versions. amended.

Notwithstanding the other subdivisions of  this section or any other provision of  law,

not appropriate  inappropriate

not eligible  ineligible

any other  another

public; however, public, but

shall mean  means

shall either: do either of the following:

In the event of any citation under When a citation is issued pursuant to

Nothing in this subdivision shall  This subdivision does not

Notwithstanding any other provision of  law,

including, but not limited to, any  including

No information need  Information does not need to  be

same meaning as that term is  defined

shall be  are

elective elected  officer

value; however, value. However,

any regulations a regulation

shall apply  applies 

shall become  is

shall does  not

such as  including

Armed Forces of the United States armed forces

10 U.S.C. Section 101(d). Section 101(d) of Title 10 of the United States Code.

for each and every  citation.

a governor  the Governor of this state

the President. President of the United States of America. 

Unless prohibited by the  Subject to any limitations in the articles or  bylaws

record keeping  recordkeeping

as well as  and 

Maintain records electronically,   Electronically maintain records,

digital electronic

Any amendments  Amendments

such affirmation; an affirmation.

court appointed  court-appointed  counsel.

if he or she determines  upon determining

comprising  composed of 

school  educational institution

State  Controller

July 1 annually  of each year 

in California  the state 

shall be  is eligible

shall require  requires

motorman operator

for a two-year period  two years

scope-of-service  scope of service

all other provisions of law of  the laws of  this state.

no later than  by 

All contracts  Contracts

subject pursuant to

utilizing using

the following terms have the following meanings: definitions apply:

the State of California. state.

utilized used

data base database

immediately becomes is 

the Counties of Orange or Sacramento Counties. Sacramento.

pre-existing preexisting

anti-competitive anticompetitive

long term  long-term

license holders. Licenseholders

electric energy, electricity

not theretofore served

day care, daycare

the approval of the department, department approval

be applied apply

as well as and

open end open-end

home. dwelling.

single-family single family

not available  unavailable 

That The report

is authorized to  may

defined under  set forth in 

medication assisted  medication-assisted

Such a  The

good-faith  good faith

homeless family family that is homeless 

an alien a noncitizen

brothers and sisters  children 

unborn children, a fetus,

Administration approved  Administration-approved 

In any case in which  When

Whenever any When a

Under no circumstances shall a  A

the age of 21 years. 21 years of age.

California residents. Californians.

ten dollar  ten-dollar 

65915.) 65915).

brothers and sisters  children

unborn children, a fetus,

good-faith  good faith

homeless family family that is homeless

have been  are

is to  shall 

hazardous wastes waste

not no more

provided that  if 

the Counties of  Orange or Sacramento Counties. Sacramento.

ombudsman ombudsperson

contained therein  in the report

for not no  more than

Nothing in this article shall be construed as imposing  This article does not impose  any

Nothing in this article shall be construed either as precluding  This article does not preclude  applicants

Nothing in this article shall be construed as impairing  This article does not impair  the autonomy

shall not be construed as  are not 

three-semester unit three-unit semester  course

the 31st of December  December 31  each year

government issued  government-issued

check payment

shall not be construed to  does not 

assure ensure

up to not exceeding

nine 9

is authorized to  may

person’s gender. Sex

Notwithstanding the provisions of  Section

Such The  device

retrospectively after,

ten 10  days

by any such  the

be applied  apply

citizens persons

is authorized to  may

shall be  is

shall mean  means

X-ray x-ray

For purposes of this section, “step  “Step

persons  any person

round-trip  round trip 

Interagency Inter-Agency

Administrative Procedures Procedure  Act

low carbon  low-carbon

On-road Onroad

Administration approved  Administration-approved

repealed, unless a later enacted statute, that is enacted before January 1, 2023, deletes or extends that date. repealed.

(2) below,  (2),

home. dwelling.

Facilities  A facility 

That The  report

problemsolving skills.  problem solving skills.

air conditioning.  air-conditioning.

utilized used

as well as  and

year therein,  year,

a person or persons

inmates  incarcerated persons 

In any case in which  When

to the extent the  only if the

To the extent practicable, the  The

reductions  any reduction

fiancé, fiance,

Except as otherwise  provided

Notwithstanding the provisions of  Section 4000,

such an

greenhouse gas emissions  the emissions of greenhouse gases

areas include area includes

agencies expend agency expends

described in  identified pursuant to

shall maintain  maintains

shall afford  affords

shall minimize  minimizes

shall provide  provides

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