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The California Gambling Control Commission

The regulatory body over gambling establishments, cardrooms, and operation of gambling enterprises

By Chris Micheli, August 20, 2020 6:24 am

The California Gambling Control Commission (CGCC) is found in Business and Professions Code Division 8, Chapter 5, Article 2. Section 19811 specifies that there is in state government the California Gambling Control Commission, which consists of five members who are appointed by the Governor and are subject to Senate confirmation.

The CGCC succeeded to all of the powers of the former California Gambling Control Board. The commission is vested with jurisdiction and supervision over gambling establishments in this state and over all persons or things having to do with the operations of gambling establishments in California.

According to the CGCC, it is “responsible for setting policy, establishing regulations, making determination of suitability for gaming employees and other individuals and entities, issuing licenses, acting as the administrator of gaming revenues deposited into the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund, and the trustee over the revenues deposited into the Indian Gaming Revenue Sharing Trust Fund, and administering the provisions of the Gambling Control Act and the Tribal-State Gaming Compacts.”

Specifically, the CGCC is the regulatory body over:

  • Gambling establishments (cardrooms), and over all persons or transactions regarding ownership interest of gambling enterprises;
  • Third Party Providers of Proposition Players Services, and over all persons or transactions regarding ownership interest; and,
  • Tribal casinos, pursuant to the Commission’s authority under the Tribal-State Gaming Compacts.

According to the CGCC, the Commission, under the Gambling Control Act, and pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order D-29-01, has jurisdiction over operation, concentration, and supervision of gambling establishments and over all persons related to the operations of gambling establishments in the State of California. There are approximately 89 cardrooms in this state currently licensed by the Commission.

The Commission, pursuant to the Compacts, the Gambling Control Act, the Governor’s Executive Order D-31-01. and Governor’s Executive Order D-66-03, has various fiduciary, regulatory and administrative responsibilities related to Tribal gaming and the distribution of revenues to eligible Indian Tribes. There are currently 60 Tribal casinos open and operated by 59 Tribes in this state.

The Bureau of Gambling Control within the Department of Justice (DOJ) is the State law enforcement authority with special jurisdiction over gambling activities within the State of California.  The Bureau is also the entity that receives applications and fees and conducts criminal background investigations and audits.

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