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Assemblyman Corey A. Jackson. (Photo: a60.asmdc.org/biography)

The Latest In Woke Hysteria: California Bill Claims Police DOGS Are Racist!

This is how we go from having a national conversation about the fractured relationship between African-Americans and police to ‘get rid of the racist cop dogs’

By Rob Smith, February 21, 2023 7:32 pm

Woke hysteria has hit an all-time ridiculous height as far-Left California lawmakers have introduced a bill to stop the use of DOGS from crime enforcement because…they’re RACIST!

Assembly Bill 42, introduced by far-Left California Assembly members Corey Jackson and Ash Kalra will “end a deeply racialized and harmful practice that has been a mainstay in America’s history of racial bias and violence against Black Americans and people of color,” according to the Los Angeles Times. Jackson says “The use of police canines has inflicted brutal violence and lifelong trauma on Black Americans and communities of color.”

Assemblyman Ash Kalra. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Of course, this is all absurd, and emblematic of how Black communities nationwide and especially in California have been failed by Leftist activists they somehow continue voting into office. According to the Neighborhood Scout crime index, Assemblyman Jackson’s city of Parris, CA is safer than only 10% of American cities (likely other Dem-run crime meccas), which means citizens of any color would be safer living in virtually any other city in America.

I speak a lot about the Woke agenda and how it has insidiously affected every major institution and aspect of American life, from education to our United States Military and, of course, public safety. I say this as a Black American, a military veteran, and someone who genuinely loves and advocates for America. What is Wokeism? I believe it can be defined as well-intentioned policies or ideas intended to correct historical injustice that have been perverted by far-Left agendas. This is how we go from having a national conversation about the fractured relationship between African-Americans and police to “get rid of the racist cop dogs.”

Wokeness is not only a cancer that will spread rapidly and destroy America’s culture from the inside out if it continues unabated, but cases of Woke hysteria like this and many others will actually make the lives of everyday Americans much less safe.  

But, of course, the actual safety of citizens takes a backseat to the Woke agenda and ideology that is pushed by Jackson, Kalra, and their ilk in Democrat-run cities all across the country. To them, the actual safety of citizens isn’t as important as engaging in Woke lingo gobbledygook disguised as legislation in order to appease the whims of the far-Left activists who rarely live in the communities they’re allegedly “advocating” for. 

When anyone bothers to listen to the actual citizens of lower-income or dangerous communities, they actually advocate for more policing, not less. And eliminating DOGS from policing because Jackson and Kalra have twisted themselves into rhetorical and linguistic knots to paint them as “racist” will not make these communities safer. 

DOGS are racist. This is where we are in America. This is where Wokeness has taken us, and this is the idea of the feeble minds that California voters have elected into office. Here’s the truth: we will not be able to vote our way out of the Wokeness that is attacking America from top to bottom. Politicians can only do so much. What we can do is reject the Woke lunacy that has infected our culture. That starts with acknowledging reality. And the reality is that DOGS – no matter what Leftist activists will try to make you believe – CANNOT be racist. 

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29 thoughts on “The Latest In Woke Hysteria: California Bill Claims Police DOGS Are Racist!

  1. Corey Jackson and Ash Kalra goal is to further cripple and dishearten law enforcement. K-9s are effective, efficient and loving-self-sacrificing partners to their handlers and fellow officers. For these reasons, democrats want to take away another effective law enforcement tool while raising deadly risk to officers.

    1. I agree with you of course, Owed Nothing, and have only one minor disagreement with the author, whose strong, impassioned article was very much appreciated —- that those who introduce these ridiculous “woke” policies have good intentions. The downside and destruction of such policies is well-known and there is hard data to prove it; thus these legislators are not well-intentioned as they would have us believe. Use of the race card is another big clue that leftists Asm Corey Jackson and Asm Ash Kalra are attempting to emotionally manipulate people instead of doing what is right and what is beneficial for their constituents and for public safety in general in our state.

      Police use of K-9 officers is an important and effective tool of law enforcement, meant to protect suspect and police officer alike as a provably workable and valuable alternative to more potentially dangerous methods of detaining an uncooperative suspect. This legislative proposal is nothing more than another tentacle of the destructive “de-fund the police” movement which is quickly becoming irrelevant as communities affected by skyrocketing crime (i.e., most cities in CA) make their voices heard against it.
      Hope everyone here will take a moment to find and contact your legislators to weigh in yourselves against this absurd bill. AB 42:

  2. Dogs are color blind. Democrats have turned around MLK’s famous saying and instead judge people by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. Shameful!

  3. America needs a good war to fight – a legitimate external threat to FOCUS on. We have to many imbeciles in to many statehouses creating pretend problems to solve. In spite of the rose colored lens these knuckleheads view the world through, end of the day humans NEED a cause – a fight; it gives us purpose. Without REAL dragons to slay, they create fictitious ones. The cost? SANITY in the short term, SOVEREIGNTY in the long term.

  4. These legislators are blind to reality and prefer to stay that way because the truth would hamper their objective to keep America divided. They need to ask themselves why the police of this ‘woke’ capitol of this ‘very woke’ state need to survey the residents of 3 areas targeted by huge increases in violent gun related crime? They need to also check to see just which ethnicity of the those who live in these areas and have become victims, not of the police, but the criminals from which the police is striving to protect us. I live in one of these areas and it is not the police I fear but the marauders that roam our streets night and day.

  5. This is really quite humorous because EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU failed to exert even the most minimal of efforts to ACTUALLY READ THE BILL being proposed. The actual bill seeks to ban us of police dogs for apprehension of suspects and/ or use during crowd control. It DOES NOT ban use of a K9 for the purposes of drug detection, hazardous material detection or other such uses. The bill is actually very specific in the two instances that it wishes to ban police dogs from being used and they are both reasonable and do carry quite a bit of history as being historically used against racism minorities. You people need to quit being sheep and gather the motivation to take a moment to read something instead of basing your outrage on some guy’s intentional attempt to mislead people who either lack the intellect, desire, or personal pride to check for themselves the validity of his statements. Basically, every one of you that commented before me had been treated by the writer as if they are a puppet manipulated at will by the author who also views each and every one of you as simple minded buffoons to be used as he sees fit. Every single one of you people should think about that long and hard an decide if you wish to be an easily manipulate mindless stooge or if you want to be someone that stands on their own and thinks for themselves. It took me 12 seconds to pull up the bill being proposed in California and maybe double that amount of time to read the essentials of the bill. In less than 2 minutes I was able to prove the author to be a liar and a manipulator while also being true to the words my mother said often “never be someone’s puppet, always have enough pride to think for yourself and do your own research cuz people lie”. If you don’t believe what I have said is true then you can Google the bill for yourself or continue to be the mindless zombie used by those that see you as a being of weak mind and even weaker personal pride and only good to serve beneath them.

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