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COVID-19 mask. (Photo: Wikipedia)

The Return of the Statewide Mask Mandate: The Reaction of Businesses

The Globe talks with businesses in rural, suburban, urban areas about how the new mandate affects them

By Evan Symon, December 14, 2021 2:50 am

Following the announcement of California’s indoor mask mandate returning until at least mid-January, businesses across California said that it has been deja vu all over again, with many again worried about how it will impact their businesses.

While mask mandates had been still in effect in places like LA County and in certain businesses such as food stores and movie theaters, much of California ended mandatory masks when the state ended their mandate in mid-June. As a result, many businesses saw a surge in new customers. Many who remained unvaccinated but had not gone out due to mask policies, brought a new wave of customers. And with strong demand to go out after over a year of being restricted, many struggling businesses suddenly saw profit margins above where they had been in 2019.

“It was a great summer and fall,” Ian Adler, a Shasta County restaurant owner told the Globe Monday. “As soon as the state bowed out, we got the green light from the County. Day one with no masks we had a line of people. There were truckers going up [Interstate 5] who pulled off for gas taking pictures of the lines. We’re a small restaurant. We never experienced anything like this.”

“We barely made it doing take out and limited dining. One month we were saved by several campers having to go to the city because of an emergency ordering a ton of food from us. That’s how close we were to shutting down.”

“But now, with things close to being normal again, the state pulls this. There goes a bunch of customers. It’s easy for the state to say that they’ll still come in with masks because they can just take them off, but they really don’t understand the psychology of a lot of people. A mask mandate to many is a cue to not go anywhere. So that’s 20% of our business gone right there at least.”

“I get bigger cities like LA or San Francisco or Oakland doing this, but Redding? Some towns around here? Really?”

In more urban counties that originally got rid of mask mandates during the summer but slowly reinstated mandates at select places throughout the rest of the year, the reaction to the state mandate was somewhat more mild.

“We knew this was coming,” said Kern County business owner Martin Schaeffer to the Globe on Monday. “It seemed like the County and the state were building back to it, especially with Delta and Omicron. So now it’s back to masks. I can’t say there is any outrage, as everyone has COVID fatigue. It’s just more overall disappointment. We’re just not even mad any more, even though we know we’ll be losing customers to this. We’re just disappointed with California.”

Shop owners in larger cities, who still fall under indoor mask mandates as well as more advanced requirements like vaccine mandates, meanwhile, said that the state mandate wouldn’t do much.

“We’re already beyond requiring masks,” said Carter Freeman, a security guard who checks for COVID-19 measure compliance at an arena in Los Angeles. “The mask mandate really doesn’t affect us. We’re checking not only for masks, but for proof of vaccination, recent COVID tests, and other things like that.”

“We already had masks is what it is.”

Currently in California roughly one out of every three Californians still have not been fully vaccinated, with one out of five not receiving a single dose. The statewide mandate is expected to be in place until at least mid-January.

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Evan Symon
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40 thoughts on “The Return of the Statewide Mask Mandate: The Reaction of Businesses

  1. Illogical, irrational, baseless, lunacy from people who are all insane psychopaths.
    Look up each one of them, look at their faces-they look sick and insane because they are.
    They all say the exact same things because they are not allowed to have unlimited thinking and speaking capacities like us.
    They are threatened by US and have a lot to hide and so this is why they love the mask. Not a single one of them can talk to us like a normal person, they throw out their dirt then run and hide from us and its getting harder and harder for them to challenge the truth anymore. Their lies are losing ground by the second and more people are waking up and finding out the truth.
    We are stopping their nonsense and they know it.

    Hi-Rez & Jimmy Levy – “Welcome To The Revolution”

    We will not comply, with the institutions sick illusion
    No, it won’t be televised, welcome to the revolution
    We will not comply, with the institutions sick illusion
    No, it won’t be televised welcome to the revolution

    [Verse 1]
    The revolution won’t be televised , government been tellin’ lies
    If you’re not with us, you better step aside
    Witnessing a genocide, everything is centralized
    The food that we consume and they spraying it all with pesticides
    Easily identify the sheep and the snake the real and the fake
    Givin’ us a reason to pray, i’ma make my own choices
    A voice for the voiceless, they try’na destroy us, avoiding the poison
    It’s all pointless if you don’t have a purpose
    If you read the verses, you’ll know who we versing
    Government can’t tell you what your worth is, look deeper than the surface
    They don’t even want you researching
    Or asking questions we all being tested
    Shh shut your mouth then comply that’s the message
    Want you depressed on prescription that mess with your head
    Got you stressin’, suppressing expression

    We will not comply, with the institutions sick illusion
    No, it won’t be televised, welcome to the revolution
    We will not comply, with the institutions sick illusion
    No, it won’t be televised welcome to the revolution

    [Verse 2]
    Keep the money i would rather have my soul
    They want power and control
    That’s their number one goal
    All my friends turn to foes, look how easily they fold
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    Walking down this road all alone in the cold
    But my soul never sold, i’m exposing the clones
    God has chosen this role, although those who oppose
    Want me hopeless and broke like i’m Noah on boats
    I’m just tryin’ to tell’em all ‘bout the flood
    I can feel it in my bones, i can feel it in my blood
    Man i came up out the mud, only god is my judge
    I don’t listen to these politicians they’re the real thugs
    Won’t comply with the lies, they disguising as science
    They want you complying, the media’s biased
    These corporate giants are capitalizing on us by dividing, but I’ll keep on fighting

    We will not comply, with the institutions sick illusion
    No, it won’t be televised, welcome to the revolution
    They’re trying to dumb us down, don’t want us to make a sound
    We gotta get louder now, ‘cause it’s a revolution
    We will not comply, with the institutions sick illusion
    No, it won’t be televised, welcome to the revolution

    1. Bravo! You are a smart and discerning person, which is very rare. It’s about power, control, fear. . and much, much worse.

  2. Businesses need to stop complaining and start complying.
    The winter surge of Covid is getting worse. 120k new infections a day and rising.
    By mid-January the hospitals will be overwhelmed.
    The governor needs to lockdown our state right now. Need to be proactive.

        1. Ah yes, reuters.

          Nothing like a random collection of undifferentiated data to prove your point.

          FYI, almost all these”cases” do not qualify as clinical cases by the differential diagnostic criteria used before March 2020. Most of these “cases” are actual just positive results from a mass screening test which has a 95% plus false positive rate in low prevalence screen groups. In 2003 with SARs Cov 1 the PCR test was only used after actual pneumonia symptoms showed. Which is the only clinically valid use of these test.

          If you would like me to explain the difference been Analytical Accuracy and Clinical Accuracy and the mathematics of low prevalence testing, or Type 1 and Type 2 Errors for that matter, I’d be glad to. All those number you quoted are basically junk. And have been since March 2020.

          The dirty little secret is that the people who are bad at math go into the bio-sciences. Which shows in the quality of so many of their published papers. Very basic math errors in too many of them.

    1. The Mask routine was tried and didn’t result in anything but swaying people to stay home instead of going out to spend $.

      Mask is not helping why not try what Florida has been successful with in lowering their numbers without any restrictions. Florida is using anti-bodies method with great success and why not try something different instead of repeating same ‘ol thing because we know the results lower only because people stop going out which hurts businesses.

      w16521 tell me do good or great leaders look to what competitors do (or other states) and mimic their success in their own state or company — Why doesn’t CA not try it? or does it go against their narrative or pocket books for PHARMA.

      Ask yourself if the vaccine was so good, why are people still needing to sign waivers and why is pfizer not using their approved name? – is because of these waivers
      then ask yourself why did they get a 75 year release of issues – no other pharma gets this type of non-transparency.

    2. Texas and Florida have no mask or vaccine mandates. And their covid rates are low. LOOK IT UP. Hospitals are not overwhelmed.

        1. They make it look that way. There is a nurse shortage. Some hospitals have closed floors because of the nurse shortage and that tl makes it look like hospitals are overwhelmed due to high numbers of people with the virus which is false.

        2. Hospitals are ALWAYS typically full at 85% to 90% as they are during the winter months because of flu and pneumonia. Last year at this time the stats were the same with the “scamdemic” and they were the same the year before and the year before that and so on. Governor Climate Change last year blamed it on covid but for some reason flu and pneumonia were almost no where to be found. Even in San Diego County there were under 40 cases of seasonal flu reported in January where they normally have over 12,000. That is twelve with three zeroes after it. Fear is a weapon and the left is using it.

    3. Lockdown yourself and leave the rest of us alone. Have you forgotten those who got the “vaccine” are protected so, no need to be concerned with me living my life pre coronavirus.

    4. Hey W, you can take my shot(s) and any boosters you want, too…
      Can’t be too safe, right???
      “Winter is coming”….

      Try a little critical thinking, and hope you get the #1 lot….otherwise….tick…tick….tick….

    5. You are absolutely correct. They’re dropping like flies sprayed with Raid out there. On my street alone, I saw two people drop dead yesterday. Citizens with wheelbarrows police the dead from the streets and call the hospital or morgue. It must be the apocalypse. Double masking should be mandated. I just looked out the window and saw a young male, walking his dog, drop dead. The dog kept going, but soon even animals will be wearing masks if we don’t want our animal companions to succumb to the omicron and upsilon variants. Lock down now!

  3. Doubling and tripling down on failure is the DemocRAT way. The vaxed are getting the virus and transmitting it. And masks don’t stop viruses. But the fascist and authoritarian leftists in the state want to be bosses. Well, they can KMA.

  4. Let’s not forget Newsolini’s BYD billion dollar mask deal!
    Studies around the world show masks do not stop the spread of aerosolized virus particles.
    The WHO recognizes masks do not work, yet here we are!

    Judicial Watch in January requested FOIA documents on Newsom’s 1 Billion dollar deal!
    The corruption in this state runs deep. This is not about your health.


    Do you think he will request double masking in January?

    1. Well idiot, you have been proven wrong again. Just like a typical brain dead Trump supporter.
      That video is from Mar 2020. It is not recent. It was before vaccines became available.

  5. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing , again and again and expecting different results. We passed the insanity threshold last year. Just stop.

  6. We are told by Fauci, Governor Climate Change, president Poop Pants, Stretch Pelosi, and all these Democrap leaders that masks work. If masks work, how come masks don’t work?

    1. Yep, these slimewad Democrat governors and White House occupants use “mandates” because that’s a common, word indicating authority, but actually have NO LEGAL AUTHORITY…

      They are PLAYING those of you that have fallen under the spell of the half-screen Covid “death-counter” on the Cuomo News Network…

      Do NOT comply!!! And IGNORE W’s incessant bleating about the Covid sky falling…it’s all BS…

        1. Do you know the clinical difference between WITH and FROM?

          That 800K’ish number is not even the WITH number. A good 150K plus of those are just a box ticked by a bureaucrat when filling out a form. With no medical opinion involved. Thats what happen in places like NYC and NJ last year. And quite a few other places too.

          So about 150K FROM and maybe 650K WITH. The WITH just means they had a positive test result. Which means zero clinically unless the person developed symptoms of pneumonia and proved negative all the other bacterial and viral causes of pneumonia. Of which there are many. Most with the same symptoms.

          Even taking the 150K WITH number the actual annual mortality numbers are still inside the 10 year range. So its been a substitute cause of death rather than a addition cause of death.

          The only thing unusual for the mortality numbers for the last year or so is the big increase in excess death in two particular categories, the same two that show up in the 20K deaths vaccine adverse event deaths in VAERS. Which given its traditional under-reporting rate these excess deaths fit the likely death total (so far) from the SARs CoV 2 vaccines. About 120K.

          So we have the vaccine killing almost as many people as SARs 2. Assuming all those FROM people actually did die of ARDS or equivalent. Which they did not.

          And all this for a virus that is lower risk than H1N1-09 (Swine Flu) for people under 55. For an IFR < 0.2% and and CFR < 2%. And what is mostly a HAI. A Hspital Aquired Infection.

          Just like SARs CoV 1 in 2003 in fact. It was mostly a HAI too.

          You really need to do your research of the actual science and not be repeating all this anti-science misinformation.

        2. No your president Poop Pants and Democraptic pukes lie all the time. More people have died under president Poop Pants from covid than under “Evil Orange Man”. President Poop Pants said he had a “plan” to end covid head on during the campaign. He also said he was going to cure cancer. Check it out for a change instead of making your rants. Yeah facts don’t lie. Omicron has not killed anyone. The South Africa doctor who discovered Omicron over a month ago has publicly stated that NO ONE IN SOUTH AFRICA HAS DIED OR HAS BEEN HOSPITALIZED FROM OMICRON. Check it out facts don’t lie. But you won’t you will continue your MSNBC and CNN type lying rants.

        3. Facts are wasted on you. There is a ton of data proving that masks don’t work, and that the mRNA treatments are both ineffective and very dangerous. Hospitals are already overwhelmed; not with Covid patients, but from self-inflicted staffing shortages and a flood of non-Covid patients, most of whom are unacknowledged ‘vaccine’ injuries. I could quote peer reviewed studies all day, but it wouldn’t cut through the CNN-induced fog you live in. I’ll assume from your attitude that you are fully ‘vaccinated’. So, the debate will be settled very soon. One of us will be seriously ill or dead. The odds are very, very good that it won’t be me.

  7. The State of California is lying to you.
    The California Heath and Human Services says this. “Since Thanksgiving, the statewide seven-day average case rate has increased by 47%”

    Show me on the state graphs where cases have gone up by 47%.
    It’s a lie. There is a little blip, and then it went right back down.

  8. With the Omicron variant spreading quickly, Gov Newsom needs to lock down the state now!
    January is shaping up to be the worst month ever in the entire pandemic. Hospitals are bracing for thousands of Covid patients. Contact Gov Newsom today to let him know that we all think the state needs to lockdown.

    1. Uhh..no, we are nowhere near the deadly winter surge of 2020 when all the ICUs are overwhelmed. 80% of the elderly and the eligible population are already vaccinated. Boosters are available and a 2 dose vaccine is still 70% effective at preventing hospitalizations. Even if the virus evade the vaccine, antibodies will recognize and destroy the virus. There’s even a Pfizer pill to treat the unvaccinated if they got coronavirus. All you’re doing is spreading fear to control everyone without no basis or any regard for other’s freedoms all in the name of “safety.”

    2. @W16521:
      Calm down. Take a look at the website https://covidestim.org/ – a partnership between Harvard, Yale, and Stanford – to see a visual comparison at the state and county levels across the nation. There’s date slider for a comparison over time. You can zoom in and focus on specific areas and select counties to follow. You can display infections (cases) per 100k, raw infections, Reproduction number (Rt), and percent of population ever infected. Be sure to understand that “infections” or “cases” do not equal “hospitalizations”. Many people test positive but have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

    3. Hey Globe Troll!!! So much for locking down the whole State. The California Department of Health just exempted San Francisco from the mandate. I guess Gruesom Newscum didn’t take your advice..!!!

      Ha ha ha..!! And you think you’re important..!!!

  9. We just got an email from our local church pastor that masks are again required for everyone age 2 and up, even though the state mandate exempts church services. Previously, a face shield was considered good enough. Now, apparently not. Here’s hoping we can find another church to attend that leaves masks optional. If not, we’ll worship online only. I wonder if our local church will survive this? It was already pretty much on the edge, both attendance and finance-wise.

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