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California State Capitol. (Photo: Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

Transient Parolee Sexually Assaults, Murders Woman, Kills Her Dogs before Lighting Sacramento Home on Fire

Despite lengthy criminal record, he was released early from prison, and out on zero bail after stealing car

By Katy Grimes, September 6, 2021 12:45 pm

A “homeless” transient guy out on the streets despite his recent violation of parole, has been arrested for raping and murdering a Sacramento woman in the Land Park neighborhood Friday, killing her dogs and setting her house on fire.

Troy Davis, 51 (aka Troy Davies), a parolee at large, was also let out on zero bail in June for stealing a car, even with his long history of violent crimes, and having recently been in prison for a violent felony.

Davis is suspected of being one of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s 76,000 felons let out of prison early, “for good behavior,” a policy created by Newsom. The Globe learned Davis served maybe half of his time, even with his extensive crime record, before he was let out of prison. And because he was in prison for a violent felony, he should have done at least 80% of his sentence prior to early release.

According to a press release by the Sacramento Police Department:

“51-year-old Troy Davis was identified as a person of interest related to this incident. On September 4, diligent patrol officers located Davis who was arrested for a parole violation and felony warrants unrelated to this investigation.

Today, detectives have additionally booked Davis for murder, arson, burglary, and sex assault charges against the 61-year-old victim. At this time, detectives believe that the victim and suspect were not known to each other.

This investigation remains active and we continue to urge anyone who may have any information regarding this incident to contact the police department.”

The Globe was told this was a random killing. Hours before her murder, Davis was caught masturbating on a front porch in the same neighborhood, through their RING security camera, a neighbor told the Globe.

This is the arrest record for the rape/murder:

These are records for some of his other arrests:

Sacramento Superior Court:

Troy Davis is the model three-strikes criminal, yet was out on zero bail after committing yet another crime.

How does California’s criminal justice system give him zero bail with his criminal history?

A judge let him out with zero bail on his own recognizance, and then he failed to appear, becoming a “parolee at large.”

Neighbors called the fire department and police when they saw her house was on fire. Only when fire crews made it inside of her house did they find her body, and the bodies of her dogs, as well as multiple fires set.

These are the consequences of the zero bail movement and the consequences of defunding police, a member of law enforcement told the Globe.

Zero bail was rejected by California voters in 2020, but introduced as legislation in January 2021 by Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Los Angeles) as Senate Bill 262.

Ironically named the “Safe and Resilient Communities Act,” SB262 will shut down Surety Bail in California, as the Globe reported recently. “Defendants will be left with 2 choices —- Cash Bail which is the full amount of the Bail which will be set by the Judicial Council – this takes away Bail Schedules from all 58 counties – or stay in jail,” a bail agent explained to the Globe. “This will lead to mass incarceration.”

Another bail agent told the Globe that legislators want to kill the (bail) industry, while making it seem like judges retain discretion for bail, but they don’t because of the language about “ability to pay.”

The ability to pay appears to be an attempt at fairness however, it is not, opponents of SB 262 say. A judge asks the accused in court if he can pay bail. There is no background or asset check done. It’s based on the accused’s word.

The California Sheriffs Association explains: “Under SB 262, the individualized consideration of what the offender is alleged to have done and their criminal record does not appear to factor in the decision of what level of bail is set – only the arrestee’s present ability to pay without substantial hardship is to be considered after it is determined that non-financial conditions are insufficient.”

So, “’Ability to pay’ means the payer’s present ability with income or assets available to them to pay the specified amount without borrowing money, selling personal property, obtaining a loan, taking money from family or friends, accessing a means-tested public benefit in which they are enrolled, or paying a bond premium,” a bail agent explained.

The murdered woman, looking forward to retirement according to neighbors, is now dead, violently raped and murdered, her two dogs killed, her house set on fire, because of the system the voters had the good sense to reject, but lawmakers are trying to backdoor now.

“Zero bail is a FAIL,” Senator Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) said in May when SB 262 was passed by the Senate. “It was tested in 2020 during the pandemic and a similar policy was rejected by voters in November 2020.  Today Democrats doubled down on an idea rejected by voters and already proven to be dangerous to our communities. Social experiments are one thing on paper, but by listening to law enforcement and crime victims, it was pretty clear these policies failed in real life.”

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55 thoughts on “Transient Parolee Sexually Assaults, Murders Woman, Kills Her Dogs before Lighting Sacramento Home on Fire

  1. Looks like the odds of dying from contact with a violent criminal that Newsom released from prison are greater than the odds of dying from covid.

    1. Newsom did it AGAIN….he is always on the “Wrong Side of What California’s citizens Need or Want-To be Protected from these Criminals that Newsom let OUT of prison-with his inane plans, that make good people suffer from. No Wonder we ARE RECALLING THIS NARCISSIST/SELF SERVING ELITIST GOV. NUISANCE.

  2. “The murdered woman, looking forward to retirement according to neighbors, is now dead, violently raped and murdered, her two dogs killed, her house set on fire, because of the system the voters had the good sense to reject, but lawmakers are trying to backdoor now.”

    I am sickened, saddened and disgusted!

    Newsom has more blood on his hands! This was a crime that should have been prevented, if it were not for the ill conceived social justice criminal reform bills and actions NEWSOM supports. By the way this is not isolated, this happened to a woman, 64 yr old Marilyn Pharis in Santa Maria Ca, and a woman 59 yr. old Bambi Larsen in San Jose Ca,
    We are not safe in our own homes.

    My heart and prayers go out to this woman and her family. May God comfort them in their grief.


    1. Oh you can BET ON IT, that WE are voting to Recall this Narcissist Gov. who is Always on the Wrong Side of Issues for California and it’s citizens!

  3. Another horrific nightmare of a crime that never should have happened and didn’t have to happen.
    If we had a different governor than Gavin Newsom (almost anyone will do) and we had a bail system that is in place BECAUSE VOTERS VOTED FOR IT last year, then this crime simply WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED. This is how important it is who our governor is; how important it is who and what we as citizens vote for, how important it is that hack politicians such as Dem Sen Bob Hertzberg are not voted into legislative seats or returned to them and, failing that, how important it is they are stopped in their tracks from everlastingly pushing zero bail with a new try, SB 262…… after voters ALREADY VOTED TO KEEP THE BAIL SYSTEM.
    Looks like we need to contact our state reps again and make a stink about it. Leave a message at their contact box at their website or leave a phone message.
    And YES-YES-YES, Vote YES to Recall NEWSOM.

    1. Yes, yes and yes!
      How much failure can citizens be willing to put up with?
      It truly is a matter of life and death.
      I choose life and that means we must vote differently in this state!
      I always appreciate your comments ShowandTell.

  4. God Dam Bob Hertzberg, Nancy Skinner, Newsom and the demoncrat party. This wicked crime should have never happened. Citizens of California we have reaped the intention of the “Safe and Resilient Communities Act,” SB262. We must recall Newsom and vote out any demented politician that will not protect a civil society. We are all exposed to this evil.

  5. It is disgustingly insane to think the was 100% preventable! Who will hold Gavin Newsom accountable for this ladies horrific death and when? My heart aches for this woman and her family! May they find peace. If any family deserves millions for loss of life at the hands of a state official, is this family.

  6. One week from tomorrow is the day! Let’s do this folks! Let’s recall this POS Newsom! This story sickens me to my stomach! Get your recall vote in by September 14!

    1. We tried to identify the judge but the information is not yet available. We will update the article as soon as we find out.

  7. VOTE IN PERSON starting on 9/11

    Do NOT let your vote be Dominioned by the corrupt Democrat machine that runs those deplorable, lie-filled TV commercials and has this woman’s (and her DOGS’) blood on THEIR HANDS!!!

  8. Look at the politicians who are in office and support the release of serious and violent criminals just to go out and victimize the people in the state of California. The victims are not heard but trampled on like a piece of turd. The criminals are released to the public without a planned assistance to be followed through by the parole system due to the politicians in office have tied their hands. The parole system cannot arrest and return individuals back to custody for violations of their parole because of certain politicians in office.
    Where does it stop? It stops at the top then filter down. Certain politicians put out policies to cover their own agenda instead of following the constitution way of life “We The People..”. Where is that Agenda??

  9. Larry Elder supporters must OVERWHELM the polling places, AND the vote counting process. They are planning to steal this one too, just like they have done for decades. Tired of living on your knees? Then DO something about it.

  10. I was ready to put this all on Newsom but was pointed to 2016 when voters passed proposition 57, an answer to prison overcrowding, brought by Jerry Brown and Californians For Public Safety and Rehabilitation to allow nonviolent felons to be released from prison. Supported by, among others, Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, all political parties except republicans, the typical unions, and several organizations. Also, Mark Zuckerberg donated $1 million in support. Newt Gingrich, interestingly, was the only Republican to support it and he wasn’t even a California resident. I wonder how many of the victim’s neighbors voted for this. With a population that gets its voting advice from political ads and doesn’t read up on the issues, we’ll be forever putting our foot on the gas and the brake at the same time. Democrats: Ready, Shoot, Aim

  11. Back in Spring/Summer 2020, I remember wondering how the Democrats didn’t seem to care about fielding an absent, clueless, aging moron like Biden, then teaming him with poll poison like Harris. Poll after poll looked bad for Biden, but they didn’t care, as if they had an ace in the hole. Well, now we know. The same continues this year, both for national and California Dems. They don’t care how bad the border looks, how bad Afghanistan looks, how bad California looks. They double down on every bad Dem policy. Gee, I wonder why? Our elections are done, the system has been stolen, our money is being used to pay for things without the consent of the governed, and there is no intact political mechanism to recover representation. When in the course of human events…

    1. I call it “retributionism”. They are always obsessed with “getting back” at someone/something. It’s sick infantillism, irrational tantrum-throwing, vandalism. They hate their own country and treat it like an ATM you can kick and it will spit out more cash.
      They can get away with it because they imported a new peasantry that does not read or think much, they believe what they see on Univisoin or Telemundo (the latter is part of the Comcast/Universal/NBC media-entertainment plex)
      Check out MexicoNewsDaily to see what’s next door and is NOT on the Spanish-language networks. Or any other US-based media.

  12. Is this supposed to be unbiased? Because if so… wowza. Way to use tragedy as a political agenda. Maybe next time focus on the life lost instead of using someone’s blood as your warpaint. Noone involved deserves this. And wrapping one twisted, terrible thing into statements about every convicted person in the state? about the entire government? you, the writer, have to know how this works. When you package things like this, you are actively trying to enrage your readers. You are taking away from the horror of what happened, using it as shock value, and hoping your audience isn’t smart enough to pick the facts out of the muck presented. The readers deserve better, as do the people involved in this horrible crime. Be better. Please.

      1. The propaganda mockingbird media probably buried the story because the transient parolee on zero bail who committed the crime was a black man and the 61 year old victim was a white woman? The crime brings up too many uncomfortable issues that the Democrat Party does not revealed or discussed?

    1. The fact that this heinous crime was committed by a parolee out on zero bail illustrates what will happen if legislation being pushed by Democrats to eliminate bail for violent offenders is passed by the Democrat super majority in the legislature? No doubt Aaron works for Democrat Sen. Bob Hertzberg and/or the Democrat Party?

  13. Looked for local sources to see if any named the judge. No dice.
    Did find this item with a bit more elaboration from local TV
    for whatever it’s worth, in the past I have noted that as far as the MSM networks go, the “cbslocal.com” pages are a cut above the other when it comes to reporting news like this. Some of the Fox affiliates aren’t too bad.
    Similar treatment by media followed story last year about gangster let out to “protect” him from Covid who went home to Stockton and beat an infant to death.

  14. Californians voted for Newsome, so what else could be the outcome?
    If they want to see the problem they must look in the mirror.

    1. @bioya1…Did Californians really vote for Newsom? Democrats perfected voter fraud in California and there is a good possibility that the voting machines are rigged?

    2. @Bioya1
      Not all Californians voted for Newsom. Why do you even think that there are no republicans or conservatives in the Golden State?

  15. Zero bail was rejected by California voters in 2020, but introduced as legislation in January 2021 by Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Los Angeles) as Senate Bill 262. Wealthy Democrats like Sen. Hertzberg don’t have to worry about crimes committed by paroles out on zero bail because they live in gated compounds with armed security? The crime committed against that woman in Sacramento’s Land Park neighborhood should have never happened? Democrats like Sen. Hertzberg who push zero bail laws for violent offenders need to be held personally responsible when crimes like this one are committed?

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