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Mandatory face mask rules in some Californian cities now come with a fine. (Photo: Youtube)

Why Are California Cities’ Public Health Officers Really Ordering Masks Worn Indoors?

We’ve been told the vaccines protect against COVID-19, and the variants, according to the World Health Organization

By Katy Grimes, July 16, 2021 2:37 am

Thursday, Los Angeles County public health officer, Dr. Muntu Davis, announced at a video press conference a new order requiring masks be worn by LA residents when indoors, regardless of vaccination status — effective Sunday morning at 12:01AM.

If Los Angeles residents are so at-risk for infection, why wait until Sunday?

Sacramento residents are also once again being asked to mask up indoors as the county’s COVID-19 case rate increases and the Delta variant surges, CBS Sacramento reported.

Why? Most of downtown Sacramento hasn’t recovered and still is not back open.

Even the vaccinated must wear masks under these county orders, but remember Dr. Anthony Fauci admitted masks are ineffective against the virus? Remember in April when the Globe reported on a Doctor who uses vape clouds to illustrate how masks do not work?

The video is priceless.

Doctor uses vape clouds to illustrate how masks do not work. (Photo: screen capture, LewRockwell.com)

Remember when the CDC’s Dr.Rochelle Walensky’s reversed the mask order and announced that face masks are no longer mandatory for those who’ve been vaccinated? Did the science change? Or did politics necessitate this diversion?

What these “public health officers” aren’t telling the public is perhaps the most important piece of information:

The vaccines protect against COVID-19, and the variants, according to the World Health Organization, as we have been told.


Los Angeles county has been recording more than 1,000 new cases each day for a week, and there is now “substantial community transmission,” Davis said, Yahoo News reported. But Dr. Davis doesn’t offer details, nor does the LA County COVID website.

Instead, they pivot to the homeless populations which were ignored during the last 15 months: “Of those infected at the shelter in Santa Rosa, 28 were fully vaccinated, Dr. Sundari Mase, Sonoma County’s health officer, said Wednesday. Officials were reviewing an additional 26 possible positive cases.”

“Of the 59 people with confirmed infections at Samuel L. Jones Hall, nine were hospitalized, including six who were fully vaccinated and had “multiple, significant” underlying health conditions, including diabetes and pulmonary disease, health officials said. Four have since been discharged, and five remain hospitalized.”

In Sacramento, County officials say the increase in daily COVID-19 cases appears to be due, in part, to the Delta variant.


County public health officials have mostly ignored homeless populations throughout the state during the last 16 months of COVID, despite the Globe and other news groups asking why the homeless weren’t used as control groups.

Cynical California residents have expected that another lockdown was eminent, given that so many believe that the lockdown was less about public health, and more about state and local political control.

This is cruel to business owners who have just reopened. Business owners say it is beyond cruel, and instead abusive and even state terrorism to those most economically harmed in the state during the last 16 months of lockdowns, re-openings, more lockdowns, and seemingly random totalitarian orders.

What appears to be behind this threat of mask mandates and more business lockdowns is public health officials’ attempt to scare more Californians to vaccinate:

Sacramento County Public Health Officer Olivia Kasirye said, “Our best protection against COVID-19 continues to be the vaccine. We urge all eligible residents to get vaccinated in order to protect themselves, and their family and friends,” CBS Sacramento reported.

The Sacramento County Public Health Officer recommended that fully vaccinated people should once again start wearing a face mask indoors in settings where vaccination verification is not required.

Similar to L.A. County, officials said the increase in daily COVID-19 cases appears to be due, in part, to the Delta variant.

County Health Officer Dr. Muntu Davis said the county is “not where we need to be” in terms of vaccinations, Los Angeles CBS local reported.

Hmmmm. Collusion anyone? And just what other states are ordering masks or threatening lockdowns due to the Delta Variant?

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40 thoughts on “Why Are California Cities’ Public Health Officers Really Ordering Masks Worn Indoors?

  1. The latest masking nonsense needs to be ignored by businesses and individuals or it will never go away. So-called “health officials” have no authority to do this. But then again, here in L.A. the sheep have still been wearing masks since June 15th. FACT: Mask DON’T WORK AGAINST VIRUSES. This has been proven by dozens of verified scientific studies. What we now have is a form of mental illness.

    1. Totally agree on the first point. Too much mask wearing inside. Covid started and the restrictions happened at March last year and now come July where people barely have one month before yet more mask indoor requirement. It’s just perennial.

  2. It’s been obvious from the beginning that the public health officers have never been concerned about public health. We know that from what they HAVEN’T said more than by what they HAVE. There has never been any context for the “orders” that come from their podium perches. No mention of immunity gained from having had COVID. No mention of treatment options of any kind, never mind proven, cheap, and effective early-intervention drugs such as ivermectin, etc. No reasonable or believable explanation of what herd immunity REALLY is or how it works. No mention anymore of the classic bell curve (two weeks to “flatten the curve”?) in disease prediction. No discussion of how masks are useless against viral transmission, never mind that they can actually be harmful to one’s health. No mention of how, when a virus mutates (and this includes COVID19) it becomes increasingly weaker, less able to cause serious illness and less able to cause death. Thus, statistically, a weakened COVID is no longer a threat to humanity and, given likely achievement of herd immunity now we can back off on the vaccine push. Right?

    No, all we hear from the so-called public health officers is a lot of nonsense-talk, jargon, unsatisfactory explanations, and distractions. There is no clarity at all, only worsening confusion that seems purposeful. There is no plan given or road map drawn to show what a brighter future beyond COVID might look like for the public. There are no straight answers to questions from reporters or anyone else. Their blanket orders don’t make sense and never have. These people are not interested in helping us or looking out for the public’s well-being. And there is no longer any talk about how, if you have been vaccinated, you’re free and have nothing to worry about from those who have not been vaccinated or anyone else.

    Their only interest in bringing back the masks is an attempt to get EVERYONE vaccinated by causing resentment and hatred among the vaccinated toward the un-vaccinated. This is meant to isolate those who have not been vaccinated and make pariahs out of them. We see clues about this nationwide, not just in L.A. County. The message being sent by these malevolent people is that this will never end unless you comply, but if you comply it will never end. This is dark and these people’s intentions are not good. As you know.

      1. That’s so nice, Stacy and PDR. 🙂
        Gonna miss you Stacy! — at the same time I am glad you’ll be sticking around for awhile.

  3. Read what they are saying – they want people to get vaccinated and they want businesses to verify vaccination status. The government can’t make an experimental vaccination mandatory and the government can’t go around verifying vaccination status so they are putting the burden on the private sector – again.
    Other states have lifted mask mandates and are not coercing their populations into getting vaccinated and they are doing just fine – schools are open – businesses are open – its not the apocalypse.
    But in California the government at every level imposes a collective approach to this situation – they totally reject treatment – which is available but not accessible – in favor of their one size all solution: the vaccination. They want people to get vaccinated whether they need it or not – or they are going to make everyone suffer. They are calling out persons who have chosen not to vaccinate and calling them the problem. Look to your left, look to your right, one of you is not vaccinated and that person is preventing you from getting back to your normal life. Next step, we know who you are and we will come to your door. This is outrageous but it seems to be the playbook of the day. CRT encourages animosity between groups of people based on their skin color – the “health” industry encourages animosity between vaccinated and unvaccinated persons. When has it ever been appropriate to encourage animosity between any population group against another. Answer is – its never appropriate. America is built on individual freedom. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Life and Liberty involve risk. Its not government’s job to remove risk from life by infringing upon liberty.

    1. I most agree, it is about coercing all to get vaccinated.
      Cases may rise but that is normal for the variants. It may be more transmissible but not as deadly. It is shameful to blame variants on the vaccinated, it is a downright lie! We have the common cold (a coronavirus) because it mutated from the original virus and weakened. That is what viruses do. Please all educate yourself on virus’ evolution.

      1. Correction:
        Meant to say, it is shameful the CPH officials are blaming the unvaccinated. Viruses naturally mutate.

      2. You’re so right, Cali Girl and, as I’m sure you know, they are still using the original PCR test that was shown to be too sensitive and thus not accurate, and which is probably picking up a microscopic bit of a virus someone had in 1983 that is lingering in the corner of someone’s sinus cavity. So we can’t even be confident of the validity of their premise! They’re probably just making numbers up at this point. Why wouldn’t they? But if the numbers are indeed high, GOOD! That means we’re on our way to super-herd-immunity if we haven’t reached it already. And this weakened, non-dangerous, non-lethal virus is only contagious if a person has symptoms, and if a person has symptoms they should stay home. But the public health officers have not only banned REAL science but common sense too.

        Do you remember the psychological experiments about “learned helplessness” where lab rats smell the food at the end of the maze and when they reach the dispenser sometimes they get food but increasingly they get an electric shock instead? After which it was observed they become depressed and zombie-like and cease to even go after the food? The longer this goes on the more people will respond like the experimental rats. Well that’s their hope, isn’t it. We have to break free from this ASAP!

        1. Yes, I am aware. I have not confirmed but residents seeking to get a specific variant test are told they do not exist at most testing labs. I found this interesting. I would like more details from the CPH officials, such as; do these patients have a comorbidity, were they actually tested for the Delta variant, have they been wearing masks all long, were they offered early treatment such as ivermectin?

          ShowandTell your reference to the rat study is spot on and I do remember that study from Psych 101???? Unfortunately we are already seeing those affects. Suicide and overdose rates are up. People have become so fearful they do not interact in the same manner and still will not remove their mask. It is quite sad and disturbing for a virus that is 97.8 percent survivable.

          I hope the good people and business owners tell LA public health to pound sand!

  4. agree with everyone, masks are a joke. Cases per 100000 in Sacramento went from 3 to 11. However, no one’s taking hospitalization. We have seen people at our work that have gotten really sick, tested positive, didn’t get the vax and are not hospitalized. There’s just a bad summer flu going around. But, since Biden is president and Fonzi Newsom(slicked back hair) are in office and one’s running to save his cullo, I pray we don’t go back to the “it’s for everyone’s benefit lockdown.

  5. It’s time to bring the issue to the federal courts, and allow it to move up the appeal process until the USSC rules on whether we do have Constitutional rights in this country, or not. There is nothing more important.

  6. Showandtell & Full Stop: Well written points, both of you.

    I know hundreds of people; friends, family and acquaintances. One person I know legitimately tested positive for Covid. One. He’s in his late thirties. He was moderately ill for three days, did not go to the hospital but was required to “quarantine” for fourteen days. As I have commented numerous times on CG, the second Covid “fatality” in my county was a 96-year-old woman who was already in Hospice because of numerous non-Covid health issues. The third Covid “fatality” was a 77-year-old man who died of a massive heart attack. Early on during Covid hysteria there was a newspaper article stating that one day in New York City all deaths were attributed to Covid. That article has conveniently disappeared. If you go through a green light on your motorcycle and someone runs the red light and kills you, your cadaver will likely get a false-positive Covid diagnosis and Bingo, another Covid victim.

    Compare that to: Smallpox, Polio, AIDS, Bubonic Plague (which killed approximately half the people in Europe), 1918 Spanish Flu and Malaria (which continues to kill untold millions of people in tropical regions across the globe). Covid is none of those things. But mask up – or else!

  7. Absolutely ridiculous. We’re just open a month ago and LA is requiring masks again. They’re literally not following science. When you have the Delta variants spreading, there’s only some chance you get the Covid and even if you do, there’s literally near zero chance you will get a severe illness or require hospitalization. Unfortunately these officials don’t really care about businesses or people’s freedoms. That or this basically tells that there’s no need for vaccines since it’s clear they’re ineffective.

  8. Look at Marek’s disease in chickens. The “vaccine” prevented symptoms, but did not stop transmission. As a result, variants formed and spread.

    Look at the flu “vaccine”. The virus mutates faster than the vaccine, so the vaccine only offers partial protection from symptoms, and the flu spreads around it anyway.

    The government knows what it is doing to us.

  9. Which science again? Oh yeah right, the one that gives them complete control over our lives and right before school starts. Is CA now China?????

    1. @Enough Already: :”Which science again?” Political science, which isn’t science.

  10. We will not comply
    This is an obvious ploy to bully people to take the vax which is causing injury and death.

    Depopulation Agenda 30 GREAT RESET

    1. And unlike Covid and it’s varients, the deaths from vaccines was *not* due to comorbidities/pre-existing conditions. The vaccine killed those people period, not heart disease, not pneumonia, not cancer, not strokes, not complications from diabetes , or any other the most common comorbidities associated with the Covid deaths, as a matter of fact, I have *yet* to hear of *anyone* dying from Covid 19 and nothing else. But every vaccine related death or devestating side effect is soley attributed to the vaccines, nothing else.

  11. Most Democrats and fake Republicans are for an Authoritarianism form of government and will do everything they can to destroy our freedom-loving Constitutional Republic even if it takes years. They are like cancer on our Constitional Republic and must be weeded out from the city, county, and state governments. It starts at the local level first; as we see, these tyrants have infected our California cities, counties, and state government.

    Keep up the awesome investigative reporting Katy Grimes. You are the best of the best!

  12. They are forcing the mask because they didn’t murder enough the first time. We do not have to follow mandates that these idiots claim is science when the facts are made up. We need to enforce our communist laws, declare a invasion and remove 50 million plus….Vote Kevin Kiley we have two more months of communist rule….

  13. Ridiculous. My advice: simply do not comply. Do not wear a stupid, useless mask wherever you go. I don’t, with zero issues. Be confident wherever you are going and IF someone at a retail store, bank, small business, grocery store etc. asks you about not wearing one, look them in the eyes and calmly state it is a violation of your deeply held religious beliefs. (or you have a medical condition, physical OR mental, and you are not required to reveal what it is ) As a Christian, face coverings are not part of my belief ( ll Corinthians 3-18) Nobody would ever DARE ask a muslim to remove their hijab (face covering) or long dress; a Jew to remove his Yarmulke; a Indian/Pakistani to remove their head scarf/wrap as a condition of entry into a business or office, and so I refuse to put any type of covering on my glorious face God has created. Federal law protects your religious beliefs at your JOB and anywhere else in the USA. Research all of the established laws. perk-group.com has done the research already and has downloadable/printable forms referencing laws that protect our choice, that one can simply present to your employer and they MUST provide “reasonable accommodations” for you because of your sincerely held religious beliefs (ANY religious belief) to NOT wear a useless, ridiculous stinky mask.

        1. It did, thank you Geo…
          My employer is agitating for full vaccination status for an early September “re-opening” of the office and I thank you for the II Cor. 3-18 reference, which I will be mindful of…

          1. CriticalDfence9, here is the law you may reference if needed:
            Article 1, Section 4
            Free exercise and enjoyment of religion without discrimination or preference are guaranteed.
            Regarding the definition of religion, California GOV code12926 (q) states:
            (q) “Religious creed”, “religion”, “religious observance”, religious belief” and “creed”, includes all aspects of religious beliefs, observance, and practice including religious dress and practices. “Religious dress practice” shall be construed broadly to include the wearing or carrying of religious clothing, head or face covering, jewelry, artifacts, and any other item that is part of an individual observing a religious creed. “Religious grooming practice” shall be construed broadly to include all forms head, facial and body hair that are part of an individual observing a religious creed. California law clearly states “face coverings” as a expression of religious observance, and my religious observance prohibits me from wearing a face covering or shield.

  14. I’m reminded of what Maggie Smith’s character Violet Crawley in Downton Abby had to say about the the types of people we’re seeing here. It goes something like this:

    “That’s what happens when you give too much power to little people. It goes to their heads and they don’t know how to handle it.”

    I would say this:

    “Power is best used when used sparingly.”

    These people don’t know that.

    Neither do they know this, this time from a scene from 1492, where Armand Assante’s character starts to refill a clergyman’s glass then suddenly stops:

    “Funny thing about power. It’s so easily granted. And just as easily taken away.”

    These people are in for a surprise.

    Just a thought.


  15. Initial OSHA guidelines, when the world was semi-sane, warned about depleted oxygen levels and safe standards.
    Masks reduce oxygen levels, affecting your immune system and brain function. They’re also testing your level of submission. Pure evil. Mark 24:4

  16. Does *anyone* still take these people seriously? There have been so many lies and clear inconsistencies from almost the beginning of Covid 19 that I expect a lot of people just ignore this stupid edicts, especially since they’re never really explained. Maybe people will get a clue and start voting for people who aren’t all about power and control.

  17. Well if the goal is to get more jabs, this is the wrong tactic. Scaring people with the virtually harmless delta variant, enforcing masking again…these just prove the vaccination is useless so why get it? The more officials push and scheme, the more distrustful I become. Not to mention the data from VAERS clearly shows people being harmed and dying from the jab in unprecedented numbers. I’d like to thank these officials and the government for reinforcing my stance!

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