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Governor Newsom and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at the California and New Zealand Partner to Advance Global Climate Leadership press conference, San Francisco, CA, May 27, 2022. (Photo: Sheila Fitzgerald/Shutterstock)

Why Did Gov. Newsom Sign Climate Deal With New Zealand?

‘Later is too late to address climate change, but we can’t do it alone’

By Katy Grimes, May 31, 2022 10:33 am

Gov. Gavin Newsom and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern signed a “pledge” Friday agreeing to help fight climate change together by working to put millions more electric vehicles on the road.

Why? New Zealand is over 6,700 miles from California and continents away. What is the relevance?

“Later is too late to address climate change, and California is taking aggressive steps to bolster the clean economy while reducing pollution in our communities – but we can’t do it alone,” Gov. Newsom said. “This partnership with New Zealand, another global climate leader, will strengthen ties between our two governments to deploy critical solutions that are essential to addressing this existential crisis.”

According to Gov. Newsom’s press statement, “Expanding California’s global climate leadership, Governor Gavin Newsom today established a new international climate partnership with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. California and New Zealand signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) to tackle the climate crisis, reduce pollution, and bolster the clean economy, while emphasizing community resilience and partnership with indigenous leaders.”

Back in June 2008, the leaders of Alaska, British Columbia, California, Oregon, and Washington signed the Pacific Coast Collaborative Agreement, amounting to a “compact,” which is prohibited between states without Congressional approval.

But that has never deterred California’s governors. And Gov. Newsom’s administration just changed the name of the deal from “compact” to “Memorandum of Cooperation.”

In October 2013, California Gov. Jerry Brown, together with the Governors of Oregon and Washington and the British Columbia Premier, signed the Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy, “to align climate change policies and promote clean energy.”

Does this sound familiar?

Gov. Brown’s Pacific Coast Collaborative linked with the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange (WCX), a compact between California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, formed  in 2013 to promote “the type of new thinking necessary to solve the West Coast’s infrastructure crisis,” according to Brown. And the WCX was linked at the time  to the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton Global Initiative.

“California isn’t waiting for the rest of the world before it takes action on climate change,” said Gov. Brown. “Today, California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia are all joining together to reduce greenhouse gases.”

This sounds eerily familiar to Gov. Newsom’s “Later is too late to address climate change.”

The real Kitzhaber plan revealed high level appointees in the California governor’s office, other “engaged governors,” and the White House, engrossed in a scheme to define  “a nationally coordinated, multi-year states strategy’ focused on driving outcomes contemplated by the President’s climate action plan, 111d, resilient infrastructure and international treaty objectives at scale.”

Brown’s deal was exposed as an “ingrained collusion” with top level staff in Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber’s office who enlisted other top level staff in California and Washington State governors’ offices to “spread climate coordination and collaboration to a larger group of governors across the U.S.,” according to Washington D.C. attorney Chris Horner.

Emails from 2013 and 2014 revealed Kitzhaber agreed to a deal with the governors of California and Washington, to implement low-carbon fuel standards and develop a scheme to foist green-energy agendas on multiple states.

And some of the same players were deeply involved, namely Wade Crowfoot, who was appointed California Secretary for Natural Resources by Governor Gavin Newsom in January 2019. Wade Crowfoot served as Deputy Director of Governor Brown’s Office of Planning and Research and as the Brown’s Military Advisor. “Mr. Crowfoot is working to advance the Governor’s ambitious renewable energy goals and ensure strong land use planning throughout the state,” his bio says. Crowfoot was west coast regional director for the Environmental Defense Fund from 2009 to 2011, and served as environmental advisor and director of governmental affairs for San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom from 2004 to 2009, and worked for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors from 2000 to 2003.

Crowfoot and Newsom go way back.

Throughout the 11 pages of emails, hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer is named. (The email thread is HERE)

“If your Governors buy into such an agreement, we would have six weeks to attract a critical mass of other Governors to sign,” wrote Gov. Jerry Brown aid Wade Crowfoot in an email. “We could likely get some of the East Coast Governors and IL Gov. Quinn on board and moving forward have an open invite for other Governors to join the agreement.”

Crowfoot continued: “…this could be a powerful symbol of growing subnational momentum for climate change… even joining forces with the Steyer people if that makes sense.”

Did this ever happen?

Gov. Newsom’s deal with New Zealand states:

“WHEREAS the transport sector is California’s largest source of GHG emissions and New Zealand’s second biggest source of GHG emissions.”

WHEREAS California and New Zealand seek to develop and promote agricultural technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector and to build the resilience of agricultural systems.

WHEREAS California and New Zealand are leaders on nature-based solutions, and committed to delivering on our climate mitigation and adaptation goals through action in the land sector;

WHEREAS the opportunities to combat climate change, and to protect the environment and human health, and optimize the quality of life for the inhabitants of California and New Zealand are plentiful;

Newsom’s press statement also says:

Last year, Governor Newsom and 24 governors from the bipartisan U.S. Climate Alliance committed to collectively achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions no later than 2050Governor Newsom and other Under2 Coalition partners announced the transition to become a net zero coalition, raising ambition for member states and regions. California also joined the Beyond Oil & Gas Alliance, which brings together national and subnational governments.

Earlier this year, California signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Japan to advance cooperation on climate and clean energy priorities, and strengthen trade relations. Governor Newsom also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China to accelerate ongoing initiatives to protect the environment, reduce carbon and air pollution, and promote clean technology development.

None of these compacts have ever produced tangible results to lower carbon emissions. Both the  West Coast Infrastructure Exchange and  Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy links are no longer good.

What’s the real benefit of these deals, if any? Or is this just posturing?

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18 thoughts on “Why Did Gov. Newsom Sign Climate Deal With New Zealand?

  1. Thank you, Katy Grimes, for this EXCELLENT exposure of Newsom & Co. collusion, which is definitely what this latest stunt appears to be. After all, if “climate change” is going to replace “Covid” for full global tyrannical control, these people had better get cracking, right? In a hurry! But for heaven’s sake, Newsom, what sensible person has the time to track and puzzle out all of your latest Bond-villain nonsense? Oh, I guess that’s the point, isn’t it, squirmy, wormy slithering reptile that you are. You think knuckle-draggers like us aren’t paying attention.

    By the way, didn’t I read once that all the elite techs and elite politicos in CA are smitten with New Zealand and its throwback ways, wide open spaces, and bargain real estate, and have purchased property there to one day retire to their own personal Shangri-Las? So maybe Newsom is also killing two birds with one stone and made the trip to N.Z. to scope out properties. It also doesn’t hurt to show up in person to butter up future powerfully-connected neighbors, all the better to clear the way to install N.Z. satellite PlumpJack Wineries, pubs, and tchotchke stores for walking-around money in the new Shangri-La?

    It’s fine, Gavin, we understand! Who are we to object to your grand plans? Go ahead, go nuts, and live it up while you can, because you can’t take it with you.

  2. They’re both WEF Young Global Leaders, both have betrayed their citizens, and both will be gone before the year is out. ‘Greenpeace Co-Founder: Global Warming Is a Complete Hoax and Scam’ (technocracy.news) Folly.

    1. Yep, they all have a shared purpose to push WEF directives and scam the good people to give up their treasure and liberty to advance globalist policies!

      Awesome report Katy!

  3. Why??? Because they’re both Klaus Schwab acolytes, doing his “Build Back Better” / Agenda 2030 economic destruction plans, so that the “New World Order” that just wrapped up their annual Davos soiree can advance their agenda….
    Time to push back HARD against this “One World Government” and Newsom obviously has an over-inflated sense of self as he guides his “nation-state” into financial ruin, by pursuing “green” energy sources that have NO PRACTICAL VIABLE alternatives, and will TUBE the economy in the meantime….

  4. They stick together because they know that one slip and their whole house of cards comes falling down and then they will be breaking rocks for the rest of their lives. Their slips are showing! 😉

  5. Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern were both World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders. They’re both puppets owned by the globalists and they’re carrying out their evil master’s agenda of ushering in the economic great reset and implementing a one world government?

  6. These two both imposed COVID medical tyranny on their populations while exempting themselves and their cronies. They need to be held accountable and be brought before tribunals for crimes against humanity.

  7. LOL – Newsom love “Climate Change” control which gives him more cash to spend on his silly projects. Interesting that Newsom would sign with New Zealand? Hey Newsom doesn’t know that New Zealand has no ‘gun controls’ and is more liberal on this issue than the USA’s most ‘Right Wing’ state. Bu he probably doesn’t even know that New Zealand has no background checks and you can get a gun everywhere. Just another idiot crooked politician.

  8. “Later is too late to address climate change, and California is taking aggressive steps to bolster the clean economy while reducing pollution in our communities…”

  9. Reducing pollution?

    Get rid of all your “covid” mask-trash first. Then tell us how to clean out the microplastics in our lungs, due to your two years of draconian mask mandates, Gov Hair Gel.

  10. This has nothing at all to do with climate. It’s the Great Reset agenda, formerly known as Agenda 21 and then Agenda 2030. The goal is to undermine legitimate local and national governments, erase borders, and replace them with regional administration, under the control of a technocratic oligarchy. Schwab, Gates, Soros, and their fellow collaborators have their minions embedded throughout the public and private sectors of almost every nation (Xi Jinping isn’t just the ‘president’ of China; he’s a co-conspirator). Most of these people, from Justin Trudeau to Mark Zuckerberg, are products of the WEF’s Forum of Young Global Leaders training (brainwashing) programs (https://www.younggloballeaders.org/). Scroll down to the bottom, then click on “View More Members.” Mark Zuckerberg is on page 106.

    Ms. Grimes, you asked why Newsom signed this deal. That’s the wrong question. These deals are flatly illegal under the U.S. Constitution and Federal law. The important question is, why is Congress letting Newsom and the other Governors get away with it, and why aren’t we storming our Congresscreatures’ offices, demanding that they act?

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