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Morse Strikes Out

Congressional Candidate Jessica Morse Ballot Designation Denied For Third Time

By Sean Brown

Jessica Morse at a July 4th parade (Via morse4congress.com)

Jessica Morse has struck out once again. For the third time, Morse’s hopes of appearing on the November ballot as “national security consultant” have been dashed.

According to the website of the 4th CD candidate, the former State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development budget analyst worked in the industry for over a decade and has what appears to be significant experience as a strategist, budget analysis and humanitarian expert. Despite this, sources close to Morse’s competitor, the incumbent Tom McClintock, claim she hasn’t worked full-time in the industry in over 3 years.

Her campaign site fails to detail what she has been doing since then, however the SacBee acknowledges that this is why her ballot designations have been constantly denied. “The designation system is unique to California and often used for political wrangling, as candidates hope to sway voters who may know little else about them. For Morse, who is challenging Republican Rep. Tom McClintock in the 4th District, the main problem is that she hasn’t worked full-time in international affairs since 2015. When her proposed ballot designations in the primary were denied, she decided to appear on the ballot without a description.”

The other two previous ballot designations that have been denied include “national security professional” and “businesswoman/security advisor.” Instead she will appear on the November ballot as “Candidate for Congress.”

Although there have been no recent polls, during the June primary McClintock captured 51% of the vote with More capturing 20%.

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