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Denham Concedes to Harder in Heartfelt Message

5,000 Votes Separated the Candidates

By Sean Brown, November 15, 2018 12:51 pm

In the battle to represent California’s 10th Congressional District, Republican Jeff Denham has conceded to Democrat Josh Harder.

Proving to be one of the state’s most watched races, the young first-time candidate Harder, was able to pull off a surprisingly healthy margin of victory after late ballots continued to arrive in his favor. Capturing 51 percent of the vote compared to Denham’s 49, Harder landed with nearly 5,000 more votes than his 4-term incumbent rival.

Denham has since put out a statement saying, “It has been an absolute honor to serve our community and represent the Central Valley in Congress over the past eight years. The enormity of the responsibility was never lost on me. My wife Sonia and I look forward to starting the next chapter of our lives.”

Denham, the Air Force veteran who served his district for eight years, was a member of the Veterans’ Affairs and Agriculture committees in Washington and a solid favorite for re-election during the summer months.

Despite this, Harder was able to successfully out-raise Denham by over $2.5 million as well as largely resonate with the Latino population. On November 1st the California Globe noted how nearly 45 percent of the district is Latino and a significant number of those people are ‘dreamers.’ Furthermore, Denham’s unsuccessful effort to pressure the House to vote on legislation to protect the young undocumented immigrants, seemed to turn off many of his own voters.

After receiving the concession, Harder released a statement of his own saying “Jeff Denham called me this morning and we had a very productive conversation. I’m honored that I’ve been chosen to serve our community in Congress, and we’re both looking forward to a productive transition that best serves the people of District 10.”

Harder has vowed to fight for affordable healthcare, free to low cost education and improved migrant conditions. The Congressman-Elect will take office January 1st.

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