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Ted Howze

California Veterinarian Ted Howze Challenging Rep. Josh Harder

‘We don’t have to out-raise him – we reach people naturally, a lot cheaper than he does’

By Katy Grimes, August 26, 2019 7:09 am

Dr. Ted Howze is running for United States Representative in California’s 10th Congressional District. A large animal veterinarian and lifelong resident of the Central Valley, Howze says he is most interested in improving the daily quality of life of valley residents.

Howze launched a campaign website attacking current Rep. Josh Harder (D-CA) California Globe recently reported, saying Harder is violating his campaign promise to “refuse Corporate PAC donations.” Howze says Harder is deceiving voters by taking large corporate campaign contributions.

The website is called JoshHarderPACMAN.com.

In a California Globe interview, Ted Howze shared that he has been a large animal veterinarian in the California Central Valley since 1994. Because large animals can’t come to the vet, he goes to them. And Howze says he talks to Central Valley residents wherever he goes, and hears their issues first hand.

“We don’t have to out-raise Harder. We reach people naturally, a lot cheaper than he does,” Howze said.

Harder surprisingly won the race against former California Rep. Jeff Denham, a Republican, as U.S. Representative for California’s 10th congressional district in 2018, as part of the California Congressional slaughter.

Denham was thought to be a stronghold of the 10th District seat, as he held it 2011 to 2018. A U.S. Air Force veteran, Denham was also a State Senator from 2002 until 2010, prior to running for Congress.

Not only a veterinarian with a vet clinic, Howze has diverse experience in business and local government. He served the valley community of Turlock as a Planning Commissioner, City Councilman, Stanislaus Council of Governments representative, Vice-Mayor and budget committee leader. During his service, Ted said they build reserves and hired police officers and fire fighters, build Turlock’s Regional Industrial Park, and helped create hundreds of new high-paying jobs for the region from employers like Blue Diamond Growers, Valley Milk, Hilmar Cheese, US Cold Storage, Sensient, Foster Farms and Cozy Shack. Turlock was recognized nationally for financial stability during one of the greatest financial crises in history. Ted says his expertise is in budgeting and economic planning.

Ted left government in 2013 when his wife suddenly passed away due to an undiagnosed heart condition that he says could have been treated. His three boys were 14, 15 and 17 years old.

Ted works with Future Farmers of America, and is also a high school football coach. He says he has coached thousands of kids through the years. He recently remarried Laura who is a math teacher and student activities director for a local high school.

“Rep. Josh Harder is a member of a do-nothing Congress,” Ted Howze said.”He really doesn’t do anything for us.”

Howze has received the endorsement of every mayor in the district and Stanislas County. “They all say Harder’s office isn’t interested in working with Mayors.”

For a recent tour of a water treatment facility, Howze said Rep. Harder asked for 30 city employees for a photo op, but was told “no.” Howze said Harder cancelled the tour. He said Mayors around the district tell the same story – Harder just wants photo ops.

“We need to find a way to keep more of our money locally rather than the government taking it and funding it back to us in teaspoonfuls,” Howze said. “This is why mayors want to work with us.”

“There is a huge difference between being a member of Congress and one of the ‘cool kids,’ versus being a local guy interested in local issues.”

“Harder is owned lock, stock and barrel by the Democrat Party.” Proof of this Ted says, is the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has already spent big money against Howze:

“The DCCC announced the launch of a targeted digital ad buy in California’s 10th Congressional District, to highlight congressional candidate Ted Howze’s extreme and Trump-like views on immigration and protecting America’s DREAMers,” the DCCC website says (DCCC emphasis).

“Instead of working to protect young people brought here as children and raised as Americans in the Central Valley, Ted Howze demonizes them, assumes the worst and calls them criminals…Sound familiar?”

This is ironic Ted says, because he grew up on a farm south of Fresno, is conversational in Spanish, and worked in the fields through college.

Howze says he is “‘Valley first’ and will address concerns like affordability, housing and cost of living, water for our farmers and ranchers, common sense immigration reform and putting patients first in healthcare.”

Ted Howze endorsements from local elected officials and opinion leaders, include:

Tom Patti, Supervisor, County of San Joaquin
Ted Brandvold, Mayor, City of Modesto
Benjamin Cantu, Mayor, City of Manteca
Bill DeHart, Councilmember, City of Turlock (ret.)
Dominic Farinha, Councilmember, City of Patterson
Janice Keating, Councilmember, City of Modesto (ret.)
Robert “Bob” Martina, Mayor, City of Newman
J.R. McCarty, Mayor, City of Oakdale
Deborah Novelli, Mayor, City of Patterson
Chris Vierra, Mayor, City of Ceres
Mike Van Winkle, Mayor, City of Waterford

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2 thoughts on “California Veterinarian Ted Howze Challenging Rep. Josh Harder

  1. Ted Howze sounds like an excellent candidate!
    Great news that he will challenge that lying Josh Harder.

  2. Based on his experience.he looks like another tax and spend politician.im a 62 year old on disability,can’t afford to live in California.The law they passed on workers comp has me still injured and Liberty Mutual refuses to fix me.Doctor shopping .Doctors wont touch.me.i have private insurance but have to wait another 6 months till the 5 year period is up to fix me. I have to pay for it myself.great state of California screwing the old and poor.

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