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I-10 freeway fire damage. (Photo: Caltrains.ca.gov)

Gov. Newsom Claims I-10 Fire is Arson; Others Say Homeless Lived Under the Freeway

The governor is attempting to rewrite the story and contain the damage to his presidential run

By Katy Grimes, November 14, 2023 7:41 am

Is Gov. Gavin Newsom trying to contain the I-10 fire story? Are the optics just a little too hot for his PR team? He looks and sounds really jumpy in his press conferences.

“Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Monday that the I-10 freeway fire, which has shut down a major traffic artery in Los Angeles since Saturday and will likely keep it closed for the near future, was caused by arson, with no suspect or suspects being currently being named,” the Globe reported Monday.

“The fire first began in the early hours on Saturday when a fire erupted at a wooden pallet storage yard near the I-10 freeway. The blaze quickly spread to around 8 acres, with the interstate being so damaged that steel guardrails and concrete pillars had begun melting. While the fire was ultimately contained by the LAFD and put out later in the morning with no injuries or loss of life, fire and transportation officials closed a portion of I-10 between the Alameda street exit and the I-5 interchange indefinitely.”

The Santa Monica Observer says it was people living in homeless camps under the freeway who were stealing electricity – sounds as if everyone knew this, and the city and state just allowed it… until someone went very wrong. And now the governor is attempting to rewrite the story and contain the damage to his presidential run.

The property under the I-1o freeway is owned by Caltrans.

Caltrans has footage of the fire damage:

I-10 freeway fire damage. (Photo: Caltrains.ca.gov)
I-10 freeway fire damage. (Photo: Caltrains.ca.gov)

Locals tell us there was a homeless encampment living under that section of the freeway:

Chris Bray whose Substack “Tell Me How This Ends” says, “Fire in the back, fire hoses on the ground, stream from a fire hose on the right side of the shot. And between the firefighters and the fire? The cardboard and plywood homes from a massive homeless encampment. So the piles of tightly packed wooden pallets are stacked up next to an encampment where people use fire for cooking and warmth and for drugs. What a mystery how this went bad, right?”

“Who could ever have imagined that massive, dense stacks of wooden pallets, dried-out wood with plenty of spacing for air, would ever have been such a fertile ground for fire? Right under the concrete and rebar structure of a freeway is a perfect place for that.”

TimOnPoint tells it succinctly: “I-10 in Los Angeles is closed indefinitely because of a fire started by a giant homeless encampment that was stealing electricity. For those of you who have never commuted in LA, this may be worse than the nightmare of the Northridge Earthquake because of the spot. Gavin Newsom has done a great job with the homeless in California…”

Another LA resident said this: The fire started due to homeless stealing electricity from public light fixtures And Gavin Newsom made everyone believe in this clip that a small business was responsible!! Did he know the homeless caused the fire when he did the press conference? Did he just defame a small California business? 

Why would Gov. Newsom try to rewrite the narrative on the I-10 fire? Is it because of Xi Jinping’s visit this week? Is it because of the countless billions spent on homeless – well, not really spent on homeless – has gone up in smoke?

Chris Bray has photos of the homeless with the fire behind them, attempting to grab what they can:

“That’s the residents of a homeless encampment trying to save their belongings, up against a fire that’s growing explosively, but don’t worry, because no one is there to hurry them along. Note the structure on the right, a four-walled favela home with shit piled on the roof. Note the object in the bottom right corner of the shot, next to the giant fire. This extremely alert cameraman is telling you a detailed story with a single perfectly composed image. And it’s about to happen again, because look how much we can learn from a few seconds of video.”

“You’ll see several women in this footage, clearing out of their tents and cardboard houses from a homeless encampment, and for some reason they’re all wearing yoga pants or tight shorts with revealing tops. You’re getting a hint how women in homeless encampments survive and pay for drugs, which is very progressive. California is quite a bit more kind and decent than flyover states, obviously.”

Scroll through the photos he posted – read his thoughtful article. His conclusions are quite similar to ours – Democrats destroy everything they touch… just look at California for the evidence.

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24 thoughts on “Gov. Newsom Claims I-10 Fire is Arson; Others Say Homeless Lived Under the Freeway

  1. The subject writing a great compilation of the Gavin I-10 freeway ruse.

    Homelessness rampant at every major city within California thus Gavin must distance himself from the grim reality of his failures.

  2. Chris Bray said it all!
    We are not to believe our own eyes. Thousands of commuters sit on that stretch of freeway everyday. They know the truth. It was an encampment fire.
    Newsom et al. have transitioned us into a 3rd world state. It is not okay to allow people to live in a pallet shantytown!
    Newsom continues to LIE and more people DIE!

    1. YES, Cali Girl. Finally had a chance to go back and look at the Chris Bray substack. That’ll teach me to comment before reading EVERYTHING. I’ll be subscribing to Chris Bray’s substack for sure. He illustrated what is behind L.A.’s downfall — and by implication the other CA cities —- perfectly with his juxtapositions of this attention-getting inferno with L.A. City and County and Gov Gruesome foolishness and time-wasting destruction. P.S. Thanks so much Katy and Evan for covering our L.A. hellhole. Will be sharing this.

      1. Hey, I have done the same. There is so much news to consume in order to be informed😅
        I highly recommend Chris Bray’s substack. He is a great writer and has a good sense of humor. He focuses much on the Pasadena area.

    2. By the way, heads up L.A. County voters —– former L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is running for L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn’s seat, and oh, how wonderful it would be to have his voice blasting through the foolishness of these other ridiculous supes. NOTE: Janice Hahn is the tiny-headed supe in Chris Bray’s substack photo that highlights the county’s pride flag unfurling. She is proudly wearing the rainbow “Pride” tie-dye shirt and green sweater. I know. Get out the vote for Alex Villanueva for L.A. County Supervisor!

  3. In 2021 there were something like 24 fires PER DAY in City of L.A. caused by homeless/vagrants on the city streets and in other encampments (e.g. parks) which even the L.A. Times reported (thus probably a low estimate) in May 2021. The number of fires-per-day has only increased since then. Also other L.A. news outlets reported a SIGNIFICANT increase of homeless-caused fires in 2020 over the previous year:
    Thus it is PERFECTLY REASONABLE for the public to assume that the huge fire in an abandoned pallet storage yard, where vagrants were known to be living, which melted and forced the closure of the 10 Fwy, was caused by homeless/vagrants.
    But Mayor Karen Bass and Gov Gavin Newsom are going to repeat “arson” and encourage fire officials repeated the same because the mayor and the gov have a huge interest in downplaying the meltdown of the 10 Fwy as caused by homeless. After all, that would only lead back to their fecklessness and lack of action on this huge and ever-present CA and LA problem. They want to set the tone of “arson” (which has the connotation of “greedy company” or “madman,” not “homeless encampments allowed by Bass and Newsom”) for the first news-cycle blurbs we hear on the local news and on local radio. Then they will wait for the melted 10 Fwy story to fade but the “arson” description to remain. A-holes.

    1. Should have added that businesses plagued by homeless/vagrants camping out in front and behind them can’t get business insurance because of the high probability of homeless/vagrant fires. And no politician or authority will address this scourge.

  4. So it was “arsonists” who burned some wooden pallets in a storage yard near the I-10 freeway and the fire the grew explosively and was so intense that it damaged the steel guardrails and concrete pillars had begun melting? Hmmm, it just doesn’t sound plausible? Maybe this “fire” was intentionally set by the globalist deep state to get rid of the surrounding homeless encampments and to destroy a vital vehicle transportation artery towards their goal of implementing one of their15 minute prison cities where private vehicles are not needed? Meanwhile, Newsom and Democrat LA Mayor Bass cover for their deep-state globalist masters blaming unknown “arsonists?”

  5. We had a bum arsonist roaming around and well known to the police, who finally lit up a fire that exploded up a hillside to where residential homes were located. Now they closed off that cross-city street up that hill due to denuded vegetation and possible mud slides.

    This is how the “the homeless” give back to the community, in return for enabling their rogue life styles.

    Since Newsom now claims this was arson, he can leave the back door open to blaming a “QAnon” Trump supporter for starting this fire; which in fact was a necessary and long over-due urban clean-up effort.

  6. Maybe the “unhoused” can set a similar fire under a freeway overpass in San Francisco during the upcoming APEC summit and trap Chinese President Xi Jinping and his pathetic sycophant Gavin Newsom in a vehicle on top of the overpass. If they are in a Limo then plenty of room for Feeble Joe too.

  7. We are now like Tijuanna Mexico with folks stealing power from a utility. I used to visit a small community in the canyons outside of TJ during easter and help build small homes. One year we went a put a roof on a cement structure that people were living in that had burned because of an improper connection to the utility. The sad thing was that people perished in the fire. Newsoms policies have led us to a 3rd world status with death and destruction as byproducts. We need a course correction in leadership sooner than later or soon we will all be living a 3rd world nightmare.

    1. Raid the treasury and hire the relatives -that is the recipe for third world status.
      That is also the primary goal of our now Democrat super-majority state government.

  8. These homeless encampments under freeways are just accidents waiting to happen. I know a San Jose Fire Department Captain and he told me of one day when his department had to respond three times for fires at a homeless encampment under the 101 and 280 interchange. And there are still homeless encampments there.

  9. Newsom says one thing, others say something else. I’m going with others…EVERY TIME…’cuz the guv’s a LIAR. Doesn’t matter the issue or occasion, if he’s speaking it’s a lie. My opinion only, but I ain’t givin’ it up.

    1. Newsom actually did this when he was mayor of S.F. under a program called “Homeward Bound.” He bussed the S.F. homeless (one-way) out of S.F. to other cities. Word was that San Bernardino got most of the vagrants, which over time helped to turn the city into a hellhole. San Bernardino had been known as an “All-American City,” the kind of place touted as clean and safe and affordable and wholesome and a great place to raise kids. Apparently “Homeward Bound” was still in operation until recently. It was quietly shut down in April 2023.

      1. Yes! Yes he did.
        He would also give out bart tickets and as a result, the bay area looks more and more like SF everyday!
        Bart has become the homeless express, now they do not even need a ticket!

        1. Oh yes, CG, same with the Metro down here —- “the homeless express,” a filthy, scary, (violent) crime-ridden, drug-addicted mess. No regular law-abiding person wants to ride it of course — everyone is afraid of being stabbed or worse — but now the powers are trying to hard-sell it as an option because, uh, the 10 Fwy melted from the huge inferno they caused! But some people will HAVE to get on the Metro to get to work and school because the Polar Route detour around the melted freeway is apparently taking WAY too long. Sigh!

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