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More Dems Fall in Line to Pelosi

Her Speakership Appears Inevitable

By Sean Brown, December 7, 2018 2:08 pm

As January’s Speaker of the House nomination looms ever nearer, Democratic frontrunner and political powerhouse Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) appears to have everything, and everyone, falling in line.

Announcing today, two more Democratic Congressman who originally opposed Pelosi’s bid for Speaker have now gotten behind her in a move that will surely cushion Pelosi’s vote margin.

Rep. Stephen Lynch (D-MA) said “Leader Pelosi understands not only the job that needs to be done, but also how to bring disparate voices in our party together to make good things happen for the people we represent.” He also said, “I’m happy to be supporting her and look forward to the upcoming session.”

In a show of approval Pelosi showed Lynch some gratitude saying “it’s time to come together to get to work for the people. There is just too much at stake. Thank you for the support Congressman!”

Furthermore, fellow California Representatives Gil Cisneros (D-Fullerton) announced his support saying “I refuse to jeopardize a Democrat being Speaker of the House and our Democratic legislative agenda. I will not support the Republican nominee.”

Cisneros’s back-track statement comes after he was originally among a group of sixteen Democrats who released a letter opposing her leadership less than a month ago. Rep. Lynch was also a part of that letter.

While the recent remarks have lawmakers racing to forget their previous stances, this proves that Pelosi’s political prowess is alive and well.

Although a handful of Democrats still don’t support Pelosi, including California’s own TJ Cox (D-Modesto), her Speakership appears inevitable.

The House is expected to vote in full on January 3rd.

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