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California Governor Gavin Newsom speaks at his recall election rally on at Culver City High School, Culver City, CA, Sept. 5, 2021. (Photo: Maxim Elramsisy/Shutterstock)

‘The California Way’ Isn’t as Rosy as Gov. Newsom Touted in State of the State

California is the highest in everything: taxes, gas prices, unemployment, housing costs, homeless and poverty rate

By Katy Grimes, March 9, 2022 8:12 am

California Gov. Gavin Newsom told a few whoppers during his 18-minute State of the State Tuesday evening. Listening to him, someone from another state might mistake California for a state with low unemployment, affordable housing, cheap gas and affordable energy, superior public schools and universities, treatment and services for homeless living on the streets, and a state fully re-opened from COVID lockdowns and mask mandates.

Au contraire mon frere. Newsom’s speech was mostly a rehash of the last few years. And he seemed in a hurry to get it over.

Gov. Newsom glaringly said nothing at all about the drought and need for more water and reservoirs, which voters already approved and paid for through water bonds.

The Globe and the California Policy Center live tweeted under #GovGavGab thoughts and fact checks during Newsom’s blessedly short speech.

Newsom took an early jab at Donald Trump without even saying Trump’s name:

“California does democracy like nowhere else in the world. No other place offers opportunity to so many from so many different backgrounds. But we can’t take our democracy for granted.

Authoritarian and illiberal impulses aren’t just rising overseas. They’ve been echoing here at home for some time. We might not have strongmen quite literally waging war in our country, we are plagued by agents of a national anger machine, fueling division, weaponizing grievance.”

“The California Way means rejecting old binaries and finding new solutions to big problems.”

As for “authoritarian and illiberal impulses,” Newsom is the archetype as he clings to his 2-years of emergency powers, ruling by executive orders, dissing the State Legislature, and extension of the State of Emergency even as COVID dwindles.

One of the biggest whoppers: Newsom praised job creation in California. Yet California has one of the worst unemployment rates of any state in the entire country.

Gov. Newsom said “California experienced far lower COVID death rates than any other large state.”

“No state, no state took bolder steps to protect public health and human life over the last two years,” Newsom said.

Our lockdowns, distressing as they were, saved lives. Our mask mandates, our mask mandates saved lives. Your choices saved lives. California experienced far lower COVID death rates than any other large state. Fewer than Texas, Ohio. Fewer than Florida — 35 percent fewer, to be exact.”

Yet, as the California Policy Center pointed out, “California and Florida had similar COVID case trends during the Omicron wave, even though California had significantly more restrictions, including the statewide mask mandate. LA, which had the most restrictions, had the highest case rate of any county in CA.”

Gov. Newsom spent time on one of his favorite illusory topics: Climate change.

“Take for example, the speaker was talking about, climate policy. California has no peers.”

Newsom blamed high gas prices on “geopolitical” uncertainty, yet gas prices were escalating long before the Russia/Ukraine war.

“Look, no one’s naive about the moment we’re living in with high gas prices. And the geopolitical uncertainty that’s fueling them.”

As a matter of fact, gas prices started climbing on President Joe Biden’s first day in office when he cancelled the Keystone Pipeline.

“In January, we proposed a pause to the gas tax increase,” the Gov. said.

The “pause” was not imposing a scheduled 3 cent gas tax increase.

The state gas tax has been climbing since the Legislature passed a $5 billion per year gas-tax transportation funding bill in 2017. The Legislative Analyst’s Office confirmed this: “This tax is set in state law at 18 cents per gallon. Starting November 1, 2017, the transportation funding package adds a 12 cent per gallon base excise tax—bringing total base excise taxes to 30 cents per gallon. It also adjusts the rates for inflation starting in 2020. These changes are expected to raise $2.2 billion annually.”

Gov. Newsom said  he will be “working with legislative leadership — I’ll be submitting a proposal to put money back in the pockets of Californians to address rising gas prices.” But it was unclear exactly what this proposal entails. Be very wary.

Newsom attacked the oil and gas industry again, calling oil and gas producers “Petrodictators,” to prop up Democrats’ plan to eradicate gas-powered cars and trucks in California:

“At a time when we’ve been heating and burning up, one thing we cannot do is repeat the mistakes of the past. By embracing polluters. Drilling even more oil, which only leads to even more extreme weather, more extreme drought, and more wildfire.”

Oil and gas, and internal combustion engine vehicles are “polluters.” Yet the state does not have the capacity to power an all-electric grid and vehicles.

Gov. Newsom touted his Lithium Valley proposal, which the Globe addressed and explained, that it’s not green energy.

“Now, we have the opportunity to extend this leadership, to secure a critical component of the supply chain for batteries, by tapping one of the world’s largest lithium reserves – right here in California. In Imperial Valley. And you consider this, our nation-leading climate investments  — some $38 billion — will ensure that other innovations will surely follow not by re-creating the 20th century, by extracting more oil, but by extracting new ideas, drilling for new talent by running our economy on a carbon-free engine.”

And as Ann Bridges explained at the Globe, “without copper, no electrical grid can be built out, no battery charging stations will exist, and we’ll have another taxpayer-funded boondoggle project.”

You can read the governor’s entire speech here.


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19 thoughts on “‘The California Way’ Isn’t as Rosy as Gov. Newsom Touted in State of the State

  1. The Gov. Gav said…..
    Blah, blah, blah..
    I am so full up on his esoteric Bull sh*t.
    Thank goodness it was only 17 minutes. Gov Gav has to watch what he says, it is an election year for him, hence the short speech. But no worries he has given a worthy opponent enough as Katy has so importantly pointed out.
    The state of the state could be summarized simply:
    California is in distress and it is time for new leadership.

    1. Governor Climate Change is revving up his solar engine for a White House run in ’24. President Poop Pants isn’t going to run again and neither is Willie Brown’s girl friend.

    2. Unfortunately, California’s “jungle primary” will guarantee all “new” leadership will be a Democrat

  2. Life is good when you have your head up your arse and all you do is party at the French Laundry on the Chinese government payroll?

  3. LOL
    For sure
    The California way: the highest gas prices in the nation – its no problem, just go buy an electric car! Sanctuary for illegal aliens who commit crimes at will, the homeless have greater rights than tax paying citizens, everyone has to toe the line on social healthcare, teachers reap the rewards of union membership and our children are educated worse than in third world countries, I could go on but
    It appears the beatings will continue until morale improves

  4. More lies, of course, from Gov Gruesome in his “state of the state” address. Apparently the guy can’t open his mouth without lies coming out of it. But to Gov Gruesome, who tries to channel his idol Obama,* his lies are meant to 1) pander to his followers, and 2) insult and outrage outsiders, his opponents. These are two worthy goals in Gav’s twisted worldview, which he sees as fundamental to his political success.

    *Have you ever noticed Gavin’s speech pattern imitates Obama’s —- that abrupt rat-a-tat-tat machine-gun sound? Once you hear it, you can’t un-hear it.

  5. His speechwriter needed to include the following:
    “These speech was funded and approved by the Getty Family.”

  6. As an alumni of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders program, Democrat Gov. Newsom reguritates the usual New World Order globalist nonsense about climate change while ignoring the glaring problems the he and his Democrat cabal cronies have created for California citizens.

  7. After the medical tyranny over that Gov. Newsom and his Democrat cabal cronies needlessly imposed on California citizens for the past two years, they all need to be rounded up and be held accountable in Nuremberg 2.0 tribunals for crimes against humanity?

  8. WHEN are WE going to Get It? when the directors of our states hold the power they can dish lie after lie and nothing really ever changes but it does get worse. Those of us who care about our country and her future MUST GET INVOLVED, Hit the Streets, start Neighborhood group meetings, make phone calls stop “bitching” TAKE ACTION! Run for your local city councils. Our country is in our hands and we only have ourselves to Save Her. The old song: The Rich Get Richer and the Poor get Poorer, in the mean time ain’t we got fun? Start small and grow a you see progress…and it will come! We Pay the bills but we don’t enjoy the rewards. This is wrong

  9. Right wing hacks like This author can’t answer this simple question: if the free market works, then by definition the state with the highest housing costs is by definition the most desirable in the country. So which is it? Do you not believe in the free market? Or are you just a hack who will use disingenuous arguments because you don’t like that a state run by Democrats is the most popular in the country?

  10. Hacks like Katie Grimes can’t explain why they claim to believe in the free market, but won’t accept the fact that California having the highest housing prices in the country is proof that it is the most desirable state in the country. She doesn’t like that Democratic-run states are better than Republican-led states, so she just tosses out arguments. But she can’t explain away the free market.

    1. Are you wearing your mask while typing Greg? It’s cutting off the oxygen to your brain…..

      PS: Katy spells her name with a Y. Attention to detail is important.

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