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CA Water-saving tips. (Photo: drought.ca.gov)

The Great Climate Change Con isn’t Resonating With Normal People

‘Eco-guilt is a first-world luxury’

By Katy Grimes, August 31, 2023 9:43 am

“Anthropogenic global warming is the biggest, most dangerous and ruinously expensive con trick in history.”

Remember when climate hysterics claimed “the science is settled?” That claim didn’t weather well, but it also didn’t stop the climate liars: “The scientific consensus that humans are altering the climate has passed 99.9%, according to research that strengthens the case for global action at the Cop26 summit in Glasgow,” the Guardian reported in 2021. The Cornell University climate study the Guardian cites in the article was “supported” (funded) by Alliance for Science. “Support for the Alliance for Science is provided by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.”

But the hysterics just moved on from that lie to other climate lies.

A little over one year ago, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced his pompous plan for addressing “California’s hotter, drier future:”

“Hotter and drier weather conditions spurred by climate change could reduce California’s water supply by up to 10 percent by the year 2040. To replace and replenish what we will lose to thirstier soils, vegetation, and the atmosphere, Governor Gavin Newsom has announced California’s latest actions to increase water supply and adapt to more extreme weather patterns caused by climate change.”

Think about that arrogant statement – as if California politicians are going to stop hot weather. But the joke was on the governor with record rainfall and snowfall in the winter of 2023… except that didn’t stop him. Since then, we’ve been barraged with absurd radio advertisements warning us, “now that we face a hotter, dryer future…” and “let’s make conservation a way of life,” providing helpful hints about saving water.

Enjoy the water-saving brilliance, brought to you by the Drought.CA.gov website:

  • If it’s raining, turn off your sprinklers
  • Take 5-minute showers
  • Fill bathtubs halfway or less
  • Turn off water when brushing teeth or shaving
  • Wash full loads of clothes and dishes
  • Fix leaks
  • Set mower blades to 3″
  • Use a broom to clean outdoor areas
  • Improve landscape irrigation

Taxpayers paid for this babble. With the state sending 50% of the water to the Pacific Ocean for environmental purposes, of the remaining 50%, 40% goes to agriculture, and 10% is urban use. Setting your mower blade to 3″ isn’t going to make a measurable amount of water conservation.

And, as we heard this week, PG&E will be shutting off the power when it is windy. Never in California’s history have energy providers shut off power when it was windy. This is a new policy, and is criminal – we are paying for that electricity. Who will be the first to sue over this?

According to the governor, “California’s Water Supply Strategy, Adapting to a Hotter, Drier Future calls for investing in new sources of water supply, accelerating projects and modernizing how the state manages water through new technology.”

Refuting this drivel is not difficult.

One way is to read the monthly reports by E&E Legal, the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), the Heartland Institute, Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC), and Truth in Energy and Climate, which just released another version of “Climate Fact Check,” for July.

Climate Fact Check: July 2023 Edition highlights sensationalized stories about the climate, which is typical for the corporate media propaganda machine, although not rooted in reality.”

“The media is calling July 2023 the ‘hottest month on record’ and even the ‘hottest month in the history of civilization.’ Keeping in mind that July is typically the warmest month of every year, NASA satellite data indicate that July 2023 was the warmest July in the satellite record. But that record only dates back to 1979 and there certainly were Julys before 1979.”

This is Very interesting:

Recalling that average global temperature is on the order of 58°F, use of the term “hottest” is obviously quite an exaggeration. Finally, the notion of “average global temperature” is not really meaningful in the first place. It has no physical reality, and its component satellite and surface station temperature measurements lack precision to a significant degree.

The group of actual scientists debunk recent reporting of the Washington Post’s claims of an “Era of Global Boiling”:

And this Fact Check on the Washington Post’s claim of the “hottest day in 125,000 years”:

Debunking the climate hyperbole is easy:

As for “emissions causing hotter oceans,” the Fact Check is delicious and easy – talk to a real meteorologist:

“No one knows why various parts of the oceans were so much warmer this year, but one factor can be ruled out – emissions. Not only does it remain unproven that emissions measurably warm the atmosphere, even if they could, the atmosphere can only warm the top one or two millimeters of the ocean, per meteorologist Joe Bastardi.”

And no, extreme heat is not killing more people. The scientists confirm that “it is well established that cold weather kills many more people than hot weather.”

In an old interview (2009) at the Spectator, James Delingpole talked to Professor Ian Plimer, the Australian geologist who dispelled much of the nonsense:

“…geologists have always recognized that climate changes over time. Where we differ from a lot of people pushing Anthropogenic global warming is in our understanding of scale. They’re only interested in the last 150 years. Our time frame is 4,567 million years. So what they’re doing is the equivalent of trying to extrapolate the plot of Casablanca from one tiny bit of the love scene. And you can’t. It doesn’t work.”

“What Heaven And Earth sets out to do is restore a sense of scientific perspective to a debate which has been hijacked by ‘politicians, environmental activists and opportunists’. It points out, for example, that polar ice has been present on earth for less than 20 per cent of geological time; that extinctions of life are normal; that climate changes are cyclical and random; that the CO2 in the atmosphere — to which human activity contributes the tiniest fraction — is only 0.001 per cent of the total CO2 held in the oceans, surface rocks, air, soils and life; that CO2 is not a pollutant but a plant food; that the earth’s warmer periods — such as when the Romans grew grapes and citrus trees as far north as Hadrian’s Wall — were times of wealth and plenty.”

How did this common sense not get more traction? We can thank the media for that, and the global nonprofits funded by hateful billionaires.

Looking at the mind numbingly imbecilic headlines reminds us that the stupid people are in charge of everything right now – they are easier to control.

Plimer said “modern environmentalism is that it is driven by people who are ‘too wealthy’. ‘When I try explaining “global warming” to people in Iran or Turkey they have no idea what I’m talking about. Their life is about getting through to the next day, finding their next meal. Eco-guilt is a first-world luxury. It’s the new religion for urban populations which have lost their faith in Christianity. The IPCC report is their Bible. Al Gore and Lord Stern are their prophets.’”

While nearly every poll shows that most people think claims of man-made climate change is BS, we can’t let them get away with this green hustle – but we may not have to push back very hard as a downturn in the economy will likely take care of it organically. As Plimer explained in 2009, “the global economic meltdown has changed all that. As countless opinion surveys have shown, the poorer people feel, the lower down their list of priorities ecological righteousness sinks. ‘It’s one of the few good things to come out of this recession,’ says Plimer. ‘People are starting to ask themselves: “Can we really afford this green legislation?”’

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21 thoughts on “The Great Climate Change Con isn’t Resonating With Normal People

  1. A must-read from Katy Grimes. One doesn’t often see “climate change” pieces that are comprehensively informative and amusing at the same time.
    My ridiculous Southern Calif. small city has been on board with this crap for a good 17 years now. Re “water saving tips,” we’ve been nagged with this nonsense for almost two decades. It wears on a person, as you can well imagine. Call it a quirk, which then became a sort of neurosis, that the nag “Use a broom to clean outdoor areas” never failed to burden me with a mental picture — every time I swept something around my home — of my town’s stuffed-shirt mayor (and behind-the-scenes global warming puppet-master) sweeping down the driveway of his luxurious manse, or trying to get his gardener to do it. As if! It never happened and I KNOW it never even occurred to him to make it happen.
    Here’s where we are right now because of the phony “green” creeps; that we regard THIS as “good news” in the triaged scheme of things:
    “While nearly every poll shows that most people think claims of man-made climate change is BS, we can’t let them get away with this green hustle – but we may not have to push back very hard as a downturn in the economy will likely take care of it organically.” (!!!!!)

    1. Well at least we can mock those clown types. My dad was involved with this research for decades. He was a Geology Professor and really just wanted to study things like erosion but they all got dragged into this hoax. He has since passed away but he felt the evidence was being ginned. It was happening at the University Level to generate funding but it just fed the Environmental Control beast that the Marxists had been pivoting towards. The game never ends but the reality is populations let their guard down and these commies trash the place. Then they get awakend from the sports games and pornos long enough to start smoking the Bolsheviks out. .

      1. It’s just WRONG that an earnest Geology Professor like your dad — may he rest in peace — was made to focus ANY of his attention on this bunkum.
        I hope you’re right and I suspect you are that more and more people will be awakened from their sports and pornos to urgently take this stuff on before we lose our country. It does seem as though a wake-up is happening in a serious way now.

  2. “Eco-guilt is a first-world luxury”
    One of the greatest lines ever!

    It is a hustle for sure! Unfortunately, people have been played like a fiddle, including the young green activists that were brainwashed in school. It always starts with something innocuous, such as “Earth Day”. Honestly, every day is earth day. Most good earnest people want to maintain and care for their home.

    The boiling point is not in the atmospheric temperatures but in the average persons capacity to keep swallowing the greatest lie ever told. It is pushed by the media and the PR companies. The people of Maui may very well be the largest concentration of victims. These very same global elites who push this crap will be the ones who profit off their misery.
    As many activists for decades have shouted out , whether it be about war, race or covid;

    Now as ShowandTell so well articulated her frustration, it reminds me ,I have some sweeping to do. On second thought maybe I will use the hose😏

    1. No kidding, CG, some things are so disgusting they need to be hosed. 🙂
      Hey, you’re right, conservatives are the ones who love their forests and their environment. Radical lefties and radical greenies are the ones who are destroying it, whether it’s forests or wetlands or farms or even a suburban eco-system of flora and fauna. Either indirectly, by being Useful Idiots for the Climate-Controller-Czar-Wannabes, or directly, by actually burning the forests and all the rest of it down.

  3. Mainstream Media: “It was the hottest day in 125,000 years!”. Response: “What was the hottest day in 1978?”. Mainstream Media: “We have no idea. Our records only go back to 1979”.

  4. The agenda will be forced upon us as will be the renewed COVID ruse.
    Fauci emerging from retirement to hustle the new vax and lockdowns.

  5. long ago they had people convinced that if they sacrificed them it would save the tribe from the bad weather

    1. HaHaHa!!!!! Great reply! I love ALL of them actually! Nice to see content from actual good, smart, normal, decent folks! Not finger-ranters! Think how nice the world would be, once again, if all the libby-loos, and other Nasties, just *poof* disappeared-forever!! The Sun would Shine brighter, the man in the moon would be smiling brighter, the sky would be bluer, the flowers would bloom spectacularly, the air would be scrubbed clean again, the grass would be greener, the fish would swim to our hooks, dogs would wag their tails more, bunnies would hop with glee, cauliflower would taste really good, and.. kids would be innocent, once again! Demo-noise wouldn’t pollute our space ever again, and everyone would be better-looking without rant-face! There would be more room to spread out, City traffic would flow smoother, our Decent Leaders would actually Lead decently! The good, respectable, God-loving, people would be able to lead their 1 life with honor and dignity and then go to their final place, a good place, the best place…instead of joining all that human waste into the hot zone! It all comes down to CHOICES! So, who ya gonna follow? (that’s what most humans’ do-follow something, someone has to show them a path to follow, like ants. They can’t see where it’s leading, they just follow the ant butt in front of them! (Evidentially their brains aren’t used for thinking, just ranting and butt-following) Only the wise people determine the good of any situation and choose the right path…ALL ON THEIR OWN! SO, BE A GOOD PERSON! No one lives forever, then what?

  6. As it stands now, higher education exists to condition people to unquestionably believe utter balderdash as “science”. The more “educated “ you are the more gullible.

    I wonder how many scientists these days were taught the scientific process? It seems none at all.

  7. Was science also considered settled in the 1960’s and 70’s when global cooling was going to kill us in 50 years?

  8. Land grab by governments through the power of “eminent domain.” This Film exposes the connections between the United Nations’ Agenda 21 and phony Climate Change narrative.

    Watch “Unconventional Grey” a documentary featuring skeptics and geoengineering ‘scientists’ alike. Hosted and produced by Michael J. Murphy who has been missing in action since 2016, the year Murphy had planned to release it. It is his third film of truth-telling about Geoengineering, the other two being What in the World Are They Spraying? (2010) and Why in the World Are They Spraying? (2012). Included are Marvin Herndon, Patrick Wood, Scott Stevens, Allan Buckmann, Max Bliss, David Lewis, Ed Griffin, Princess Basma Saud of Saudi Arabia, Rosa Koire, Cynthia McKinney.


  9. I don’t know about the rest of the state, but here in the Central Valley, we had a very cool June, not hitting triple digits until the last day of the month. Did anyone shout from the rooftops that our June was cooler than normal? No? I didn’t hear that either, except for the local weatherman on ABC 30! In my opinion, and that of most of my friends, Summer, 2023 has been quite cool. We had some really hot days, but then, it’s SUMMER!! Folks, the powers that be try to scare us about absolutely everything, and I’m not buying, anymore than I’m buying yet another PLANDEMIC!!

    1. Right on!
      I have the same observations, Pat.
      Not buying what they are selling!
      I ask all to pray for the people of Lahaina. Something is not right with over there.

  10. Yup… the volcanic eruptions all over the world have contributed to one of the COOLEST summers that we’ve had in Ventura County…
    July was a scorcher and humid. but August was mostly mild and now it’s mild again….
    Hey folks, it’s SUMMER…
    I predict we’re in for a wetter than normal winter, again thanks to volcanic eruptions….

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