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California Bear Flag. (Photo: ca.gov)

About Last Week…

…a place got a bit out of control and devolved into chaos

By Thomas Buckley, September 10, 2023 10:40 am

So last week (hence the title – neat!) a place got a bit out of control and devolved into chaos.

It was a pretty interesting idea a few years ago, but now there are floods, fires, orgies, drugs, crime, massive amounts of money spent on nothing, and lots of techies getting involved in both figurative and literal circle jerks. And then people who had nothing to do with what happened had to clean up the mess.

And when people tried to leave it was a, um, challenge.

So – California or Burning Man?

Either way you are correct, particularly if a new law decriminalizing psychedelic drugs is signed by Gavin Newsom.

Like a very high percentage of stupid things blurching forth from the legislature these days, the idea came from Sen. Scott Weiner, a Democrat who is not only from San Francisco but is its embodiment in human form.

While you won’t be able to go chase the devil with special K or good old-fashioned blotter, you will be able to make mushroom smoothies (banana flavor with banana liqueur is the best recipe, or so I’m told) and legally eat the worm at the bottom of the mezcal bottle (oh, all right, the worm doesn’t make you trip but that entire bottle of mezcal should be enough, anyway.)

The new law is being justified as a way to be able to use psychedelics to help treat psychological disorders like PTSD and, to this point, studies have shown it may actually help.  LSD was used in this fashion for a time – Cary Grant had high praise for it for helping his therapy sessions.

But it would seem there could have been some sort of “prescription” carve out if that’s all that was intended by Weiner – a bit like medical marijuana cards.

Oh wait – considering how that idea went, I guess it really doesn’t matter.

Speaking of things that seem not to really matter, Democrats in the Legislature have taken another whack at election security, this time saying that you can’t count ballots by hand.  Because counting ballots by hand has not worked for the past few hundred years at all.

When it comes to elections, any move by any party to complicate the process is a bad, terrible thing to do as it intentionally creates a gray area in the process and gray areas are really convenient places to hide things.

Speaking of gray areas and elections, Nancy Pelosi has decided to run for her 347th term in Congress.  While she – when sober – is far more “compos mentis” for her age than either President Biden or Sen. Feinstein, it is still getting to be a bit much. Of course, staying home with Paul may not be the safest idea, either so there’s that.

While no longer speaker and in the minority – making her vestigial to governance – she can still raise the heck out of money and never have to worry about spending it on her own campaigns. In fact, that has been a key part of her rise on her side of the aisle: the ability to hand out buckets of cash to people she likes and people she wants to (actually demands to) like her back.

Speaking of liking her back, Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su actually covers both meanings of that phrase – liking her back, as in Senators actually voting to confirm her, or liking her back as in liking to see the back of her as many senators actually do.

But it seems she may be on to something that is not inherently awful.  She held a “roundtable” meeting (it was actually a big hollow rectangle…grr) with various AA and NHPI leaders.

What was said was irrelevant, but what people were called may actually be.  Sometime ago – five minutes or five years or whatever – it was decided that the acronym AAPI – Asian-American Pacific Islander – was to be used when referring to anyone whose family came from anywhere west of Catalina, east of Karachi, north of Sri Lanka, south of Sakhalin, and/or southeast-ish of Kazakhstan.

That has always seemed a bit, shall we say, over-reaching – over-reaching to the point of actually being kind of racist – “Hey, if you’re a different color and you live anywhere in that one-quarter of the earth over there somewhere you’re the same.”

So at the not-round table, Su used TWO terms to lump humans together into manageable chunks:  Asian American (that’s the AA referenced above, not the other AA or even AAA) and NHPI:  Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander.

Good for her, whittling down the stereotyping.  Now if she could just start seeing all humans as individuals and not as part of a race – or, more importantly to here, as a member of a union or not – she might show some signs of growth…


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One thought on “About Last Week…

  1. Hey Thomas! I know a lot of people who use all kinds of mushrooms for an astonishing variety of purposes and they all love to share their recipes. But the banana liqueur mushroom smoothie you refer to is baffling. So I Googled “mushroom smoothies banana liqueur.” There are recipes involving chaga, cordyceps, king oyster, lion’s mane, maitake, reishi, shiitake, and turkey tail. None of the recipes involve liqueur and none involve psilocybe, the apparent connection to your apparent topic (SB-58?). Google found a Reddit comment on r/Psychedelics titled “mushroom smoothie did not hit.” Maybe THAT’s why nobody’s told me to make a banana liqueur mushroom smoothie. Huh. My friends are smart!

    Speaking of “things that do not hit,” what about those Shasta County Luddites who want to hand-count ballots and thereby guarantee slow and inaccurate tallies? Because mis-counting ballots by hand has effed-up so many elections in the past, like in the 1876 presidential election. Ever heard of “President Tilden?” Funny that, because the 1876 election had the highest voter turnout of the eligible voting-age population in American history, at 82.6%. Tilden had 50.9% of the popular vote, the highest ever received by a candidate who was not elected to the presidency. He was also the last person to actually WIN the popular vote for the following 20 years.

    And speaking of elections, I for once agree with you that any move by any party to compromise the election process is a bad, terrible thing to do as it creates a gray area in the process and gray areas are bad for Democracy. I follow my preference for honest elections to a different conclusion than yours because I know enough about history to realize that hand-counting is more expensive and far more prone to inaccuracy and controversy.

    And speaking of gray hair, though I have plenty myself, I am also a big fan of letting younger, more progressive people run government. I’m pretty sure they have better mushroom recipes than whoever proposed that banana sludgie to you. “Lemon Tek” (you can look that up for yourself) tastes great and makes the shrooms kick in much faster. You ought to try it sometime early in 2025 when SB-85 kicks in and it’s legal.

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