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UCLA on the morning on May 1, 2024 (Photo: courtesy of Rachel Diaz)

Save Us, You Bastards: Pro-Palestine Students Demand Cops Protect Them

Rep. Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) took to the floor of Congress to demand the schools end the encampments immediately

By Thomas Buckley, May 2, 2024 2:59 am

To say that the mood of the various “pro-Palestinian” – really pro-terrorist, pro-Hamas – protests on college campuses around the state have been anti-law enforcement would be an understatement.

As has been said, a picture says a thousand words:

An anti-police slogan on a wooden barricade at the “Palestine Solidarity Encampment” at UCLA, Los Angeles, April 28, 2024 (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News, with permission)

Last night/early this morning, the bought and paid for pro-Hamas encampers at UCLA were shocked to discover that there are some people that may not agree with their position and were going to make “their voice heard” or “to be seen and acknowledged,” as they would say.

There was a ruckus, people got hurt during “the Zionist attacks,” and eventually – after absurd dithering by UCLA admins –  the cops showed up and quelled things.

But at UCLA and around the nation, protesters wonders why the cops weren’t there immediately, already there, knew ahead of time it was going to happen and why didn’t the cops protect us!?!  This was wailed with exactly zero sense of self-awareness. 

The local media has, of course, portrayed the “attack” as just that – an evil attack on “mostly peaceful” (nod to CNN)  protesters.

At UCLA, KFI reported at 6:45 p.m. Wednesday, that encampers are reinforcing the plywood barrier surrounding what, one assumes, they would hope would qualify as very very very West Palestine.

The UC Regents chief Michael Drake  has called for an investigation; one would assume that process would involve two questions to and three answers from UCLA Chancellor Gene Block.

Earlier today. Rep. Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) took to the floor of Congress to demand the schools end the encampments immediately.

“These universities have allowed a dangerous, disruptive, and deeply disturbing situation to develop on their campuses. Enough is enough,” Kiley said.  ‘University administrators must work with law enforcement to clear encampments, arrest lawbreakers, and put a stop to this chaos.

Canceling classes and punishing all students is not the answer.”

Kiley may actually have some oomph to support his words – he is a member of the House of Representative’s Committee on Education and the Workforce, the committee that is dragging various educators before it to explain why their campuses have been tolerating so many episodes of overt and specific antisemitism.

Next week, serendipitously, will see the Committee “host” the Superintendent of the Berkeley Unified School District – yup, elementary school, etc. – about the complaints from students and parents about tolerating antisemitism at what appears to be every level of their indoctrination.

Sorry, I meant education.


Photo courtesy of Joel Pollack, Breitbart News

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10 thoughts on “Save Us, You Bastards: Pro-Palestine Students Demand Cops Protect Them

  1. If they are truly students they need to be expelled if they participated in any violence! Period, end full, stop.

    If I were in charge, I would take it one step further and rid the schools of the marxist, American hating professors who promote the hate.
    So much for being a bastion for tolerance and unity.
    Group think is a dangerous tool to divide and conquer.

  2. America’s Radicalized Nonprofit Fifth Column

    A “Fifth Column” is a group of sympathizers or supporters of an enemy that engages in espionage, sabotage or radicalization within national borders. These organized groups promote illegal immigration, illegal drugs, illegal protests, political lawfare, climate hysteria, racial and political polarization; and they thrive as tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations or “NGO” (nongovernment organizations) that undermine America’s freedom, security and prosperity.

    Tax-exempt nonprofits include the institutions of foundations, churches, the arts, social/animal welfare, civic service clubs, sports, education, scientific, unions, financial retirement services and environmental causes. These institutions were afforded tax free operation by the U.S. Revenue Act of 1913 under IRS Code Section 501(c) in twenty-four subsection classifications. These organizations number over 1.2 million, pay no income taxes, and have various, but few, political lobbying restrictions.

    As extensions of government, nonprofits were to be trusted to operate in the public trust and public interest. The late political columnist and psychiatrist Dr. Charles Krauthammer has said, “American nonprofits are out of control quasi-governmental organizations.” Some taxpayer-subsidized “nonprofits” have become slush funds for political mischief, institutional fraud, and today, promote dangerous radical and subversive “social justice” movements.

    Trust the “Fifth Column” No More.

  3. I apologize. This is a cross-post from another CG article:

    There is a very dark comedic irony to these protests. As many have pointed out the vast majority of these self-proclaimed Hamas supporters could not find Gaza on a map even if the reward for correctly finding it was a free six-month supply of weed. Far darker is the fact that if they were actually compelled to live in a Muslim country operating under strict Sharia law the protester’s inclination to mouth off and act out would have immediate devastating consequences. The enforcers of Sharia law would trot them out during halftime at a soccer game and behead them, much to the delight of the thousands of 7th Century barbarians in attendance. Our women pro-Hamas supporters would certainly love being forced to wear black tents with nothing showing but their eyes for the rest of their lives.

    1. LOOK at what these worthless punks did to Royce Hall and Powell Library. Just LOOK at the destruction.
      Unfortunately I cannot directly link to this video. For some reason that I cannot fathom they are making it very difficult to view this footage and I have not been able to find it elsewhere. It’s as if the media doesn’t want people to see it! What a shocker. Not. Please go to:
      And scroll down to the find the video
      “Pro-Palestinian protestors leave UCLA buildings vandalized, covered in trash”
      As many people as possible need to see this.
      I don’t think you need to be a UCLA graduate, as I am, to be ENRAGED and heartbroken by this

  4. Send all these Terrorist Groupies to “palestine” and let them join Hamas. I wonder how many would be alive after 24 hours?

  5. Republican Rep. Kevin Kiley may have condemned the violence, but more than likely nothing will be done other than maybe holding some hearings that will go no where? He’s a Yale trained lawyer whose voting record does not indicate that he’s a solid conservative having most recently voted in voted in favor of the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) bill. More than likely he’s a member of the Democrat/RINO globalist uniparty?

  6. So the paid Pro-Hamas thugs at UCLA hypocritically built a wall around their protest to keep out people who don’t agree with them? Isn’t that what they claim Israel has done to the Palestinians? Like all things with the left, it’s different when they do it?

    1. Ha,ha, yes exactly TJ
      The rich irony!
      These useful idiots would not last a day in Gaza or any muslim dominated place.

  7. After seeing the Hamas demonstrators keep Jews from attending class, and vandalizing the UCLA buildings, I applaud the pro-Israel demonstrators for the attacks. Nothing was being done about these blatant human rights violations by the Democrats running this state and the University, including Newsom, who is a worthless piece of excrement. It was only after citizens took matters into their own hands, that something was done. It looks like that’s going to the modus operandi until the Democrats are thrown out office.

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