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Sen. Jeff Stone (youtube)

Accusations of Racism in CA Senate Debate Over Medi-Cal Coverage for Illegal Immigrants

Extending Medi-Cal to illegal immigrants is ‘a building block to universal healthcare in California’

By Katy Grimes, May 29, 2019 5:27 pm

California Democrats frequently conflate “legal” and “illegal” immigrants when they debate legislation expanding government services to those in California illegally. When called out on this important distinction in the Senate Wednesday, they reacted with accusations of “racism, bigotry and xenophobia” when Senate Bill 29 was debated.

SB 29 by Sen. Maria Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles) would extend Medi-Cal eligibility to illegal immigrants, “a building block to universal healthcare in California.” Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid program – government funded health insurance for those with low income or on welfare.

Durazo lamented that the people who “take care of our children, landscape our yards and pick the crops” are not treated as humans. “Undocumented adults make up 1o percent of our workforce. We all benefit when everyone is insured.”

“There has never been a harder path to citizenship than in the U.S. today,” said Sen. Ben Hueso (R-San Diego). “We treat them as criminals and then wonder why gangs spring up in our communities.”

Sen. Jeff Stone (R-Temecula), said a path to citizenship in the U.S. already exists. Stone said he was concerned because “we have a completely defunct Medi-Cal system.” Physicians won’t sign up to take on Medi-Cal patients because it costs them more to treat the low-income population that what doctors are paid in reimbursements.

Stone warned, “be careful to not show favoritism to people not here legally, than to people who are.”

“We are headed for the Individual Mandate, charging $695 for not having insurance, to lower class citizens in the state already living paycheck to paycheck,” Stone said. “We need to take care of Californians here legally first.” Stone said 25 percent of the nation’s homeless veterans live in California. “It is shameful that any veteran is homeless.”

Stone said what was happening at the U.S./Mexico border is not a migration; it is an “invasion of our country. There is only so much money to go around.” He added that those here legally should be the priority. “We are doing a disservice to the citizens,” Stone added.

The word “invasion” triggered a backlash from several Senate Democrats.

Sen. Holly Mitchell. (Kevin Sanders for California Globe)

“I am never ceased to be amazed… I had to come to the California Legislature to hear some of the most racist banter in my life,” Sen. Holly Mitchell (D-Los Angeles), said in response to Sen. Stone. She said using the word “invasion” to describe the border was “racist, bigoted and xenophobic.”

“Who is worthy?” Mitchell asked. “I’m not going to prioritize a veteran over anyone who is homeless.” Mitchell said she had a “visceral response” to the “visceral and aggressive” words like invasion. “The notion that one group of immigrants over another is worthy… who is worthy of the investment?” Mitchell asked. “Healthcare is a fundamental right.”

“But for their immigration status, they would qualify for this program,” Mitchell added.

“When it comes to healthcare, I find it offensive to misrepresent,” said Sen. Susan Rubio (D-San Gabriel Valley). “I stand before you as an undocumented, deported Senator. Healthcare is not permission to bash undocumented individuals.”

While the floor debates were going on, a rumor was started that as Sen. Stone was giving his opposition speech on SB 29, he made a “white power” fist. The rumor was attributed to Democrats. Sen. Stone, who is Jewish, can be seen in the video of the May 29 Senate Floor Session delivering his floor speech.

Health Care For All

During his speech on his new budget in January, Gov. Gavin Newsom already had unveiled his health care plan to continue and even expand the federal Affordable Care Act, to include and expand coverage for health care for illegal immigrants and give the state new powers to negotiate pharmaceutical drug prices. SB 29 is the legislation fulfilling his plan.

“It’s time for the individual mandate,” Newsom said. “The President is wrong, and California is right,” he said referring to Congress overturning the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act, because it penalized people with a fine for not having health insurance. “The revenue it generates will be used to subsidize people in poverty. Then we can expand eligibility from 400 percent to 600 percent through Covered California,” he added. However, this will need legislation. As for conflicting with the federal government on this, Newsom said that the Trump Administration has granted some states waivers, and said he feels California could also receive one.

In California, under Newsom’s plan, the fine for not having health insurance would be $695.00 – far higher than the fine of $400 under the individual mandate called for in Obamacare.

The $260 million required to cover this plan might have had state and federal governments help with the Medicaid costs, however, California would have to bear the full cost of covering the undocumented illegal population.

Read The Approach Gov. Newsom is Implementing to Achieve ‘Single Payer’ for more information about Gov. Newsom’s ;plan.

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11 thoughts on “Accusations of Racism in CA Senate Debate Over Medi-Cal Coverage for Illegal Immigrants

  1. What is so hard to understand about..THEY ARE NOT CITIZENS…These services are for US citizen. They have no standing because they are here illegally here.

  2. Senator Stone is absolutely correct… we are under invasion from the South and it’s an economic invasion from people that want to take advantage of the programs being espoused by these caring, feeling liberals like Sen. Mitchell…

    Citizenship is a privilege, not a right, and health care coverage for these non-citizens should be covered by private, voluntary, non-profit charities, not funded by public , taxpayer funded programs…

    These public benefit programs only incentivize more lawbreaking behavior by non-citizens “only seeking a better life”, but at your and my expense…

    Their charity is admirable, but financially unsustainable and contributes to the breakdown of an orderly society for the benefits of legal citizens.

  3. It seems politicians in CA and leftist dems dont care what we the people want or think. As long as they can force us tp pay for their new voters they could careless. I think we should run everyone of them out of pffice. If they think illegals are so grest why dont they want them in their sanctuary cities? I guess as long as they get the votes its up to us to live next to people that think if its not nailed down its open game. Oh and every woman over 10 is fair game to them also. Not one of the people named in the pc have ever met a real illegal.

  4. When Democrats can’t defend their legislation and/or policies, they resort to name calling. Racists, sexists, homophobe, white supremacist, xenophobic in hope people won’t pay attention to what they are proposing.

    1. Exactly….
      The emotion-driven, PC name calling is their fall-back defense to virtue-signal and denigrate anyone opposed to their policies and positions.

  5. “When it comes to healthcare, I find it offensive to misrepresent,” said Sen. Susan Rubio (D-San Gabriel Valley). “I stand before you as an undocumented, deported Senator. Healthcare is not permission to bash undocumented individuals.”

    How the hell is this *illegal alien* holding a state senatorship in California, much less in the U.S.? How is this even legally possible? No wonder this state is going down the poop hole.

    1. Damn good question, and I believe she is not the only one, in California or the US, I believe there is at least one other who is a male, from another Blue state. I know *I* didn’t vote for the illegal office holder, but she’s there and there aren’t enough sane people in her area to protest her holding office, they all *want* her there????

  6. Well I never paid Obama’s fine and I won’t pay Newsoms and all of their insurance costs too much for anyone with an income so f**k them and their f**king “mandatory” health insurance, I want my old plans back before I had to pay nearly $600 a month for my coverage, co-pays, and share of cost per month, without insurance I pay approx $260 for doctor visit and meds.

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